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Pay and Employment Equity Review Report and Action Plan

Appendix 9: Statistical analysis of general staff by letter-grade and of survey data: opportunities for advancement and perceptions of equality Report to the PAEE review committee F Wolber, 10 June, 2010 OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADVANCEMENT It was noted at the June meeting that “tutor” and “senior tutor” positions are usually held by females and present no opportunity for advancement. A follow-up question raised was whether female general-staff employees at Massey, or employees in female-dominated general-staff job categories at Massey, also have less opportunity for advancement. The majority of general-staff jobs are sex-dominated one way or another at Massey. Of 151 general-staff ANZCO job categories, 30% are female dominated (>70% females), 49% are male dominated (>60% males), and only 21% are sex-balanced. However, of the female-dominated jobs, over 60% of the categories pay less than the mean Massey general-staff wage of $52,227; of the male-dominated jobs, over 60% of the categories pay more the mean Massey general-staff wage of $52,227. Many ANZSCO general job categories are so narrow that they only contain one or two employees, and quite a few are comprised of employees who are not general grade A - I but rather are clinical, contract, or senior leadership (aka otherwise-academic) personnel. Jobs for which there are least 11 general grade A – I employees were identified and considered as “major general-staff job categories”. There are a total of 37 such job categories, containing over 1300 general grade A - I employees. Of these 37 categories, there are 15 female-dominated (>70% female), 10 maledominated (>60% male), and 12 sex-balanced categories (Table 1). Thus, of what were deemed “major general” job categories, fewer than one-third are not dominated by a single sex. Employees in the female-dominated jobs identified in Table 1 earn less than employees in the male-dominated jobs, with the average salary in female-dominated jobs being $45,759 and the average salary in the male-dominated jobs being $52,424. Thus, an employee changing from a female-dominated to a male-dominated profession is likely to enjoy an average pay rise of nearly 15%.


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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