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From the editor Hello everyone,


nce again, a packed magazine full of great advertisers and articles which means there’s something for everyone. We had a number of functions over the last two months as you can see from all the photographs. I must mention the function hosted by The New Zealand Southern African Business Council where Sir Stephan Tindall was the guest speaker. He spoke about the innovation of New Zealand businesses and especially the IT sector working together, not only with kiwi companies, but with the USA and the UK too. Kiwi ingenuity prevails. To date, the Tindall foundation has given over $125 million to start-up, fledgling businesses. What a fantastic effort for a small country like New Zealand. If you have a strong business with potential to grow but need mentoring and money contact the Tindal Foundation at Another excellent function was the one held by the North Harbour Club with Stephen Joyce as the guest speaker. He is a fluid speaker and has all the statistics committed to memory. He gave a complete run done where the National Government has curbed excess spending and brought the country through the Global Financial Crises without too much pain. Better than any other country in the world including our across-the-ditch cousins, Australia. See page 22 for Joyce’s full speech. This was all confirmed by Craig’s Investment Partners at a State of the Nation function held at the Spencer and Byron Hotel on Wednesday. We need strong leadership if we are going to see prosperity going forward into 2015, and beyond. Please make sure you vote. Regards, Peter Woodberg


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MISSION STATEMENT “The South African Magazine shall provide current, high quality, relevant editorial on subjects relating to the links between South Africa and New Zealand. It shall be the vehicle for SA immigrants living in NZ to integrate socially with their own community and to advertise their products and services.”

South Africans Going To New Zealand Advice and Support for South Africans Immigrating to New Zealand Sherelee Clarke: 2

The South African


Free choice of employment:

does this right still exist in New Zealand? he year 1991 hailed in a new era with the promulgation of the Employment Contracts Act 1991 by the National government. The Act allowed employers and employees to enter into individual contracts and resulted in the unions losing their membership, which today is around only 12% of all employees.


Protective measures, such as the concept of ‘harsh and oppressive’ terms, were included in the legislation to protect employees from unscrupulous employers who had the upper hand when negotiating contracts. An example would be a clause stipulating that a manager who no longer suited ‘the image’ of the company could have their position declared redundant. This would contradict in principle the definition and intention of when a redundancy arises.

Senior Management considers who is their most talented and hard-working manager (B), and they restructure B’s division by off-shoring some of the work, and subsuming the rest under another manager (C). This leaves them free to declare B’s role redundant and to require B to accept A’s role, which B does not want, nor will B agree to be trained for the role. B is dismissed.

This is an unforeseen outcome which the employer perhaps did not expect. After all who would want to be unemployed rather than have a job? Though having lost B, the employer still is the Eska Hartdegen winner. The company still has all B’s redundancy compensation in the bank, and B has no job and no Where an employee had signed a contract including such a clause, and the employer relied on the clause redundancy compensation and, best of all, says the employer, B can do nothing about it as B has no legal remedy! to declare the employee’s position redundant, the employee could challenge the redundancy claiming the clause was This poses the question: Are people free to do the work of their ‘harsh and oppressive’ and could also apply to the Court to choosing? What does a “calling, vocation, career”, etc, mean? Can have the clause struck out. an employee be forced to do a job which they are not interested in, In 2000, the EC Act was scrapped and replaced with the Employment Relations Act by the Labour Government. The concept of ‘harsh and oppressive’ no longer features in the new Act. In a recent case currently before the Employment Court, one question to be decided is whether a particular clause in the contract is harsh and oppressive and thus unenforceable. The clause provides that were an employee’s role declared redundant, the employer has the right to insist that the employee accept another role. If the employee refuses the other role, they will have their employment terminated and will forfeit their redundancy compensation. In the particular case, a substantial sum.

have no experience in, do not wished to be trained in, or which runs counter to their morality? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which New Zealand is a signatory, states in the Preamble ‘Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world’. The Declaration provides under Article 23(1) that ‘everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and the protection of unemployment’. It will be up to the Court to decide, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Although both roles are at managerial level, they are in totally different areas of work. The employee faced with the new role has no experience in the new area of work, is not interested in it, and is not prepared to work in that role. The employer says they will train the employee for the role, which training the employee refuses. So why would an employer include such a clause in a contract of employment? The answers are myriad and many, but it essentially allows the company to make internal changes and to move managers around, even against their will, for the benefit of the company. Let’s say a pivotal manager (A) resigns and the position remains unfilled for 6 months because the Board has imposed a hiring freeze, so no outside person can be appointed to that particular role. The South African


Welcome to New Zealand Photos: Sherelee Clarke

Please join us at our New Arrivals evenings and meet the professional advisers who will be on hand to give you invaluable advice in an informal setting.

Dave Dugmore, Jenny Parker and Peter Woodberg.

The concept of networking and connecting is growing as there appears to be a need for new immigrants to be given support, advice and leads in situations relating to immigration, the job market, accommodation and more! When: Where: Time: Please RSVP:

Monday 28 April and Monday 26 May 100 Bush Road, Level 1, Building 2, Albany, North Shore 6pm to 8pm or call us on 09 915 0100.

Ludwig Haeuer, Bonnee Thomas & Wayne Cloete.

Beth Collins and Chavonne Hansen.

Wendy Greenough with Maggie and Gavin Stevens.

Neil Clarke with Rustam and Nadia Bagirov.

Andrew Brownlee, Simona Woodberg & Jenny Parker. Dan Popescu, Sybrand Botes, Shamielah Sain & Bianca Rautenbach.

Sergey Gimranov.

Suzaan and Andrew Downey with Peter Woodberg.

Doug Niekerk, Jags and Ashwin Doolabh and Leenke Heunis.

Mircea Gradinaru

Corrie Ekermans with Rustam & Nadia Bagirov.

Alex Perepelkin.

Grayson de Vries, Natasha and Herschell Evans, Jags and Ashwin Doolabh. 4

Annelize Pieneke & Shirley Bisschoff.

Gary Hey and David Dugmore. The South African

business for sale Business Brokerage Licensed REAA 2008

x very profitable - retu returning rning circa $300K PA A x thriving commercial / residential location

Price by NEGOTIATION Phone Brett from Barker Business 09 448 0751 | 021 744 990

hi there!

I’m Dennis Hawnt, a graphic designer with a wealth of experience. I am available to help you develop your next project in an eye catching and memorable way.

Dennis Hawnt 021 216 9238 *Conditions Apply ask at reception for details

forc fforces wrk w


Superior Annique Rooibos Generations of South Africans have

Research has proven that Rooibos

For more information or to become an

been enjoying the natural sweet and

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Annique Consultant, please contact

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The South African

Tracey Crosby at 09 945-0556, 021 149 3130 or or visit


Lifelong Learners ip McGrath Education Centre in Browns Bay, run by Alex and Diana Hartley, is growing. Last year, they started with 75 students and finished with over 145. Alex ran the centre while Di continued teaching and completed a Teacher Fellowship at Massey University.

K Browns Bay (09) 478 8872 After-School Tuition from 4XDOLÀHG7HDFKHUV ✔ Primary: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Mathematics

✔ Intermediate:

English, Mathematics

✔ Secondary: English, Mathematics, Science and other NCEA and Cambridge subjects

Call now for further information or to book a free assessment.

(09) 478 8872

The success that Alex enjoyed prompted Di to join him full time and they decided to buy the Albany branch and operate both centres from the Browns Bay premises. Di says, “leaving a job one loves and the security of full time employment is a bit scary but is proving to be the right decision”. Kip McGrath specialises in Literacy and Numeracy, using the well tested Kip material and unique New Zealand programmes to support their curriculum. They also offer tuition in Mathematics, Science subjects and English Alex and Diana Hartley, at secondary level. Kip McGrath only employs qualified teachers and each student follows a personalised programme of learning. The programmes are designed to support the great work done by the classroom teacher and to give the student the confidence to become a lifelong learner. A free, no obligation assessment is offered to all students.

Aqua Cars will get you on the road! Aqua Cars & Finance is a little different to most vehicle finance companies. It is a privately owned company which finances its own deals and, it offers hassle free car credit to almost any customer regardless of their credit history.

LEKr New to NZ? Need wheels? 1HHGoQDQFH" Even if you have no credit history, we can usually get you a loan and a car within a day! Apply online or call us now. 0800 BUY A CAR WWW.AQUACARS.CO.NZ 6

CEO, Roy Gormley, originally hails from South Africa. “I know what it’s like to be new to the country, needing wheels and having no credit history or residency status. Most finance companies won’t look at you it can be quite daunting,” he says. “But we will. We’ll get you on the road, and keep you on the road, from as little as $110 per week. Provided you can afford the weekly payments, we’ll guarantee you the finance.” “Your weekly payment includes membership of our amazing On Road programme. This covers your annual registration and warrant costs, a service every six months, and can give you $250 every six months to cover any safety related maintenance and repair costs. We can also include an extended mechanical warranty, and waivers in case you lose your job or become unable to work. “Nearly all our clients join On Road,” explains Roy, “as it helps spread the payment load. For many people it can be very hard to come up with a lump sum of cash to pay for car maintenance. This way it is all paid for as you go – our clients love it.” Aqua stocks a good range of mostly Japanese imported vehicles, from people movers and station wagons to sedans and smaller cars. “If you’re looking for a car and need finance, we’d love to help,” says Roy. The South African

Do you understand \RXUÀQDQFLDOVZLWK real clarity? Virginia Stallard of Vision Accounting Solutions sheds some light on making best-practice accounting accessible. Vision’s major aim is to give its clients clarity amongst those pages of confusing ‘numbers’.


ew business owners have studied accounting and yet it’s an integral part of running any successful operation. Many disassociate themselves from ‘the numbers’; leaving it up to their accountant. But, as Virginia explains, they are likely to be missing some fantastic opportunities.

“We understand why some business owners are reluctant to look too deeply into their accounts,” says Virginia. “And, in my experience, it’s mostly because they’re unfamiliar with reading their financials. To be brutally honest, I know some accounting practices preferred it that way… it’s one of the reasons I started my own practice many years ago. “I was a numbers person from an early age – even back when my family first came to New Zealand from the Netherlands and I helped my younger sister with her Maths homework, which was a topic I enjoyed; so I set about explaining the in-and-outs to her. I believe everyone can understand the ‘numbers’, as long as they’re explained with clarity and empathy.” But don’t business owners know their financial position? Virginia explains, “Some do, but many don’t fully. Most come from a position of excellence in their field. They are usually more passionate about what they do than the accounting side of things, which is fair enough. But we’re here to help each client succeed and a vital part of that is understanding the implications of financial decisions before they make them. You can only do that when you understand all of the numbers with full clarity.” She continues, “In a previous life I lost count of the times I sat in a client meeting where the Senior Accountant would say, ‘Leave it with us, we’ll sort it out’ and the client would depart relieved but none the wiser. That’s not how Vision does business. I don’t believe it’s helpful in the long run. Of course we do sort out the problems but we make a point of helping the business owner understand how to proactively avoid them. I’d rather we, as a practice, had more clients who were enabled to be more self-sufficient, confident and involved.” Are there some business owners who don’t want to know the details? Virginia says not in reality. She explains, “What we’ve found is that those who have been used to the ‘leave it to us’ school of accounting are revitalised when they come to us. Having an environment where you feel able to ask questions because you get easy-to-understand answers gives business owners much more control. “There is no such thing as a silly question here. And the impact of that knowledge is evident when a business owner proudly tells The South African

Virginia Stallard - empowering her clients.

us that this time they didn’t do X because they know that doing Y is going to be better for their financial security. They feel empowered, they make fewer mistakes and their financial planning is better. They experience more business growth and increased profitability – the opportunities are exponential. Of course the benefit for Vision is that we have a solid client base with businesses that thrive, so it’s good for everyone.”

If your numbers confuse you, let Vision give you the clarity you need to start making better financial decisions. Contact Virginia for an empathetic, no-obligation consultation – call her NOW on 09 415 0319. Vision Accounting — giving you clarity

Desktop Accounting Giving You a Headache? Give us a call! 09 415 0319 Understand your numbers Build financial freedom Protect your assets Manage your financials without stress Make informed decisions when you need to Vision Accounting Solutions Ltd 106A Bush Road Albany, Auckland


Greville Dental affordable dentistry

ffordability, new and modern surgeries, competent staff and excellent clinical skills are not something that all dental practises on the North Shore can claim to have. We, at Greville Dental, can now offer you all of that. Our new premises also have off street parking and disabled access.









Having been co-owner and business partner of East Coast Bays Dental for the previous 6 years, I have now made the decision to relocate my dental practice to new premises. I am committed to keeping my fees as affordable and reasonable as you have come to know over the years. Our Face book page, Greville Dental, is now also up and running and by ‘liking’ our page, we will keep you informed of any upcoming specials and you will be able to access our printable vouchers as well. I have been practising as a general dentist for over 20 years and have completed numerous additional modules in surgical procedures including implants, periodontal disease, crown lengthening, etc., but it is being able to provide a complete service that makes dentistry for me exciting and rewarding. Your oral health and functionality is my main concern and together we can plan to achieve this for each individual and any budget. All children, from when they start secondary school until they turn 18, will be seen for free at the surgery. I will take care of their treatment myself and this has the benefit that by the time they turn 18, and are not covered under the school system anymore, they will be familiar with me and will have received the best possible treatment. I am also providing orthodontic treatment to a number of patients at very reasonable cost. We will also be offering discounted rates to Gold Card and Super Gold Card holders. We are very excited about the new surgery and would like to invite you and all your family and friends to join us in this venture. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the surgery soon. Any referrals to family and friends would be greatly appreciated.


The South African

Always love your dog When I was a little boy, my Daddy said to me, “Boy, you must always love your dog.” And I used to say “Why, Daddy?” And my Daddy used to say “Because boy, your dog loves to lie beside you.” And I said, “OK, Daddy. I will always let him lie beside me.” Then my Daddy said: “If he gets hungry you must feed him.” And I said: “How will I know when he is hungry, Daddy?”

“Because he will come and lie beside you, boy.” “Ok. And what if I get hungry too?”

Ed Woodberg and Daisy

My Daddy said:” Then you must still get up and feed your dog, boy, even if you are hungry.” And I said “Ok, but what if I get so hungry that I die, Daddy?”

Author unknown

And my Daddy used to say: “Don’t worry son, because even if you’re dead, your dog will still come and lie beside you.”

Please LIKE Redvale Boarding Kennels face book page:

That is why you must always love your dog. Spell “DOG” backwards, my Daddy always used to say.

Dr Bernie Brenner MB Bch (Wits), FRCOG, FRANZCOG, MBA, M phil, BA (UNISA) Gynaecologist and Uro Gynaecologist Specialising in Gynaecological Conditions including: • Gynaecological Ultrasound • Female Urinary Incontinence & Urodynamic Assessments • Minimally Invasive Surgery for Bladder Leaking • Colposcopy (the treatment of abnormal cervical cytology) • Hysteroscopy for diagnosis of abnormal bleeding • Laporoscopic Surgery – for removal of Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts and Endometriosis Consulting Rooms at For an appointment phone Email Website


<’‡ŔTà“Ĺ õTĩ‡Ëî» )’îî’àį For dogs Rates: Small dogs

$20 per day

Medium Dogs

$25 per day

Large dogs

$30 per day

X-Large dogs

$40 per day

After stay bath only


174 Wilks Road Dairy Flat Phone: 09 426 5872 E-mail:



Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s play Futset

UTSETâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S story began 17 years ago when Alex Vasile was invited to play a new type of demanding football game. The instructions were: 1 ball, 6 players gathered in a big circle, each having one goal - to defend while trying to score at the same time, unlimited touches but only playing inside the circle.


Two years ago, Vasile started designing and building a scale model prototype using ice cream sticks, plastic net and glue. He came up with the name, built a Alex Vasile website, designed business cards and booklets. He also began contacting people about his idea.

Emily By T C Chadinha â&#x20AC;&#x201C;

The game is for people who love the outdoors speciďŹ cally football and basketball. FUTSET aims to get people of all ages outside. It also secures a safe playground for little kids. The mission is to promote football in New Zealand. FUTSET is currently in discussion with the Auckland Council to bring sport closer to peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s homes. It is designed to be built in recreational areas around neighbourhoods and for schools, colleges, universities and football clubs where students and players can develop their skills and increase their cardiovascular while offering enough of a challenge to maintain their interest.

FUTSET says: come out and play!

T C Chadinha

fter Emily Thomas, daughter of the American ambassador to South Africa is kidnapped, tough cop Detective Captain Frank Dempsey and suspended CIA Agent Nick Crowley search for her in a high-speed chase across treacherous Africa.


They discover the kidnappers have no intention of releasing her. Is she earmarked for the international sex slave trade? Will they ďŹ nd her? Whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s behind the conspiracy and why?

GEORGE DEEB A S S O C I AT E S Barristers ~ Solicitors ~ Notaries Public

ARE YOU SORTED? For expert legal advice, from a team with 30 years combined experience in New Zealand and South African law, call us. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll help you sort out your affairs and make sure your new life in New Zealand is successful. Property - Trusts and Estate Planning - Company and Commercial Business Law - Immigration - Matrimonial ENSURING YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR PRACTICE

94 Anzac Street Takapuna Auckland Tel: 09 486 1415 | |



The South African

What should you consider when selecting a Wealth Management Company or Adviser? harder to get through. When you call the company, you should be able to speak with the Adviser, not some other “expert” providing general advice with no context of your financial situation or background.

First and foremost, you should check the Adviser is an ‘Authorised Financial Adviser’ (AFA).You can check by looking on the Financial Service Providers an AFA can provide a personalised service or advice. Request a copy of your Advisers Disclosure Statement. This should be readily available and free of charge. How is your Adviser remunerated? Be aware of how your Adviser gets paid. If it’s a commission off of the investment returns, then there’s a vested interest in your financial success. If it’s a fee for each investment made, then there may be more of an interest in completing as many transactions as possible and less in the actual returns. Be prepared to share personal information concerning your family and your finances. To enable your Adviser to understand your situation as well as possible and make investment decisions that are tailored to you, you will need to provide details of your current circumstances and future goals. This information will, of course, be kept private and confidential. Will your Adviser invest the way you want to invest? Some investment decisions you can make on your own. If you know how to pick and choose stocks, it seems unnecessary paying someone to

do it for you. If you want to broaden your investment opportunities outside of your comfort zone, you should find an Adviser with experience in the kinds of investments you want to make. But you should still get final say. What experience does your Adviser have? Experience is key in the wealth management business. Your Adviser needs to know how to respond to all market possibilities, and a career that spans several years and several business cycles is the best measure of how they will handle anything that comes your way, even unexpected, in the future. How accessible is your Adviser? Direct personal relationships are important to have — you should be able to call or arrange face-to-face meetings with your Adviser anytime you need his or her assistance. A larger company may have a more established presence in the field, but at the same time, this could make it

Does your Adviser have access to a large pool of investments? You want to maximize your potential investments and keep the doors open to as many opportunities as possible. Your Adviser should have a variety of fund options to choose from so you don’t have to feel like they’re operating with limited resources. Does your Adviser have any conflicts of interest? Your Adviser must be transparent in how he or she manages your wealth. If there is any conflict of interest — perhaps the company manufactures products that are sold to investors — you as the client must be aware to make sure your investment decisions are made with unbiased intentions. KiwiSaver. The considerations to investing as above should be the same for all types of investments, including KiwiSaver.

Information provided as a ‘class’ advice by Neil Clarke AFA (FSP10261) - 09 915 0100

Neil B Clarke FSP10261 Authorised Financial Adviser Phone: 09 915 0100 Mob: 021 609 247 Email:


Life Cover, Trauma, TPD, Income Protection


Hospital, Specialists & Tests, GP Visits, Dental & Optical


Review of cover & levies


Unit Trusts, Managed Funds, KiwiSaver


Access to bank & non-bank options

More Benefits | Best Rates | Assured HWP Ltd trading since 2001 DISCOUNTED INSURANCE RATES AVAILABLE The South African


WITWARM TARIEWE Sharp fares and friendly service for SA Kiwis

Call our South African specialists Suzette, Joanne, Diane or Donna on 0800 002 659 We guarantee to have the best available airfares to and from South Africa. We will not be beaten. Our fares guarantee applies as long as seats are available in the applicable booking class.

We have customised policies with unlimited medical cover while in S.A. from $9 a day. Plus we can cover family coming to NZ from $3 a day. Free Global SIM card included. Prices based on 30 day policies for ages 59 and under with no preexisting conditions. Please ask us for a quote if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re over 59 and or have medical existing conditions. Call rates apply to calls made on the Global SIM card - S.A. to NZ from $0.43/min.


We can have a car waiting for you on arrival at Joâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;burg, Cape Town or Durban. From $25 per day for 7 days or more.

Bringing friends or family to NZ? We can arrange travel insurance cover from $5 per day.

Go to to get FREE email alerts to the best fares to and from South Africa.

To arrange your next trip home call Suzette, Joanne, Diane or Donna on 0800 002 659 or visit us online at

Cairo to Cape in Browns Bay / /

P: 07 855 7800

The Butcher with a difference. We offer unique, quality meat and international products at the best prices: * * * * *

Dried cured meat (Biltong, Dried sausages, Cabanossi) Boere Wors (Eliteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s farmers sausage) Texan Steak Aged Eye fillets, Sirloin & Rump steaks. South African & International groceries & much more...

Mon- Fri: 8:30-6PM Sat: Sun: The South African

8AM-5PM 10AM-3PM

Conveniently situated at 97 Fifth Avenue, off Wairere Drive 13

NZSABC evening Robin Grieve.

Peter Woodberg, Sir Steven Tindall and Simona Woodberg.

Cathy Mellett, Cherri Holland, Ian Mellett and Nita Ruru.

Sir Steven Tindall.

Neil Clarke and ANZ Economist, Mark Smith Errol Rudman and Tom Dawson.

Delia and Ludwig Haeufler.

Mary McKinven and Hugh Cronwright.

Robert Scott, Shane Killian and Fraser Hawkins.

Andre van Breda, Kevyn Botes and Matt Peart.

Dr Stephen Kruger AFRIKAANS & ENGLISH SPEAKING Located at the Northshore Womens Specialist Centre in Auckland, Dr Stephen Kruger is dedicated to the highest quality of gynaecology services, with patient service to match.

Ann McDonald, Sir Steven Tindall and Simona Woodberg.

THE PRACTICE SPECIALISES IN: • General Gynaecology including PAP smears • Heavy menstrual bleeding and period problems • Fibroids • Abnormal smears and colposcopy • Vaginal repairs • Post delivery vaginal repairs • Miscarriage and all early pregnancy issues • General Gynaecological surgery • Infertility

Ann McDonald and Cynthia Nuttall.

Sadly, the majority of women who have cervical cancer diagnosed have not had a smear in the past 3 to 5 years. The greatest single reason when cervical cancer is diagnosed is that regular smear testing was not done. Call our practice nurse Wendy now to arrange your PAP smear and examination as part of your overall health care. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING: • on-going pelvic pain • any unusual and/or persistent vaginal discharge, • bleeding between periods • bleeding after sexual intercourse • heavy vaginal bleeding • painful, uncomfortable sexual intercourse

Peter Woodberg, Sir Steven Tindall and Neil Clarke.

Fiona and Jason McIntyre.

WE CAN HELP YOU. To arrange a consultation, please call Wendy on 09 479 9016

DR STEPHEN KRUGER MB.Bch (Wits), FRCOG, FRANZCOG Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (formerly from Durban)

North Shore Womens Specialist Centre Ground Floor, 104 Rosedale Road, Albany, Auckland


Sybrand Botes, Corrie Ekermans and Vicky O'Connor.

Gaynor Clarke and Angela Duberly. The South African

A good reason to contact Fritz Swart today to discuss:

The new most comprehensive trauma product ever in NZ • It is new to NZ and covers 62 different health conditions. • Underwritten by ahighly rated Life Insurer in NZ. • Affordable for first time clients in NZ who are still living on Rand savings. • Cover does not lapse after a claim and multiple claims possible over lifetime. • Can be packaged together with other benefits or taken as Standalone.

Who is Fritz Swart? • 30 years in the Insurance business, of which the last 12 years in NZ. • Experience includes numerous successful claims in NZ. • Services clients on both Islands across New Zealand. • Proven track record with numerous International Industry awards.

Contact Fritz for a comparison of your existing cover or new quotations and advice. 021 183 8936.

The South African

Insurance Advice since 1984 and since 2001 in New Zealand

For all your NZ$ Personal Insurance needs. · Free disclosure audits on existing policies · Advice anywhere in New Zealand. · Advice on how to deal with South African policies. · Free last Will & Testament for life Insurance clients. Tel 021 183 8936 Ph 09-473 5210


A potterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dream By Elsabe Pretorius â&#x20AC;&#x201C;

have been a Potter for about 30 years now. This has always been a parallel career to raising my two children, working as an art teacher, studying psychology and lately, nearing completion of a Masters Degree in Art Therapy.


I was ďŹ rst introduced to pottery when I was doing a Fine Arts degree at Stellenbosch University and loved its sculptural qualities straight away. A few years later I started working in the studio of the wonderful Barbara Jackson in Cape Town. I participated in solo and group exhibitions before I moved to New Zealand. I exhibit in Auckland at various galleries and my work is presently available at Uno in Grey Lynn. I like to contemplate my career as a potter, especially given the halting of the movement of my life when I emigrated from Cape Town with my husband and two children ďŹ fteen years ago. My pottery was the one thing that gave me a sense of continuity, a link with who I was before I came here. The only way I can make my pots is if it feels real and authentic to me. I like to be open to the possibility suggested by the pot while Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m working on it and follow them to where it leads

me, watching the pot grow in an organic way from an original simple concept. I end up with pots that lean, that have bubbles and marks on the surface, but this is me being authentic. I love the beauty of imperfection. I started incorporating wire into my pots, because I like the contrasting materials and I think it makes an ancient art form more edgy and modern. Presently Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m teaching hand-built pottery classes from my small garden studio and am trying to work out a way where I can combine my pottery with lighting. I suppose it is one of my most secret ambitions, to develop a product with clay that can be commercially viable. Anyone interested in my pots or pottery classes can email me on or see my pots on my face book page https://www.facebook. com/ElsabePretoriusCeramics.


High H i hb blood l d pressure (hypertension) (h h i ) aaffects about 25% of the adult population aand is the most treatable cause of death aand disability in New Zealand. Common concerns C

Dr Walter van der Merwe 4)*O)*HWL[V^U  FRACP

Specialist Physician specialising in hypertension (high blood pressure) and kidney disease. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have lived and worked in New Zealand for 30 years and have trained in South Africa, the United Kingdom as well as New Zealand.â&#x20AC;?

Know your blood pressure By Walter van der Merwe

ost people are conscious of the beneďŹ ts of early diagnosis of disease through regular health checks. These include screening for conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and common cancers like breast, cervix, and prostate. There is also a government-funded push for individuals to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;know your cardiovascular riskâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.


â&#x20AC;˘ High blood pressure that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re having KPMĂ&#x201E;J\S[`THUHNPUN^P[O`V\YWYLZLU[ KVJ[VYTLKPJH[PVUZ

What is sometimes forgotten though, even by health professionals, is that, by far, the cheapest and most cost effective screening test is an annual blood pressure check. This applies to Â&#x2039;:PKLLMMLJ[ZMYVT`V\YISVVKWYLZZ\YL TLKPJH[PVUZLNMH[PN\LZL_\HSWYVISLTZ all adults over 18 years of age. High blood pressure (hypertension) is the most common and Â&#x2039;>VYYPLZHIV\[\UKLYS`PUNJH\ZLZVMOPNO blood pressure most important treatable risk factor for cardiovascular disease Â&#x2039;<UJLY[HPU[`HIV\[[OLKPHNUVZPZVMOPNO and death. The importance lies in the fact that effective ISVVKWYLZZ\YLLNPU`V\UNWLVWSL treatment can reduce that risk almost back to normal levels. Â&#x2039;/PNOISVVKWYLZZ\YLPUHZZVJPH[PVU^P[O VILZP[`KPHIL[LZOLHY[VYRPKUL`KPZLHZL Â&#x2039;(U`RPKUL`WYVISLTYLK\JLKRPKUL` M\UJ[PVUWYV[LPUSLHRL[J Â&#x2039;9LJ\YYLU[RPKUL`Z[VULZ If you are concerned by any of these and would like advice from a Specialist Physician, call to make an appointment:

(09) 918 1666

1 Shea Terrace, Takapuna Auckland


Elsabe Pretorius

Hypertension affects about 25% of the adult population and about 20 000 Aucklanders will develop new high blood pressure in 2013. Unfortunately, many will go undiagnosed for a long time. Some young and middle aged people, especially men, can go for years without a blood pressure check. In some, high blood pressure is ďŹ rst diagnosed when theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re presented with a severe complication like a stroke or acute kidney failure. Bottom line: Everyone needs an annual blood pressure check. You should know your own blood pressure (eg, 120/80) and also what your target is because it varies with age and some medical conditions. People already on blood pressure medicine should get their blood pressure checked at least every 3 months. The South African

YOU have a voice!


he Prime Minister, Mr John Key, has announced that the 2014 general election will be held on 20 September 2014. Every year thousands of New Zealanders become eligible to enrol to vote for the first time and every vote counts.

New Zealanders are lucky to live in a democracy and we can all play our part in keeping our democracy strong by getting on the electoral roll and voting. It means we can take part in local elections, when we choose the people who will make decisions about our local areas, and general elections, when we choose the parties and politicians who will represent us in Parliament. In New Zealand the law says that you must be enrolled on the electoral roll. You must enrol if you are; • 18 years or older, • Living or have lived in New Zealand for more than one year continuously at some stage • Are a citizen of New Zealand, or • A Permanent Resident of New Zealand. To register to vote, enrol on the website

Mortgage-free Faster t might not be easy but it is simple: The longer you take to pay your debt, the more it costs. Interest compounds! When you save money, you earn interest on interest, and so on and so on. When you are repaying a mortgage this works in reverse, the less you owe, the less interest you pay, and the less you owe, and so on and so on.


Moral of this story is that you really, really do want to be paying off your mortgage as fast as you can and you must consider all options to speed up those repayments. Regularly paying a bit extra makes a much bigger difference than you’d think! Even a $10 per week increase in repayments can take years off your mortgage. Add one extra weekly payment per month, and you will shave up to 10 years and thousands of dollars from your mortgage. Also, investigate the use of a Revolving Credit Facility on your mortgage. Your income will be credited directly to this facility as a form or repayment. Over time, until your next salary payment, the money will slowly be withdrawn (drawn down) by you for other expenses until only the actual repayment amount remains in the facility. For the window of time that the extra cash sits in the facility the balance of your mortgage is reduced, thereby, of course, reducing the interest payments. Used correctly, this facility can reduce the term of your mortgage and thousands of dollars in interest. Please contact me if you would like a personalized illustration of how extra payments could reduce your mortgage. This month, the Reserve Bank raised the Official Cash Rate for the first time in 5 years, by 25 basis points, bringing most banks Floating rate to around the 5.75% – 5.99% mark. Fixed rates were not affected as the increases have already been factored in. Commentators are expecting the Mortgage rates to rise to around the 7% mark by the end of 2014, and up to 8% by end of 2015. Now is definitely the time to buckle down and do all you can to reduce this debt as soon as possible. The South African


People come to us because we go to them. Are you tired of the hassle of dealing with multiple insurance companies and banks to ďŹ nd the best deal? Now you can have your local AMP 360 Adviser Errol Rudman on your side. Like all our Advisers, Errol can talk to you about small businness, life, health and general insurance, and can give you options from the main lenders if you are looking for a home loan. He has more than 20 years experience in South Africa and New Zealand within the ďŹ nance industry, and he can come to you.

So say goodbye to the hassle of doing it all yourself, and say hello to Errol on: P: M: E: W:

AMP Services (NZ) Limited. A disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge.

09 337 7366 021 273 0300

WEL371558 11/13

“Bank goes full steam ahead on rate rises”

“Yesterday’s OCR lift to 2.75pc is just the start with April, June and July rises tipped. Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler increased the official cash rate (OCR) to 2.75% on 13 March 2014 from the 2.5% level where it had been for the previous two years. He suggested further OCR hikes in April, June and July, which is what the economists at the BNZ and Westpac expect him to do. Looking further out - where there is more uncertainty around such projections - the bank is foreshadowing a cumulative 200 basis points of tightening by the end of next year and another 50 points in 2016, by which point monetary policy will have veered from tailwind to headwind.” This relates to the OCR potentially reaching 5.0% during 2016.

The South African

ie around 3% to 3.25% higher than the OCR. Floating rates could thus be around 8.0% by 2016, as indicated by the upper red line in the chart.

“If a central bank is going to commence a tightening cycle, it has to give a clear message that it means business and will do whatever it takes to ensure the economy is managed into a non-inflationary state,” Toplis said. “Wheeler has given the clear message that interest rates will simply keep on rising until such time that the economy and its participants behave.” One of the key aims of the planned interest rate increases is to slow the rate of increase in property prices. However, the driving forces of increasing demand and limited supply, especially in Auckland, will maintain upward pressure on prices.


SA Social on the Shore Photos: Sherelee Clarke Tatum and Bernice Murray with Cynthia and Bill Addinall

Stefan Bronkhorst DVDs kindly donated by Sergey Gimranov, NSIS

Errol Rudman and Ashwin Doolabh.

Maria Chinn & Andrea Webb

Jackie Olivier and Charmaine Davidtz.

Robyn Bullough and Daniel Levine

The Smit family and friends

Rugby, braaivleis, sunny skies and fun times!

Peter Woodberg

Warm get-togethers were enjoyed at the SA Socials on the Shore at the Browns Bay Bowling Club during the summer months. Heaps of thanks to all our Saffas who joined us and to The South African Magazine advertisers and sponsors for supporting these events throughout the year – Bushman’s Grill, Pinehill Butchery, Annique NZ, EasiYo, Carol and Caroline from Harcourts, Clifford and Cheryl Garcia from Dansbaan, HWP Financial Services, Burger Motor Works, Care Pharmacy, Studio Suanie, Serengeti, AMP360, Bernice Murray, Larry’s ‘Ring Sting Sauce’, SA Shop Browns Bay, SA Shop Rosedale Road, The Rib Shack and North Shore Immigration Services.

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Suzaan Downey with her Annique voucher

Samantha The South African

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s On Diary

SOUTH AFRICAN SOCIAL ON THE SHORE: Friday: Browns Bay Bowling Club: 4 April and 2 May: 6pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10pm: Cash Bar. NEW ARRIVALS: Monday: 28 April and 26 May: 6-8pm: 100 Bush Road, Albany, North Shore: Contact Vicki: 09 915 0100 for catering purposes.

Peter Woodberg

SANZ GOLF: Last Sunday of the month: Contact Cedric Braby: 0274 742 264 or 09 478 9544: email All welcome.

m 0274 520 794

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ALICIAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S PAMPER BEAUTY EVENING: North Shore: Friday: 11 April: 6pm to 9.30pm: Contact Alicia: 021 166 0533. FRIDAY NIGHT CATCH-UPS: Friday: 11 April: The Running Bull: 6.30pm: 10 May: The Brickworks: 6.30pm: Contact: Nicole Auret: 021 2137 379 or

SA SUPPORT GROUP IN AUCKLAND: Felicity Bosch: Contact: 021 147 7151.



MAIRANGI BAY SA GROUP: Contact: Penelope Rijkaart-Berrington: 09 4265933. CHRISTCHURCH SA GROUP: Contact: Linda Klok: WELLINGTON SA GROUP: Contact: Iegsaan Bennett:


â&#x20AC;¢ â&#x20AC;¢ â&#x20AC;¢ â&#x20AC;¢

Life, Disability and Trauma. Commercial and Residential Mortgages. Fire and General. Assistance with SA Retirement Annuities and policies.

Contact Bernard or Michelle De Wet 09 9636291 or (FSP 14663)

ROTORUA SA GROUP: Contact: Gary Comoin:

Save thousands? Now you can offset your savings against your Choices ï¬&#x201A;oating home loan. Choices Offset could help you pay off your home loan faster and save you thousands.

15 5  

Give us a call on 09 478 4283 or pop into Westpac Browns Bay today.


The South African


1=D3DFLĂ&#x20AC;F7LJHU By Steven Joyce Economic Development Minister

he economic omens for New Zealand this year are good. We start the year with business conďŹ dence at levels not seen for 15 years, while consumer conďŹ dence is at its most positive in seven years.


We have already spent most of last year in the unaccustomed position of growing at a faster rate than most developed countries, including Australia. The top independent world economic brains in the OECD and IMF expect us to continue to outstrip most developed countries in the next couple of years.

But thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not the whole story of New Zealandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s economic revival. We have been steadily removing the roadblocks that discourage investment in New Zealand by new companies. A lot of work has been done and laws have been changed to ensure New Zealand is more welcoming of new investment while protecting against the risks. You need constant new investment to replace some of the old industries that become obsolete as a result of revolutionary technologies such as the internet. So how do we keep growth happening? How do we lift New Zealandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s longer term growth rate so that we add more jobs, reach our potential, and become a true â&#x20AC;&#x153;PaciďŹ c Tigerâ&#x20AC;? rather than just a short-term success story? I think there are several key things:

At last, we have the potential to Steven Joyce â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Economic Development Minister make a serious move up that fabled OECD ladder. Net migration to Australia has also dropped 1. Keep opening our markets and building strong people to people sharply. At around 1000 a month, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about a quarter of what it was, relationships. The lesson of the China FTA is obvious. If we can and close to its lowest point over the past decade. get a good TPP deal, then we should grab it - along with other There are risks - the world remains in economically uncharted FTA and trade opportunities. waters. However, if we remain cautious and conservative in our 2. Innovate, innovate and innovate. The National-led Government approach, we should do better than most. is putting a lot of taxpayersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; money into assisting ďŹ rms and their And, of course, one or two good years do not change the fortunes ideas. As a country we are starting to see the power of innovation of a country. We need many years of higher growth to provide better in our industries but we need to keep lifting private sector opportunities for Kiwis and their families. investment in research and development to international norms. Many people offer only two reasons for our change in fortune: the dairy trade, particularly with China; and the Christchurch rebuild. Both are contributing factors, but they are nothing like the whole story. The Christchurch rebuild is providing us only with a long-awaited upside after the earthquakes held back our economy in 2011 and 2012, with particularly damaging impacts in tourism and international education. Our trade with China is growing rapidly and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a big positive. New Zealand would have been a much quieter place without Chinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s demand for our goods and services over the past few years. But itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth noting our dairy trade with the world is only around 20 per cent of our total exports of goods and services and only a quarter of that goes to China. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most encouraging is that a range of our companies across a number of industries are successfully selling their goods and services around the world, despite tough economic times. In industries like ICT, high-tech and medium high-tech manufacturing, engineering services, tourism, international education, wine and other food and beverages, New Zealand ďŹ rms have got leaner and more savvy in the past few years and all that work is starting to pay off. The big thing driving the success of our entrepreneurs is their commitment to innovation; to developing products that allow them to demand a premium price in world markets. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that which determines their long-term success. 22

3. Keep building the skills of a successful and innovative trading nation. Encourage more of our young people into the careers that breed innovation, like engineering, ICT, and science. 4. Encourage more capital to invest in New Zealand. The mixed ownership programme has helped set up a stellar year for our stock exchange. We need to build on that. Capital investment in competitive industries creates sustainable jobs. 5. We need to keep removing red tape and provide certainty to investors, especially in resource industries. That means making decisions quickly and effectively, while also working to improve environmental outcomes. 6. We need to keep building infrastructure to support a growthoriented country. Great progress has been made in electricity transmission and ultra-fast broadband. Those projects need to be ďŹ nished. And we need to keep investing in our transport systems for safety and efďŹ ciency. That means high-quality four-lane roads in and out of our main centres, resilient highways elsewhere, and quality public transport that people want to use. Finally - and above all - we need to make responsible ďŹ scal and economic decisions that keep the tax burden low and pay off debt. We need to keep rewarding New Zealanders with efďŹ cient public services and lower income taxes than elsewhere. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talented, hard-working Kiwis who get out of bed every day that make all this happen. Kiwis strive and succeed because they see the beneďŹ ts of their hard work. If politicians keep remembering that then New Zealand will truly become a PaciďŹ c Tiger. The South African

17 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland New Zealand

Immigration Service you can Trust (established 1993)

New Zealand is slowly coming out of the recession and there are now more skilled jobs being advertised in most of our cities. Christchurch will be needing hundreds of skilled people to assist with the rebuild, so trades people as well as civil and other engineering posts are now becoming available. North Shore Immigration with their wealth of experience & sound reputation can assist migrants relocate to New Zealand as providers of highly personalised service, from temporary, permanent and business visas. For those business people that would prefer to work for themselves, they can either start a brand new business in New Zealand or buy an existing business via the Long Term Business Visa. There are also two investor categories of $1.5 million & $10 million. Please contact us for more info at email:

We provide specialist immigration solutions for: 8Residence (Skilled Migrants, Business, Family) 8Business Visa (Entrepreneur and/or Investor Categories) 8Work Visa (for those who have a job offer, based on their skills & experience) 8Work/Student visas for their immediate family members 8Student Visas for those who wish to study in New Zealand, and 8Job Search/Graduate Work Experience Visas for students who have completed their NZ studies. website:

We also offer help and assistance with: 8unabridged birth certificates 8 police clearance certificates 8 passport renewals 8 translations 8 assessment of overseas qualifications 8 obtaining NZ registration for occupations where this is required.


ph: 09 415 3392


The South African Magazine issue 38 -May 2014  
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