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Part B – Findings and conclusion

Other issues This section records information that emerged in the course of the review that needs to be captured and made known to senior management, but is not a gender equity issue being addressed in this report. That information is captured under three headings: Parallel issues Gender equity issues not substantiated Matters not pursued. Parallel issues Parallel issues are issues that arose during the course of the review that were not directly gender related, but are important for the organisation to know about and to address. Generally, these were issues raised equally and strongly by both men and women. The two issues recorded next are those that came to the committee’s notice in the course of the review. 1. Career development for general staff Career development and progression issues are generally considered to be poor for many general staff (both male and female). This is a generic issue as described below. For general staff there is little opportunity to progress beyond a certain point (the level I have been at for a number of years). While workload during this time has increased significantly there is no recognition of this from senior management and the only significant improvement to our working conditions has been the Union negotiating the removal of the highly unpopular and detrimental 'Merit Process'. Female, general staff member. 2. Bullying and discrimination As noted in the previous section, the incidence of bullying, harassment, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour at Massey University, and concerns about the processes and procedures for addressing associated concerns and complaints, were issues for both men and women at Massey University. A third of all male respondents to the survey expressed a lack of confidence that the University would address and resolve concerns and complaints, as well as a half of the female respondents. Gender equity issues not substantiated 1. Gender pay gaps for particular groups Preliminary analysis of the pay data suggested there was a gender pay gap for accountants, academic Heads of Department, and for IT/ICT staff. Further analysis for each of these groups was undertaken and based on those findings, summarised next, these issues were not taken further by the committee. Accountants Initial analysis of the pay data, using ANZSCO codes, revealed that there were 4 female and 15 male accountants at Massey University, with an average pay difference of $12,000 in favour of men, or a 15% pay gap. Further analysis of the ANZSCO job code for accountants, however, revealed that 113

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Massey PaEE Review Final Report

Massey PaEE Review Final Report

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