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there were 8 Massey University job titles, and 5 different grades included within this ANZSCO category. Just one of the job titles – business manager – was a sufficiently large group to undertake some further gender analysis, with 5 men and 3 women. The average salary for women was $73,700 and for men was $72,900 meaning that there is no pay gap issue here. In terms of distribution, women were spread throughout the salary levels, with one each paid in the lower, mid- and high range of this group. The fact that there is only 1 woman in the remaining accountant group of 11 staff, means that no robust gender analysis in relation to pay is possible, and also begs the question about why there are not more women in this group, particularly in the AVC area Finance, IT, Strategy and Commercial where just one of the nine accountant staff is a woman. Academic Heads of Department As identified earlier academic Heads of Department represent a key sub-group of Level 3 managers as they are the main feeder group for SLT positions. An initial analysis of average salaries by gender showed an 18% gender pay difference in these positions. Further analysis, however, showed that the majority (65%) of the male Heads of Department are professors and paid salaries appropriate to this academic role, as are the relatively fewer 29% of female professors who are Heads of Department. The remaining Heads of Department are either associate professors (5 men and 2 women) or senior lecturers (3 men and 2 women). Analyst Programmer Massey University salary data revealed a pay difference of 7% for the ANZSCO category of Analyst Programmer, comprising 8 women and 18 men. Further analysis showed that these positions were spread over four grades, Gen E to Gen H. By far the majority of staff, however, 21, were located in grade G. Six of the eight women were spread evenly throughout this grade. 2.

Gender differences in starting salaries

Programme or project administrator and ICT customer support officer Initial analysis showed a gender pay gap of 16% in average starting salaries for the ANZSCO category of Programme or Project Administrators. However jobs grouped into this ANZSCO category covered more than one type of Massey University position. Most of the 28 positions could be grouped into two main types of similar jobs, which showed that: in the ‘coordinator’ positions, there was a gender difference in pay of 6% or $3,378, with the average salary for men being $55,500 and for women $52,000 there were only women (9) located in the lower paid ‘administrator’ positions in this occupational group, paid an average of $43,000. Further exploration may usefully investigate why it is that only women are being recruited into these lower paid positions.


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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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