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UnionAID Fact Sheet 9 Supporting real change: Burma

Information is empowering Burmese migrant workers in Mae Sot, Thailand have been learning about their rights in  UnionAID project training delivered by local partner, the Federation of Trade Unions of  Burma.    The training courses included information about:   • labour laws and culture of Thailand  • human trafficking   • travelling and working in Thailand  • Occupational Health and Safety.   • Unity and working together for improvements in work conditions.    Project outcomes  •

Improved confidence and knowledge of the (mainly women) migrant workers who  have participated in the project training. 

Improved gender equality, and women’s representation within the union. 

Workers are taking up issues with their employers, which has resulted in significant  improvements in working conditions. 

Promotion of international human rights and conventions, including labour  standards and occupational safety and health. 

Increased capacity of the union staff and systems to monitor  workplaces and support workers. 

More collaborative relationships with the Thai labour enforcement  authorities, local Thai lawyers, and (where possible) with  employers. 

Increased leadership of women in their workplace and their  communities. 

Promotion of education and reduction in the incidence of child  labour. 

Reduction in physical intimidation of migrant workers. 

Supporting the right to work, by providing and promoting  vocational skills training. 

FTUB training courses

UnionAid Fact Sheet 9  

Project outcomes • Improved confidence and knowledge of the (mainly women) migrant workers who have participated in the project training. •...

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