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Firearm Safety Rules


Always handle firearms with care


Treat every firearm as loaded

46% of serious firearms-related hunting incidents were from hunters accidentally shooting themselves


Always point in a safe direction

49% of serious firearms-related hunting incidents were from accidentally being shot by someone else

Make smart decisions when in the field



Load only when ready to fire

There were 210 serious firearms-related hunting incidents 2004-2016

Identify your target beyond all doubt

92% of mis-identified shootings were less than 75 metres away 80% were members of the same hunting party


Check your firing zone

48% of game bird firearms-related injuries were ‘shot by others’

Follow the rules at home to keep others safe


Store firearms and ammunition



Avoid alcohol or drugs when handling firearms

Store firearms

Data: MSC - A Hunter’s Tale 2017 Photos: Red Stag Timber Hunter’s Club, Dan Tong

On average, 15 firearms were stolen every week from 2016-2018

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before alcohol

100% focus at all times is essential for everyone’s safety

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