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Join TEU The New Zealand Tertiary Education Union is the union for academic and general staff employed within the New Zealand tertiary education system. This includes staff in all occupations in universities, polytechnics, institutes of technology, wānanga, other tertiary education providers and allied organisations.

Tertiary Education Union Te Hautū Kahurangi 0 Aotearoa

For further information on TEU membership please contact your local organiser or the TEU national office

The TEU is committed to organising collectively to safeguard and enhance the industrial, professional and educational goals of its membership, including: • negotiating collective agreements;


• advising and representing members with employment relationship problems;


• monitoring and acting on issues affecting members in their workplaces; • developing specialist research and policy to promote the working conditions of staff;

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• safeguarding the rights of Māori members and meeting the union’s responsibilities to wider Māori communities through the promotion of and adherence to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Victoria University

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TEU subscriptions are based on a capped proportion of income, with current rates available from your local TEU branch or the website:


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• improving the quality of tertiary education in New Zealand; and

To join the TEU, please return a completed application form to your local branch or office, or join online on the TEU website: The TEU is a registered union in accordance with the Employment Relations Act 2000.

TEU National Office

PO Box 11 767 Wellington 6142, Phone 0800 278 348 Email

Join TEU The union for all staff in tertiary education

New Zealand Tertiary Education Union Te Hautū Kahurangi o Aotearoa

EU staff

he TEU has offices in all main centres where industrial staff are available to assist and support members. Please refer to the back panel for contact details of branch and national offices.

So, what are the benefits of TEU membership? Representing members’ views Members have the opportunity through the TEU to express a collective view on industrial, educational and professional issues within the tertiary education sector, the education community and more broadly in the public arena.

Collective agreements The TEU negotiates all major collective agreements within the tertiary education sector, with members having the opportunity and being encouraged to participate in bargaining processes and activities.

Expert advice and assistance The TEU provides expert advice and assistance to members on a range of employment, educational and professional issues. Members have access to advice and assistance in accordance with the union’s policy on dealing with employment relationship problems, including representation in cases such as personal grievances and the enforcement of employment agreements.

Employment rights As well as providing practical assistance to individuals, the TEU campaigns to improve employment rights and monitors international developments in employment practices and law.

EBS membership TEU members have access to health insurance through EBS Health Care.


Policy development TEU officers and officials regularly meet with government ministers, public servants and a variety of agencies to ensure that the views of tertiary education staff are heard by policy makers. TEU members are also actively involved in lobbying members of parliament on educational and industrial issues.

TEU staff The TEU has offices in all main centres where industrial staff are available to assist and support members. Please refer to the back panel for contact details of branch and national offices.

Regular communication In order to keep members informed on collective agreement negotiations, professional issues, education policy and social issues, the TEU produces a wide range of publications, including regular print and electronic newsletters, and maintains an up-to-date website.

Benevolent Fund The TEU Benevolent Fund can provide assistance to members in times of need.

Other benefits and discounts TEU members are entitled to discounted travel insurance benefits through Uni-Care, member-only discounts on international airfares and accommodation and union home loans.

membership brings many benefits, and by joining you can share in those benefits and influence the direction of the TEU and its policies.

Structure of the TEU The TEU is a national union comprising a number of branches and committees which are the foundation for membership participation. Branches underpin the day-to-day activities of the union and exist in most worksites with TEU members. They deal with local issues, recruiting members, organising campaigns, developing national policy and participating in local and national union activities, including bargaining. In recognition of the diverse and distinctive interests of component groups within the TEU membership, three separate sector groups, two national committees and a variety of other structures have been established to ensure that all voices are heard. These include national university, ITP and general staff sector groups, women’s and Māori committees at branch and national levels, a Tiriti o Waitangi partnership group and a biennial fono for Pasifika members. Similarly, a number of networks exist to enable TEU members to keep up-to-date with professional issues. The annual conference is the supreme decisionmaking body of the TEU, among its main roles formulating and developing organisational objectives and policy. Between conferences, the council meets four times each year to further develop and implement policy and campaigns, liaise with branches and ensure the union runs well and achieves its objectives. The TEU is affiliated to and is an active participant in the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU) and Education International (EI).

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