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Appendices Table 1: “Major general job categories” with >11 grade A–F employees FEMALE DOMINATED SEX BALANCED MALE DOMINATED Accounts Clerk Education Managers nec * Accountant (General) Call or Contact Centre Operator Life Science Technician Analyst Programmer Chemistry Technician Management Consultant Caretaker Clerical & Administrative Workers Marketing Specialist Developer Programmer Clerical & Office Support Workers Misc. Education Professional Earth Science Technician General Clerk Printer's Assistant Gardener (General) Programme or Project ICT Customer Support Human Resource Clerk Administrator Officer Inquiry Clerk Public Relations Professional ICT Managers nec Librarian Science Technicians nec ICT Support Technicians Technicians & Trades Library Assistant Shelf Filler Workers Training & Development Office Manager Professional Personal Assistant Welfare Support Workers Receptionist (General) Secretary (General) Veterinary Nurse Total grade A-I employees: Total grade A-I employees: Total grade A-I 698 367 employees: 255 * NB: this does not include 01 - Education Managers nec, which appears to be a different category (?).

Employees in female-dominated jobs do appear to have less opportunity for advancement. For the purposes of this analysis, it was assumed that the employee with the highest letter grade in a job category represented the highest letter grade any employee in that job category could aspire to. In 59% of the female-dominated job categories, the highest letter-graded employee is an E or F; only 18% of the male-dominated job categories stall at D or E (Figure 1). In 64% of the maledominated categories, the highest graded employee is a G, H or I; less than 12% of the femaledominated job categories reach G, H or I.


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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