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Part A – Introduction questions as there were a number that routed them to the parts of the survey relevant to them). The survey questionnaire is attached at Appendix One. An independent online research company called Buzz Channel was engaged to run the survey. In February Massey University staff were invited to participate in a voluntary, confidential on-line survey about their experiences around pay and employment equity. There were a number of staff (145) who did not have Massey University email addresses as they are not on the network, and a hard copy version of the survey was sent to these people. The survey was open for three weeks. A total of 1784 Massey University staff participated in the PaEE survey, 50% of the 3545 staff who were invited to participate in the survey (i.e. permanent staff, fixed term, staff, and those casual staff who have Massey University email addresses), and the survey respondents were broadly representative of the overall workforce at the University on most demographics. This high response rate (for a survey) and good representativeness means that the survey results have a high level of credibility. Each of the survey questions was analysed by gender. The closed-ended survey questions were analysed using measures of central tendency (means and medians), and comparing responses of men and women. Particular information highlighted and discussed by the committee included: Questions that had the greatest gender difference in the responses Issues without a big gender difference but that were of high concern to both women and men Questions in relation to bullying, harassment, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour Questions with a high level of ‘don’t knows’. From this preliminary cut, the survey responses considered to be possible gender equity issues were then analysed by relevant demographic or employment data apart from gender. Some of the splits that were considered for different questions include academic and general staff, age, campus, college, part-time/full-time staff, permanent or fixed-term status. As noted above, there were five open-ended questions in the survey for staff comment. The focus of these five questions were: Question 31 – pay and rewards Question 64 – the academic promotions process (for academic staff only) Question 69 – progression for general staff (for general staff only) Question 92 – harassment, bullying, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour Question 100 – final comment about what Massey University does well areas that should be looked into further. A separate paper has been completed for each of the five open-ended questions. Each paper has three parts. Part One contains and explains the code frame by which the responses to the question have been organised. Part Two provides a quantitative overview of the responses to the


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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