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Pay and Employment Equity Review Report and Action Plan 2

Parallel issues

This section identifies questions where there was little gender difference in responses but both men and women expressed a high level of concern in relation to the issue. In most cases, questions are included where 40% or more of total respondents expressed this concern. Depending on the nature of the questions that fall into this category, the committee may decide that some of the issues are of a gendered nature and should be added to the list identified at Part 1. Number Question of survey question 18 24 25

73A 80


There is not an obvious career path from my current position at Massey University. In doing the work of a more senior position for 15 consecutive days I did not receive any extra pay. I do not believe that the amount of extra pay I received was fair compensation for the higher duties or special administrative responsibilities I took on. I do not know what flexible work arrangements are possible at Massey University. Workload has hindered me in achieving work/life balance.

% who view/experience Females 48%

Males 41%









had Additional information

Total respondent no. = 220

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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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