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Kia ora and welcome to issue #7 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine. This edition and the party it accompanies are dedicated to all things female. We’re delighted to say that (almost!) all of the content featured in this issue is either written by or about women. Only one piece by a male is included – outside of this introduction – and that’s an interview I was lucky enough to conduct with the one and only Erykah Badu just prior to her first visit to NZ. Besides that, we’ve Top 5 lists from some of our favourite international and local music biz women (including Alice Russell, Vanessa Freeman, Bahamadia, Tyra Hammond, MC Tali, Bailey Wiley, Cherie Mathieson and plenty more, as well as all the ladies on the gig lineup); and a little other vaguely soul music related business – including the pictures on the opposite page of Tina Turner performing at the Auckland Town Hall in 1977 (hat-tip to Murray Cammick). The pictures on this page are taken from the 2nd annual NZ Soul All Dayer Mount Maunganui, at the Astrolabe. Huge thanks to our incredible host Michael Julian, and the rest of his team for looking after us so well once again. What a way to start the New Year! On the day we were blessed with a couple of sets from the Chocolate Box Deluxe (aka Lisa Tomlins, Vanessa Stacey and Ayesha Kee) and local whanau Toni Cooper, Pat Kingi and Campbell Ngata; alongside Jay Jeffrey, Gene Rivers, Scott ‘Doughboy’ Towers, Selecta Sam, Nyntee, Kirk James, Kirsty Hargreaves, Jubt, Kris Holmes, Pete Nice and Omega B. Maybe a Weekender next year…? The gig this issue is associated with is the debut ‘Wahine Ki Te Tane’ edition of the NZ Soul All Dayer. ‘Girls vs Boys’ is a battle we hope to repeat annually for so many reasons! Big ups to both teams taking part: Wendy Douglas, Rachael Sabin, Rose Alice, Kirsty Hargreaves, Phaze and Lanz; and Jay Jeffrey, Gene Rivers, Campbell Ngata, Kirk James, Pete Nice and Nyntee. Pat yourself on the back too for picking up this fanzine, having a read, listening to the tunes we’re spinning at the gig, and becoming – even if only for one night – part of our growing community of soul, funk, jazz, disco, house and rare groove loving folks… Because SOUL music isn’t a genre – it’s a FEELING! _______________________________________________________________________________ Edited by: David ‘Nyntee’ Carroll With a massive thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue… Alice Russell | Vanessa Freeman | Bahamadia | R.I.A. | Phaze | Huia Hamon | Kirsty Hargreaves | Lanz | Petra Rijnbeek | Natti Page | Bailey Wiley | Rose Alice | Sarahtonen Tali | Keshia Tunks | Vanessa Stacey | Philippa | Jennifer Zea | Victoria Spence | Mary-Anne Thomson | Cherie Mathieson | Tyra Hammond | Wendy Douglas | Rachael Sabin

We’d love to hear YOUR stories about SOUL music! Get in touch:

TINA TURNER Auckland Town Hall 15 September 1977

Photos: Murray Cammick ______________________________________________________________________________ The NZ Soul All Dayer online Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine online

ALICE RUSSELL Top 5: Current Favourites

1. Donny Hathaway – A Song For You 2. Eugene McDaniels – Freedom Death Dance 3. D’Angelo – Sugah Daddy 4. Queen Esther Marrow – Mama 5. Stevie Wonder – All I Do | Get Alice’s recent album ‘To Dust’ | _______________________________________________________________________________ VANESSA FREEMAN Top 5: Tunes (At The Moment)

1. Bobby Caldwell – Open Your Eyes 2. Rene and Angela – I’ll Be Good 3. Roy Davis Jr and Peven Everett – Gabriel 4. Soul II Soul with Rose Windross – Fairplay 5. Willis Wooten – Your Love Is Indescribably Delicious Vanessa can be heard on Nathan Haines’ recent ‘5 A Day’ album, and on a wealth of earlier material too. Just utilise the wonders of the internets to find it all… _______________________________________________________________________________ BAHAMADIA Top 5: Favourite Things

1. Psalm 23 2. Purple Things 3. Jasmine Incense 4. Georgia Anne Muldrow Beats 5. Superb Graffiti Pieces Support What’s Real: | |

MC TALI Top 5: Summer Gigs

1. Splore Amazing location, beautiful people and I got to play two sets; one doing my solo set and another emceeing over deep house with Aroha. 2. Southern Shakedown This was on Glenfalloch Station two hours out of Christchurch and put on by Bassfreaks. It was another jaw-dropping location in the middle of the mountains. I emceed with LTJ Bukem. 3. Kaikoura Summersounds This is a family-run festival who really look after their artists and audience alike. I performed my solo set and even with a broken arm the crowd gave me the positivity and support I needed! 4. Sundaise Festival This was the most enchanting and delightful location in the middle of the forest. A beautiful festival for children as well as adults. I played my solo set and did a special Soulside Sessions set with Emma G. 5. Wanderlust Festival This was a yoga and well-being festival in Taupo run by our friends The Halsteads. We loved the ethos behind this weekend but due to that broken arm I couldn’t participate in the classes! Tali’s ‘Wolves’ album is out April 17th on iTunes and in all good record stores. Get it! | _______________________________________________________________________________ PHAZE Top 5: Soul Inspo

1. DJ SMV – Big Soul Rehab Mixtape Link: 2. Parks and Submariner – Say Hi 3. Vanessa Stacey – she endured me and produced my one and only sampled track remix of ‘Grillz and Gold Digger’. I also asked her to cover and record a Milez Benjamin vocal that I bust out on special occasions. 4. The Waxed Crew Collective for keeping it 100 With soul/funk vinyl collections to die for Lanz, Norna Jones, Kirsty and Ayesha x Ladies Who Wax, collect Wax and get Waxed. 5. Skratch Bastid’s “Aretha Franklin ‘Respect’” DJ routine You may notice a theme in this selection of inspiration as having a high (80%!) NZ content. Catch more local goodness from Phaze on ‘Local Produce’, 12-2pm NZT Thursdays on shout out to OneDeap!

HUIA HAMON Top 5: Wahine Toa – Music Industry Motivators of NZ (in NO particular order)

1. DJ R.I.A. – Yoga / DJ / Promo Amazon Hottie Extraordinaire 2. MC Tali – Inspiration / Producer / Work Ethic Guru / Best Singer/MC in NZ 3. Marika Hodgson – Bass player of EVERY awesome band 4. Rachael Stanway – Sundaise Festival originator and mad supporter of BOP Music 5. Huia Hamon and Dannii Vallely-Te Kani of Integrity Promotion and Studio Link – Music and Event Promotion, empowering artists and studios music promotion, artist promotion, events and marketing, personal brand building, graphic and website design, production and much, much more! _______________________________________________________________________________ KIRSTY HARGREAVES Top 5: On Repeat

1. Loleatta Holloway – Hit And Run (Joey Negro dub sensation) 2. Lenny Williams – I Still Reach Out To You 3. Unlimited Touch – No One Can Love Me (Quite The Way You Do) 4. Stargard – Running From The Law 5. Esther Williams – Ready For Love Kirsty is one part of The Waxed Crew and the First Lady of the NZ Soul All Dayer. Listen to her on the radio with ‘The Bounce’, 10am Tuesdays on _______________________________________________________________________________ LANZ Top 5: Tunes (At The Moment)

1. Roberta Flack – Go Up Moses 2. Isaac Hayes – Fragile 3. The Crusaders with BB King and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Streetlife 4. Stevie Wonder – Hey Harmonica Man 5. The Ink Spots – Pork Chops and Gravy Listen to Lanz and The Waxed Crew from 10am ‘til noon, every Thursday

MISS P aka PETRA RIJNBEEK Top 5: For The Soul

“The soul is a vital part of the body but because it’s not an organ or a measureable entity like the mind, often we don’t know what feeds our soul until afterwards. Therefore my most important thing to do for the soul is…” 1. Try New Things – you just might feel happier! Soul music is just that – it feels good not just sounds good… 2. Fave Soul Artist: Otis Redding 3. Fave Soul Song: Otis Redding – (Sittin’ On The) Dock Of The Bay 4. Fave Soul Funk Jam: Sam and Dave – Soul Man 5. Fave Soul Diva: Aretha Franklin singing Evil Gal Petra is a talented singer, songwriter, MC, presenter and entertainer you should know… | _______________________________________________________________________________ NETTI PAGE Top 5: Gig Experiences

5. Sixties Soul and Beat Night at Molotow/Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany in 2003 4. Soul and Funk Night in 2003 at the Pavilion, East Berlin One of the organisers was Frank Gossner, who is known mostly for hunting original Funk 45s in Africa. Should be on everyone’s bucket list. 3. German Scooter runs Pull up with your Scoot in a field, pop up your tent and dance to Soul Music all Weekend. 2. Soul Night in the basement at Eurovespa in San Remo, 1996 French Soul. Odd and awesome at the same time. Closest experience to it is captured on the “French Connection” compilations, if you can get your hands on one. 1. Australian National Northern Soul Weekenders My annual treat to a full weekend of rare soul on original 45rpm records. Netti Page is one of NZ’s deepest funk and soul collectors, with a well-earned reputation for dropping serious nuggets whenever she plays out. Oh, and her Scooter’s pretty rad, too. _______________________________________________________________________________ Get the NZ SOUL ALL DAYER t-shirt Sizes in WOMENS and MENS from SMALL to 5XL Get the NZ SOUL ALL DAYER 12” slipmats Beautiful 16oz thick felt slipmats for your turntables If you would like to represent NZ’s premier soul music event by wearing the famous ‘Soul Tiki’ on your chest, or on your turntables, Just hit us up:

ERYKAH BADU Interview by Nyntee Hey Erykah – how are you? “Exquisite. Peaceful. Beautiful. Calm.” Welcome to the wonderful world of Erykah Badu. Erykah Badu is as famous for her deeply spiritual – some would say seriously weird – personal beliefs and influence on former partners Common and Andre3000 (OutKast), as she is for her award-winning debut album, ‘Baduizm’; but it really is her music that makes her a truly special artist. Her sensual blend of soul, hip hop and R&B allied to an undeniably sassy and classy attitude has set her apart from the pack for more than a decade – and it all began with a hugely successful album which exposed Badu to the kind of attention most folks would’ve struggled to deal with – but Erykah Badu is definitely not most folks: “I think it would’ve been difficult if I hadn’t been aware what business I was getting into, because you get into the music industry, you gotta sell units,” Badu states, “Then when something wonderful like gaining a cult following, multiplatinum sales and all that stuff happens, that’s some extra shit! I had my year like that in ‘97: won about fifteen awards, two albums came out, met the love of my life – one of ‘em – I had a son the same day my second album came out, met The Roots, started the Soulquarians; it was an amazing time for me. Just think: I had my whole life to write my first album. I took my time, and I feel I was rewarded greatly for something.” She pauses, gathering her thoughts: “But even with the career I’ve been afforded, the large platform I’ve been given and the great spotlight, we still have to keep evolving in everyday life. I’ve learned that, no matter what your position is, you still have a responsibility to the people around you and closest to you. My focus is on my evolving.” Part of that evolution has involved collaborating with artists like Common, Dilla, The Roots – all of whom Badu took both musical and personal pleasure from working with. “Common came to my place in Brooklyn one time, and we connected very, very well, became best friends,” Badu says, “With The Roots, I had ‘Baduizm’, but I didn’t have the song I thought would round the album out. So I got on the train, went to Philly, met with Amir [Thompson, aka ?uestlove of The Roots] and stayed at his house for a couple weeks, and came through with the rest of the album.” She continues: “I got to meet amazing people just doing that: Dilla. Madlib. Bilal. D’Angelo. SaRa. Jill Scott. It just connects like that. I think people who vibrate at the same frequency, kinda vibrate toward each other. They call it, in science, sympathetic vibrations when two things resonate at the same frequencies.” This was the Erykah Badu I was hoping to hear more from, and as it turned out, she didn’t need a lot of encouraging: “I don’t know if it’s because I just turned forty, but my mind is in another totally different place now, I don’t really give a fuck about anything right now – in the best kinda way,” she chuckles, “But since the earth is taking its polar shifts, as it does every 2500 years, it does something weird to the earth’s core, makes it heat up and you get these different disasters and things.” …continued…

“The Mayans said in 2012 there would be a shift, or an ending, or a beginning, or a return of something, and I think it co-relates with what’s going on with the planet. Because we are earthlings, very much connected with the planet, made of the same carbon and hydrogen and oxygen as the planet’s made of, it’s quite natural for us to behave the same way – it’s a recalibration.” While Badu’s explanation for the turmoil of recent years goes some way to justifying her reputation as a hippy, it seems there is a growing reaction to perceived injustices globally, from established protest groups to ordinary folks. “I don’t know a lot of details about what’s going on politically,” she admits, “I just feel that our children’s minds are a lot different to ours. That’s a result of being born in this age and time and frequencies where there’s karma that’s had oxygen and boron and all those other chemicals that are vital to our bodies, so I think our children are in a more unique, concentrated state. I just think it’s as simple as that.” “We’re evolving as a race and as a planet, and I do hope there’s some sort of rebirth, I can feel it,” she concludes, “But not without the labour pains first.” _______________________________________________________________________ Erykah Badu’s eldest son is named Seven. Here are seven of her most essential tracks…

1. Apple Tree (from ‘Baduizm’) Where it all began… 2. Call Tyrone (from ‘Live’) Has a “diss” ever been delivered with such sophistication as this? 3. You Got Me (from The Roots’ album ‘Things Fall Apart’) After the record label baulked at Jill Scott’s involvement, Erykah re-recorded Jill’s part and a classic was born – and Jill and Erykah are still friends too, apparently… 4. Plenty (from Guru’s ‘Jazzmatazz’) Listen to this track and try not to fall completely in love. We bet you can’t. 5. Bump It (from ‘Worldwide Underground’) Her languid, lyrical vocals in full effect on a track so laidback it’s almost sideways. 6. Love Of My Life (Ode To Hip Hop), with Common (from ‘Brown Sugar’ OST / bonus track from ‘Worldwide Underground’) A pairing of two of the most conscious artists in hip hop – also romantically involved at the time. 7. Turn Me Away (Get Munny) (from ‘New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh’) A loose-limbed monster groove sampling the Roy Ayers/Sylvia Striplin classic ‘You Can’t Turn Me Away’. An edited version of this piece first appeared in Volume magazine (R.I.P.) in 2012. _______________________________________________________________________ BASE FM 107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | TuneIn App And streaming live

BAILEY WILEY Top 5: Badass Bitches On The Come Up

“You gotta hear these ladies if you haven’t already! I could have given you the usual “top influences” buzz BUT there's so many fresh tracks coming out these days, It's hard to keep up! A few of the women from my Top 5 have just put out some new releases and others have albums you can play front to back, then on repeat. Gotta keep up to date, so here I am telling you what I bump to. Enjoy.” 1. Kelela 2. S.Z.A 3. Tinashe 4. Fatima 5. Janine and The Mixtape Bailey’s involved in Fly My Pretties atm, but we reckon her solo stuff is better… and having seen her perform her solo stuff (with Yoko-Zuna behind her) at the opening night of The Hump Live Sessions we highly recommend you see her as soon as possible. | _______________________________________________________________________________ ROSE ALICE Top 5: That Are Moving Me At The Moment

1. Martyniuk and Williams with Sharlene Hector and Kevin Mark Trail – To The Music (from their album ‘After ‘Ours’, which is almost ready for release!) 2. Nathan Haines with Vanessa Freeman – You Got Me Thinking (from ‘5 A Day’) 3. Tom Browne – Bye Gones (from ‘Yours Truly’) 4. Etta James – Tell Mama 5. Maze featuring Frankie Beverly – Back In My Stride (from ‘Can’t Stop The Love’) Listen to Rose Alice on ‘Future Movement Radio’, a show she shares with fellow wahine DJ R.I.A., from midday Thursdays on _______________________________________________________________________________ KOLLECTOR BRAND Restored – Restyled – Recycled These unique furniture pieces are rescued and re-worked into stylish, functional and very collectible contemporary fashion. Pictured: ply record cabinetry made to customised specifications. Nb. All furniture is branded with a heated branding iron, which is kinda bad-ass if you ask us. with some select pieces selling on TradeMe

CHERIE MATHIESON Top 6: Soul Hustling Female Singers That Feed My Soul

1. Rachel Price – Lake Street Dive 2. Sharlene Hector – of “All Over Anything Good” fame 3. Esther Stephens – The Means 4. Karen Clark Sheard – Clark Sisters sister 5. Lady Alma – also a member of the “All Over Anything Good” team 6. Lisa Tomlins – she’s like my sister and needs to be on this list! Cherie Mathieson is herself a member of the “All Over Anything Good” team, tbh… 7 | and her new vocal coaching biz _______________________________________________________________________________ TYRA HAMMOND Top 5: Songs To Play While Getting Ready For A Night Out With The Ladies 1. Beyonce – Drunk In Love 2. Nicki Minaj with Beyonce – Feeling Myself 3. Meek Mill – I B On That 4. Teyana Taylor – Maybe 5. SBTRKT – Pharaohs “Yes, it’s a bit pop/R&B but every ladies favourite part of the night is getting ready before hand with her girlfriends having a few wines dancing in the lounge having a singalong to Queen B!” Tyra Hammond is one of our favourite singers. Ever. | _______________________________________________________________________________ WENDY DOUGLAS Top 5: Craziest Interviews (In No Particular Order!)

5. 48hrs to organise getting Wu Tang Clan in one room for an interview on ‘The Word’ on Kiss FM. Finally managed to get them all back stage at the Forum in Kentish Town, London, to find the only one that could string a sentence together was Method Man. It was a rowdy session! 4. Oprah Winfrey interview begun with her taking the mickey out of my London accent. Down to earth or what? 3. Robin Williams – the only interview where the interviewee was a myriad of characters apart from himself. 2. Erykah Badu – I had to be comforted by her as I burst into tears discussing her track Drama from the ‘Baduizm’ album. 1. One of my first TV assignments for Sky TV I was flown over to Florida to interview Andre Agassi, Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Luke Perry. Wendy Douglas has lived a life most of us probably couldn’t fathom – choose any one of the above as proof. We’re absolutely stoked to have her on board for a NZ Soul All Dayer gig!

RACHAEL SABIN Top 5: White Labels That… 1. I forgot I even owned ‘til I started on the giant sift-through for this gig, then… 2. I realised I’d forgotten what they sounded like, so I put them on the turntable, and… 3. Played them super loud while dancing crazily around my front room for some time, 4. Fell in love with them all over again, and… 5. Went completely gaga about playing them at the world-famous NZ Soul All Dayer!

1. Street Choir – Workin’ 2. Perez and LaPorte – All My People 3. Stylophonic – If Everybody In The World Loved… 4. Soho – Hot Music 5. Electric J – I Feel For You Poached to Paper Recordings to work in London in the early 2000s to host nights alongside the label’s finest, Rachael has also supplied a regular beat to the underground house scene in NZ – while bringing feminine grace to the decks. | _______________________________________________________________________ SARAHTONEN Top 5: Soul Albums

“It doesn’t feel right not including Stevie buuut these albums really move me from a soul perspective.” 1. Betty Davis – ‘They Say I’m Different’ 2. Jill Scott – ‘Who Is Jill Scott?’ 3. Erykah Badu – ‘Mama’s Gun’ 4. D’Angelo – ‘Voodoo’ 5. Curtis Mayfield – ‘Best Of’ Badass DJ turned awesome Mum, we want Sarah to play out more often! _______________________________________________________________________________ RECORD STORE DAY – Saturday 18 April 2015 If a day is required for you to take a visit to your local record store, that’s fine, we won’t judge you. Unless you don’t actually go, that is. Get along and support your local store, the people who congregate there and the communities it supports. Spend some time there, you’d be surprised. For more information ask at your local store or check out

KESHIA Top 5: Soul Singers (At The Moment, Anyway!)

1. Jill Scott 2. Erykah Badu 3. Goapele 4. Leela James 5. Alice Smith Keshia is the frontwoman of the seriously soulful local group The Boomcat. We had the pleasure of hosting them at The Hump Live Sessions recently and they blew us all away. You most definitely need to check them out! _______________________________________________________________________________ VANESSA STACEY Top 5: Reasons People Give You To Do A Gig 5. “My friend’s aunty’s cousins heard youse and thought youse were choice! Do youse know any…?” 4. “We can’t pay you but there’ll be a free feed and ‘stuff’, it’ll be mint! Um, you guys have got a PA, aye…?” 3. Decent fee (just send us an invoice and we’ll sit on that for about six weeks before you have to cut it SIX WAYS). 2. Exposure (hell, people DIE from exposure). 1. Only reason to play a gig – the music’s going to be mean! OK, paying the rent’s good too, but mostly the tunes! Vanessa sings with the Chocolate Box Deluxe and The Bones – among many other projects! We’re delighted that Vanessa has graced the NZ Soul All Dayer stage numerous times. _______________________________________________________________________________ PHILIPPA McINTYRE Top 5: Current Faves

1. Jad and The Lady Boy – The Swazi Techno Funk Track (on Toy Tonics) 2. Theo Parrish and Marcello Pittman – Selector’s Theme (on Sound Signature) 3. Marcus Marr – Brown Sauce (on DFA) 4. Floating Points – Nuit Sonores (on Eglo) 5. Losoul – Daddy What’s A Rise (on Hypercolour) Now based in Berlin, Philippa has been for many years a serious component in the history of the NZ dance music scene. We miss ya, Pip! Looking forward to hearing more from you soon… We recommend you check her brand spanking new mix:

JENNIFER ZEA Top 5: Inspiring Grooves

1. Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman 2. Fania All Stars – Live At Yankee Stadium 3. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik 4. Tom Jobim and Elis Regina – Elis & Tom 1974 5. Calle 13 –Latinoamerica Jennifer Zea is the frontwoman for Latinaotearoa and a talented singer/songwriter in her own right. Check out Latinaotearoa’s recent album ‘Latinaotearoa In Latinoamerica’ | _______________________________________________________________________________ VICTORIA SPENCE Top 5: Soul Moments That Stopped Me In My Tracks

1. Wattstax film 2. Gladys Knight and The Pips singing ‘Daddy Could Swear’ on Soul Train 3. Margie Joseph ‘Prophecy’ (kills me EVERY TIME) – I heard it on a Danny Krivit compilation and nearly fainted. 4. The Five Stairsteps ‘Don’t Change Your Love’, wow, lovely open drums at the beginning and then the horns come in. Sigh. 5. Ann Peebles’ ‘99 lbs’, the wonderful Hi Records sound with a staunch female ‘tude to boot. Victoria Spence aka the legendary ‘Girl Sunday’ of George FM, way back when it sounded good. _______________________________________________________________________________ MARY-ANNE THOMSON Top 5: Favourite Soul Songs (In No Particular Order)

1. Mavis Staples – You Are Not Alone 2. Don Blackman – Heart’s Desire 3. D’Angelo – Lady 4. Hubert Tubbs and Brenk Sinatra – Friends 5. Millie Jackson – I Wish It Would Rain Down Listen to Mary-Anne on KFM106.9 Monday 12-2pm and Friday 6-8pm

The NZ Soul All Dayer presents

The Hump Live Sessions is a fresh new weekly for those of you who appreciate live performances and soulful music without boundaries. Hosted by Nyntee at K’ Road’s Neck Of The Woods, The Hump features a different live act and DJ – early doors – every Friday night.

Our first month saw killer sets from Bailey Wiley and Yoko-Zuna, New Farben (aka Parks, Julien Dyne and Chris O’Connor), The Boomcat, and Si Res, Hone Be Good and Tonga Vaea (of The Sidesteps Quintet); plus DJs Selecta Sam, Jay Jeffrey, Gene Rivers and Sal Valentine. Here’s what we’ve got lined up for The Hump FOR FREE in April… Fri 10 April Leonard Charles, with DJ support from Sene and Nyntee Fri 17 April Lewis McCallum Presents ‘Feed The Beats’ with guest vocalist Chris Melville, and DJ support from Lo-Key and Nyntee Fri 24 April The Speakeasy Sideshow (Very Tall Stories/The Sidesteps Quintet), with DJ support from Kirk James and Nyntee

The Hump Live Sessions, 6pm Fridays, Neck Of The Woods, 155b K’ Road Keep up! with new events listed weekly | Check out the links above for pictures from past The Hump Live Sessions, and for information on forthcoming events, mixes, downloads and plenty more besides. Spread The Word – Share The Love – Keep The Faith – Shake Your Ass – Bring Good Times

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