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 

 

 


 


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ARABIANZ July/August 2013

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NZAHBS LIFE MEMBERS Since the New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders’ Society was introduced in 1970, there have been a number of Honorary Life Memberships given for “special services”. The NZAHBS Life Members are as follows: Mr RM Gubb, Mrs SW Spratt, Mr K Cholmondeley-Smith, late Mr AA Ayliffe, late Mr J Wyatt (Australia), late AA Alec Edward, late Mr H Kroef, late Mr B Ross and late Mrs BA Morrissey. The NZAHBS has two patrons: HRH The Princess Alia al Hussein of Jordan and PT Upton Esq, Stropshire, UK



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ARABIANZ July/August 2013

Mark Milmine 5 Wilkin Street, Tinwald Ashburton


PRESIDENT’S REPORT Dear Members It is with great sadness that the NZAHBS Council announces the recent passing of four members of our Arabian community. Angela Rogers of Jameel Arabians in Kaikohe lost her father, Laurie Frazerhurst, on 24 June. Karan Lawrence of Lawrence Arabians in Oamaru lost her husband, Rodney, on 13 July. Sharley Haddon of Taurere Arabians in Wellsford lost her husband, Laly, on 16 July. John Morrissey passed away on 24 July. John, along with his late wife, Bev, of Taralea Arabians in Christchurch, were long time breeders and Council members. John served eight consecutive terms as President and one as Vice President before retiring from Council in 2008. Council extends its deepest sympathies to all families and friends during these difficult times. Melanie Barker President, NZAHBS

ARABIANZ CONTENT REQUIRED for upcoming issues Members are invited to submit stud news, articles, photographs & items that may be of interest to the wider Arabian membership. Stud News can include up to 1/2 an A4 page of text, plus one photograph must not include advertising of sale horses or stallions at stud. Please email your submissions by the last Wednesday of every month to the National Secretary: arabnewzealand@xtra.co.nz

September 2013 issue: Advertising, articles, stud news, photographs, “From the Mailbag” submissions

Deadline - 28 August 2013 6

PRESIDENT’S REPORT Shortage of Arabian Horses in New Zealand The number of Arabian horses being bred and registered in New Zealand has declined by 50% over the past 5 years and this will directly affect the sport of endurance. Consider this, in 2012 the NZAHBS registered 58 purebreds. Say 10% don’t make it to 2 year olds, so we are down to 52. Say 50% geldings, 50% mares, that’s 26 of each. Say 50% of these are not suitable for endurance eg too small, poor conformation, don’t move straight, club foot, high heart rates, injuries etc, say 13 geldings and 13 mares to choose from. Geldings are the most popular at this time. So in 2017 we COULD have 13 x 5 year old purebred geldings across the country to choose from. However from 3 years to 5 years there will be more deaths and injuries. Let’s say 20% so we are now down to 11 across the country. Of this 11, there will be a percentage that are sold to other riding disciplines because they will be a good size and correct horses. Let’s say 9 end up in endurance – 5 in the North Island and 4 in the South Island. Of these 9 there will be a percentage amongst them that do not make it as an endurance horse due to temperament, high heart rates, picky eaters, injuries, poor travellers etc. No one can predict the exact number that will be available but considering the above it looks like there won’t be many!!! It is human nature to consider just “the here and now” and not “the future”. Of course there are partbreds and unregistered horses but they too will be declining in numbers and the prospect of having to bring horses in from Australia is a very real one. As riders/supporters of Endurance we all need to take this situation really seriously and consider what we could do to help make a difference. So what can we do to help… Appreciate those dedicated enthusiasts out there who are actually still breeding Arabians as the past economic times have resulted in 0 returns to the breeder when selling. If you have a quality mare, lease her to someone interested in breeding. And finally those of you, who do have suitable mares, mate them…. not next season or the season after… this season!!! Melanie Barker President, NZAHBS

Stud Directory Listing Forms to be returned by 30 August Stud Directory Advertising Booking Forms to be returned by 23 August Advertising Artwork to be supplied by 30 August

ARABIANZ July/August 2013

. . . . . . r e d n i Rem 2013/14 STUD DIRECTORY


COUNCIL UPDATES A list of Full Members will be included in the Stud Directory - please advise the National Secretary if you DO NOT want your details to be published.

COUNCIL MEETING: 3 July 2013 New Members Adele Maraki Rosemary Revell

Kaikohe Marton

Full Associate

Arabianz Members are invited to supply Stud News again at no cost. Submissions may include up to half an A4 page of text and one photograph - NO advertising of horses for sale or stallions at stud. Submissions to be emailed to arabnewzealand@xtra.co.nz. Roll of Merit - Revision of Rules The finalised Roll of Merit Factsheet will be emailed to all members shortly and will be available to download from the website. To summarise, Council agreed to reverse the decision made in 2010/11 to increase Performance points to 400 points for all events under saddle. Performance reverts back to 100 points with separate categories for - Costume, Dressage, Endurance, Ridden. Mare Progeny points remain at 150. The Judy Nordquist Trophy will be reintroduced for the Supreme Champion Led Purebred at the 2014 National Arabian Championships. AA Show Supreme Champion points will be set at 18. The A Grading of the 2010 Auckland Arabian Spectacular and Canterbury A&P Show have been reinstated and ROM points will be retrospectively awarded. Show Gradings 2013/14 AA - National Arabian Championships (hosted by Canterbury Arabian Enthusiasts Group) A - South Island Championships (Otago AHC) A - North Island Championships (Taranaki AHC) A - Auckland Arabian Spectacular A - Canterbury All Arabian A - Royal A&P Show (Manawatu) A - Canterbury A&P Show Stud Directory A Stud Directory will be published for the 2013/14 breeding season. Forms have been emailed separately for members to complete and return. This will be an electronic magazine in the same format as Arabianz and also available as a PDF for local and international visitors to download off the website. Advertising opportunities are available to showcase your stud or stallion at Arabianz Advertising Rates. 8

Completed forms to be returned by 30 August. Purebred Registration Amnesty Council has approved a Purebred Registration Amnesty from 20 August to 30 November 2013 to encourage current and former members to bring their outstanding paperwork up to date.The $300 late fee will be waived during this time provided the following is submitted by 30 November 2013: •

A new membership application form is completed for former members and accompanied by payment of $155.25 (subscription of $126.50 + joining fee of $28.75)

Application for Registration forms are completed for all outstanding registrations and accompanied by payment (as per current Scale of Fees).

Registration rules in place at the time the foal was born must be met.

Please pass this information on to anyone you know who may be interested. Further information is available from the Office. Website - Stud Link Members who would like a website link added to our Stud Links page please email your address details to: arabnewzealand@xtra.co.nz. Please also add the Society’s website address to your own page to improve our search engine rankings. Website - Stallion Listing Members who would like a Stallion Listing added to our Stallions at Stud page please email your stallion’s details and a high resolution photo to: arabnewzealand@xtra.co.nz National Arabian Championships 2015 Applications to host the 2015 National Arabian Championships must be received prior to the 24 September 2013 Council meeting. Contact the National Secretary to request the “NZ National Arabian Championships Hosting Template”. Next Council Meeting The next NZAHBS Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 24 September 2013 in Wellington. If you wish to have any matters raised at this meeting, please ensure that they are submitted to the Office at least 14 days out from the meeting.

New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders’ Society (Inc)

PUREBRED REGISTRATION AMNESTY Amnesty Period 20 August 2013 to 30 November 2013

The NZAHBS Council is pleased to announce a Purebred Registration Amnesty from 20 August to 30 November 2013. Both current and former members are encouraged to bring their outstanding paperwork up to date to allow the entry of currently unregistered Purebred Arab Horses into the Society’s Stud Book. Former members will be required to rejoin the Society to enable their registrations to be processed. The $300 late fee usually applied to horses over the age of 2 years will be waived during the Amnesty period provided that the following is submitted by 30 November 2013: • A new membership application form must be completed by former members and accompanied by payment of $155.25 (subscription of $126.50 + joining fee of $28.75) • Application for Registration forms must be fully completed for all outstanding registrations and accompanied by the relevant fee: • Purebred Gelding - $59.50 • Purebred Filly/Mare - $197.50 (including DNA typing fee) • Purebred Colt/Stallion - $472.50 (including DNA typing fee) • PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE BY ARRANGEMENT • The registration rules in place at the time the foal was born must be met. Forms, rules and further information are available from the National Secretary.

For further information please contact: Fiona McLachlan NZAHBS National Secretary PO Box 80, Cust 7444, North Canterbury Tel: 03 312 5998 • Fax: 03 312 5996 Email: arabnewzealand@xtra.co.nz


VALE: Alison Steward Alison Blanche Steward 6th December 1949 – 14th June 2013 Arabian Horse Breeder and New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society Councillor. Alison grew up in suburban Auckland but far enough from the City centre to have her pets and to indulge her dreams of owning horses. When Alison left school she took up nursing as a career and was still employed as a nurse when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As a young breeder myself I was keen to get to know others who had an interest in Arabian Horses and it soon emerged that Alison was like minded when she contacted me to come visit and view the stallion Nadji I had recently imported. From that time a unique friendship grew based on our mutual interest in Arabians and our respect for each other’s ongoing thirst for knowledge, dedication to the breed and our recognition of the tenacity we both had for our respective equestrian pursuits. I remember at about the same time visiting Melville and Joan Gubb at their Tomarata farm where the imported sire Claudius was the man of the moment and soon found that Alison had a similar eye for a good type when it emerged that we both had our sights set on a super part bred filly that I should add ended up in Alison’s paddock! Later Alison was to purchase her first purebred Arabian mare Araleigh Judith from Mel and Joan and with this acquisition Karamea Stud moved from its part bred beginnings and was truly underway. The first filly from Araleigh Judith was Karamea Zahra (by the imported sire Impala) Registered in Vol.2 of the New Zealand Arab Horse Stud Book. Following Zara was a long line of purebred youngsters, each generation better than the last a true mark of a good breeder. Alison studied her stock, was a student of genetics and always had a plan, which she followed to improve everything about her horses by selecting the right bloodlines and genetic traits to complement what was already inherent. Little at Karamea was left to chance. The first stallion that Alison purchased was Araleigh Kavanna who was by the American import Gai Aristocrat. Kavanna had a huge and lasting impact on the Karamea breeding program and really made Alison’s name as a breeder of quality Arabians.


Stallions that followed were El Kheir Galal, Fairview Kaptivation, Windella Bronze Wings (who was lost as a youngster) and finally Madreya. Then to add to the gene pool at Karamea Alison joined with a like minded group of fellow breeders to import new blood via a syndication of the stallions Jacob JCA and Aria Elation from the USA all this taking Karamea to the next level, the long term plan of Alison’s was still in play!

KARAMEA ELECTRA (Jacob JCA (US) x Karamea Estella)

Alison with a group of friends including Angela Rogers and others living outside New Zealand invested in some beautiful mares that were based in the USA this was an exciting concept that Alison was delighted to be a part of and she had great hopes that some high class youngsters would result from judicious matings of these mares and careful planning for their upbringing. Alison has made sure that these plans will continue. A year ago Alison rejoined the Board of the New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society. Alison had been a Councillor in the early 1990’s for six years and felt she was ready again to give further service to the breed. With her well known enthusiasm Alison set about researching delinquent registrations to see that pedigrees were correct and that applications could be processed, putting right what was wrong and reporting fearlessly when there was bad news to be faced. Alison was a stickler for the rules and had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the constitution and the operational rules and regulations, knowledge which was valued by us all. For my part working with Alison on the Council was a joy, it did however involve long debates, deep discussions and lots of referrals to the rulebook! In the end before we put ideas to others we made sure that we properly researched and were as one in our belief that we were correct.

Before Alison became ill I had my own health problems and like a trooper Alison who was Vice President of the Society took the reins and did a fine job and I made sure Alison knew how grateful I was to have had her support at this time.

Photo Credit: Unicorn Images ©

At the most recent National Arabian Show in Taranaki Alison showed her delightful filly Karamea Seraphina and enjoyed being with fellow breeders. We stayed at the same Motel and I value the memories of the Friday night of the show when we spent hours talking about lives well lived, the joys of travel the value of true friendship and the importance of loving relationships. We laughed, told stories and re-lived the past as we knew it, especially the past in relation to the Society and the Breed in New Zealand. Alison loved her family and was upfront about how they indulged her in her love of Arabian Horses, especially as this love of horses was basically Alison’s passion making their support all the more generous.

Kevin Cholmondeley-Smith

Above: Fairview Kaptivation (AU) (Amir El Shaklan x Kreoluka) Below: Karamea Evita (Gai Cadet (US) x Karamea Farah)

Photo Credit: Bonni Paul ©

ARABIANZ July/August 2013

Alison was a mainstay of our Arabian horse breeding community and will be sorely missed. It was Alison’s wish that entire herd of Karamea horses be offered for sale in an orderly fashion and already some have found new homes, there are still some super types available, all inquiries should be directed to Angela Rogers 09 405 9629 (evenings).


REGISTRATION The NZAHBS Council has recently brought the Purebred Registration Requirements back in line with the green “Rules and Regulations 2007” booklet. Following is a summary of the current requirements:


Annual Mare & Stallion Returns have been reintroduced. Returns must be completed and returned to the office by 1 April each year. If you haven’t already submitted your 2012/13 Mare & Stallion returns – please complete & return to the office now. Electronic forms are available to download off the website.


Purebred Applications for Registration are due by 1st July following the end of the breeding season which the foal was born. If you haven’t submitted your 2012/13 foal registrations - please complete and return to the office now.

A DNA sample must accompany all Purebred Applications for Registration, including geldings, whose hair will be held in storage in case it is needed at a later date.


Both the Sire & Dam of the foal must be DNA typed.



If breeding via Artificial Insemination both the Mare owner and the Stallion owner must apply for an AI Permit prior to breeding in this manner.

REQUIREMENTS The self-carbonated Application for Registration forms will be discontinued as they do not comply with the current registration regulations. Updated Purebred & Derivative registration forms are being created and will be available to download from the NZAHBS website soon. In the meantime – please continue to use the self-carbonated forms as follows: • The Stallion Owner must complete and sign the Service Certificate. • The Mare Owner (breeder) must complete and sign the Dam Owner’s Certificate, Mare Return & Markings. • A qualified Veterinary Surgeon must sign off on the identity of the foal – there is no box for this on the self-carbonated form – please have them sign above the horse diagrams. • Please ensure that all whorls are noted on the application form with an ‘X’.

Horses born from 1 August 2012 must now be branded AND/OR microchipped for identification. Previous rules surrounding this: • Horses born prior to 31 July 2007 - branding compulsory • Horses born from 1 August 2007 to 31 July 2012 - branding optional • Horses born from 1 August 2012 - to be branded AND/OR microchipped

Current Purebred Registration fees: Geldings $59.50, Fillies $197.50 (includes DNA typing fee), Colts $472.50 (includes DNA typing fee).


If you have a Colt that you are undecided whether to geld or not an extension can be given until 1 November at which time he must be registered as a Colt or Gelding and the relevant fee paid.

A registered colt is eligible for a gelding refund on production of a gelding certificate if he is gelded before 2 years of age, has not covered any mares & is still owned by the breeder.

Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding registrations or require an extension of time due to extenuating circumstances.

ARABIANZ July/August 2013

6 8



Sunday 25 August 2013 Cambridge Lodge State Highway 1, Karapiro

Sunday 15 September 2013 Canterbury RDA Arena Canterbury Show Park, Christchurch



PARADING AT THE CAMBRIDGE STALLION PARADE... DJEHLBI (FR) Purebred Arabian Stallion owned by Michelle Terry


A French Affair Article supplied by Michelle Terry of Djewel Arabian Sporthorses Since the time of Napoleon Arabians figured prominently in French horses, partly for their improving influence on native light horse stock for the cavalry as well as draft stock such as the famed Percheron. Legends abound about Napoleon’s famous Arabian stallion Marengo, bought in Egypt, the horse that carried him through so many successful battles. The racing sport of Kings also enjoyed Arabian influence. Much of the purebred Arabian horse breeding in France developed long ago from expeditions to bring back numerous desert bred horses. Early French-bred Arabian stock also became an important part of Spanish, Polish and Russian breeding programmes to the point that nearly all of the Polish and Russian breeding programmes carry French-bred ancestors. However, France’s long-standing interest in horse racing would eventually influence Arabian breeding in that country to the point that today France is a valued source of racing bloodlines for Arabian racing enthusiasts the world over.

A Quick History of the French Arabian The pure French Arabian established its beginnings over one hundred years ago (much the same as breeding programmes did in Poland, Great Britain etc.) with the importation of Desert stock from which there were many different types of Arabians to choose from. Carl Raswan, author and scholar of Arabian bloodlines, listed twenty-one different strains. In choosing their Arabians the French took a different route from the rest of Europe and chose for racing alone. Denouste is probably the most recognizable French Arabian name as it appears in quite a few Polish and Russian pedigrees. Upon analyzing his pedigree, we find his desert ancestors to be as follows: Seglawi Djedran, Seglawi Dhabri, Hamdani, Hamdani, Seglawi Djedran, Munighi, Kuhailan, Jilfan, Hadban and Meleke. The point is that this horse's lines are all from recognizable desert strains and it is most likely that all French Arabians are descended in a similar way. With that in mind, how is it then that they look so different from Simeon Shai for example? The answer is very simple. For one hundred years the French, without government agendas, bred their Arabians exclusively to race. In doing this, so-called "type" may have been lost, but this type is a superficial aspect of the breed and only applies to nine of the listed strains. Our lust for superficial beauty has caused the systematic breeding away from some plain but extremely useful and athletic Arabians. The French did not make this same mistake. Look at it with an open mind and you may realize that an entire gene pool is out there, pure in blood, but different in purpose. Arabian racing is the largest growth area in the Arabian industry (possibly the entire racing Industry).

About Djehlbi Djehlbi (pron. Jell Bee) was bred by us in South West France and imported when we moved back to NZ in December 2006. Djehlbi's dam, Djelica was bred at the Haras National de Pau-Gelos, the stud that Napoleon Bonaparte founded to breed and train his Arab war horses. Djelica is granddaughter to a famous Arabian race stallion, Manganate, whose progeny dominates the stables of Shadwell Arabians in the UK and Umm Qarn Farm. His sire, Dehlbi, stood at the national stud of Tarbes and carries top endurance bloodlines with Straight Spanish on one side and primarily Egyptian bloodlines on the other.

ARABIANZ July/August 2013

Djehlbi will be on display at the Cambridge Stallion Parade on Sunday 25 August 2013.


YOUTH PROFILE Bryn Drummond BRYN DRUMMOND of Timaru writes about Karamea Saracen We got Karamea Saracen, Purebred Arabian Gelding (Madreya (AU) x Karamea Amahila) when he was five. He had been handled but wasn’t broken in. When he got off the truck at our place for the first time it was just me and Dad there and Saracen hopped off all fired up, prancing around and tossing his head in the air, snorting every time he saw something different. We put him in the yard to cool down. I was riding an old arab gelding at that time and rode a chestnut pony before that so Saracen was a bit different to what I was used to. That’s why I liked the look of him. I was the first one to sit on him, a couple of days after we got him. Mum was going to break him in and sell him to make some money, but my horse was getting old and when I took Saracen for a ride he was really good so I kept him. I did short rides at first but as I got to know him better I went for longer rides and increased speed a bit. The first endurance ride I went on was a 20km ride at our farm. Saracen was good and I enjoyed it so we have done four 40km rides now. My Mum organises Ken Faulkner courses and I took Saracen to two so I could work on my horsemanship skills. (Ken is a fella from Aussie). Saracen was really good at it. I took him to pony club a few times and he was good at dressage but had no idea about jumping. He could have done quite well at dressage but I couldn’t be stuffed with it, so I took him to an Arab show and found out he does look good all polished up (Mum does that) so I took him to a couple more and he did OK. Dad, my brother and I went on the MacKenzie Muster which is a three day trek and a fun day up at Blue Mountain Station in Fairlie. Saracen was really good but got a sore back so I had to borrow a giant clod hopper. Saracen was good for the last day, and we went swimming in a large private lake. Saracen really enjoyed it with tons of snorting. Saracen looks really snorty, Mum calls him an extrovert. But he is really very sensible and I could go for a race with Dad and then walk on a long rein while Dad’s horse was being silly. He likes lots of attention. Sadly I have to sell him as I have got too big. We have bought a 3 year old Friesian x Thoroughbred which I am breaking in because we couldn’t find a nice big Arab to buy. 16

YOUTH PROFILE Jorja James JORJA JAMES of Oamaru writes about the 2013 Endurance Nationals

successful weekend for the Smith family, followed by Aaron Wakeling on Alshar Blue Chief.

This year the Nationals were held in the North Island at the Taupo Equestrian Centre. Mum, Dad and I travelled up with five horses. Dad was competing in the 160km on Glendaar Firemaid (Wind ‘N’ Fire x Merma'id). He was also competing in the 100km on Firemaid's auntie, Diam'id (a full sister to Merma'id) and in the 120km on Glendaar Crystal Fire (Wind 'N' Fire x Whitestones Crystal Countess). I was to compete in the 100km on Craig Royston Sonatina (Ngapa Phoenix x Craigroy Sonata), owned by the Smith family, and in the 120km on Fahana (Puketahu Mazada x Saffana).This was to be Fahana's last ride at the age of seventeen before she was going to have a foal. Mum was riding Glendaar Amira Fire, a full sister to Firemaid, in the 120km.

The prize giving was really fun and I had a great time with the Smith's. I would also like to thank Heidi Bulfin and Charlotte Wadsworth for strapping for us on Sunday, they did a great job. I think our family had a very successful weekend, although it was a disappointment that Firemaid vetted out.

The 160km started at 1:00am on Friday with a field of about 30 riders. The course was quite tough in the last three loops, with not many vet-outs occurring until the end of loop four. Dad was up the front with Andrea Smith until the last 10km of loop six where he dropped back to finish about fifteen minutes behind. Andrea on Glenmore Tariq and her daughter Georgia on Glenmore Vixen finished together and were both vetted through successfully, although younger sister Brigette was vetted out lame after the fourth loop. However, Dad was vetted out at the end after he finished in second place. Therefore Mark Tylee moved up to second place on Jacob followed by Rosemary Revell on AA Mystic Charm in third and Stu Wakeling placed fourth.

On Sunday I was riding Fahana with Mum and Dad. I had a great ride on Fahana, although I was told several times to slow down by my parents. I finished in second place behind Patricia Ireland. Mum was fourth and Dad was fifth in the senior. Cherry Brown was first, Deirdre Bartlet was second and Raewyn Carter came in third. Brigette Smith was first in the JY 2* 120km on Vigar Marissa, finishing off a very

ARABIANZ July/August 2013

Six o'clock on Saturday brought the start of the 100km ride. I was riding with Dad and when we came in on our third hold we found that there was only one senior ahead of us, so it looked like Dad might get a place. Fortunately, when he crossed the line in second place, ten minutes behind, this time he vetted through. Ashley Cole was first in Dad's class, the 100km Senior 1*. I was first on Sonatina in the 100km CEN, although I was the only one in my ride. Dad and I were both awarded best conditioned in our classes.


NWM Equine Team Alice Barker Alice’s involvement in horses has been from childhood. Much of her family (with varying degrees of participation) has a connection with equine industries. Alice’s personal competition experience has ranged over the years from Pony Club, Showjumping to Eventing Eventing and even barrel racing. More recently Alice has dedicated most of her riding to Endurance and competes on the Arabians bred by her family along with her sisters and parents. Alice’s personal equine interests also include thoroughbred and harness racingg disciplines. Currently she is a member of a thoroughbred racing syndicate that races two very well-bred bred fillies and Alice’s parents also breed standardbred’s that regularly race in Cambridge and at Alexandra Park. Professionally, Alice is a solicitor att Norris Ward McKinnon, Lawyers in Hamilton. Norris Ward McKinnon has dedicated teams that provide specialist advice in different areas of law. Alice is part of one of the new and growing specialist teams in the firm which focuses on Equine Law. The Equine Team’s supervising partner is Geoff MacDonald a very successful and respected commercial corporate lawyer. Alice works alongside Geoff and together their objective is to create equine focused and commercially savvy solutions for their equine clients. In January 2013 Alice started to publish articles with an equine legal focus. The purpose of these articles is to provide those with an interest in equine, a simple legal framework for common issues that arise in this area. Norris Ward McKinnon is committed to o growing the specialist equine team and will be attending Equidays for the second time this year to provide people a chance to meet our team.

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A Horse is a Horse, of Course of Course - But When is a Vet Liable? In most instances buyers of horses obtain a pre-purchase vet check. The result of a vet check can influence a buyer’s decision to purchase the horse or not. There are tales of purchasers who have based their decision to purchase or not on a vet check, only to learn, days, months or sometime years later that the horse they didn’t buy was now a champion, or the horse they did buy is a nonstarter. In these situations the person who suffered loss or damage will often blame the vet. In more serious cases the buyer will seek reimbursement of the loss from the vet or vet practice. Accordingly, for the vet to be responsible for the loss, the vet would have to be liable. Tests for determining the liability of a vet in a legal sense are drawn from legislation, case law and industry regulation. A vet practicing in New Zealand is legally obliged to follow the provisions of the Veterinarians Act 2005. The Veterinarians Act makes provision for the registration and discipline of veterinarians. Other law such as Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, Fair Trading Act 1986 and Contractual Remedies Act 1979 also apply to vet practice. The Veterinary Council of New Zealand further provides a Code of Professional Conduct that must be followed. The code states that because a vet is a highly trained professional, they know that the owner or buyer placing the horse in their care is doing so in the expectation that such care will be of a proper standard. Taking this law into consideration the liability of a vet, and whether you can successfully pursue a vet for loss, can be based on many different grounds. A claim could be based on professional negligence. For example if the vet failed to detect a serious condition which they should have noticed in the pre-purchase examination, then it may be reasonable to assume that they did not devote the necessary care the owner or buyer of the horse was entitled to expect, and the vet is negligent. A successful negligence claim relies on the vet acting below a reasonable standard of care and if a reasonable body of comparable veterinarians would have found the issue on the day of the vet check. On the other hand it is important to note that a vet will only carry out the inspection to the point the buyer has instructed them to. The New Zealand Equine Veterinary Association recommends a procedure that Equine vets follow for vet checks. However a buyer should expect a vet to note any abnormalities found in the horse during examination and describe the potential consequences. If a firm diagnosis cannot be given of an abnormality, it is the vet's role to suggest further research into the issue - if necessary. It is up to the buyer to request or approve this further research, such as x-rays to diagnose a condition like navicular. However, if no approval is given or no request to research further is made by the buyer, the vet may have no duty to investigate on their own account. Often buyers’ expectations as to what a vet can advise on, or report, during a vet check is inflated. Buyers regularly assume a vet check lasts the horse’s lifetime. A pre-purchase vet check is valid for the day the horse was examined. If a horse is sound and healthy on the day, this is what will be noted on the certificate. A vet check cannot guarantee the horse’s performance capabilities, like how high it can jump or how fast it can race. As obvious as it sounds, it is not the vet’s role, nor can a vet advise if the horse will be sound for the rest of its racing or competition career. Alice Barker

ARABIANZ July/August 2013

Alice Barker is a solicitor at Norris Ward McKinnon. Information in this article should not be a substitute for legal advice. With offices in Hamilton and Huntly, we have friendly, expert legal advisors ready to help you with your business and personal legal matters. The Norris Ward McKinnon Equine Team invites you to submit topics about Equine matters you would like more information on so that we may write pieces useful to you. Please email topics or questions to alice.barker@nwm.co.nz.


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Background Image: Kazmere Stud’s Kazmere Can Do - 2012 NZ National Champion Senior Derivative Led Male & Ridden Derivative over 148cm




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Linda Cottle © Background Image: Glenmore Tariq & Andrea Smith - 1st 2011, 2nd 2012 & 1st 2013 - National Endurance Championships CEI 3* 160km


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 All Breeds Stallion Parade, Cambridge


 15th th

18 20 20




9 -10

Waikato A&P Show th

16 -17




22 -24




Waihi A&P Show Stratford A&P Show Taranaki H&P Breeders Show

6 -8


Royal A&P Show, Feilding


6 -8


Whangarei A&P Show



4 -5

25 -26




Courtenay A&P Show

23 -24

Southern Canterbury A&P Show



Nelson A&P Show


6 -8

NI Endurance Champs (Kawerau) NI Arabian Champs (Taranaki AHC)






8 -9 th

15 -16 22

National Arabian Champs, Chch th


Franklin A&P Show

SI Arabian Champs (Otago AHC)

24 -26


Helensville A&P Show


Kumeu A&P Show


18 -21



17 -21


Easter Show, Auckland



National Endurance, Mayfield, SI

Horse of the Year Show, Hastings


8 -9


Canterbury All Arabian (CAHC) National Arabian Champs, Chch


Nelson H&P Breeders Show st

21 -22


 1st-2nd 29

Otago-Taieri A&P Show

Canterbury H&P Breeders Show



Tokomairiro A&P Show Winton A&P Show



Motueka A&P Show SI Premier Show, Christchurch

 1st th

Canterbury A&P Show


 6th-8th

Paeroa A&P Show



Northern/Rangiora A&P Show


 NI All Breeds Show, Cambridge 14th


25 -26


23 -24

Auckland Arabian Spectacular



 13th-15th

Clevedon A&P Show



Equidays, Mystery Creek

All Breeds Stallion Parade, RDA Chch

NI Premier Horse Show, at Equidays



 25th-26th

 


North Otago A&P Show Southland A&P Show Oxford A&P Show

 17 -21 TBC th

12 -13



National Endurance, Mayfield, SI


 TBC


Endurance AGM, North Island

 12th-13th

Endurance AGM, North Island

Background Image: Ausden Centurion (AU) & Anne Naylor - achieved 5 National Titles at the 2012 National Arabian Championships (A Studholme)


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arah Walte rs E m otagoarabia nhorseacillu: b @gmail.com

25th & 26th

January 20


North Isla

nd Champ


Hawera In

door Aren


1st February 2014

Contact: L

isa Cox


Email: mlc

Canterbury All Arabi

ox@xtra.c o.nz

ral Park

Canterbury Agricultu


Contact: Tracey Rho


014 & 9th February 2


Champ National Arabian

ltural Park

Canterbury Agricu

cLachlan Contact: Fiona M Email: xtra.co.nz @ n la ch a cl .m a n o fi simon-


Email: traceyrhodes@

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Arabianz July/August 2013  

Arabianz is the official publication of the New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders' Society

Arabianz July/August 2013  

Arabianz is the official publication of the New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders' Society