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Appendix 1: Pay and Employment Equity Review Survey Pay and employment equity aims to ensure that pay, conditions of work, access to the full range of jobs at all levels of the workplace, and experiences at work, are not affected by gender.

A Massey University project team is currently undertaking an internal review of pay and employment equity (PaEE). The review will: consider the work experiences of men and women according to three key equity factors (rewards, participation, and respect and fairness) identify what is working well identify what needs to be improved and how this will be achieved.

The purpose of this survey is to assist the committee in understanding whether gender affects employment at Massey University; specifically if and how gender contributes to lower pay for women and lower levels of representation in some types of work and in more senior positions. We are seeking the views of both men and women in response to these issues. The information sought is a combination of your own experience and your views and opinions.

There are two parts to the survey: Part A

About you

This part asks for information about you, which will be used only in aggregated form, to understand the responses from different groups of people Part B

Equity indicators

The survey is structured around three equity indicators – rewards, participation, and respect and fairness.

Rewards: concerned with pay, advancement and seniority. Participation: issues that affect people’s ability to participate fully, such as training and development, the ability to influence, promotions and flexible work.


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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