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Part A – Introduction Respect and fairness Lack of confidence that harassment, bullying, and other inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with by the organisation Women can be disadvantaged by the way HR policies are implemented. The ITP sector PaEE Action Plan contained 7 main actions to address the issues considered to be the most critical to effect real change. A summary of the ITP Sub-Sector Findings and Action Plan is available on the Massey University website as a supplementary paper.

The PaEE review at Massey University The decision to undertake a PaEE review was an integral part of a wider range of Massey University initiatives in relation to women and leadership and equal employment opportunity signalled in the University's Road to 2020 strategy. The review, undertaken in partnership with the tertiary education sector unions, aimed to determine the extent to which gender affects women's pay and employment experiences, and to find ways to remove barriers and achieve better outcomes for all staff. In announcing the review in late 2009 Alan Davis, AVC People and Organisational Development, noted that while 56% of the University’s staff were women and nearly half of academic staff were women, only 17% of professors and 33% of associate professors were women. “We are seeing some pleasing trends in the success rate of women in academic promotions rounds, but if we are to achieve our goals of excellence in everything we do we need to accelerate this, and we need to establish a reputation as an enabling workplace free of practices that might hold talented people back." Suzanne McNabb from the Tertiary Education Union (TEU) noted that Massey University was the first New Zealand university to undertake a comprehensive review of pay and employment issues for women and that “TEU is proud to be working in co-operation with management to conduct this review. Women workers care about pay and employment equity in the workplace – they want to be sure that they have the same opportunities to develop their skills, be promoted and participate at senior levels of the organisation. Above all women want equitable pay. They want the work they do fairly recognised, valued and paid accordingly". The extensive activity across the wider government sector in completing PaEE reviews meant that Massey University was able to draw on existing tools, resources, and experience. The Ministry of Education set up a university sector PaEE working group15 in mid-2009 to support the adaptation of key tools and documentation for use by any university that chose to undertake a review. Massey University was also able to access funding from the PaEE Contestable Fund (via the Ministry of Education), given its decision to undertake a review before the Government’s closure of the PaEE programme of action.


Members of the group were: Alan Davis (Massey University), Aaron Mills (Victoria University), Prue Toft (University of Auckland) Suzanne McNabb (Tertiary Education Union), Melinda Derbidge (PSA), and Rae Torrie (then Project manager for PaEE Reviews across the Tertiary Sector, contracted by the Ministry of Education).


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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