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Appendix 2: Relevant Institutional Information – Pay and Employment Equity Review Project Summary INTRODUCTION This paper reports on information that is already available in relation to pay and/or the employment experiences of women relative to men at Massey University, and summarises the key findings from this information. Some of the data sourced is specific to Massey University while other data relates to the tertiary sector as a whole or provides other contextual information. The paper is structured in three parts. The first section (which is available in this summary) lists the information sought and avenues explored, and where information is available and still relevant, the source is referenced. The second part of the report summarises the key findings/conclusions from the Massey University-specific information. The third part of the report summarises the key contextual information with which the PaEE review committee may need to be familiar in the course of the review. SUMMARY OF DATA SOURCES Table 1: Gender equity information from existing data sources Gender equity information considered by the committee from existing data sources Massey University-specific information 1 Exit interviews analysed by gender (from the HRIS data base) 2 Complaints data (HR) 3 Promotions data over time – summary of promotions data 2005–2010 independent observer reports State of the Nation report 4 Gender and academic promotions study Stephanie Doyle, Cathy Wylie, Edith Hogden with Anne Else. Gender and academic promotion. A case study of Massey University. NZ Council for Educational Research, Wellington, 2004 5 Research being conducted by Nicola Murray. Research project by Nicola Murray, Massey University, entitled Reaching the Top – Women in Academia. (Copy of the survey provided to the committee.)



Other relevant contextual information Overview of gender equity issues in the tertiary sector by Robyn Bailey. Gender-based pay and employment equity issues in the tertiary education workforce: Analysis of the issues from a review of published sector information. Unpublished report prepared for the Ministry of Education on behalf of the Tertiary Sector Tripartite Steering Group for

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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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