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Part C – The action plan


Part-time work options at Massey University do not meet the needs of the range of women workers

In addition to meeting the needs of women workers, part-time work is also a key strategy in the acquisition and retention of talent at Massey University. The series of actions next are aimed at ensuring that those recruiting staff are not blinkered by traditional ways of employing people. The issue Part-time work options at Massey University do not meet the needs of the range of women workers. Desired outcome Improved access for all staff to an increased range of part-time work at all levels. Identified issue Actions Tasks Massey University offers: 8.1 Implement steps to facilitate part-time work a limited number of 8.1.1 Develop and promulgate a policy statement that supports part-time work as a valid career choice and hiring part-time jobs limited opportunities option at all levels for negotiating a part- 8.1.2 Consider any request to work part-time in light of the time rather than a full- statement from SLT, and discuss with an POD Advisor prior to making a decision time job part-time work that 8.2 Increase the number and range of part-time positions does not cater to available through the recruitment process advancing one’s career 8.2.1 Incorporate in the ‘request to advertise for staff’ form, a compulsory question for managers about any reasons why this position cannot be part-time or job-share 8.2.2 Add the following statement (or similar) into all recruitment advertising: “Part-time and job share applications will be considered” 8.2.3 After six months monitor and review the exclusions in relation to advertising positions

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Provide assistance to support implementation of part-

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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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