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Part A – Introduction

Part A – Introduction This review report is the culmination of the pay and employment equity (PaEE) review conducted at Massey University, in partnership with the tertiary education sector unions, between November 2009 and December 2010. It provides information on the status of gender equity in relation to pay and employment at Massey University.6 The report is a snapshot of gender equity at a point in time. The review aimed to understand if and how gender affects pay and the employment experiences of staff at Massey University (specifically if and how gender contributes to lower pay for women, and lower levels of representation in some types of work and in more senior positions) and to find ways to remove barriers and achieve better outcomes for all staff. The review is an integral part of a range of initiatives signalled in the University's Road to 2020 strategy in relation to women and leadership and equal employment opportunity. The review has: considered the work experiences of men and women according to three key equity factors (rewards, participation, and respect and fairness) identified what is working well identified what needs to be improved and how this will be achieved. Before the review little gender equity data were publicly available at Massey University. This report provides the first real baseline gender data against which future changes can be measured. Massey University now has an evidence base from which it can draw conclusions about the experiences and opportunities for women in their workforce. The report provides management and staff at Massey University with baseline data and an action framework to inform their equity programme. The report is in four parts. Part A provides the background information about the review process, as well as information about how this report has been developed. Part B presents the findings and conclusions of the review, both what Massey University is doing well, and the gender equity issues that have been found at the University and supporting evidence for these. This part also reports on issues of concern to all staff, covers possible gender equity issues initially considered but not substantiated, and notes other matters that the committee did not investigate further. Part C highlights those gender equity issues from Part B that appear to be most important across the University, and proposes an action plan to address those issues. Part D contains the appendices.


Other aspects of equity were beyond the scope of this review. However, data on ethnicity was captured as part of the PaEE review survey, and survey data could be made available to bona fide researchers following application to Massey’s Human Ethics committee.


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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