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Pay and Employment Equity Review Report and Action Plan 1

Areas with greatest gender differences in responses

The PaEE review Workbook suggests that a 10% difference between the responses of men and women be used as a guideline for determining areas where further investigation could be useful. The tables below list the questions with differences ≥ 10% in descending order of difference. The first table captures opinion questions. The second table captures personal experience. Differences disadvantaging women are in pink font; those disadvantaging men are in blue font; and where disadvantage caused by the difference is not clear the font is black. Differences of ≥ 10% in the opinion responses of male and female respondents Number Question Differences % who agreed or Additional information of survey ≥ 10% strongly agreed question Females Males 86 I believe taking parental leave has disadvantaged my 25% 25% 0% Total respondent no. small – 72. promotion and/or progression prospects. Women = 45, men =27. 20 I believe opportunities for advancement are equitable for 21% 48% 69% 22% of women and 19% of men didn’t women. know 40 I believe opportunities to participate in project teams and 18% 29% 47% working groups at Massey University are provided fairly. 30 I believe the payment of accelerated salary increments at 15% 28% 43% 54% women and 50% men didn’t my level is applied equitably to women. know. 22 I believe I am paid fairly compared to others doing different 12% 33% 45% 33% women and 29% men didn’t work but using similar skills within Massey University. know. 18 There is an obvious career path from my current position at 11% 38% 49% Massey University. 21 I believe I am paid fairly compared to others doing the 11% 46% 57% 22% of women and 20% of men didn’t same job within Massey University. know. 35 I believe processes for the appointment or selection of 11% 25% 36% 56% women and 47% men didn’t members to senior decision-making committees and boards know. at Massey University is fair. 71 Part-time staff receive the same range of benefits (for 12% 42% 30% A high level of don’t knows – 48% men example, sick leave, study leave, time off for children’s and 37% women. illness) as full-time staff at Massey University


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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