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MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION Building management and leadership capability


What is NZIM? What Does NZIM do? NZIM : Three Key Roles Member Benefits Joining NZIM


What is NZIM? NZIM helps people and organisations in New Zealand build excellent management and leadership capabilities. No matter whether you are a CEO, a Frontline Manager, Marketing Executive, Human Resource Specialist, Team Leader, or own your own business, NZIM can provide you with the tools and opportunities to help build your management and leadership capability and expand your network of contacts. NZIM is a not for profit organisation that operates nationwide through three regional offices. It is one of New Zealand’s largest professional organisations with over 16,500 participants involved in NZIM activities annually.

What does NZIM do? NZIM has three key roles Researches and communicates management best practice


Partners with managers and organisations to build their capabilities


Provides professional recognition



NZIM Researches and Communicates Management Best Practice International Best Practice

NZIM helps you keep in touch with the latest management developments by continued research into leading worldwide management best practice.

New Zealand Best Practice

NZIM researches current management and leadership best practice. This helps managers and organisations benchmark their performance and build their capability quickly.

NZIM Partners with Managers and Organisations to build their capabilities Capability Development Consulting

NZIM provides an in depth consulting service and diagnostic tools that help you and /or your organisation identify critical development needs. Our skilled Consultants then help you establish plans to meet these needs.

Public and In-Company/Customised Learning Programmes

NZIM delivers a comprehensive range of learning and development programmes, covering professional development workshops, short course programmes, and nationally delivered professional qualifications linked to the New Zealand Qualifications (NZQA) framework. • These make up the NZIM Learning Framework which structures NZIM’s learning programmes into linked stages that enable a manager to step through the framework to increasingly higher levels of skill and capability. • All NZIM learning programmes are led by highly qualified facilitators who have appropriate qualifications and extensive hands-on leadership and management experience. • NZIM learning programmes are delivered as public short or extended courses or developed and tailored to meet your specific organisational needs. • NZIM’s programmes are extremely practical, interactive and participative. • There is extensive use of individual and group exercises, discussion sessions, role plays, audio-visual feedback, and experiential learning which enable skills to be practiced and applied in a safe, non-threatening and enjoyable learning environment.

Mentoring Programme

The NZIM Mentoring Programme establishes a learning relationship between an experienced Mentor and Protégé. The NZIM Mentor pool is drawn from the Fellow and Associate Fellow members. This enables developing managers to tap into the very practical knowledge and experience of the Mentor. NZIM offers three levels of Mentoring service that enable individuals and organisations to choose an approach that matches their specific needs.


1. Individual Member Mentoring

An individual NZIM member can apply for a Mentor. They submit their CV and a short statement on what they are looking for in a Mentoring relationship then NZIM finds an appropriate match from their member database.

2. National / Regional Corporate Member Mentoring

An organisation may want a standard approach across the business with periodic evaluations and follow up. NZIM can provide Mentors in all New Zealand locations who have undergone the same high level of Mentor training. NZIM applies an in depth matching and quality control process as part of this service.

3. One Off Mentoring NZIM can provide Mentors for a specific one-off requirement for an individual or an organisation.

Networking Events

NZIM organises regular topical speaking and networking events covering key topics of interest for managers. These enable our members to learn from international speakers via satellite, and local speakers in person (Note: These events are increasingly being broadcast on internet which means NZIM members can access a wider range of speaking events]

NZIM Foundation

Funds are used to award scholarships and study trips to further the development of management and leadership capability.

Alan Crothall Scholarships and Awards

NZIM Southern makes available scholarships and awards that assist and encourage members to extend their tertiary education and provide financial assistance for those wishing to improve their knowledge and management skills.

NZIM Provides Professional Recognition Professional Qualifications Framework

NZIM helps managers gain professional recognition through its Professional Qualifications Framework. NZIM’s Professional Qualifications Framework is based on standard criteria that are aligned with world class best practice. This enables managers to gain higher levels of professional recognition as their career and experience advances. NZIM’s professional management qualifications are linked internationally to the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), United Kingdom Institute of Management (UKIM), and the Asian Association of Management (AAMO).

Life FNZIM : Life Fellow

Emts. FNZIM : Emeritus Fellow

FNZIM : Fellow AFNZIM : Associate Fellow MNZIM : Member ANZIM : Associate


• •

• • • •

The aim of this prestigious award is to recognise people who are clear role models for aspiring managers. Each year NZIM invites managers under 35 to apply. The judges look at a wide range of criteria based on their capabilities, experience and achievements to date in their careers. There are Regional awards with the winners going through to the National final. The National winner is announced at the annual Deloitte/Management Top 200 awards and receives a valuable package of prizes.


Young Executive of the Year Award

Individual Member Benefits Professional Development Support

NZIM delivers a wide range of management development programmes. Members can contact an NZIM Consultant who will help identify your ongoing development needs. Members also receive preferential rates on NZIM’s public learning and development courses, business breakfasts and luncheons, and speaker events.

Mentoring Programme

This programme provides effective transfer of learning and experience. It draws on a network of skilled managers and leaders who are members of NZIM and pairs them with a person who wants to develop their skills and knowledge. Individual membership provides you with access to the NZIM Mentoring Programme.

Professional Recognition NZIM enables managers to gain professional recognition through its Professional Qualifications Framework. Individual members can apply for higher levels of NZIM professional qualifications as their careers progress. These qualifications are linked with other international management organisations.

Member Networking Events

A wide range of member events are held regularly throughout New Zealand involving topical speakers on management issues, often accessible live via the internet.


Management Magazine Regular topical newsletters Managers’ Update Focus on Management

Web Site Portal

The NZIM website provides access to issues of interest to managers and is a gateway to other services and information.

Corporate Member Benefits Corporate membership enables you and your staff to receive preferential rates on NZIM’s extensive range of learning and development programmes. It also enables you to attend NZIM’s networking and speaker events at preferential member rates. NZIM Corporate Membership has been developed in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) to include the option of trans-Tasman National Corporate Membership.


There are two options for Corporate Membership: 1. National Corporate – where the organisation covers a range of locations in New Zealand. 2. Regional Corporate – where the organisation is located in one area. Please note that staff of Corporate Members need to become individual NZIM members if they wish to apply for NZIM Professional Qualifications

Should I Join NZIM? NZIM Membership is open to anyone or any organisation that is interested in building their management and leadership capabilities. Membership with NZIM will keep you in touch with leading edge management thinking, enabling you and your organisation to grow and develop in a constantly changing world. No matter whether you are at the beginning of your career, looking for your next step, or experiencing a career change, NZIM membership will make a substantial contribution to your professional development and help you achieve both your personal and corporate goals.

How do I Join NZIM? There are a range of Member classifications INDIVIDUAL



National Corporate


Regional Corporate


Not for profit

Student You can discuss your membership needs and request more information by phoning or emailing your local NZIM Southern office.

Contact Us Christchurch 03 379 2302

Online For more information and to enrol online, go to

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