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Pay and Employment Equity Review Report and Action Plan Identified issue


Actions Tasks senior roles 4.10.3 Encourage applications from women for more senior vacancies.

Responsibility Managers, Women @ Massey University Managers

Women’s starting salaries are lower than those of men

Data available for the last two years in relation to average starting salaries for men and women show a tendency for female appointees to be paid less than men. There are ten occupations being considered for further analysis. Data were collected for a further 18 occupations, but of these eight had single-sex incumbents, three had numbers which were too small to consider for privacy reasons, and in seven occupations the pay difference was 3% or less (which is considered to be too small to warrant further investigation). Of the remaining ten occupations, men were appointed on higher starting salaries than women in eight occupations, and in 2 (Research Officer, and Welfare Support Workers), women were on average appointed on higher salaries than men. As a specific example, in the past two years, female tutors were appointed on lower starting salaries than male tutors, with a pay gap of 13%. There is also a pay gap of 5% for senior tutors. The issue Women’s starting salaries are lower than those of men in some occupations Desired outcome(s) Starting salaries are equitable by gender by 2012. Identified issue Actions Tasks Preliminary data shows 5.1 Investigate the ten occupations further that, where there is a 5.1.1. Undertake further analysis of the starting salary gender difference in differences for these 10 occupations: starting salaries greater Tutors, particularly in Manawatu (see 5.5) than 3% for the same Senior Tutors in Albany (see 5.5) position, female appointees Post-doctoral fellow tend to be paid less than Education Advisers and Reviewers male appointees. General Clerks ICT Customer Support Officers Programme or Project Administrators 128

Responsibility POD & PaEE implementation committee

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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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