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I May 2014 I Issue 3

Masterclasses with Oz Clarke Canadian Liquor Board Liaison Seminars with Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers in Europe




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I May 2014 I Issue 3

& INTRODUCTION 2 6 8 10 12 14

Chris Yorke Global Marketing Director

Trade & Media Visits

Welcome to the final New Zealand Wine Marketing Newsletter for 2013-2014: the year has been a busy and exciting one for New Zealand wine. You will have seen the January issue click here of the New Zealand Wine Marketing Newsletter – here you have the current issue which summarises the remainder of our activity for this financial year. It is separated into sections by market, with a separate section covering all (nearly eighty) trade and media visits.

Asia USA


Other highlights include:

UK & Europe

- #SauvBlanc Day events in all of our markets. #SauvBlanc day generated 12,000 tweets with exposure to over 34 million, the largest social media campaign we have ever run - Seminars and Masterclasses led by Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, and top wine professionals worldwide


- More market data, and more New Zealand wine tools for use in market. Finally, please note that the first issue for 2014-2015 will be circulated in June/July, please look out for it in your mailbox, and your email inbox, as it details all of our plans for the coming year, and how you can be involved!


Chris Yorke Global Marketing Director

BYOB Germany

Published by New Zealand Winegrowers, for our members. Editor: Felicity Johnston Designer: Lilly Johnson Contributors: Felicity Johnston, Chris Yorke, Anne-Marie Mckenzie, Natalie Potts, David Strada, Ranit Librach, Robert Ketchin, Anik Gaumond, Chris Stroud & Natalie Corkery

Information contained in this publication is correct at the time of printing and while care and diligence has been taken in the preparation of this magazine, we are all human and mistakes can happen. If you find an error please give yourself a pat on the back and drop us an email.

@nzwine #nzwine New Zealand Wine Marketing I



By the end of June 2014, New Zealand Winegrowers will have arranged itineraries for an impressive 77 international media and trade visitors during the past twelve months. The 71 guests for whom itineraries have been completed have conducted a whopping 765 winery visits, 60 regional tastings and three events of regional/ national significance (Marlborough Wine Weekend, Central Otago Pinot Noir Celebration and Summer of Riesling in Waipara Valley). Feedback from all guests has been extremely enthusiastic and although it is still early days, some exciting coverage and promotional activities have already been generated as a direct result of the visits.

T&M ASIA Since late December, New Zealand Winegrowers and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) have jointly hosted 17 visitors from China. These include seven leading sommeliers: Jerry Liao from the Jing An Shangari-La Hotel; Adrian Zhang from Park Hyatt Hotel, Shanghai; Ms Ying Guo from the Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai; Eddy Shi from the Fairmont Peace Hotel, Shanghai; Zane Zhao from the House of Roosevelt, Bund 27, Shanghai; Kobe Hou from the Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai; Johnny Zhenyi from the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong. Also from China, eleven influential wine writers and educators: Oliver Zhou from; Ms 2

New Zealand Wine Marketing 2013 - 2014

Enthusiasm for New Zealand Wine

Yanni Wu from Wine 100; Mr Pengfei Xu, Mr Ziyun Zhao and Mr Yang Xue from TV internet giant; Ms Yin Zhili, Mr Fu Leibin and Mr Chen Huizhou from Food and Wine Magazine China; Sylvia Liu from the Asia Wine Service & Education Centre; Ms Young Shi from TasteSpirit and writer for; and Cherry Zhao from Additionally New Zealand Winegrowers hosted Ms Li Lu and Mr Yuanyue Bi from National Geographic Traveller China as part of the Sustainable Communications Strategy, and also Japanese wine writer Ms Tomoko Ebisawa from Vinotheque Magazine. Together with the five Chinese guests

from the November 2013 visit (detailed in the last Newsletter), that brings the total for Asian guests hosted in New Zealand this year to 26. Below are comments regarding the aspects of the visit that most and least impressed the guests. Most Impressed “We knew New Zealand has a lot of high quality wines, and is famous for its purity. But it surprised me when I tasted the quality, and experienced the environment, culture and people there.” - Yanni Wu “How the New Zealand wine makers share their information, skill, production facilities and passion!” - Tomoko Ebisawa


EUROPE Chinese Guests Enjoy Lunch in Marlborough Least Impressed “Sad to see some ‘vineyards’ bought seemingly as investment ‘toy’ and then abandoned - New Zealand is too small to have such ‘dreaming projects’.” - Tomoko Ebisawa Results to Date Ronny Lau (November 2013 visit) has produced three articles (on Marlborough, Central Otago and Hawke’s Bay) in The Hong Kong Daily Apple newspaper (250,000 circulation) plus a smaller feature in the Fine Wine & Liquor Magazine on Hawke’s Bay and Craggy Range (30,000 circulation), whilst Grace Sheng (November 2013 visit) has produced a two page article on Marlborough, also in Fine Wine & Liquor Magazine. Food & Wine Magazine, China (390,000 circulation) have sent through the proofs for an amazing 32 page feature on New Zealand wine regions which will appear in their May issue. It is crammed with absolutely stunning photography from their recent tour here. The equivalent advertising rate for just one page is approximately NZ$35,000, so this is a huge result.

Since the start of this year, New Zealand Winegrowers and NZTE have jointly hosted six guests from Mainland Europe: from Germany wine writers Caro Maurer MW (Der Feinschmecker); Jürgen Röder (Handelsblatt newspaper); from Austria Peter Moser (Falstaff Magazine); from the Netherlands Edwin Raben (Sommelier consultant and writer for Winelife); and from Sweden writers Michel Jamais (Livets Goda), and Alf Tumble (Dagens Nyheter newspaper). With previous jointly-hosted guest Romana Echensperger from Germany (July 2013), and New Zealand Winegrowers guests Madeleine Stenwreth MW, consultant and judge from Sweden, and Karina Tiihonen from Alko, Finland, this brings the total number of guests hosted from Mainland Europe to nine. Four UK guests were hosted during January and February: recently awarded IWSC’s Communicator of the Year, Jane Parkinson (The Wine Gang, BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen, Restaurant Magazine, plus others); Olly Smith (Three Wine Men, Mail on Sunday, BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen); Jamie Goode (Sunday Express and; and Sally Easton (hosted as part of the Sustainable Communications Strategy). By the end of June 2014, New Zealand Winegrowers will have also assisted six supermarket buyers with coordinating their itineraries: Ed Robinson (Cooperative Group); Liam Steevenson MW (Waitrose); Graham Nash and Greg Randall (Tesco); and Stephen Jenkins (Sainsbury’s). Combined with those guests hosted July to December 2013, Jamie Avenall and Andrew Shaw (Bibbendum), Stephen Jenkins and Andrew Phelps (Sainsbury’s), and sparkling wine writer Tom Stevenson, that brings the total of UK guests to 14. Some insights from post-trip surveys returned include: Most Impressed “The friendly people and the open minded approach to wine making. The curiosity and the go-ahead-spirit.” - Alf Tumble “There are still new origins to discover. And again I was deeply impressed by the ambition to produce high quality wine… In Hawke’s Bay I was impressed by

New Zealand Wine Marketing I


the new styles they are experimenting with such as a flinty reduction in the Chardonnays and the consequent efforts to produce Syrah in a unique style. And Waipara is for me one of the rising stars regarding Riesling and Pinot Noir.” - Caro Maurer MW “The awareness of the market, awareness of the place of origin and the cooperation among the winegrowers especially in Central. You will not find these overall friendships in France.” - Edwin Raben “Perhaps what I learned about Marlborough, a region which to me was just a mass producing region with commercial wines, was the single most impressive experience, since I learned about the differences in the region and its wines.” - Michel Jamais


In addition to the visits by Bernie Sun, Dan Berger and Dave McIntyre detailed in the last newsletter, New Zealand Winegrowers has hosted a further five guests in New Zealand: top sommeliers Will Costello from the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas; Joshua Thomas from Prospect Restaurant, San Francisco; and Christopher Bates MS, formerly of Hotel Fauchère, Relais & Chateaux; plus writers Lauren Mowery and Saveur Magazine; W Blake Gray of and the LA Times; and MaryAnn Worobiec from Wine Spectator. By the end of June 2014 another five guests will have been hosted by New Zealand Winegrowers: Jaime Smith from Charlie Palmer Group in Las Vegas; James Tidwell MS from Four Seasons Resort and Club, Texas, and TexSom conference; Rebecca Murphy from Dallas Morning News; and Sandra Taylor from, the latter being brought to New Zealand as part of the Sustainable Communications Strategy. This will bring the total number of USA guests hosted by New Zealand Winegrowers this year to 13. 4

New Zealand Wine Marketing 2013 - 2014

“With the cohesion among many industries. It was great to see the general improvement in Waipara’s wines, the Pinot Noirs especially. There wasn’t much that didn’t impress me!” - Jane Parkinson “The winemakers - perfect balance of respect, collaboration and healthy Kiwi competitive spirit. There was nothing that didn’t impress me.” - Olly Smith Least Impressed “By the average quality of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Most tasted more or less the same; too green, too acidic, too thin.” - Caro Maurer MW “I don’t seem to be as convinced as other people of the quality of NZ Pinot Gris, so I’m surprised to see more of

these being planted/coming on to the market.” - Jane Parkinson Results to Date Article by Alf Tumble covering New Zealand wine regions appeared in Dagens Nyheter newspaper (338,000 circulation), four comprehensive blog entries on winery visits by Edwin Raben on, an impressive 12 blogs on the Central Otago Pinot Noir Celebration plus his winery visits on by Jamie Goode, an article on New Zealand Pinot producers by Olly Smith on, plus a feature by Olly on New Zealand varieties in the Daily Mail reaching 5.3 million readers.

Interesting insights from those post trip surveys which were returned include: Most Impressed “ the overall push towards quality that everyone exhibited. The cooperation, knowledge exchange and overall excitement among producers was fantastic. I was also surprised by the overall style of Hawke’s Bay, an area that seemed to be the least established and consistent of any area I visited.” Christopher Bates MS “By the genuineness of the people. Very little snobbery, lots of integrity, and really fun, interesting folks with great stories behind why they are doing what they do. I also loved the effort made by several of the wineries to give me a different experience from the norm, such as Mahi, Pyramid, and Te Mania. Also, the Marlborough Wine and Food Fest was heaps of fun and much more organized and tame than I’d been led to believe by the folks to whom I’d mentioned I would be attending. I thought the event was brilliant!” - Lauren Mowery “Two things, first how hospitable the growers and wine makers were. Second was how humble and excited the growers are about what is coming from and what will eventually come from the vines and soil in the future with more vine age.” - Joshua Thomas “By how large of a scale the wineries in Marlborough were (especially at Wither

er and h Dan Berg h MW wit ir New vic A ko 13 aj 20 Br e Michael MW at th Stenwreth g in dg Madeleine Ju ’ ine Awards Zealand W

Hills). This was almost akin to some of the larger facilities in California.” - Will Costello Least Impressed “By a dumbing down of the forwardness of NZ Sauvignon Blanc, and what I perceived as a retreat from the style of the last decade.” - Christopher Bates MS “ the standards of living of the winemakers. I am surprised how expensive it is to live in New Zealand and to find people in their 30’s sharing homes still, to make ends meet. I am actually working on a story derived from this observation, in which I attempt to enlighten readers as to why they should pay more for their wine, and how

T&M CAN ADA The last few months have seen visits to New Zealand by Kim Giesbrecht, Portfolio Manager from the BC Liquor Distribution Board, Christopher Waters from Vines Magazine, Jim Witiuk from Sobeys Inc. (prize auction winner) plus Terry Mulligan, Radio Broadcaster (hosted as part of the Sustainable Communications Strategy). Along with DJ Kearney, hosted in September 2013, this brings the total number of Canadian guests to

Results to Date On May 3rd an hour long programme on New Zealand wineries and their sustainable practices was broadcast by Terry Mulligan on Tasting Room Radio, featuring his time spent in Auckland, Waiheke Island and Hawke’s Bay. Further programmes will be broadcast in subsequent weeks.

five this year.

winemakers are not living like kings.” Lauren Mowery “At how small the towns were. I haven’t been so I was just surprised to stay in some very sleepy towns with not much in the way of shops, restaurants etc.” - Will Costello Results to Date An incredible 17 blogs already posted by Lauren Mowery on her award-winning site,, covering winery visits plus an in-depth feature on the Central Otago Pinot Noir Celebration and another on the Hawke’s Bay region. Christopher Bates MS and Will Costello have both conducted seminars on New Zealand wine since their return, whilst Joshua Thomas has added four new New Zealand wine listings a result of his trip. Dave McIntyre (visited September 2013) has recently produced two articles in the Washington Post (475,000 circulation) on New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and New Zealand wines to try. Dan Berger (November 2013 visit) has produced two articles in his respected Vintage Experiences newsletter (on New Zealand varieties and then on New Zealand red wine), plus a feature on New Zealand varieties on and commentary on New Zealand’s cool climate Syrah in

T&M AUSTRALIA During January and February of this year New Zealand Wiengrowers hosted wine writers Dave Brookes (Gourmet Traveller Wine, Wine Companion, plus others), Peter Bourne (Sydney Morning Herald and The Age magazines, wine educator), Tyson Stelzer (Wine Tastes newsletter, Decanter UK and others), and Nick Stock (, Gourmet Traveller Wine), plus Master Sommelier Frank Moreau (Merivale Group). These five visitors in addition to the five visitors prior to Christmas - Mike Bennie, Gary Walsh and Campbell Mattinson from, plus a visit by Nick Stock and David Brookes to conduct an annual vintage review tasting, brings the total number of Australian visitors hosted by New Zealand Winegrowers this year to ten. Post trip surveys revealed the below comments: Most Impressed “The organisation of NZ Winegrowers and the way the industry pulls together as a whole… there’s honesty, less smoke and mirrors and more authenticity than anywhere else...I love it! You guys Rock!” - Dave Brookes “The focus and commitment of NZ winegrowers was re-confirmed to me. NZ winegrowers are niche producers and they do very, very well.” - Peter Bourne “Very welcoming and friendly.” - Frank Moreau MS Least Impressed “Very tight tour and not much time to relax.” - Frank Moreau MS Results to Date Following the tasting of 800+ wines during their tour, was launched by Mike Bennie, Gary Walsh and Campbell Mattinson in February of this year. The New Zealand wine-specific website now boasts 1600+ reviews and 1800+ comments. Three in-depth articles by Campbell Mattinson were also posted on the site as a result of his visit. Nick Stock has produced a two page article in Gourmet Traveller Wine on the Central Otago Pinot Noir Celebration, plus reviewed 60 Central Otago 2012 Pinot Noirs on If you have any queries regarding our Trade and Media Visit Programme, please contact Anne-Marie McKenzie, Marketing Projects Manager, 09 306 5550 or

New Zealand Wine Marketing I


. . . a i s A From Left: Beijing Advanced Certificate Programme Students with Bob Campbell MW, and Guangzhou Advanced Certificate Programme Students with Bob Campbell MW

ADVANCE D CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME - CHINA FEBRUARY & MARCH 2014 A two-day workshop for high-level wine influencers to

has a resource of over 110 skilled knowledgeable

learn about New Zealand wine and become certified

professionals from F&B, education, distribution,

New Zealand Wine educators, the Advanced Certificate

and other key sectors who are able to deliver

Programme was hosted by Bob Campbell MW across

future education activities across China. Work

three Tier One cities, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

has now shifted to developing the Level 1

Of the 92 attendees, the vast majority passed, with

Intermediate Certificate which will be rolled out

15 Distinction-level passes and only four Fails. Since

in the coming financial year.

completing this project, New Zealand Winegrowers now

If you have any queries regarding our Asia Marketing Programme, please contact Natalie Potts,


New Zealand Wine Marketing 2013 - 2014

SEMINARS & MASTERCLASSES MARCH & MAY 2014 As part of the Wine HIP with NZTE, there was a good New Zealand presence at the annual Chengdu ‘Tang Jiu’ Fair in late March. In addition to the pavilion, a separate pre-show conference was arranged for 80 media and key trade to learn more about New Zealand wines. To supplement the China Roadshows, seminars on the regional diversity of Pinot Noir took place in Shanghai and Beijing. Hosted by local wine experts Young Shi (Shanghai) and Maxime Lu (Beijing), the seminars reached over 120 people. In addition, a workshop on current Chinese wine market trends and understanding

the local market was held for visiting wineries presentations will be made available for reference on the members’ portal. Finally, at Vinexpo Hong Kong, a world-first masterclass on the aging potential of New Zealand red wines for 60+ handpicked attendees. The wines, six pairs of New Zealand’s leading red wines selected by Jane Skilton MW, were tasted side-by-side to show development and aging potential - a key factor in Asian markets. Co-hosted by Debra Meiburg MW and jane Skilton MW, this was a sellout event.


YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION A GUIDED MASTERCLASS WITH JANE SKILTON MW & DEBRA MEIBURG MW NEW ZEALAND RED WINE ACROSS THE DECADES An invite-only masterclass exploring the ageability of New Zealand’s red wines, this masterclass aims to clearly demonstrate the capacity of New Zealand wine for cellaring. The masterclass will be hosted by two Masters of Wine from across the Asia-Pacific region: Jane Skilton MW (New Zealand) and Debra Meiburg MW (Hong Kong). They will introduce both historic vintages and current releases, showing six pairs of wines side-by-side to demonstrate each wine’s evolution.



This event is invitation only, and numbers are restricted. Please RSVP by Friday 16 May 2014 to confirm your attendance to Yuki Chow: +852 2810 0532

New Zealand is a land like no other, and nothing distills its essence more perfectly than a glass of New Zealand wine. Premium, diverse, sustainable and unique. In every glass of New Zealand wine, is a world of pure discovery.

IN PROGRESS A Chinese-language version of is under production, with the aim of bringing information on New Zealand wine to a broader Chinese audience. The site will be linked to our existing Weibo account, and will also include an Events Registration function, providing us with more details about event attendees. Adding to the existing Guides to Hong Kong and Shanghai already available, final touches are being made to Guides for China and Japan. Covering market data, distribution models and industry set-up, as well as key markets and consumers, these invaluable guides will be available on the portal in June for reference.

New Zealand Wine Marketing I


Clockwise: Oz Clarke Presents New Zealand Wine Regions in New York, Twitter Headquarters Tasting, Miami Masterclass - Twitter Feedback, Bob Campbell MW Presents New Zealand Chardonnay in New York.


New Zealand Wine Marketing 2013 - 2014


#SauvBlanc #nzwine


March), and Pinot Days in Chicago (26 April). In all cases tasters were

Will Costello, Wine Director at the Las Vegas Mandarin Oriental, led seminars in both Las Vegas (19 February) and Miami (11 March). Each session was full with over 26 sommeliers, buyers and media in attendance. Five flights of four wines were shown, and response to the wines was very positive. Both cities requested that we come back with a wider variety of wines and more indepth information.


OZ CLARKE MASTERCLASSES MARCH 2014 We had the pleasure of hosting Oz in San Francisco (18 March) and New York (21 March) to lead our masterclasses. Two sessions, one for trade/media and one for wholesalers, were held in each city. Oz was supplemented by Mike Weersing and Ted Lemon in San Francisco, and by Mike and Nick Mills in New York. Four flights of four wines were poured, each featuring Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Red Blends and Syrah. The presenters and the wines were brilliant and told our story convincingly.

VARIETAL SHOWCASE EVENTS FEBRUARY & APRIL 2014 As a part of our efforts to present the diversity and quality of New Zealand wines, New Zealand Winegrowers poured wines at the Alsace Varietal Festival in Anderson Valley (8 February), the World of Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara (28 February and 1

enlightened and impressed.

These seminars, held at the New Zealand Wine Fairs in New York and San Francsico, featured eleven wines from nine regions. Attendees responded very positively to the styles and quality of the wines, and they clearly had their minds and palates expanded. Bob did an outstanding job of telling the story of New Zealand wine and offering insight into where the wines are grown and made.

The purpose was to get people to taste and tweet CONSUMER TASTINGS WITH THE JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION & TWITTER MAY 2014 New Zealand Winegrowers partnered with the James Beard Foundation: Greens (Foodies under 40) in New York, and with Twitter at their Headquarters in San Francisco for their employees and guests (aged primarily 25-35). Each of these events was not only an opportunity to pour our wines for younger consumers, but to engage them and educate about New Zealand wines and what makes them distinct.

#SAUVBLANC DAY MAY 2014 New Zealand Winegrowers hosted a Sauvignon Blanc and food pairing tasting at The Musket Room in New York, and at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco. Both events took place on May 16 and invited guests were socially active members of the wine media and trade. The purpose was to get people to taste and tweet, and reference #SauvBlanc, #nzwine, and @nzwineusa.

U PC OM ING AC TI V IT IE S KAPALUA WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL JUNE 2014 New Zealand will participate in this festival, held in Maui, Hawaii, for the first time this year. At least twelve New Zealand wineries will participate. Michael Jordan MS, will lead a seminar that will feature wines and winemakers from five wineries. We are partnering with the Consul General and NZTE on the festival and trade tasting. With its many hotels, resorts, and restaurants, and with its complementary cuisine, this market has great potential and currently New Zealand is underrepresented.

If you have any queries regarding our USA Marketing Programme, please contact David Strada, Marketing Manager - USA,; or Ranit Librach, Promotions Manager - USA,

New Zealand Wine Marketing I



IT IE S ONG OING AC T IV LIQUOR BOARD PROMOTIONS New Zealand Winegrowers continues to be busy visiting liquor boards across Canada to discuss feature release promotions as well as training their product consultants. The results are positive with the confirmed promotions for 2014 and 2015 listed below: BCLDB Promotion (1 April - 5 May 2014) - Please see here for photos SAQ Promotion (25 May - 21 June 2014) LCBO Vintages Promotion (June 2014) LCBO Vintages Summer Tasting - New Zealand Theme Country (24 July 2014) LCBO- NZ Mini Thematic (February 2015)

From Top: LCBO DisplayVancouver, Pinot Noir Seminar - Vancouver, Pinot Noir SelfPour Seminar - Calgary

NSLC Promotion (May 2015) MLCC Promotion (June 2015)


New Zealand Winegrowers hosted Pinot Noir seminars at all four New Zealand in a Glass events across Canada this year. The Calgary (22 attendees), Ottawa (21 attendees) and Toronto (31 attendees) seminars were self-pour, while the Vancouver seminar (55 attendees) was seated. The Vancouver seminar was recognised as one of the best in Canada to date, headed by DJ Kearney with celebrity chefs Vikram Vij and Blair Rasmussen on the panel to discuss New Zealand Pinot Noir with food, as well as three winery representatives.


New Zealand Wine Marketing 2013 - 2014


Rated as the best boutique event of the year by our media! Toronto celebrated #SauvBlanc Day by inviting top sommeliers and wine media to join New Zealand Winegrowers at Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill to taste some of the finest oysters from across Canada and around the world, including exclusive fresh New Zealand oysters, paired with 21 New Zaland Sauvignon Blancs.

Notable Attendees Beppi Crosariol David Lawrason Dean Tudor Hirayr Berberoglu John Szabo Lindsay Groves Michael Vaughan Sara d’Amato Tony Aspler Zoltan Szabo

TV celebrity and oyster shucker Guinness All media raved about this intimate World Record holder, Patrick McMurray initiative and commented on how much (Paddy), hosted our group at Toronto’s fun and how valuable the Sauvignon trendiest oyster bar.

Blanc line up was, as it captured the variety in one tasting. Photos of the event are available here:

If you have any queries regarding our Canada Marketing Programme, please contact Robert Ketchin, Marketing Manager Canada,

New Zealand Wine Marketing I


If you have any queries regarding our Europe Marketing Programme, please contact

B.Y. B. P Ge rm an y

Chris Stroud, Marketing Manager Europe,

UK & Europe B 12

New Zealand Wine Marketing 2013 - 2014


Clockwise From Top Left: Bring Your Bottle Party - Berlin, Madeleine Stenwreth MW Seminar, ProWein On-Stand Sauvignon Blanc Seminar, Ronan Sayburn MS Presents to German Sommeliers, The New Zealand Wine Stand at Wine Professional, Oversubscribed at ProWein Seminar with Hendrik Thoma.



Syrah, and Other Reds).


MARCH 2014

At the beginning of January, New Zealand Winegrowers took their own stand for the first time at Wine Professional in the Netherlands. Wine Professional is seen as the most important trade fair in the Netherlands, aimed at the Dutch On-Trade.

ProWein is now widely considered one of the most important wine fairs in Europe, and one that New Zealand Winegrowers feels is important to have a strong presence at.

All the wines were initially served blind, and in certain flights included a French classic (Champagne, White Burgundy, Red Burgundy and Crozes Hermitage).

We used the stand to discuss and taste different styles of New Zealand wine, and promote the Wine Bars initiative (, showing how New Zealand wine is perfect for the wine bar environment with by the glass serves. In addition, in conjunction with NZTE, we held a dinner for 20 key influencers from the Dutch trade and media, hosted by the New Zealand Ambassador George Troup. This was a very impressive evening and the guests went home with increased knowledge and enthusiasm for New Zealand wines. GERMAN SOMMELIER TRAINING FEBRUARY 2014 New Zealand Winegrowers and NZTE sponsored well known Master Sommelier Ronan Sayburn to present a New Zealand seminar to the German Sommelier Association. Ronan is one of only 22 Master Sommeliers in the world and is currently setting up his own Wine Academy to train and educate sommeliers, and anyone wishing to improve their wine knowledge. The seminar entitled ‘Terroirs of New Zealand’, was a length and breadth tasting of New Zealand and featured wines from all regions and key varieties. The main objective of the seminar was to train sommeliers with a renowned wine expert, building relationships with them, educating them about New Zealand, presenting an extensive wine selection, and finally encouraging the sommeliers to add New Zealand wines to their portfolio. There were 19 attendees and the feedback received is that they were deeply impressed with the knowledge that was delivered and learnt a lot about New Zealand wine and its regions. The evening dinner was also sponsored, with New Zealand wines being served.

We conducted various activities around the event. Hendrik Thoma led an overview of New Zealand in the ProWein Forum. Nine wines representing all the key regions and varieties were shown. This was extremely popular with some people sitting on laps to get a taste! On the stand itself we ran several mini tasting sessions of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, using a specially designed map table to explain the regionality and key factors. All in all, a very successful ProWein! BRING YOUR BOTTLE PARTY - GERMANY MARCH, APRIL & MAY As part of the joint programme with NZTE, the latest unusual activity to create interest amongst lifestyle media has been a series of Bring Your Bottle Parties. The aim is that the attendees bring a bottle of their favourite wine, and then it is tasted with a sommelier who suggests and tastes with them a New Zealand wine with a similar flavour profile. It is an interesting way to educate the guests about New Zealand wines and show them the quality that New Zealand offers in a context that the guests can understand. Three events have been held in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich with further events planned for next year. MADELEINE STENWRETH MW SEMINAR - SWEDEN MARCH 2014 Following her trip to New Zealand in October/November 2013, where she was a judge at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards, Madeleine Stenwreth MW hosted an indepth look at New Zealand’s wines based on her discoveries. The masterclass featured 31 wines in seven flights (Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Other Whites, Pinot Noir,

The guests made up of media, importers and trade were impressed with the quality of the wines and undoubtedly it opened some eyes to the diverse array of styles New Zealand can produce. INFLUENCER LUNCH WITH NEW ZEALAND AMBASSADOR NETHERLANDS MAY 2014 In May, we held a very interesting themed with lunch Georg Troup, the New Zealand Ambassador to the Netherlands. The theme of the lunch was New Zealand meets Oud Zeeland. Wines were from New Zealand with the chef and the food all from the region of Zeeland in the Netherlands. The guest list was a small group of influential people from the Dutch industry including the head of the Dutch Importers, the leading Trade magazine - Wine Life, as well as representatives from the Wine Academy, Sommelier and Restaurant organisations. The objective was to show them how active New Zealand wine is in the Dutch market and to discuss with them how we can generate more sales.


On Friday May 16, London joined in with activities around the globe to celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day. We held an afternoon tasting at The Providores (owned by Peter Gordon) where guests were able to enjoy 47 different Sauvignon Blancs, with seven regions represented, and many different styles on offer. A true showcase of the diversity of this important variety for New Zealand We had previously held a tasting with Will Lyons of the Wall Street Journal and his feature appeared on the day itself, where he selected 15 of his favorite wines. He also appeared on the Wall Street Journal TV channel to discuss his choices too. New Zealand Wine Marketing I



In February, a selection of aromatic wines were showcased on the 2013 Alluring Aromatics self-pour table, during the trade and media sessions of RegioNZ by the Glass in Sydney and Melbourne. The wines were very well received and resulted in a great two-page article by Ben Thomas in the Weekly Review, delivered to over half a million homes in Melbourne.


To celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day on 16 May, New Zealand Winegrowers hosted an indulgent four-course lunch at Bellota’s private dining room in Melbourne. A small group of wine and food aficionados enjoyed a special menu designed to complement a selection of the country’s best representation of our world famous variety.

From Top: Alluring Aromatics Table at RegioNZ by the Glass, Ben Thomas for the Weekly Review, Lunch at Bellota for #SauvBlanc Day

If you have any queries regarding our Australia Marketing Programme, please contact Natalie Corkery, Australia Manager,


New Zealand Wine Marketing 2013 - 2014

With a new in-market representative, the launch of the Guide to Market and several seminars carried out, it has been an eventful year for New Zealand Wine in Australia.

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One of the most popular marketing resources on, The Australia Guide to Market released in December 2013, will shortly be updated with current statistics, market trends and market information. Plans are also underway for the creation of ‘Cheat Sheets’ for popular sections of the guide.

A comprehensive marketing programme is under development for Australia 2014-2015. A range of activities including a very (very) high end media and trade masterclass, educational seminars during our annual roadshow events, and collaboration with key influencer partners are all in the pipeline. We’re excited about building on the success of

plans are already underway to create a ‘must-visit’ space

New Zealand Winegrowers’ previous involvement at Pinot Palooza, and plans are already underway to create a ‘must-visit’ space at the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane events, to capture the interest of attending trade and consumers. Just one of many new initiatives planned for the upcoming year.

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New Zealand Wine Marketing 2013 - 2014

Marketing Newsletter, May 2014  

Marketing Newsletter, May 2014