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Appendix 3: PEEAT (Pay and Employment Equity Analysis Tool) – Summary list of gender differences This document is the preliminary analysis of HR and payroll data undertaken by the committee, referred to on p.43 of the report, under the heading Collation and Analysis of the Data. All staff – representation and distribution 1 Women are well-represented at Massey University, comprising 56% of the workforce compared with women’s labour market share of 47% 96. 2 Women are under-represented in academic staff positions and over-represented in general staff positions. 3 Men are more highly represented than their workforce share in senior, higher-paying positions at Massey University (levels 2 & 3) and women are over-represented in all of the lower levels and lower-paid positions (tiers 4–7). 4 Women are over-represented in all part-time bands of hours (0–9 hours 61%, 10–19 hours 67%, and 20–29 hours 72%) relative to their workforce share of 56%. 5 There is a high level of sex segregation in the Massey University workforce. Approximately three-quarters of all general staff jobs are male- or female-dominated. All staff – pay 6 There is an overall gender pay gap at Massey University of 22%. On average women earn $64,000 compared with men on $82,500. 7 Women are paid significantly less than males across all components of annual remuneration. Payments for allowances are significantly (700+%) higher for men than women. 8

Women are underpaid compared to males for equivalent work in the same job categories.

9 Workers in female-dominated occupations are disadvantaged. Female-dominated occupations average $48,000 and male-dominated occupations $55,500. 10

Within job categories women are underpaid relative to men.

11 In the past year there was a gender difference in excess of 13% (favouring men) in the average starting salaries of four job titles: tutor, earth science technician, ICT customer support officer, and programme or project administrators. Academic staff – representation and distribution 96 Household Labour Force Survey December 2009, Department of Labour.


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