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Learning Outline

Advanced Management Programme 2014

New Zealand Institute of Management Southern Inc

Advanced Management

⌠Review style and practice

⌠Increase your management tool box


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Organisational Psychology The development and effective use of an organisation’s cooperative capacity is of paramount importance to achieving organisational success. The opening element of the AMP focuses on the development of the participants’ personal and group skills in applying best practices from the behavioural sciences to optimise the deployment of human resources in any organisational setting. Managers on the programme will be given the tools and feedback to improve the effectiveness of their own and their team’s cooperative efforts to achieve organisation goals.

Learning Outcomes •

Analyse and strategise for effective problem management

Select and apply appropriate learning style for colleagues

Plan and lead positive change strategies

Enable teams to perform to a high standard

Identify how to add value to their organisation

Develop a culture of high engagement

Manage cross-functional co-operation and conflict

Content •

Effective problem management

Building the learning organisation

Developing high performance teams

Managing decisions that succeed

Leading positive change

Sustaining the healthy organisation

How executives add value

Creating high engagement work climates

Role of belief systems in leading others

Managing cross-functional cooperation and conflict

Marketing Management In recent years, New Zealand businesses have faced a vast and rapidly changing business environment that has necessitated the option of marketing orientation in order to survive, much less prosper. In addition to covering the basic principles and concepts of marketing, this segment describes what professional marketers do and more importantly, why they do it. This segment provides non-marketing participants with an ability to understand more clearly the role of marketing management and its relationship to other business functions.

Learning Outcomes •

Understand that “marketing” is much, much more than the common perception that is just advertising, selling and/ or promotion, as it is about developing a customer-centric approach to business

Identify barriers to the adoption of a marketing orientation

Distinguish the pros and cons of various market research methods

Understand the dynamics of buyer behaviour for both consumer and business markets

Structure a marketing plan

Add value to both products and services

Plan to deliver the kind of service that will result in your customers absolute loyalty

Develop effective marketing communications

Content •

The fundamental principles and concepts of marketing

Analysis and discussion of marketing case studies

Analysis and discussion of market research questionnaires

Analysis and discussion of advertising and promotional materials such as print advertisements, brochures, direct marketing letters, emails and point-of-sale materials

Videos and discussion on organisations that deliver excellence in customer service

Key Benefits

For non-marketers attending AMP Be much better placed to critique the marketing effectiveness of your organisation. Work much more effectively with the marketing professionals in your organisation For marketers attending AMP Refresh your knowledge of the most important aspects of marketing, i.e. the basic and fundamental principles and concepts of marketing

The Strategic Loop

Content Change Management

Strategic Planning

What is change? Our attitudes to change? What is the change process? How do we lead change? Who can lead change?

What is strategic planning? How to prepare for strategic planning? What are the key tools? How do we develop a strategic plan? How do we deploy a strategic plan?

Measurement of Change

Strategic Innovation

How do we measure progress? How do we develop KPIs? What is a system approach? How to develop a score card? What is measurement in the future?

What is innovation? How do we measure innovation? Characteristics of creative individuals? Characteristics of creative organisations?

Post Graduate Programme The Post Graduate Programme aims to consolidate and extend information reviewed at the Advanced Management Programme concerning factors affecting the structures, customs and effectiveness of organisations. It also revisits the applications of behavioural science in managing people.

Content •

Debriefing the AMP programme

Consolidate learning and effective leadership practice

Discuss key changes and challenges for senior managers in business today

How to create and manage “shared meaning”, common vision, goals, day-to-day agreements in complex systems

Network with graduates of the Advanced Management Programme

How to be ‘value-driven’ as a leader and as an organisation

How to manage conflict in the executive team

Stock markets and other investment opportunities

How to view and manage time as a resource

An opportunity to network with past participants of the Advanced Management Programme

The fee to attend the Advanced Management Programme also includes attendance to the two day Post Graduate course provided participants attend within two years of completing the AMP - no additional fee is charged. (Does not include accommodation)

Testimonials Quotes from NZIM Southern Inc Advanced Management Programme Launch November 2012

Steve Bridges AMP Faculty “I am a passionate believer in this programme. I call it the Harvard of New Zealand Executive Development Programme. It’s simply the best in New Zealand. This is the only programme in New Zealand in which a majority of the presenters are from top overseas universities and businesses.”

Tim Roulston IT Project Manager & AMP graduate “The AMP is the most influential programme I’ve ever been on. A few years on I still refer daily to things I learnt from both the faculty and other students. It perfectly addresses how we do business, and more importantly why. The most significant thing I gained from the programme was confidence in myself as a leader. The AMP is inspirational. It was a privilege to be asked by my employer to attend.”

Ross Aimer General Manager Sales “This programme is an essential part of Ravensdown’s leadership pathway and talent retention. Graduates from this programme return to work challenged, with new ideas and practical skills which enable them to add value to the business and to their career.”

What sets NZIM Southern apart? NZIM has a proud history dating from 1946. NZIM Southern is a registered Private Training Establishment and a not-for-profit organisation with a strong culture of membership. This benefits you, as a learner, because not only are you certain of independent advice for all your professional development needs, but as a member you are connected to other thought-leaders in your industry and can receive regular updates on emerging trends in your area of business including white papers and reviews. You can also choose to participate in networking events designed to enhance collaboration and generate productive outcomes for your business and our community. All programmes are designed to: • Enhance leadership and management capability, enable employee engagement and improve outcomes for the individual and the workplace • Incorporate active and experiential learning which ensures you learn-by-doing and know that your input is welcome • Focus on learning outcomes and changes in behaviour that will benefit you in your workplace and in your career • Align your professional development needs strategically to future-proof the needs of the individual and the organisation

NZIM Southern

Four points of difference APPLIED LEARNING

Just-in-time interactive learning experiences ensures that what is learned today is used immediately. Select from a wide range of courses or customise a programme to the needs of your organisation. Create the learning pathway linked to the professional development needs of your people and your organisation.

• Limit numbers for optimum learning • Incorporate the latest evidence-based effective practice in leadership and management; course materials are dynamic and continually updated


• NZIM Southern offers services that are registered for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme. Our focus is to partner with individual leaders, managers and whole organisations to build capacity by developing people.

Four cornerstone programmes NZIM Southern Signature Series

SUCCESS prosperitas

NZIM Southern Signature Series is made up of four cornerstone, professional development programmes for aspiring leaders. Attendees have demonstrated a commitment to working at the highest levels of management and have completed one of the following courses Advanced Management Programme, Operational Excellence for Managers, Transformational Leadership (ESCO) and Four Quadrant Leadership.


All programmes are informed by international research and local case studies to communicate best practice in leadership and management capability.


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NZIM Southern AMP Learning Outline 2014  
NZIM Southern AMP Learning Outline 2014