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Part B – Findings and conclusion

Proportional representation within grades by sex in sex-balanced jobs % of employees in grade by sex

30 Female


Male 20 15 10 5 0 A









Figure 10: Maximum grade within positions in sex-balanced major general-staff job categories60

Women in these mixed grades also tended to have lower average salaries than their male counterparts within each job category. As shown in Table 18, when comparing employees within the category by gender, there is a statistically significant pattern in which male salaries are, on average, 5–6% higher than female salaries. The statistical analysis shows that the likelihood of the difference in salaries being attributed to some factor other than random chance is >97%. Table 18: Average base salaries of males and females for employees in general grades A–I (gen A-I).

Sex-balanced major ANZSCO general-staff job Salary Female categories (Gen A–I) Education Managers nec $73,887 Life Science Technician $46,117 Management Consultant $68,292 Marketing Specialist $66,141 Misc. Education Professional $59,536 Printer's Assistant $37,488 Programme or Project Administrator $55,934 Public Relations Professional $63,709 Science Technicians nec $46,743 Shelf Filler $27,510 Training & Development Professional $73,970 Welfare Support Workers $49,149 Paired t-test results p = 0.017


Salary Male (Gen A–I) $82,536 $46,710 $67,076 $71,996 $58,889 $35,710 $66,891 $66,922 $51,100 $28,770 $76,532 $53,583

Massey jobs for which there are >11 general staff grade A–I employees and that are not dominated by one sex were selected and the proportions of female - - ● - - and male ---█--- employees in each letter grade were calculated


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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