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Part B – Findings and conclusion

While Massey University female ICT managers form just 27% of the ICT manager group, thus failing to reach critical mass, their average salary is a positive indication that the University supports excellence in a male-dominated work area.


Targeted support to women to promote research – the University Women’s Award

The University Women's Award, begun in the early 1990s as the Academic Women's Award, enables women staff involved in teaching or administrative work to take time out to write up research results for publication, or to collect and analyse further data. The award recognises research excellence, and also that women may face particular challenges to their career paths in terms of teaching or administrative tasks. Each award is worth up to $10,000 but the annual budget, recently increased to $50,000, is sometimes distributed in smaller amounts where more suitable to the recipients.


Increased participation on, and support for, the Women and Leadership programme

In the last two years Massey University has obtained additional places on the Universities New Zealand Women in Leadership Programmes for Academic and General staff. In addition, to address the limited number of participants that any single University can get on the programme, Massey University has provided all nominated candidates for the programme with one-one-one career coaching by an external learning and development practitioner to craft individual development plans and facilitating development discussions with candidates own managers to support them in fostering their own staff member. The process for nomination and selection for participation on the programme has been revised to drive stronger ownership and sponsorship by senior management teams of candidates from their own area.


Provision of support to the Women@Massey group

Women@Massey (W@M) is a grassroots organization that strives to encourage and support women of the University. W@M achieves this by fostering awareness of the particular needs of women and their relationship with the University and providing a channel of communication between the University and W@M on relevant matters that relate to University and women’s development. W@M also works to foster and create a climate of support and for sharing the knowledge and skills for the benefit of all, to facilitate gatherings and events that support the growth of W@M, and to provide a reference point for women at Massey University and strengthen the role of women in the University community. In support of the objectives and work of the W@M group, the University provides meeting space and some financial support, for example, funding to support speakers to their monthly Lunchbox Series.


The formation of the Gender Equity Advisory Group

In 2009, Women@Massey submitted a proposal to the Vice-Chancellor, requesting the development of a Gender Equity Advisory Group. The Vice-Chancellor approved formation of this group, and the implementation team has been working in 2010 on the terms of reference. The 49

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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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