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Pay and Employment Equity Review Report and Action Plan


Occupational segregation – general staff women in female-dominated work

Women and men hold different types of jobs, and female-dominated work tends to pay less than male-dominated work. This is one of the reasons for the gender pay gap nationally as well as at Massey University. Forces outside the control of the University (e.g., education choices, gender socialization) do contribute to men and women being dominant in different occupations; the actions in this section relate to aspects of work over which Massey University does have some control. Identified issue Actions Tasks Responsibility Of the female workforce of 3.1 Ensure that ‘women’s work’ is fairly sized and fairly 1914 at Massey University, paid general staff women 3.1.1 Identify which of the benchmark jobs that have been AVC POD account for 1288 or 66%. job sized using the new job evaluation system are femaleOf the 1288 female general dominated, male-dominated or mixed-gender staff, 65% (842) work in 3.1.2 Contract an external expert in the Equitable Job POD female-dominated jobs. Evaluation (EJE) system to ‘calibrate’ Massey University’s new IPE job evaluation system to ensure that all dimensions of the job are considered, specifically that it takes into account female dimensions of work 3.1.3 Undertake regular four yearly audits of job evaluation POD system. 3.2 Eliminate gender stereotyping and gender bias in recruitment and selection practices 3.2.1 Establish a job title framework and processes to ensure POD consistency across Massey University 3.2.2 Take action to challenge assumptions about certain POD positions being ‘women’s work’ or ‘men’s work’ In Massey University advertising, highlight women who are employed in traditionally male-dominated work Make advertising and recruitment strategies target the nondominant gender group Check that recruitment agencies used by Massey University search for applicants of both genders and actively consider


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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