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Part C – The action plan Identified issue

Actions Tasks 10.5.1 Explore the options for establishing an advocacy service, funded by, but independent from, Massey University (e.g., like an employee ombudsman role) for staff who may have been bullied or harassed

Responsibility AVC POD, P/AVC Equity

10.5.2 Establish highly visible information for staff about options they have in the event of being bullied, harassed, discriminated against or being subject to inappropriate behaviour Intranet – clear definitions, FAQs, resources Posters and notices Information about people to contact

POD, P/AVC Equity

10.6 Monitor and review 10.6.1 Establish and implement a process for recording and monitoring formal complaints, ensuring data on gender as well as college/department, etc., are recorded and report on these as part of regular HR information to SLT 10.6.2 Establish six-monthly review sessions with TEU to progress all actions 10.6.3 In two years, seek staff feedback again on changes that have occurred in relation to bullying, harassment, discrimination or other inappropriate behaviour (using these findings from the PaEE review as a baseline)




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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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