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Senior Tutor 29 24 53 Tutor 45 10 55 Assistant Lecturer/Assistant Research Officer 7 4 11 Graduate Teaching Assistant 3 1 4 Table 29 shows that part-time work for general staff is concentrated in a few main (ANZSCO) groupings (in descending order). The remaining 163 part-time work positions are spread over 50 (ANZSCO) occupational groupings, with often just very small numbers (between 1 and 3 part-time positions) in these areas. Table 29: Number of general staff in part-time work by gender

General staff total Library Assistant Welfare Support Workers (mostly Residential Advisors) ICT Customer Support Officer Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages Programme or Project Administrator Shelf Filler Nurse Educator Clerical and Office Support Workers nec Miscellaneous Education Professional Secretary (General) Chemistry Technician General Clerk Inquiry Clerk Education Advisers and Reviewers Other general staff collectively

Female 325 39

Male 121 11

All staff 446 50

23 15 17 17 9 16 13 8 13 11 10 8 10 116

17 21 3 2 7

40 36 20 19 16 16 15 13 13 12 12 11 10 163

2 5 1 2 3 47

It is not clear from these data, how readily available these part-time positions may be across all occupations. However, HR staff, consulted in respect to this issue, commented that part-time jobs are like gold nuggets in general staff positions, that people can stay in those part-time positions for quite long periods of time, and the number of applicants for part-time jobs is usually huge. 2. How possible is it to build one’s career using part-time work? This question is essentially asking how possible it is to hold more senior positions while working part-time. The data above show there are academic staff in senior positions working part-time, and part-time jobs may be created and changed more readily in the academic area (because of managers’ beliefs that academic jobs can be broken down more readily than general staff jobs, e.g., teach one paper rather than two). That said, HR input suggests many of the professors are using part-time work to ease into retirement rather than build careers.


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