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Pay gaps for specific groups of staff

This section identifies those occupations where women are underpaid, on average, compared with males for equivalent work within the same job type. There is a gender pay gap of 6%44 or more, within occupations, for professors and science technicians. The gap is a combination of the distribution within the grade varying by sex for a number of positions with men at the top and women lower down, and those on the same step of a grade being paid differently. In addition to these specific groups, the committee found that, among general staff, women tend to get to higher grades in smaller proportions than men in identical jobs, and within the same grade they tend to be on less pay. Professors


The facts In December 2009, there were 92 male and 15 female professors at Massey University. On average male professors earned $136,800 and female professors earned $129,100. This is a gender difference, or gender pay gap, of 6%. The gender pay gap is evident across colleges. Within all colleges, male professors on average consistently receive more pay than female professors. The gap between average male and average female professorial salaries across colleges ranges from 2% to 14% in favour of male professors. For female professors, the average salary by college ranges from $124,000, to $137,300. In contrast, the average salary for male professors ranges from $132,200 to $150,800. The pay difference ranges from 2% to 14% across the colleges. The spread of professors by college is outlined in Table 10. Table 10: Number of professors by college (excluding those who are managers such as PVC or HOD)

College/Unit AVC – Research College of Business College of Creative Arts College of Education College of Humanities & Social Sciences College of Sciences New Zealand School of Music Total 44

Male 1 16 5 12 57 1 92

Female 3 2 1 4 5 15

Total 1 19 2 6 16 62 1 107

The threshold for determining what was significant was provided by the Pay and Employment Equity Unit in the Department of Labour, which drew on international benchmarks to establish a guideline for percentage differences between men and women that make statistical sense/explained statistically that the difference we are looking at is associated with gender. For pay, this difference was 5%, with the caveat that in some situations it may also be important to understand pay differences between 3% and 5%. 45 The category of professor under discussion in this section includes those professors who are teaching and researching in their particular discipline. This category excludes professors whose primary current role is that of manager. This means that professors who are Pro Vice-Chancellors or hold managerial positions such as Head of Department or Head of School are not included.


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