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Appendices 316 - Women are treated differently from men (less positively) (incl women not receiving support from senior males) 318 - Only research is valued not teaching 319 - Women take longer to be promoted; are given fewer opportunities for advancement 320 - When people coopted into higher positions, they tend to be men 321 - Men are advantaged under PBRF 325 - Women end up with tasks for which there is no reward eg admin tasks, extra teaching, pastoral care - which men won't or don't do 326 - Extra duties women take on reduces time for research and contributes to their being passed over for promotions/rewards 328 - Part-time work disadvantages women 331 - People with caring responsibilities outside work are disadvantaged 334 - General staff disadvantaged as not able to work from home as academics (sometimes) can 335 - More frequent absences for parental leave reduce opportunities for demonstrating sustained performance 337 - There is inequity in the promotions OR rewards system for general staff 338 - Gender inequity in favour of women/women better served than men 341 - Massey University operates a positive discrimination policy which advantages women 342 - Pay and rewards - other 344 - Men are more assertive/put themselves forward for promotions (or women the opposite) 345 - Promotions - other 346 - Men receive a higher salary/more rewards than women 348 - Personal grievance 349 - No reward system (extra pay or bonuses) for general staff taking on extra duties on temp basis, or in recognition of experience when on top of grade 350 - How work is valued disadvantages women 999 999 - Don't know Part Two – Overview by gender of responses to Question 31 A total of 1127 valid responses have been coded and analysed in relation to this question about whether gender equity is or isn’t demonstrated in relation to pay and rewards at Massey University, 489 (43%) from men and 637 (57%) from women. This represents a slightly higher response rate from men for this question, than for the whole survey (60%). (There were 591 blank responses, 3 invalid character responses and 15 non-applicable responses.)


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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