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Findings from the ITP sector have informed the Massey University review, and also represent the closest point of comparison for the university sector. Summary information about the findings across the ITP sector13 is provided in Table 1. The table provides baseline data from the participating ITPs in relation to pay and the representation and distribution of women. Table 1: Baseline numerical data for thirteen participating ITPs 14

Pay There is an overall gender pay gap of 6 to 32% The gender pay gap amongst senior management ranges from +7 to 23% The gender pay gap for academic staff ranges from +2 to 7% The gender pay gap for allied staff ranges from 0 to 23%. Representation of women Overall representation of women ranges from 44 to 75% Representation of women in senior management ranges from 22 to 67%. (Nine ITPs range from 22 to 50%) Representation of women in academic roles ranges from 20 to 71%. (Nine ITPs range from 45 to 71%) Representation of women in allied roles ranges from 67 to 82% The % of women part-time staff ranges from 56 to 87%. Distribution of women Two of the thirteen chief executives are women Representation of women in tier 2 ranges from 22 to 67% Representation of women in tier 3 ranges from 38 to 65%.

The key gender equity issues for the ITP sector as a whole were: Rewards Gender differences in starting salaries Gender pay gap in allied/general roles Specific pay and employment practices that impact on how women’s work is valued and rewarded Participation Women over-represented in administrative and clerical roles Part-time positions attract less favourable terms, conditions and opportunities


While individual institutions developed PaEE action plans to address the gender equity issues they had identified, the information reported by the ITPs was also synthesised to identify seven key gender equity issues for the ITP sub-sector as a whole. 14 Ministry of Education (2009). Pay and Employment Equity Reviews in the Public Tertiary Education Sector: Report on Reviews and Action Plan for the ITP sub-sector, p. 24.


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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