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Part C – The action plan Identified issue

Actions both men and women for all jobs 3.2.3 Review the grading and job titles of general staff vacancies before advertising a position if the job has not been evaluated within the last two years 3.2.4 Support selection panels to be gender-neutral in assumptions and decision-making in relation to appointments to positions that are female- or maledominated Provide training in avoiding gender bias to selection panel members Assign the role of avoiding gender bias to someone on the selection panel Ensure mixed gender composition on selection panels 3.2.5 Require chairs of all appointment panels to include in their recommendation for appointment report the number of male and female applicants, male and female interviewees and sex of the appointee 3.2.6 Collate and analyse information from 1.4 above on an annual basis Address gendered workplace practices 3.3.1 Review EEO Policy and Code of Conduct to ensure that expectations about gender-neutral behaviour are addressed. 3.3.2 Draw staff’s attention to expectations of gender-neutral behaviour 3.3.3 Provide skills training for managers in recognizing and dealing with the dynamics of a workplace culture, particularly when gendered 3.3.4 Incorporate expectations of gender-neutral behaviour into induction processes 3.4


Support women to move into different work/out of


Responsibility POD

Provide the POD selection panel with information on existing gender composition in the relevant area


P/AVC Equity

Develop policy SLT statement about appropriate, AVC POD gender-neutral behaviour POD Make the PaEE review report and POD action plan widely available

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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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