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TEU benefits compared to AASC 1. TEU employs professional staff who support, represent and advocate on behalf of members. Does AASC have any paid staff? 2. TEU is a large, democratic union, with a strong, credible voice industrially, publically and politically. How much influence does AASC have wider than CPIT? 3. TEU is committed to public tertiary education and campaigns, lobbies and works to promote and protect it. What sort of experience does AASC have in working in this way?


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4. TEU has developed a strong commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and developed structures and processes to embody this. 5. Because TEU works across the whole sector – ITPs, universities, wānanga, and other institutions, we have experience in all matters affecting the sector and are able to bring that to bear in local situations. What experience can AASC offer? 6. TEU is concerned about individual workplaces as well as the wider tertiary sector and, with our greater resources, are able to mount campaigns on issues that affect staff nationally, such as reducing the use of fixed-term contracts. Does AASC have the ability to develop national initiatives or mount these types of campaigns?

8. TEU structures enable tertiary sector staff to network, share experiences and ideas, and provide a voice for groups within the sector. Can AASC provide this opportunity? 9. TEU provides its members with free professional indemnity insurance for professional work they undertake outside their main employment, e.g. a trades tutor would be covered for any voluntary or paid work they undertook in their trade outside their CPIT employment. Does AASC offer this benefit? 10. TEU members can access the Education Benevolent Society (EBS) which provides affordable health care and risk protection benefits. They also enjoy access to financial services and travel discounts. AASC members do not have access to EBS.



7. TEU provides advice and representation to hundreds of members annually. We settle most cases successfully, quickly and quietly. But if we need to we have the best legal representation that has recently won a number of landmark employment law cases. How much experience does AASC have?


Teu benefits compared to aasc  
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