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Part B – Findings and conclusion For general staff, the Table 30 shows the breakdown of part-time positions for general staff across the general grades. These data suggest it is increasingly difficult to work part-time in general staff positions, the more senior the role. Table 30: Number of general staff working part-time by grade

Grade Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade E Grade F Grade G Grade H Grade I

Female 22 35 62 35 38 26 11 4 1

Male 22 17 12 13 14 10 6 1 1

All staff 44 52 74 48 52 36 17 5 2

This analysis about the availability or not of part-time work at the University begs the question of whether part-time jobs are offered to meet the needs of (potential) staff, or tend to be offered for operational reasons. The comments provided by HR staff in Table 31 suggest part-time work is offered mostly for operational reasons. Continuing to build a career at Massey University while working part-time is therefore not a very common scenario, at least as a general staff member. The following comments, provided by People and Organisational Development, identify the most common positions in which Massey University offers part-time work and the reasons for this. Table 31: Massey rationale for determining whether positions are part-time

Library assistants

Welfare officers

These part-time positions are very much dictated by the needs of the operation and not to accommodate the wishes of individuals. Having parttimers provides greater flexibility with meeting after-hours staffing needs and also covering staff absences. (In contrast, the part-time arrangements for professional librarians80 tend to be more commonly linked to accommodating individual needs in order to retain highly qualified and experienced staff.)

support This group is dominated by "Residential Advisers". They are typically mature students fitting their part-time duties around their study.

ICT customer The majority of part-timers in this category are Student Computing support officers Laboratory Supervisors. Each year the shifts needed to staff computing labs are determined, and existing staff are then offered first choice of shifts, which can include full-time employment if they want it. Recruitment then occurs for whatever remains unfilled, which more often than not suits those interested in part-time work. Many part-time Lab Supervisors are 80

Nine librarians work part-time.


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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