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NZNO Employment Survey 2013 Our Nursing Workforce: “For Close Observation”

NZNO Employment Survey 2013 Now available online

Issue 18 July 2013

NZNO News Integrated Health Care New Zealand Health discussions are heating up with talk of “Clinical Integration” and what does it mean for you? NZ, along with many other countries, is trying to achieve coordinated care as a means to improve continuity of care, reduce fragmentation within the health and social care systems and deliver more efficient patient outcomes. The drivers for this change include an increasing demand on health services with an ageing population; an ageing workforce; increasing demand for services to be delivered closer to home and reducing unscheduled health care. Whilst the Minister of Health has a vision to provide Better, Sooner, More Convenient Health Care (May 2012) the health systems involved are grappling with the approaches to achieve this. Achieving both a sector wide horizontal integration of joined up services across sectors such as health, education, welfare and local authorities as well as integration of health care teams, clinical decision making, coordinated patient pathways, shared care and IT systems is a whole of system approach that is difficult to vision. NZNO members have a pivotal role in developing these transitions to new ways of working. Whether your expertise lies in strategic thinking, governance, workforce development, research, community planning, specialist clinical care or patient advocacy your voice is essential. The NZ College of Primary Health Care NZNO plans to keep you informed and encouraged following on from their “What’s on Top” newsletter “Integration – an act or instance of combining into an integral whole” (suggest put up on website and add weblink) through a strategic discussion with committee and regional liaison members, resources to you to position your practice,and a regular column in LOGIC and on their website. you want to subscribe to any of these please contact us care_nurses A short report on integrated care initiatives in selected NZ health networks is available at Angela Clark NZNO Professional Nursing Advisor

NZNO Professionally Yours: Showcasing professional leadership


Health Practitioners Competency Assurance Act Review Marilyn Head and Susanne Trim attended one of four focus groups, hosted by HWNZ, to discuss 4 proposals emerging from the 2012 review of the Act. In brief, the four proposals were 1. I ntroduce more guidance to Responsible Authorities on the provision of information relating to complaints and disciplinary outcomes 2. Development of a shared code of practice for all health professionals 3. D evelopment of a shared set of standards for team work and team communications between health professionals 4. R equire all Responsible Authorities to be audited every three years against a set of indicators There was robust discussion within our focus group with unanimous agreement that the current provisions within the Act allow for 1, that a shared code would not add anything and indeed, duplicate documentation, when each RA would need to also develop profession specific interpretive documents and that team work was context specific and current competencies already refer to team work and communication. There was a mixed view on the value of progressing the 4th proposal and current provision under s124 and s125 of the Act would enable this to happen without change to the legislation being required.

Health Workforce New Zealand: leadership for health project Memo Musa and Susanne Trim met with Dr Karina McHardy on 15 July. Karina’s project is to develop a policy underpinning for the HWNZ clinician leadership agenda. We provided preliminary input and views on clinical leadership development for the health sector including the need for provision of a national programme at three levels (entry, intermediary, executive) with local, regional and national delivery respectively. A range of subjects were canvassed including identification of potential, creating opportunities, a national programme, exposure to learning initiatives outside current positions eg secondments, ring fenced time, mentoring and coaching opportunities.

NZNO Professionally Yours: Showcasing professional leadership


NZNO Professionally Yours: Showcasing professional leadership


Submissions NZNO has recently made submissions to: ͙͙ The Transport and Industrial Relations Committee on the Employment Relations Amendment Bill ͙͙ Health Workforce New Zealand on the Voluntary Bonding Scheme for nurses. ͙͙ The New Zealand Medical Association on the Review of Guidelines for Medical certification. ͙͙ Office of the High Commissioner for Human rights (United Nations) on the 18th hearing of the Universal Periodic Review of New Zealand Current consultations include: ͙͙ T he IT Health Board on the Draft HISO Standard 10041.1CDA Templates for Medications and Adverse Reactions ͙͙ PHARMAC on the review of its decision-making criteria. ͙͙ Standards NZ Rongoā Tikanga Standard Other Policy work includes: ͙͙ Manifesto 2014 ͙͙ Investigating retirement options ͙͙ Developing a bicultural framework for NZNO ͙͙ N ZNO documents: Guideline on s95 Amendment to Crimes Act; Position statement on Mentorship Research: ͙͙ NZNO Employment Survey 2013: Our Nursing Workforce: “For Close Observation” will soon be available online. ͙͙ The health of nurses aged over 50 in New Zealand Contemporary Nurse (2013) 45(1): 90–99. ͙͙ The impact of shift work on nurses over 50 implications for retention. Journal of Nursing Management (accepted, in press) ͙͙ Māori nurses and smoking; conflicted identities and motivations for smoking cessation (In press) ͙͙ RCGP and NZNO research project into patient-centered professionalism

NZNO Professionally Yours: Showcasing professional leadership


Too much to read? The NZNO library can help you pinpoint the hot topics of the moment. Access our new Featured Journal page on the NZNO website and keep up to date. Articles can be supplied in pdf to NZNO members. Just fill out the Ask a Librarian form.

NZNO Professionally Yours: Showcasing professional leadership


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