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Issue number 028 August/September 2012

South African


Comrades Marathon 2012 Durban to PMB

Happy 40th Birthday, Irene see page 11

Miss UniverseNZ see page 15



South African


From the editor Well, we have another ‘jam packed’ magazine brimming with a variety of stories and a few new advertisers. You may have noticed Sherelee Clarke is a new member on board at The South African Magazine. She comes from a newspaper background after having been with Independent Newspapers in Durban for 29 years, bringing with her an abundance of experience and passion. Please give her a call if you want to advertise your business or product, or if you have an article you would like to see in the magazine. It is not plain sailing putting a magazine like this together. With a limited budget and no major sponsors we work from issue to issue. We rely heavily on our advertisers (and we’re grateful to you all) to produce The South African, a community based magazine. It has become the initial network for many new South Africans who have recently arrived; who do not know anyone; who need to source service providers; and who are not sure which way to turn. All our advertisers are bona ďŹ de experts in their speciďŹ c ďŹ elds with very high standards. If you’re in need of a doctor, a mechanic, an insurance or estate agent or a hairdresser you will ďŹ nd them right here in our magazine. As most of our advertisers are South Africans, you will feel right at home as soon as you say ‘howzit’. We are getting some great articles from South Africa, like the coverage of the Comrades Marathon in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Phalaborwa elephants waltzing around the mines making sure everyone’s pulling their weight on the job. Please go onto THE SOUTH AFRICAN MAGAZINE facebook group and let us know what you think and how we can be more involved in our community. The New Arrivals meetings are also now back on track. Thank you to Eugene Van Heerden for his dedication in ensuring all new immigrants feel welcome on the Shore. Happy reading and we hope to meet you at one of our functions! Regards

Peter Woodberg


Peter Woodberg e-mail :; mob: 0274 520 794 ADVERTISING CO-ORDINATOR

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“The South African Magazine shall provide current, high quality, relevant editorial on subjects relating to the links between South Africa and New Zealand. It shall be the vehicle for SA immigrants living in NZ to integrate socially with their own community and to advertise their products and services.�

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Contact Bernard or Michelle De Wet 09 9636291 or (FSP 14663) To ďŹ nd out more contact Sherelee Clarke on email:




A written contract is your right!


o safeguard and establish enforceable rights, every employee is entitled to have an employment contract. Where no collective agreement applies, Section 65 of the Employment Relations Act 2000 (ERA), stipulates under the heading “Terms and conditions of employment”, that an employee must be given a written individual employment agreement which as a minimum, must include the names of the employee and employer concerned, must give a description of the work to be performed by the employee and where the work is to be performed, must include the times the employee is to work, and must set out the wages or salary payable to the employee.

The contract must include a plain language explanation of the services available for the resolution of employment relationship problems, including a reference to the period of 90 days in section 114 within which a personal grievance must be raised. The contract may not contain anything which is contrary to law or which is inconsistent with the Act. An employer who fails to comply with this section may have a penalty imposed by the Authority against them, where an action has been brought by a Labour Inspector. Section 63 deals with the bargaining aspects and in 63A(2) requires that an employer provide the employee with a copy of the intended agreement under discussion, and advise the employee that he or she is entitled to seek independent advice about the intended agreement, and gives the employee a reasonable opportunity to seek that advice. To comply with the Act, the employer must consider any issues that the employee raises and must respond to them. Again not complying can result in a penalty being issued against the employer. Since 2000, the Act has been broadened to provide more rights for employees and to regulate compliance. In line with this trend, the level of penalty that can be imposed against a company who flouts the law has been increased to $20,000. Section 4 deals with good faith obligations, making reference in section 1A to parties not misleading or deceiving each other, and requiring the parties to be active, constructive, responsive and communicative in establishing a productive employment relationship. The section goes so far as to require an employer who is proposing to make a decision that will, or is likely to have an adverse effect on the continuation of employees’ employment, to provide those employees with access to relevant information, and to allow them an opportunity to comment on the information before the employer makes a decision. Another interesting addition to the Act is 69AA which provides for flexible working arrangements if the employee has the care of any person, such as an elderly parent or a young baby. To qualify, the employee must have been employed for the preceding six months by the employer, and only one request can be made per every twelve months. The request has to be made in writing and can be to vary the hours, days or place of work, such as requesting to work from home. The employer has up to 3 months to deal with the request, and can only refuse to agree if the arrangement cannot be accommodated on certain grounds including an inability to reorganise work among existing staff, an inability to recruit additional staff, detrimental impact on quality or performance, insufficiency of work during the periods the employee proposes to work, planned structural changes, the burden of additional costs that would result, and a detrimental effect on the ability to

Eska Hartdegen

meet customer demand. Where the employer fails to respond to the request, it can be referred to a Labour Inspector, then to mediation, and then to the Authority. An application to the Authority must be brought within 12 months of the employer’s decision. Were the Authority to award a penalty against the employer, it would unusually be payable in such a case to the employee in question, but may not exceed $2,000 From 1 April 2009, Section 69Y provides that employers have had to ensure, as far is reasonable and practicable that they have appropriate facilities in the workplace for an employee who is breastfeeding and who wishes to breastfeed in the workplace or to express milk. The employee is entitled to be given appropriate breaks to do so during a work period and these breaks can by agreement be paid breaks, otherwise they will be unpaid. So as an employee, to have rights that can be enforced, you must ask and insist on being given a written contract before you start employment. No contract, no enforceable rights!



South African

Barry Hilton: back on our shores


irect from sold-out shows in Hong Kong, California, UK, Europe across Africa, South Africa’s favourite cousin and Stand Up comedian, will be performing his Stand Up Chameleon show at the Bruce Mason Theatre on 18th August, Clarence st


Theatre , Hamilton on 22nd August and the Upper Hutt Cosmo Club on 24 August. This is Barry’s 30th year as a successful, professional stand-up comedian who although based in South Africa, performs around the globe. With his ability to blend into society and a tongue quicker than a chameleon’s, The Cousin, Barry Hilton continues to evolve with the times and stays ahead of the (entertainment) pack. It all started with “2 Irishmen, and the one said” and 30 years later he’s still transforming his act, performing with one eye on the audience and one eye on new material as a chameleon would. Bursting with new material, hilarious facial expressions and off-the-wall physical antics, Barry’s new show is not to be missed. It has met with rave reviews in USA, London, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Dublin, Mauritius, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and across South Africa His hilarious contributions to radio, television and film include a number of entertaining commercials, TV shows, two movies, and a collection of signature DVDs.


South African

Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009


oney Laundering - “The process of taking the proceeds of criminal activity and making them appear legal”

Money laundering is how criminals disguise the illegal origins of money or property they have obtained through criminal activities. At its simplest, is the act of making money that comes from Source A look like it comes from Source B. Financers of terrorism use similar techniques to money launderers to avoid detection by authorities and to protect the identity of those providing and receiving the funds. In New Zealand, most money laundering takes place in relation to fraud, drug crime and organised crime. In 2009 the Government passed the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (AML/CFT). The Act, which is due to come into full force on 30th June 2013, seeks to deter money laundering and the financing of terrorism, contribute to public confidence in the financial system and improve New Zealand’s compliance with the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force. New Zealand’s financial institutions, casinos, certain trust and company service providers and certain financial advisers will be under obligation to detect and deter money laundering and terrorism financing. To meet the requirements of the AML/CFT, financial advisers need to develop systems and processes to conduct the following; šMeham_j^ikf[hl_iehi¹<C7 š:k[Z_b_][dY[edYkijec[hi"ehWdof[hiedjhWdiWYj_d]edWdWYYekdj šJhWdiWYj_edWdZWYYekdjced_jeh_d] šH[fehjWdoikif_Y_ekijhWdiWYj_edijej^[feb_Y[ š> Wl[ Wd 7CB%9<J Yecfb_WdY[ fheY[ii _d_j_Wb WdZ ed]e_d] h_ia assessments) š9kbj_lWj[[cfbeo[[WmWh[d[iiWdZWYkbjkh[e\Yecfb_WdY[ šFh[fWh[WdWddkWbh[fehjedWdoh_iaWii[iic[djWdZYecfb_WdY[ programmes. Due diligence is conducted to verify the identity of an individual or company and must be carried out to meet the requirements of the AML/ CFT Act. Legislation contemplates three levels of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and advisers will be required to develop a CDD risk matrix. The three risk levels will be classified into products / services offered by the adviser: A. Very low risk; B. Moderate risk and C. Higher risk A CDD must be conducted when: a. It is new business relationship; b. There are occasional transactions; c. They suspect AML/CFT; d.There is a change in business relationship; e.The situation causes doubt and f. Insufficient information is obtained.

If the adviser is not able to conduct a CDD, the adviser: a. Must not establish a business relationship; b. Must terminate any existing business; c. Must not carry out any transaction with or on behalf of the customer and d. Must consider whether to make a suspicious transaction report. There are a few exemptions and conditions that apply under the new legislation. The detail above is readily available from the website and is intended for information only. If you have specific queries please request or seek appropriate advice. Information provided as a ‘class’ advice by Neil Clarke AFA (FSP10261) 09 915 0100 – Next Issue: Privacy Act 1993.


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Neil B Clarke

ex Durban. Authorised Financial

Adviser (AFA)(AFA) FSP10261 Adviser



South African

Running Legends: Zola and Bruce join hands by Gordon Prentice


here is a lifetime of memories associated with the murderous Comrades Marathon but chances are this year’s race will rank among many people’s favourites.

Golden girl Zola Budd and Comrades King Bruce Fordyce ran the last 25km together and joined hands to cross the finish line to thunderous applause at the end of the “up run” from Durban to Pietermaritzburg. They finished in a time of 8hrs 6mins 9secs. Budd was famed in the 1980s for running barefoot – even setting a track world record in Pretoria – but the former British Olympian wisely decided to don shoes for the 89km slog in KwaZulu-Natal. The former middle-distance athlete, now a married mother of two, found the going a little harder than when she used to run rings around the opposition. “This was the hardest race I’ve ever run in my life. The furthest I’ve ever run before was the 56km in the Two Oceans (in Cape Town) – so after that it was completely new territory for me,” Budd said. “At the 60km mark, my sugar levels were dipping and rising and I felt really awful and started walking. I was really worried about the 25km that were still lying ahead of me. I started eating energy bars and then Bruce


came up from behind me and said that we should run together and that he’d talk me through the last stretch,” she added. “It was an amazing experience and there was this deafening roar when we entered the stadium. “ Budd now lives in the United States where, ironically, she helps design running shoes for an American company. For his part, nine-time winner Fordyce said he was hanging up his running shoes for now having taken part in 30 races. “I may come back and run the 100th Comrades Marathon. I will be 68 then but for the time being I have run my last race,” he said. For the record, the men’s race was won by South Africa’s Ludwick Mamabolo, the grandson of former winner Titus. However, his victory was marred by a drugs scandal. It is claimed Mamabolo took a banned substance. He is barred from further competition pending the outcome of further tests. The women’s race was won by Russia’s Elena Nurgalieva.


South African

A pastel day in Africa by Eve Hemming


here’s a stillness hanging over the day. Nature’s way of being in repose and reflecting until spring’s burst of renewed life of blossoms and stormy skies.

Today the sky was a stone-washed hazy translucent blue, with insidious patches of pinky- grey winter smoke. The golden grass basked in the frozen moment; static and brittle. The miasma from burning koppies shrouded the vista from any brilliance. Otherwise nature felt endlessly still. I soak in the luminescent sunlight, the pastel sky and winter caramel golds and biscuits. A shockingly red poinsettia, a vibrant amber berry, or the orange on a statuesque aloe in flower, adds depth and contrast to the washed out hues of the hazy day. It’s a good time to visit Africa; to imbibe the sun’s rays arching across opaque sky, while relishing the winter blandness after the rich verdant greens and azure blues of New Zealand. Contrast! Ah, we do thrive on it. That’s what is offering me pleasure – the bits of Africa we yearn for when we are so far away – the balmy winter sunshine over dry ancient earth… It is dusk now. The Hadedas bellow as they fly to their nesting grounds. The electricity dances then dies. I find my trusty box of Lion matches next to the waiting candle. I have just been here a week and the list grows:š;b[Yjh_Y_joekjW][i3( š;b[Yjhed_Y]Wj[Z[\kdYj3' šEkjZeehWbWhcfWd[biWYj_lWj[Z_dj^[d_]^j3( šJhW\ÆYb_]^jiXhea[d3' š9Wh]kWhZ_hh_jWj_ed3( š:hkdaWdZZ_iehZ[hboi^ekj_d]Zemdj^[heWZW\j[hc_Zd_]^j3' šBeYWbckhZ[hih[fehj[Zedj^[\hedjfW][e\j^[fhel_dY_Wb d[mifWf[h3) But I am in love with Africa’s winter sun and hues, and with my sons and their families, which largely cancels the above out. I ponder and come to my own conclusions…when here as a tourist or an expat, one can more easily revel in the Africanness of Africa. The messy verges, the broken roads, pavements and shoddy buildings, dangerously bent over electricity poles, broken cars with malfunctioning lights, crowded malls, unsavoury ablutions and traffic light vendors who foist themselves at one, are part of the package of the landscape. One can see past it to newer buildings being erected and positive initiatives like volunteers who pick up the garbage and take on the task to maintain the pavement outside their shop, and many caring organisations who do astounding gestures of tireless and dedicated service to care for abandoned and dying children, the fragile and elderly, as well as animal rescue, notably ‘Save the Rhino.’ Shouting pedestrians sauntering on littered pavements to queue at taxi ranks, high fenced enclosures, unkempt vistas; creates the notion that it all

needs to be rescued from precariously being held together by a thin veneer. Each time I return I see areas of deterioration and decay encroaching like a slowly moving glacier and other areas which signify attempts at salvaging, or which indicate progress. The African women who are empowered are elegant, self-assured and sophisticated. I personally would like to see them playing a pivotal role in the country’s African resurgence; as decision makers and role models to the next generation. It is a funny thing, Africa. It’s the type of place one cannot make predictions about. It’s a place that has backbone, people of amazing fortitude and a hardy resilience. I, for one, cannot ascertain ‘what will happen next’… much may depend on the control of the Aids virus, how much longer this can be globally financed in terms of ARVs, how many illegal immigrants continue to add to the burden of poverty and unemployment, how the next elections will pan out, how much support Zille will have to secure a robust opposition so as to protect the Constitution, how land distribution, equity, unemployment as well as poor service delivery, amongst others, can be proactively addressed, and if the amelioration can be adequately accelerated to meet the growing populations’ hunger for empowerment. But knowing it is a brief encounter means that one can cherish the sunshine along with idiosyncrasies, without trying to have a solution; for in my case I will soon be returning to order, functionality, safety and the rainy season. I don’t feel the same visceral fear I encountered living here 4 years ago. In the small area I have frequented to date, all has felt safe, though when I read the newspaper I know that I am wrapped in a delicious illusion; the comfort zone of my mind.

Being an ex-Durbanite, Carol understands what South African’s are looking for when buying and selling houses. If you are thinking of buying or selling, please get in touch for a friendly chat.

“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.” Suze Orman At Kingdom Financial Services and with over 20 years of financial experience, we have been helping individuals and companies (large and small), develop good financial principles and planning. Our seven fold structure includes: -

Protecting your loved one’s Financial Freedom Mortgage Structuring Health Care

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- Restructuring of ACC levies - Peace of Mind - Seven Sound Business Principles

For more information contact Braam Swanepoel 09 440 9029 Email Web



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Kickboxer Dylan on his way up


ylan Botha, 20, is the new up and coming kickboxer in Wellington. He originally hails from Durban and is looking forward to visiting his home country one day. He answers a few questions for us about his life and his dreams.

Tell us about your family and how long have you been in New Zealand? My family moved to Wellington in New Zealand from Durban 17 years ago when I was 3 for a safer lifestyle. I am now 20. When did you decide to go into kick boxing? I’ve been following Mixed Martial Arts since I was 15. Once I left school at 16, I decided to join my local Muay Thai Club in Wellington. Where do you train and how much do you train? I train at MTI Club and am being trained by Mark Hampton and Tom Sheppard 5 or 6 days a week. Who is the best fighter of all time? Anderson Silva. His timing and accuracy is on another level. He is my role model What do you eat while training? I have to keep my diet low in carbohydrates so no junk food unfortunately! I love avocados so in season I eat them with practically everything. Where’s your favourite place to eat in Wellington? Burger Fuel. (Maybe it shouldn’t because I shouldn’t be eating burgers). What’s your favourite food to eat when NOT in training? I have a weakness for chocolate. In fact, I’m salivating just talking about it. Where will people find you?

Dylan Botha

I love playing pool at the Grand on my down time with a few friends. I’m also biking crazy and love going downhill mountain biking at Makara Mountain. So you can catch me at either one of those two places when I’m not at the gym. What’s the best movie of all time for you? Anchorman. I’ve seen it at least 20 times. What are your plans for the future? I want to build a good stand up base by competing in Muay Thai kick boxing and my next fight is on 27 July at the Wellington Indian Association Hall in Kemp Street, Kilbirnie. My dream is to turn Professional and fight in the UFC one day. I would love to visit my place of birth and set up a couple of fights in South Africa. At the end of this year I’m travelling to Burma to compete against the locals in Burmese Bear Knuckle Kickboxing Tournament.

Licensed REAA (2008)

3URIHVVLRQDO3URSHUW\0DQDJHPHQW %RG\&RUSRUDWH0DQDJHPHQW Established for over 30 years Our large team of licensed Property Managers and Letting Agents manage more than 1500 properties Auckland wide.


Maintenance – always on the back foot?


ave you ever answered a call from your Property Manager or Tenant with… “How much this time? What’s next?” You’re not alone!


Phone DDI: (09) 6382515 or Mobile: 021-02065670 or email: 



Imagine the tenant’s side… “Another call to report another thing broken down!” That may not be the case for your property but this is how some tenants feel. We encourage all landlords to be proactive with maintenance. Between tenancies is the perfect time. Have a tradesperson inspect your property to repair and report on what may need fixing in the future. A friendly call to your tenant to see if there is something you can do, instead of them phoning can make a big difference. A little forward planning can help elevate stress of another call and keep your tenants happy. Naturally we can assist with any of these tasks, so please let us know should you want us to contract a tradesperson to give you a detailed report of what might need repairing and renovating.


Southh African

The rise and fall of our heart attacks by Gordon Prentice


have finally discovered what really is the main cause of heart disease and it is not smoking, moking, drinking too many frosties or lazing on the couch for days on end, eating crisps and biltong and watching Super Rugby.

No, the root cause of ticker problems is the politician – that’s the men and women who decide when, how and what we do in every single aspect of our lives, as opposed to the champion South African racehorse. From Beit Bridge to Cape Town, people in South Africa get very angry with a man who is named Julius Malema. He is in the newspapers every day. And every time he appears on national television, men and women have to be restrained from punching Malema’s image on the screen. This is, unfortunately, the terrifying truth. The mere sight of Malema’s image and the sound of his causes the viewer’s blood pressure to rocket and before you know it, he or she is being discussed at length in the cardiac unit of the local hospital. Admittedly, this will take place after the viewer has chain-smoked at least a dozen cigarettes and necked a bottle of brandy. So there is some merit in what your friendly physician tells you. Politicians are like lies and cockroaches. You see one and you can bet your last penny that there will be others. And other death machine comes in the form of Marthinus van Schalkwyk, South Africa’s Minister of Tourism. I wonder if he knows just how responsible he is for the rise in coronary heart disease. His spectacular conversion from the New National Party to African National Congress when on the verge of political extinction defies belief, not to mention the look on the doctor’s face when he takes your blood

pressure and tells you are in mortal al danger of having a stroke or heart attack at any minute when he discovers you having been reading about or watching Van Schalkwyk on television. In Britain, almost every controversial decision made de by a politician results in a public inquiry. The decision by Tony Blair to send British itish soldiers to Iraq, the closeness of successive British governments to mediaa tycoon, Rupe Rupert Murdoch. I can go on, so I will. The loss by the governmentt of pe people’s medical records, the loss of information relating to people’s driving licences and the loss of the criminal records of everyone in the United Kingdom have all resulted in a retired judge being forced to listen to endless lies, half-truths and fantasy at a much-hyped public inquiry. So, when I asked whether or a spare judge could be found to convene an inquiry into the effects of politicians have on people’s health, I was asked to ring back in 2366. By which time I will be the sole occupant of a pine box or something resembling the remains of a charcoal braai. Because I will be dead – most probably from a heart attack.

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South African Owners, Tammy Ockerse with Shane and Dee Bezuidenhout.

Peter Woodberg, Tammy Ockerse and Simona Woodberg.

The rump steak meal.

OwnerTammy Ockerse toasting with Simona Woodberg and Gina Androutsos

Russell and Maria Chinn... Happy Anniversary.

Bushman’s Grill – the african dinner experience ‘Steaks you leave home for’


or over 20 years, the Bezuidenhout family owned and operated DV8 steakhouse in Zimbabwe. This popular eatery eventually extended into Cape Town before the family settled in Hermanus, opening Rossi’s Restaurant.

Steaks, Ribs, Chicken, Prawns & Lots More Family Restaurant Focusing on Excellent Food, Great Prices & Good Times Kids Room with Cartoons and X Box’s. Kids Menu $12 Includes Free Juice & Dessert

Open Beginning 7 days 12pm - Late Opening of June 7 days 12pm - Late 31Open Northcote Rd, Hillcrest (Between Gengy’s & Poenamo hotel) 31 Northcote Rd, Hillcrest 09 418 0056 (Between Tel Gengy’s & Poenamo hotel)


For eight years, Shane and Dee shot Rossi’s Restaurant to successful heights before finally leaving the African Continent to join their siblings in New Zealand. After years of nostalgia, countless requests and a whole lot of experience and expertise, this foody family are back. Once more, the family are ready to reintroduce their most popular dishes from their beloved African restaurants. At last, Bushman’s Grill is born and has finally opened in Northcote on the North Shore. Once again, enjoy a relaxing dinner DV8 in Zimbabwe experience, in a warm upbeat environment with an African flavour. Good food is worth waiting for so select one of our wines from our reasonably priced wine list, chill and have a chat while we prepare your gourmet meal from scratch. Our food is cooked and served in our skillets, hot and succulent, for your taste buds to savour before the next mouthful. Kiddies have their own special area where they can play a few games before and after eating. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported and encouraged us so far. It’s wonderful to see the start of our Bushman family. “Home is a place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in”. Robert Frost. Please book for this experience as it will be our pleasure to accommodate you.


South African

Happy 40th Birthday, Irene! Arguably the best Netball player in the world, Irene van Dyk does not think she’s done anything special or groundbreaking.

Career Timeline 1994 - Debut for South Africa 1995 - Burst on to the international scene with a stand-out performance at the world championships in Birmingham, where South Africa upstaged New Zealand in pool play, effectively ending the Silver Ferns’ hopes of making the final 2000 - Moved to New Zealand initially to take up a six-month contract with the Capital Shakers Controversially made herself available for Silver Ferns selection later that year, making her test debut against Australia in Newcastle

Irene van Dyk celebrates her 40th birthday with the crowd and cake and action.


hat’s her feeling, too, as she approached her 40th birthday - “oh, it just feels like another birthday”, she claimed. Van Dyk captained South African before making New Zealand her home in 2000, becoming a New Zealand citizen in 2005. She holds the world record for international test caps while also holding the record as the most capped Silver Fern of all time. As Van Dyk has to reinvent herself every year to stay unpredictable to her opponents, at 40 will she still be able to keep up with the younger ones? “I think she is playing the best netball I’ve seen her play in the ANZ Champs. She’s increasing her repertoire - her fast feet movement, her ball availability and even the distance on the shot - I think if she chooses, definitely she has another year in her,” said Magic’s coach Noeline Taurua. “And if she keeps building for next year, she can do another year after that.” She is forging new territory for female athletes by playing professional netball into her 40s. It’s amazing as she is not only breaking new ground for netballers but it’s a great thing for all women in sport. Irene says, “I love it - it’s the ultimate highs and the ultimate lows, you just can’t give it up.”

A flat!... What’s that? Travelling on the highway out of Westport towards Greymouth, Zelda Ivens-Ferraz and her daughter, Glorian, were flagged down by another motorist travelling in the same direction. It seemed Zelda had a flat tyre. This stranger, a kiwi lady ‘Kerry or Carey’ offered Zelda her car as long as she dropped her off at the local hospital as she was on night duty. A shocked Zelda was blown away by her kindness. Zelda managed to get her tyre fixed and dropped ‘Kerry or Carey’s’ car off at the hospital. No surnames or phone numbers were exchanged so Zelda has asked us, through The South African Magazine, to pass her extreme gratitude on to the kind Samaritan for her help and trust.

HOW TO CHANGE A TYRE: 1. Secure the vehicle so that it won’t roll and roll the spare tyre to the scene of the action. 2. Jack up the vehicle. 3. Pry off the wheel cover. 4. Loosen the lug nuts. 5. Remove the flat tyre. 6. Lift the spare onto the lug bolts.

7. Replace the lug nuts and tighten them by hand. 8. Lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts. 9. Replace the wheel cover or hubcap. 10. Or you can call Burger’s Motor Works on 09 444 3965.

2003 - Moved to the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Magic franchise, where she has remained since Helped the Silver Ferns to their first world title in 16 years, and was later awarded Sportswoman of the Year 2005 - Became the world’s most capped netballer, with her 129 combined caps for South Africa and New Zealand 2006 - Won a Commonwealth Games gold medal in Melbourne 2009 - Celebrated her 100th test for New Zealand with a 52-36 win over Australia in the September test series 2010 - Became New Zealand’s most capped player on the way to winning gold at the Delhi Commonwealth Games, exceeding Lesley Rumball’s 109 test caps 2011 - Brought up her 200th international test cap in the end of year test series against England

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Winners of BMW Top Technician awards (5 times) Contact : Burger Oosthuizen 09-444 3965 95c Wairau Rd. Glenfield. Auckland 11


South African

A mammogram saved my life


everley Nathras (57), arrived in New Zealand with her husband, Fred, in May 2009. After being here in 2008 on holiday to see their grandchildren, Fred was suddenly retrenched when they returned to South Africa, so they decided it was time to move on. Fred wrote all the relevant exams and converted his papers to be in line with the freight industries in New Zealand. Work Visas for both were granted and before long they were back in paradise. Working at Eveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pantry in Takapuna, Bev served Paula and Yvonne, 2 women from the Breast Screening Clinic, who wanted to know if the ladies had had their mammograms. â&#x20AC;&#x153;As I had never felt a lump I had never felt it necessaryâ&#x20AC;?, said Bev. Being over 45 meant Bev was entitled to a free breast screening for women aged between 45 and 69 years by the national breast screening programme, BreastScreen Aotearoa. Within weeks and after much discussion, she had the form completed and her Beverley Nathras appointment booked. She went for her mammogram not in the slightest bit concerned as nobody in her family had had breast cancer. After a couple of weeks she received a phone call from the Clinic to say they had found a lump

GEORGE DEEB A S S O C I AT E S Barristers ~ Solicitors ~ Notaries Public

ARE YOU SORTED? For expert legal advice, from a team with 30 years combined experience in New Zealand and South African law, call us. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll help you sort out your affairs and make sure your new life in New Zealand is successful. Property - Trusts and Estate Planning - Company and Commercial Business Law - Immigration - Matrimonial ENSURING YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR PRACTICE

94 Anzac Street Takapuna Auckland Tel: 09 486 1415 | |

Dr Bernie Brenner


Gynaecologist and Uro Gynaecologist Specialising in: : '.#-' 2+/#28/%0/4+/'/%'#/& 20&8/#.+% 33'33.'/43 : +/+.#--8/6#3+6'52)'28(02-#&&'2'#,+/) : '/01#53'02.0/'2'1-#%'.'/44*'2#18 : 0-103%0184*'42'#4.'/40(#$/02.#-%'26+%#-%840-0)8+/%-5&+/) #3'2 : ((+%'834'203%018(02&+#)/03+30(.'/3425#-120$-'.3 : 8/#'%0-0)+%#- -42#305/& : #10203%01+%52)'28(022'.06#-0(+$20+&36#2+#/8343#/& /&0.'42+03+3 Consulting rooms at  *#,'31'#2'0#&+-(02& 02#110+/4.'/43*0/'  :.#+-1'-6+%(-002%-+/+%%-'#2/'4/9 !'$1#)'777$'2/+'$2'//'2%0/9


and needed to do a biopsy. A week or so later Bev received a call dreaded by woman the world over. On 22nd February she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although shocked and very tearful, Bev made the decision after talking with her surgeon, Dr Sue Gerred, that she would have a Bilateral Masectomy. BreastScreen made all the arrangements with North Shore Hospital and on March 29th Bev was wheeled in for surgery. Bev is having six courses of chemotheraphy treatment at Auckland City Hospital under the watchful eye of Dr Mike McCrystal and although some days can be a rough going, she is still working. There will soon be an eight week break before Bev has ďŹ ve days of intensive radiation. After countless questions and many rantings and ravings at the injustice of this disease, Bev is very grateful to those women who never stopped being concerned and who never stopped pushing her to take that ďŹ rst step. A few words of advice from Bev: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Go for a mammogram. It could save your life.â&#x20AC;?


South African

The vase with the many coloured marbles T

he lives of Emma and Marla will absorb a readersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; attention. Emmaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s struggles and achievements touch your heart and inspire you to work harder - improving life for yourself and your family, but also for those around you who experience societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s injustices. ou w Marlaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s storybook romance adds ds tto the enjoyment of the book.

This historical fiction account of family money which they use to improve fa life in 1920â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s through 1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s South h th house, when permitted, and educate her their Africa concludes with a short chapterr siss si sisters and brothers. Behind the scenes, she - entitled â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Politicsâ&#x20AC;? - which givess wo works with and donates money to groups that additional information about events a are attempting to reverse apartheid laws, while Jacob Singer related to apartheid. The two sections also trying to stop the imposition of harsher of the book focus ďŹ rst on the life of Emma, then on the life of Marla, new laws after the 1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Her daughter Marla her daughter. rai is raised as a white, but she and many of her Emma (Emily,) born into a â&#x20AC;&#x153;colouredâ&#x20AC;? family, feels the injustice colleg friends protest the governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s policies college of the segregationist society; however because she is able to althou this always causes Emma to worry that although â&#x20AC;&#x153;passâ&#x20AC;? as a â&#x20AC;&#x153;white,â&#x20AC;? she crosses barriers that the rest of her Marlaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heritage will be discovered. family cannot. Emma strongly believes in the power of education. You adult and adult readers will enjoy Young After completing high school, she is determined to attend the reading the story of Emilyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s transformation into The vase with the m university, but her family is large and needs the income she Emma, a store lingerie buyer, homeowner, and partany coloured marbles could provide. Rather than work at a low-paying job in Cape mod The friendships and romances of both time model. Town, Emma decides to use her lighter skin and the English language Emma and Marla introduce intelligent, sometimes funny, caring she perfected to travel to Johannesburg to live and work as a â&#x20AC;&#x153;white.â&#x20AC;? Emma characters into the storyline. For a reader who knows very little about South keeps learning, working hard, and making friends, some of whom know Africa and its history, the book is a wealth of information about a beautiful her secret. (Some of her friends ďŹ&#x201A;ed Nazi Germany only to ďŹ nd a similar country, blessed with rich resources, but troubled by segregationist attitudes prejudice infesting the country to which they had escaped.) She sends her which became more established and immoral over time.





South African

You are proudly South African when: You call a bathing suit a “swimming costume” or a “kossie”. You call a traffic light a “robot”. You call an elevator a “lift” You call a car hood a “bonnet” You call a car trunk a “boot” You call a pickup truck a “bakkie” You call a Barbeque a “Braai” Employees dance and sing in front of the building to show how unhappy they are. The SABC advertises and shows highlights of the programme you just finished watching. You get cold easily. Anything below 16 degrees Celsius is Arctic weather. You know what Rooibos Tea is, even if you’ve never had any. You can sing your national anthem in four languages and you have no idea what it means in any of them. You know someone who knows someone who has met Nelson Mandela. You go to braais regularly, where you eat boerewors and swim, sometimes simultaneously. You produce a R100 note instead of your driver’s licence when stopped by a traffic officer. You can do your monthly shopping on the pavement. You have to hire a security guard whenever you park your car. You know a taxi can move twice its certified number of people in one trip. You travel 100’s of kilometres to see snow.

YYou know the rules of Rugby bbetter than any referee! More people vote in a local M reality TV show than in a local re eelection. “Now now” or “just now” can “N mean anything from a minute to m a month. YYou continue to wait after a traffic light has turned to green tr to make way for taxis travelling in the opposite direction. Travelling at 120 km/h, you’re the Tr slowest vehicle on the highway/ sl ffreeway. r A bullet train is being introduced, but potholes can’t be fixed. The last time you visited the coast you paid more in speeding fines and toll fees than you did for the entire holiday. You have to prove that you don’t need a loan to get one. Prisoners, Doctors and Nurses go on strike. You don’t stop at red traffic lights, just in case somebody hijacks your car.. Rwandan refugees start leaving the country because the crime rate is too high. You consider a high crime rate as normal. You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from SA. VIVA !!!!!


r Ronald Colle of Tusk Dental can cater for all your general dentistry needs, as well as offering the revolutionary Individual Patient (IP) Appliance to straighten teeth.


Gentle Dental Care

do: Consultations e W Scale & Polish

Fillings Crown & Bridge Implants Orthodontics Whitening IAL SPnEsuCltation Co

ys 2 x R a o li s h P & e l a Sc $



Or thodon tic Consultation

24h emergency service

PH 09-479 2974



14B Hastings Road  Mairangi Bay


Most of us know that regular check-ups are the key to maintaining good dental health but too often we end up putting off our annual appointments in an effort to save money or time. The good news is that with Tusk Dental’s After unbelievably low $99 deal for an initial consultation, scale and polish and two x-rays, there is no need to delay your check-up any longer! At Tusk Dental you will be in the safe hands of highly skilled dentist Dr Ronald Colle - who has more than 26 years experience in the profession. Ronald says it is very important to invest in your health by having a dental check-up at least every six to 12 months, regardless of whether you are experiencing pain and discomfort or not. In many cases he says patients believe their teeth are fine, yet the x-rays reveal a number of cavities which will only get worse over time. Tusk Dental offers a full range of general dentistry, including implants, orthodontics, aesthetics, tooth whitening, periodontal surgery, and crowns and bridges - all at affordable prices. All treatments are performed in their purpose- built Mairangi Bay clinic, which is equipped with all the latest dental technology. Tusk Dental offers free general dentistry for anyone aged between 13 and 18 and they also provide ACC and WINZ quotes when required. Tusk Dental is at 14B Hastings Road in Mairangi Bay and is open Monday to Friday 8am-6pm. For appointments please phone 479 2974 or visit for more information.


South African

Avianca is on her way to Vegas! T

hrough successful negotiations and her winning smile, 22 year old Avianca Bohm will be representing New Zealand in the Miss Universe competition which is being held in Las Vegas in December.

Six years ago, 16 year old Bohm and her family arrived in New Zealand from South Africa. A top achiever at school and Dux of her school every year since she was 10 years old, Bohm adjusted to being taught in English by being self-motivated and setting herself goals. A sporty athlete growing up in South Africa, she achieved Gauteng North colours for Acrobatics and in high jump. She was a keen Voortrekker too and in 2003 she came first in the Voortrekkers Tranvaal regions exam for the Penkop Avianca Bohm and Drawwertjies. During her 2 years at Howick College she played hockey for the first 11 and achieved Auckland colours in high jump.

Completing a Diploma in Fashion Design at the NZ Fashion Tech last year, Bohn would love to start her own fashion label in the next few years. She plans to further her studies next year in Business. 4 years ago, Bohm started modelling and participating in pageants when she was 18 years old. She won the Miss Howick competition in 2011 and one of the prizes was automatic entrance in the Miss Universe NZ 2012 competition. Winning the Miss Universe NZ is a dream come true and a stepping stone to greater things. She sees the title as an opportunity to encourage and motivate the youth, here and in South Africa. The outdoors is a big part of her life and she loves camping and skiing. She has chinchillas as pets and likes nothing better than hanging out with her friends watching DVDs.

Mortgage advising/ broking in New Zealand Are expat South Africans sceptical of using a Mortgage Adviser? We sometimes get the feeling that there might be negative connotations associated with our industry, possibly created by the long period that Broking was not popular main stream career choice in SA.

Why Use a Broker? When you use a Registered Financial Adviser from a reputable company who has been in the industry for many years, you tap into years of experience and knowledge, as well as excellent contacts and relationships forged with various lenders. If you decide to accept offers made by main stream lenders on residential properties, this service will usually be free of charge. If a non-bank or second tier lender is required, the fee will be built in to the loan amount. They save you time by knowing how to present correctly, to which lender, all tailored to your individual circumstances. They are able to use any lenders in the market, and are totally independent, unaligned to any specific company, which means the best deal for you, every time. If they are unable to secure lending for any reason, they will coach you in what to do, over what period of time, to make your deal bankable. Since July 2011, the industry has been heavily regulated, offering recourse should a dispute arise. Rather than it being an industry heavy with commission grabbing narcissists, the brokers that have stood the test of time, are those that pride themselves on assisting their clients to realise their financial dreams, add value to their borrowing experiences, and offer a one stop solution to no-pressure Risk Cover, all at once. We support you in getting everything you need, and nothing you don’t; where applicable, at no extra cost to you It’s a No Brainer



South African

Immigration fees to Parent category changes increase in July The new parent category changes are imminent according to Immigration New Zealand. If this effects you, please contact Sergey on 415 3392 or e-mail for assistance.


he fees that Immigration New Zealand charges for immigration services will change on 2 July 2012.

Fees will increase by an average of 16.7 percent. The increase reflects the cost of delivering immigration services. New Zealand’s fees will remain broadly comparable to competitor countries. Around 80 percent of visitors will not be affected by these increases as they travel visa free. You can see what the new fees will be by looking at the INZ government fees spreadsheet. Use the dropdown menus in cells C5 and D5 to choose the country and currency you want to view the fee for. See the spreadsheet [XLS].

Janel’s paintings can be seen at an exhibition at Artspaces 2 at the Mairangi Art Centre from 29 August to 15 September. Opening night is Wednesday 29 Aug at 5pm. All welcome.

Have you been fired, harassed at work or made redundant? We offer sound, thorough and sympathetic advice and guidance on how to deal pro actively with all employment issues of any nature for employers and employees

We have a high success rate at: š[n_jfWYaW][c[[j_d]ic[[j_d]im_j^[cfbeo[hijeZ_iYkiij[hcie\j[hc_dWj_ede\ [cfbeoc[djšZ_iY_fb_dWhoc[[j_d]iWdZc[Z_Wj_edim^[h[m[m_bbh[fh[i[djoekWjWdoe\ the forums. We are familiar with all the various employment procedures and will provide you with efficient and stress free service. Advice on how to move forward and to deal effectively with any employment issues. Please feel free to contact Allan Silberstein at: A.S. EMPLOYMENT LAW CONSULTANTS 964 East Coast Road Ph: 09 473 8115 Browns Bay Fax: 09 473 8157 AUCKLAND Mob: 021 172 2519



South African






For help with your banking, call one of us today.





Riaan Wilson Business Manager Business Banking Northern Tel: +64 9 448 0926 Mobile: +64 27 498 0756 Email:

Eddie Biesenbach Mobile Mortgage Manager Tel: +64 9 478 0676 Mob : +64 27 208 8968 Email:


Acoustic blues guitarist Born in Africa in a place called Durban. I understand Dutch and some words in German. Dad’s from Dundee, Laetitia Paris. We met in Sydney one New Year’s eve. We wed in London and moved to New Zealand for a house with a garden for children. Parked a car in a train-Folkstone to Calais, then we were back on the other side of the road again. I’ve been pale in the snow, brown in the sun, soul searching, world circling, since I was young. Thes e are song lyric s from singer, songwriter and Jethro Clarke acoustic guitarist Jethro Clarke. Jethro Clarke - Acoustic Blues and Ballads Tel: 0211 486 846 I type in the web address and it states ‘Playing original and cover songs for any type of public’. I listen to a great cover sample of Eric Clapton’s ‘Before you accuse me’ and I am informed of his latest release, a song entitled ‘Short of the Mark’ (Big vocal harmonies with a gospel spiritual feel accompanied by acoustic guitar) which is available for download from CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon. I’m thinking- Wine? Food? Live acoustic entertainment? – “Sweet as!” Jethro is available to play at your next function for an enjoyable evening of gentle sounds, please give him a call.

The South African Travel Club The NZ office of South African Travel club has been affiliated over 25years to the Weaving International Friendship Foundation formerly administered by Lion World Travel. Now with the amalgamation of two established companies operating as Skytrain Lion World Travel there is assurance that the experience and service will continue to benefit the friends and family of South African Travel Club member. Protected member: As a valued South African Travel Club protected member, we welcome your participation in a plan that provides up to NZD $3500.00 worth of accident protection, to yourself and a nominated loved one in either South Africa, the UK, Canada or the USA. Benefits Include: When you book your flights with Skytrain Lion World Travel you have an option of: Free one way shuttle transfer within a 25 KMS radius of either Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch Airport Or Twelve days free airport parking and additional days at a privileged rate Or A special concession rate for pre and post flight accommodation in the vicinity of Auckland Airport, and subject to availability- free parking for up to 21 days. Friendship Gift service: Have your order delivered by courier service to the recipients in South Africa. Births, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and friendship gifts.



South African


Passive income: your pathway to a comfortable retirement Gary ry Duberly, Duberly Gary Hey, Hey John Vincent, Vincent George Deeb, Deeb Neil Clarke and Peter Woodberg Woodberg.


he first seminar was held on the 18th of June, introducing a number of clients to the meaning of Passive Income. This resulted in a highly successful evening with eye-opening facts and figures delivered by a group of like minded professionals.

A few clients have made a start and are on their way to plan for their financial freedom. A client who was there on the evening, Eleanor D’Sylva says “My success in investing is now up to me as I was given all the information I needed to make the correct decisions. And they’re always available should I need more guidance.” The Group is made up of a lawyer, George Deeb, a mortgage broker, Gary Hey, an insurance consultant and authorised financial advisor, Neil Clarke, accountants, John Vincent and Gary Duberly and a property and business broker, Peter Woodberg. Some examples of passive income are: 1) Earnings from a business which does not require direct involvement from the business owner 2) Rent from property


3) Dividends and Interest on investments like stocks, securities and bonds. The object is to tailor an investment plan to the individual as one size does not fit all. The group present mini seminars designed to show people the process and then offer one-on-one assistance in setting up and implementing an individual plan. There are many aspects to a plan that need to be considered i.e. age, lifestyle, aspirations and income and all these facets need to be properly integrated when developing your plan. This group can assist with all aspects. The younger you are the better but there is still hope for the slightly older generation to get their passive income in order before their retirement. If you are an investor who is interested in your financial freedom, please contact Vicki on 09 915 0100 to book a seat for the next seminar.


South African PROPERTY CORNER This regular feature is written by Richard Pearce of Barfoot & Thompson.


he newspapers are full of articles reporting increasing property prices, but many focus on the sensational and emotional sides. It is important for us as home owners and tenants, and as buyers and sellers, to look at the facts as this helps us understand the market and gives us a basis to make decisions. I have included, with permission, an edited version of the July review by with my comments below in italics:Richard Pearce

QV Residential Property Market Report 10 July 2012

Residential Property Values increasing – Main centres pushing up national values Nationwide residential property values have risen again in June according to the latest QV index. National values are up 1.8% over the past three months, 4.2% up over the past year, and are now only 1.3% below the previous market peak of late 2007. Jonno Ingerson, Research Director said “all the main centres have increased in value over the past year. The fastest increasing areas are Auckland and Christchurch. There is more variability in the provincial centres and smaller towns across the country, as values in those areas respond to local economic influences”. Ingerson said “sales activity has been significantly higher in the last few months than it has been for several years, with Auckland again stronger than most other areas. In contrast, the number of new listings coming onto the market has slowed considerably in recent months meaning reduced choice for potential purchasers. As a result sales activity is likely to slow in the coming months until the number of properties for sale once again increases, which typically will occur in spring”. “Despite the number of sales being up on recent years, and values increasing, we are not experiencing a boom. Nationwide, the current number of sales is still around one third below peak levels, and over the past year values have increased only one third as quickly as they did in the boom years 2003 to 2007. Even in Auckland the rapid increase in values over the past few months is less than the rate seen in the boom years. Zealander’ss remain cautious y ars. Overall,, New Zealander ye around house buying and selling decisions”.



South African


oona Marcella Campeanu, Sim

O’Connor. Woodberg and Cythia

What a night! The evening went well with old and new South Africans making friends at the th recent SA social evening which was held at Browns Bay Bowling Club. The cold winter’s night did not deter the hardy South Africans who had a lovely meal of delicious steak, chops n and a boerewors, from Freds Fine Foods, together with salads and rolls. Thank you to our sponsors for the wonderful prizes given to our winners – Serengeti, HWP Financial Services, sp Burger Motors, Muffin Break B (Albany), Hair d’Art and North (A Shore Immigration Services. See S you y on the 3rd of August and the th 7th of September for another meet m and greet.

Above: Dael Shaw and Celia Roux.

Left: Sharron Williams and Neilia Schroeder.

or Valensky. Peter Woodberg and Env

Austin Campbell, Russell and Maria Chinn, Desiree Campbell.

erg. Tiffany Brash and Peter Woodb

What a great time to sell your business!


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NEW ZEALAND 0800 546 528 For a FREE business appraisal, contact me in confidence Garth Nell business broker 027 296 1783 / 09 555 6093 LINK Business Broking Ltd Licensed REAA08


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The authority on selling businesses

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South African

UPCOMING COMMUNITY EVENTS South African Social North Shore: Every first Friday of the month at Browns Bay Bowling Club. 6pm – 10pm: Cash Bar, a braai or a light meal is available. SANZ Social: 18 August at the Thai Ocean Restaurant, 55 Clyde Road, Browns Bay, from 6pm onwards. Meals only $12.00 each. The Sax Man and a DJ will entertain you. All welcome. Contact: Carol: 021 049 4259. South African Biznet Meeting: Twice a month on the first Wednesday and the Third Wednesday of every month. Please join us and meet like minded business people. Please bring business cards. Christchurch Socials: Linda Klok:

The South African Magazine can be found here: I-Site Takapuna

SA Shop, Browns Bay

I-Site Devonport

SA Shop, Rosedale Road

Fred’s Fine Foods, Oteha Road, Albany

SA Shop, Howick

Inside Africa, Albany

Beef on the Beach, Pakuranga

Inside Africa, Henderson

Selected Doctor s rooms in Auckland.

Nandos, Albany

Janssen’s, Browns Bay

New Arrivals Social A new arrivals meet and greet for all Immigrants will be held at HWP Financial Services offices at 100 Bush Road, Albany, at 6pm on 31 July and every last Tuesday of the month thereafter. Anyone who has recently arrived to live in New Zealand is invited to enjoy a few nibbles and a glass of wine, to meet other newbies, and to interact with some of the oldies in a relaxed atmosphere. From time to time we will be inviting guest speakers to discuss interesting Eugene Van Heerden: topics about New Zealand. If you are Ph: 09 915 0100 : interested in coming to one of these Mobile: 022 276 0082 functions, please contact Eugene Van Heerden.

Whether you’re new to NZ or starting to sound like a Kiwi, let’s talk. You don’t have to be born a local to be treated like one. You can apply for a personal or business loan with the team at your local Westpac branch, so you can get a straight answer, straight away.

Riaan Wilson Business Manager L3 Corinthian Towers 9-11 Corinthian Dr Albany Phone (09) 448 0926 Mobile 027 498 0756

Eddie Biesenbach Mobile Mortgage Manager Westpac Birkenhead 29 Birkenhead Ave North Shore Phone (09) 478 0676 Mobile 027 208 8968

Michelle Hutchens Personal Manager Westpac Albany 219 Don McKinnon Dr Albany Phone (09) 414 3928

Applications for finance are subject to Westpac’s applicable lending criteria. An establishment charge may apply. See for further details. Westpac New Zealand Limited



South African

Ellie, on the road again

Rogers, the cell phone provider, charged me as a THIRD PARTY bill collector for a number of text messages I did not read. When I complained, they told me that my argument was with the sender of the texts. They were only the THIRD PARTY BILL COLLECTOR. I then sent them an account for $10,000 stating that I was the THIRD PARTY BILL COLLECTOR for the Johannesburg Zoo. The account was for the delivery of 1 elephant and 1 giraffe. They have 30 days to settle the account. Any complaints should be made to the Johannesburg Zoo. I was simply the THIRD PARTY BILL COLLECTOR. They passed me a credit, and changed their policy.


. . . . . . the taste of Africa NOW




*Kids playroom *Seaviews *Licensed Restaurant




Watch our webite for details.

Our famous ribs are coming to your dining room table because takeaways will soon be available in browns bay 470 Beach Road, Murrays Bay, Auckland

Tel â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 09 475 5988



South African



17 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland New Zealand

Immigration Service you can Trust (established 1993)

New Zealand is slowly coming out of the recession and there are now more skilled jobs being advertised in most of our cities. Christchurch will be needing hundreds of skilled people to assist with the rebuild, so trades people as well as civil and other engineering posts are now becoming available. North Shore immigration with their wealth of experience & sound reputation can assist migrants relocate to New Zealand as providers of highly personalised service, from temporary, permanent and business visas. For those business people that would prefer to work for themselves, they can either start a brand new business in New Zealand or buy an existing business via the Long Term Business Visa. There are also two investor categories of $1.5 million & $10 million. Please contact us for more info at email:

We provide specialist immigration solutions for: 8Residence (Skilled Migrants, Business, Family) 8Business Visa (Entrepreneur and/or Investor Categories) 8Work Visa (for those who have a job offer, based on their skills & experience) 8Work/Student visas for their immediate family members 8Student Visas for those who wish to study in New Zealand, and 8Job Search Visas for students who have completed their NZ studies.

We also offer help and assistance with: 8unabridged birth certificates 8 police clearance certificates 8 passport renewals 8 translations 8 assessment of overseas qualifications 8 obtaining NZ registration for occupations where this is required. website:


Simona Woodberg

ph: 09 415 3392

The South African Magazine  

The South African is the vehicle for the South African immigrants living in New Zealand to integrate socially with their own community. It p...

The South African Magazine  

The South African is the vehicle for the South African immigrants living in New Zealand to integrate socially with their own community. It p...