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Respect and fairness

•Are pay rates affected by gender? •Do women and men have an equitable share of rewards other than base pay? •Do women and men advance at same or similar rates to higher levels and pay? •Are women and men appropriately represented at senior levels?

•Do women and men have equitable access to key training and development opportnities that will enable them to advance their careers? •Are women and men appropriately represented across all occupations and work areas? •Do women and men actively contribute influence and advice to all important areas in the institution? •Is there support for work-life balance for women and men at all levels?

•Do women and men have equal confidence the institution: • is taking active steps to minimise the risk of discrimination, all forms of harassment and other inappropriate behaviours, e.g., bullying •will respond appropriately if it occurs? •Is the performance management system fair for both women and men? •Do women and men have equal confidence in the fairness of key HR policies and systems? •Do women and men have equal confidence they are treated fairly and equitably by their managers?

Figure 3: The three gender equity indicators and key questions

The key research questions being asked by the review are: What are the gender differences at Massey University? Where do men and women have different experiences in pay, representation and distribution, participation, respect and fairness? Why are there gender differences? What factors are contributing to the existence of these gender differences? Are the differences OK? Are the reasons for the differences fair, reasonable and valid? What must be done to address gender inequities? What are the actions that Massey University can take, that are within its control, that will address these issues/inequities or identifies further investigation? How will agreed actions be managed and monitored? The process of inquiry and investigation undertaken by the committee, and as outlined in the Workbook, has five steps: Gather and organise data Analyse data and identify key issues for the institution Report back to staff Develop and review report Develop an action plan.


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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