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Pay and Employment Equity Review Report and Action Plan Identified issue Women comprise 54% of lecturers, but a glass ceiling operates beyond this level. Women’s representation decreases significantly to 37% at senior lecturer level, to 32% at associate professor level, and just 14% at professor level.

General staff In the general staff pay structure, 1617 of the total 1995 general staff (81%), are located in the GENERAL staff grades, which range from Grade A to Grade I. Women are underrepresented in the higher general staff grades with a glass ceiling appearing around Grade G.


Actions Tasks (role modelling) 4.4.1 Raise profile of senior women, e.g., articles in Massey News 4.4.2 Ensure that the obligations of women selected for the Women in Leadership programme, to transfer knowledge gained through the programme, are fulfilled 4.4.3 Appoint women to positions on Massey University boards or external boards on which Massey University has a representative 4.5 Encourage and support women to prepare for senior positions 4.5.1 Direct colleges and AVC areas to budget, and use their budget, for training and development to prepare women for senior roles 4.5.2 Provide resources to fund mentoring options for academic women at Massey University (See other actions related to encouraging women to apply for promotion at 9.1) 4.6 Review academic promotions criteria for gender equity (for details see 9.2.of this plan) 4.7 Check that senior positions that are traditionally ‘women’s work’ are fairly sized and fairly paid 4.7.1 Identify key benchmark jobs from within femaledominated occupations in senior positions 4.7.2 Subject these jobs to job sizing under the new IPE job evaluation system. 4.7.3 Contract an external expert in the Equitable Job Evaluation (EJE) system to ‘calibrate’ Massey University’s new IPE job evaluation system to ensure that to ensure that all dimensions of the job are considered, specifically that it takes

Responsibility AVC External Relations Massey University manager of Women in Leadership applications SLT




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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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