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Part C – The action plan Identified issue females Males earth science technicians earn 14% or $7,000 more than females ‘Other’ science technicians who were male earn 10% or $5,000 more than females.


Actions Tasks using the new job evaluation system 2.5.3 Identify the contributing factors that allowed this discrepancy to occur, and plan to redress these issues 2.5.4 Establish and implement a system to provide oversight and moderation of how steps within grades, and starting salary levels, are decided (with a view to uniformity at college (and university) level 2.6 Monitor science technician appointments and progression 2.6.1 Monitor, and review on an annual basis, the average pay for women and men in these occupations 2.7 Maintain oversight of differences in average gender salary within occupations 2.7.1 Identify a small number of benchmark academic and general staff positions for ongoing monitoring of annual salaries by gender 2.7.2 On an annual basis, report to staff the average salaries for men and women in these benchmark positions

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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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