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Four Quadrant Leadership

Four Quadrant Leadership The Four Quadrant leadership programme is one of the cornerstones of the NZIM Southern Signature Series for leadership and management development. Develop your leadership skills progressively; • Four Quadrant Leadership Stage 1 • Four Quadrant Leadership Stage 2 with Wilf Jarvis Testimonial

Designed for Managers and team leaders who desire to become more successful leaders.

Key Benefits •

Share decision-making wisely

Increase the sense of ownership enjoyed by members of your team

Identify levels and steps for delegation and responsibility in the workplace

Appreciate the value of people in your team

Implement a framework which can be made explicit and shared with the team to increase understanding and capability.

“The essence of leadership is energising people to become better human beings and more productive team members. Four Quadrant Leadership emphasises the importance of empathic relationships and of clearly communicating task assignments as a basis for improving leadership effectiveness. The practice of Four Quadrant Leadership not only improves leadership, it strengthens teams as well.” John Staedke, Past World President, Hitachi Data Systems

Four Quadrant Leadership Stage 1 with Wilf Jarvis Participants will gain the learning outcomes of the Four Quadrant Leadership programme with the added benefit of its’ being presented by the founder of Four Quadrant Leadership himself, Wilfred Jarvis.

Wilfred Jarvis Founder of Four Quadrant Leadership

Wilfred Jarvis totally captivates his audiences with an authority and wisdom seldom seen today. In stark contrast to the very ‘I’ centred style of so many managers today, Wilfred continues to demonstrate a very genuine empathy, empowering authority and compelling modesty. It is these very behaviours that are the essence of the Four Quadrant Leadership message.

Wilfred Jarvis is a world-renowned behavioural scientist providing consultancy to senior executives in mainland USA, Canada, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. This course provides the opportunity to be captivated by this insightful man and his powerful message about how to be a true leader through consistently demonstrating the principles and practices of Four Quadrant Leadership Stage 1.

If you are not familiar with Four Quadrant Leadership or the work of Wilfred Jarvis, we can guarantee that experiencing this programme will be something to be remembered and will provide tools to vastly improve your leadership capability. We commend to you this opportunity to have the master, himself, present this seminar in person.

Four Quadrant Leadership Stage 1 Participants will gain the learning outcomes of the Four Quadrant Leadership programme delivered by one of our skilled faculty members.

Four Quadrant Leadership Stage 2 Available to those who have completed Four Quadrant Leadership Stage 1 and wish to move to the next level of understanding and application of this effective leadership model, delivered by Wilf Jarvis

Four Quadrant Leadership Stage 1 Learning Outcomes Participants will •

Assess the skills and energies of their staff

Confidently delegate and communicate appropriate expectations and requirements

Build effective/empathic relationships

Choose constructive energies and positive attitudes in building relationships

Apply deliberate lifestyle habits that create the power and determination to make better choices – every day

Apply four different leadership strategies relative to the situation and employees involved

Diagnose poor performance in the workplace and provide an appropriate remedy that produces a positive result – for all parties

Establish new personal development goals/expectations for the future.

Four Quadrant Leadership Stage 2 Learning Outcomes Participants will •

Detect and prevent problems in the team

Identify the features of resilience in team management

Stimulate personal and professional development in themselves and others

Apply behaviour changing techniques

Support the development of cohesive teams.

Four Quadrant leadership gave me a language and process to improve delegation, leadership and team development. It provoked personal and professional growth for me as a manager. Past participant of Four Quadrant leadership

NZIM Southern

What sets NZIM apart?

Four points of difference

NZIM has a proud history dating from 1946. NZIM Southern is a registered Private Training Establishment and a not-for-profit organisation with a strong culture of membership. This benefits you, as a learner, because not only are you certain of independent advice for all your professional development needs, but as a member you are connected to other thought-leaders in your industry and can receive regular updates on emerging trends in your area of business including white papers and reviews. You can also choose to participate in networking events designed to enhance collaboration and generate productive outcomes for your business and our community. All programmes are designed to: •

Enhance leadership and management capability, enable employee engagement and improve outcomes for the individual and the workplace

Incorporate active and experiential learning which ensures you learn-by-doing and know that your input is welcome

Focus on learning outcomes and changes in behaviour that will benefit you in your workplace and in your career

Align your professional development needs strategically to future-proof the needs of the individual and the organisation

Limit numbers for optimum learning

Incorporate the latest evidence-based effective practice in leadership and management; course materials are dynamic and continually updated

NZIM Southern offers services that are registered for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme.


Just-in-time interactive learning experiences ensures that what is learned today is used immediately. Select from a wide range of courses or customise a programme to the needs of your organisation. Create the learning pathway linked to the professional development needs of your people and your organisation.


Our focus is to partner with individual leaders, managers and whole organisations to build capacity by developing people.


Four cornerstone programmes NZIM Southern Signature Series is made up of four cornerstone, professional development programmes for aspiring leaders. Attendees have demonstrated a commitment to working at the highest levels of management and have completed one of the following courses Advanced Management Programme, Operational Excellence for Managers, Transformational Leadership (ESCO) and Four Quadrant Leadership.

NZIM Southern Signature Series

SUCCESS prosperitas

All programmes are informed by international research and local case studies to communicate best practice in leadership and management capability.


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NZIM Southern Four Quadrant Leadership 2014