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Advanced Management Programme

Advanced Management Programme New Zealand’s most challenging and stimulating premiere executive development programme. Put aside the urgent today and take this opportunity to consider the important for you and your organisation.

Designed for Any person in a senior leadership/management position or moving into a senior position such as; Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, Managing Director, Managing Partner, Chief Financial Officer, Regional Manager, Group Manager and Managers in Operations, Production and Support Services.

Key Benefits The New Zealand Institute of Management Southern’s Advanced Management Programme (AMP) will: • Develop greater perspective on both professional and personal life, enabling you to develop and share your vision, lead your organisation and motivate your employees • Build new approaches to resolving issues, have your thinking challenged by different perspectives, cultures and experience • Increase capability to master the complexity of top management positions in an uncertain world • Expand insight into the challenges responsible business leaders and organisations are likely to face in the future • Build a close-knit and valuable network of senior management peers • Improve your ability to question conventional ideas and consider alternative scenarios, increase your confidence to drive change. If these are some of your professional challenges and aspirations, we invite you to discover how the AMP can improve your effectiveness as a leader and manager.

Employer Testimonial “The NZIM Southern’s Advanced Management Programme provides our managers with the skills, models and frameworks for thinking, helping them to take the step from management to leadership. It provides them with immediate and tangible methods to effectively implement change within the work place. It helps to challenge and develop their thinking and to enhance their talent. As a diverse and expanding company, Ravensdown looks to this course as a cornerstone to develop our key talent.” Tracey Paterson, General Manager Human Resources

Programme Update 2014 New material has been added this year including 360 degree Leadership Feedback, Leader as Coach and Agile Leadership Techniques. This programme is delivered in interactive workshops sharing up-to-date research and the insights of leaders managing a changing business environment.

Programme overview AMP is facilitated by an exceptional team of presenters from Mainland USA, Australia and New Zealand. The programme is run in two modules, the first is a two week block,the second is a one week block. It is possible to select just one module or to attend both, tailoring your professional development to your individual needs.

AMP is a residential programme based at The Copthorne Hotel Commodore, an environment in which innovation and creativity can flourish. The AMP takes a holistic view of leadership, offering participants the invaluable opportunity to set time aside and consider the foundation on which they base their leadership and management skills. This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in a communal environment,

spend quality time with a superbly experienced international faculty and explore individual and organisational excellence. This programme is attended by a variety of professionals in a wide range of roles. All are intent on performance excellence, being the best they can be and positively impacting their career and organisation through inspirational, values-based leadership and modelling best practice.

Testimonials NZIM Southern partner with individuals, leaders, managers and organisations to build capacity by developing people. The following are comments from the participants of one company we partnered in this way – all graduates of the NZIM Southern Advanced Management Programme.

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“The AMP is the most influential training I’ve ever been on. A few years on I still refer daily to things I learnt from both the faculty and other students. It perfectly addresses both how we do business, and more importantly why. The most significant thing I gained from the course was confidence in myself as a leader. The AMP is inspirational.”

Practise techniques

Tim Roulston, IT Project Manager

Review leadership styles and techniques

Increase your management tool box

Design new and innovative strategies

Fine tune your leadership approach.

AMP provides a compelling forum to:

“A real strength was that the course gave the opportunity to analyse behaviours thoroughly and look at how people react to different behaviours. The strategic marketing and strategic planning sessions provided excellent high-level holistic frameworks for business analysis. The psychological components of the course really are intriguing and gave me a whole new understanding, empathy and respect for people’s actions and reactions and behaviours.” Kelly Morris, Eco-N Business Manager

Learning Outcomes Participants will •

Apply tools and feedback to improve the effectiveness of their own and their team’s co-operative efforts to achieve organisational goals

Implement informed and effective strategic planning

Challenge assumptions about leadership to enhance your leadership in practice

Create and sustain high quality interpersonal relationships

Understand the role of marketing management and its relationship to other business functions

Apply Agile Leadership approaches to enhance business and team leadership.

Content •

Applied psychology and management of high performance

The Strategic Loop and managing change

360 degree leadership processes and feedback

Principles and Concepts of Marketing

Agile leadership practices.

“The knowledge and insight gained from the impressive range of presenters in itself provided a great learning opportunity but the breadth of the material and delivery through workshop exercises and discussion groups ensures the AMP experience is a must for all aspiring managers.” Fabian Kopu, Application Manager “The AMP course proved to have a great mix of both theory and practical explanations which we had the opportunity to tease out in groups which allowed the learning process to be fun and dynamic! “A great opportunity to meet like-minded people who had very different backgrounds and experiences which made for some excellent case studies, discussions, debates and even role plays.” John Hodgkin, Sales Manager

We invite you to discover how the NZIM Southern Advanced Management Programme can improve your effectiveness as a manager and leader.

Please contact: Learning & Development team, Ph 03 379 2302, email:

NZIM Southern Inc

points of difference

Leverage the Power of Four with NZIM Southern Inc Leading International Faculty presenter Prof Ronald Fry Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Ron is Chairman of the Department of Organisation Behaviour, ranked #1 overall in the world by the Financial Times over the past five years. Ron has been involved in research and consulting with a variety of organisations in the areas of human resource development and organisational change for the past twenty-five years, including Ford, General Electric, The US Navy and World Vision.

Course Attendee review Kristy Archer


Advanced Management Programme Graduate

“I valued ideas on employee engagement and ways to create more cohesive, supportive and empowered teams. The course helped me to appreciate the critical importance of innovation, business improvement, and enhancing delivery to customers via managing relationships with the external and internal customer. “On a personal level, as a result of this programme, I am much more aware of my behaviours and ways of communicating, and how these may impact on those around me. This has not only resulted in a shift in my workplace relationships, but also in my role as a wife and mother. It’s about understanding how to get the best from people!”

Post Graduate Programme For those who have completed the NZIM Southern’s Advanced Management Programme, there is an invitation to attend the two day Post Graduate Programme within two years of completing the AMP at no charge, (this does not include accommodation). This programme consolidates and extends the learning from the original course and provides an opportunity to network with past participants of the Advanced Management Programme.

Four cornerstone programmes

Just-in-time interactive learning experiences ensures that what is learned today is used immediately. Select from a wide range of courses or customise a programme to the needs of your organisation. Create the learning pathway linked to the professional development needs of your people and your organisation.


Our focus is to partner with individual leaders, managers and whole organisations to build capacity by developing people.


NZIM Southern Signature Series is made up of four cornerstone, professional development programmes for aspiring leaders. Attendees have demonstrated a commitment to working at the highest levels of management and have completed one of the following courses Advanced Management Programme, Operational Excellence for Managers, Transformational Leadership (ESCO) and Four Quadrant Leadership.


NZIM Southern Signature Series

SUCCESS prosperitas

Christchurch Unit 4, 303 Blenheim Road Christchurch PO Box 13044 Christchurch 8141 Ph: 03 379 2302 0800 2 TRAIN (0800 2 87246) Fax: 03 357 8003

All programmes are informed by international research and local case studies to communicate best practice in leadership and management capability.


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