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ANZSCO and Massey University job titles and grade Specific science technician roles. ANZSCO codes and job titles An initial look at the general staff data showed 12 ANZSCO job titles 50 covering science technicians, a total of 220 science technicians – 102 men and 118 women. Of the 12 ANZSCO job titles, only five were available for gender comparison (as five are single sex and two are single incumbent categories). This showed a gender pay difference favouring men in average base salaries in four of the five science technician groupings (which together accommodated 125 of the total 220 science technicians). The results show that, on average: Male agricultural technicians earn 14% or $7,000 more than females (3 men and 6 women) Male chemistry technicians earn 7% or $3,800 more than females (10 men, 9 women) Male earth science technicians earn 14% or $7,000 more than females (11 men, 8 women) ‘Other’ science technicians who were male earn 10% or $5,000 more than females (41 men, 37 women). There was no gender difference in average pay for the 19 male and 33 female life science technicians. The committee decided to undertake further analysis of these science technician jobs because the ANZSCO job titles do not make allowance for job grades (meaning that jobs are assigned an ANZSCO category regardless of the grade of the specific role), and because the category of ‘other’ science technicians grouped together positions that were not elsewhere classified. The hypothesis that these categories were not comparing like jobs with like was confirmed (with some of the categories covering up to 6 grades). Science technicians and job grades Because the ANZSCO job titles do not take account of the grade of the job-holder, an analysis was undertaken of the representation of men and women on particular grades and any gender pay differences within grades. This analysis was complicated by the 78 different job titles – some with only one or two incumbents. The population for this further analysis included all science technician roles that had a Massey University job title indicating the role was a science technician role AND had a correlating ANZSCO code AND had a general staff job grade (A–I).51 This group consisted of 107 females and 88 males. Their breakdown by general staff letter grades is shown

in Table 11. This shows that female science technicians are over-represented in the lower general grades and under-represented at Grade F and above. 50 51

At level 6, the most specific level of ANZSCO coding. For further details see Appendix 8.


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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