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Prête à Porter


Kérastase Paris unveils the magic of oils KÉRASTASE PARIS ELIXIR ULTIME The alchemy of four precious oils to beautify hair A new legend is born, the secret of magnificent hair is revealed. With a few drops of Elixir Ultime, hair becomes silky and weightless. Applied before cleansing, hair is instantly nourished and visibly regenerated. Applied before styling, hair is incredibly supple and protected. Applied as a finishing touch, hair is radiant and luminous. Elixir Ultime will become a new daily essential in your beauty routine.

Recherche Avancée L’Oréal

%HDXWLIXO%/21'(" %ORQG0( Summertime generally means that you’ll be out in the sun and sea, exposing your beautiful blonde hair to the elements. To keep it looking salon fresh, it’s essential to take the best care possible using blonde products designed specificially for your hair colour. Whether you’re a natural blonde, seasonal blonde or a bottle blonde, Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME will enhance and preserve your blonde colour and keep your locks looking healthy and gorgeous all summer long.


:$50 %/21'( ,·0$ Use Blonde Brilliance with Warm color reviving pigments to enhance blonde tones with richness. TRY Blonde Brilliance Warm-Caramel Shampoo 250ml & Blonde Brilliance Conditioner 200ml


1(875$/ %/21'(

&22/ %/21'(

:+$7 %/21'( DUH\RX" Use Blonde Brilliance with Cool color reviving pigments to enhance blonde tones with improved blonde clarity. TRY Blonde Brilliance Cool-Ice Shampoo 250ml & Blonde Brilliance Conditioner 200ml

Use Illumi Lights for daily nourishing protection suitable for all blonde hair as it does not contain any specific tone enhancers. TRY Illumi Lights Shampoo 250ml & Illumi Lights Leave-in Conditioner 200ml


5(9,7$/,6(' 6+,1(


92/80(&85/ '(),1,7,21

TRY Blonde Refreshing Foam Treatment 150ml Refreshing foam to brighten and revitalize dull, lacklustre blondes in-between salon colour services.

TRY Volume Miracle Cream150ml Provides volume & strength to fine hair with a silky smooth finish or scrunch into curls for post-styling definition.

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'((3 5(3$,5

TRY Illumi Lights Mousse Treatment 150ml Lightweight treatment suitable for all blondes as part of an ongoing care & repair maintenance regime.

TRY Blonde Brilliance Intense Treatment 200ml Rich, creamy Keratin-infused treatment mask provides intensive hair repair adding strength, elasticity and moisture.




Behind The Scenes


ith autumn in full swing and winter on its way, Mod’s introduces its new seasonal collection, Prête à Porter, a blend of sensuality, style and energy – all the requirements of the modern woman. The collection revisits and redefines classic styles: long and short Carré cuts, bobs and unusual chignons – timeless looks with contemporary flavour. The setting is the Parisian golden triangle, the epitome of all things chic. This stylish locale brings the Prête à Porter collection alive alongside the talented team of artists and studio hairdressers who have produced beautiful covers for such magazines as Elle and created the Mod’s Hair aesthetic for the past 40 years. We are ready to create these new looks for you with exclusive Mod’s cutting and styling techniques. For more information, visit or for salon locations, and come join us on Facebook!

4 MOD’S HAIR • April 2011

April 2011 • MOD’S HAIR 5


r Discove ion t u l o v e r ur the colo is r a P r i a H at Mod’s The new generation hair colour INOA is now available at Mod’s Hair salons. Featuring an exclusive technology – the ODS (oil delivery system) – INOA from L’Oréal Professionnel invites all women to enjoy a new colour experience: optimal comfort, optimal respect* for the hair and infinite colour power with sublime shine.


Julianne Liebeck, Mod’s Hair Director, shares her thoughts on this revolutionary colour.

hair fibre. INOA leaves the hair with incredible shine and fantastic condition, delivering 100% on its promise of no odour, sublime shine and 100% white hair coverage.

We adore …partnering with the latest hair colour innovation. The ODS (oil delivery system) technology compliments the level of service Mod’s Hair provides and our clients demand. INOA is the perfect fit for our salons and our clients have embraced INOA as passionately as we have!

We love

To reserve your appointment for an INOA colour service at your nearest Mod’s Hair salon, visit or

…being part of this new dimension of comfort. Odourless INOA brings well-being to the Mod’s Hair salons: the smell of ammonia is a thing of the past. INOA respects the scalp with optimal comfort, reducing scalp discomfort for our clients.

We applaud … the truly beautiful colour results, and the optimal respect* of the

For more information on INOA, visit the website

*Respects the hair’s natural essential amino acid and lipid balance

The incredibly bold challenge of offering all women a colour with no ammonia and no odour, on which L’Oréal Research has been working for a number of years, was met when INOA launched in New Zealand last year. INOA’s secret is its revolutionary oil-based formula that allows this permanent hair colour to perform without the need for ammonia, transforming the colour experience for clients from start to finish.


GEORGE A Mod’s Hair classic from the late 1970s is revisited and rejuvenated. Soft layers and a flowing outline through the nape and sides create a perfect frame for the face.

Get the look Use Mod’s Hair Mousse Légerè to help you blow dry, lightly sweeping back the sides to complete the feel of this timeless style.

ELETTRA This cut lends itself perfectly to the unconventional nature of short hair. Using piquetage to tailor the cut to the shape of the face, a low subtle side part completes Elettra’s stunning contours.

The colour Apply Mod’s Hair Coffee or Espresso Masque Couleur Fresh Up to the hair for beautiful shine and rich tones.

10 MOD’S HAIR • April 2011

April 2011 • MOD’S HAIR 11

For the first time in the history of Sebastian hairstyling, voluptuous volume is on the rise. Masses and masses of voluminous hair, minus the crunch. No matter how much product you use, hair stays soft. Some call it genius. We call it VOLUPTuousness. You’d better believe it. Naturally voluptuous volume is now yours for the making. No stick, no crunch, no compromise. Hair feels exactly as it should – unprecedentedly soft and supple to the touch. You saw it here first.



The Mod’s Hair Story

“You know – those guys who work with Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, Sarah Moon and Peter Lindbergh …”

From humble family beginnings, Mod’s Hair has grown to become a fashion industry powerhouse. Here’s how it all happened.

Guillaume Bérard (left) and Frédéric.


he Mod’s Hair team strives to be on the cutting edge of popular culture. With our scissors in tow, we travel the world, crossing paths with fascinating people, discovering new sights and being inspired by the world of fashion. It has been a fascinating journey so far, but we’d like to take you back to where it all began.

16 MOD’S HAIR • April 2011

In the era of Jean-Luc Godard, the new wave of cinema and Yves Saint Laurent’s first prêt-à-porter line, two French brothers, Frédéric and Guillaume Bérard, became trainee hairdressers. Frédéric, the elder of the two, began his apprenticeship with Jean Yves Elrhodes in Paris. There he met Jean-Marc Maniatis and became his assistant. He also ventured into the studio for a publicity shoot for the French cosmetics line Obao. “With no experience, I somehow managed a Japanese style,” Frédéric recalls. “I had no idea how to crimp hair, so I made do with some cotton and other accessories.” Guillaume, 18 months younger and still at school, waited for his moment. His desire was fuelled by Frédéric’s success and the knowledge that his brother was meeting French stars such as Johnny Hallyday, Sylvie Vartan and Mireille Mathieu. “Every evening, I’d count up the tips [Frédéric] received during the

day. As soon as I could, I began training in a small neighbourhood salon,” Guillaume says. He quickly joined Elrhodes’ team as an assistant. From that moment on, Guillaume felt a desire to spread his own wings. Driven by the enthusiasm of youth, the elation of the May 1968 revolution in France, and a determination to move beyond the confines of a salon, Guillaume and Frédéric aligned themselves with two other

Our eyes and ears are wide open and our memories project a kaleidoscope of images. hairdressers and set up a studio and an agency. They had seen models Twiggy and Nicole de Lamargé doing their own make-up and hair, and were impressed. Inspired, and with the closing of Elrhodes’ salon, the

brothers decided to become studio hairdressers. This was the start of the Mod’s way. Influenced by London’s mod subculture and the musical Hair, Guillaume and Frédéric would go on to name their company Mod’s Hair. Their success was immediate, with acclaim coming in the world over. The switchboard operators at Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue and Votre Beauté were inundated with readers wanting to have their hair done by Guillaume and Frédéric – “you know, those guys who work with [photographers] Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, Sarah Moon, Hans Feurer and Peter Lindberg.” Buoyed by the response, the Bérards opened their first salon, on Paris’ Rue de Rennes. Today Mod’s Hair salons are on every continent and the Mod’s Hair & Make-up Agency boasts a team of 25 studio stylists and make-up artists. Widely recognised by those in the profession as leaders, the Bérards’ legacy resonates around the world.

Clockwise from above: The Mod’s Hair team from the 1970s (from left): Gérald, Laurence, Régis, Frédéric, Tetsu, Guillame and Serge; the present-day salon in Rue Marbeuf; the original Mod’s Hair salon in Rue de Rennes. At top: Some of the most striking styles from the ’80s until today by the studio hairdressers from the Mod’s Hair & Make-up Agency.

Join Mod’s Hair Are you ready to become a part of the Mod’s Hair story? We employ and train craftspeople who push the boundaries. If you are ready to unleash your talent, find out how at or Or visit us on Facebook.

October April 2011 2010••MOD’S MODS HAIR 17

Together. A passion for hair

GET READY FOR A NEW WORLD OF INSPIRING STYLING INN OVATIONS For further information please contact 0800 500 515.

20 MOD’S HAIR • April 2011


MisteR Menswear WaterWorld Hair: Shaun Hill

On The Page Mod’s Hair stylists are contributors to the pages of Australasia’s most prominent fashion magazines, as well as lending their talents to fashion and industry events. We celebrate our collaborations with some of our local industry’s finest.

Remix All American Issue #68 War Be Dead Hair: Natasha Archer

Remix New Zealand Fashion Edition #67 Sunshine Ink 22 MOD’S HAIR • April 2011

Hair: Casey Roxburgh October 2010 • MODS HAIR 22

April 2011 • MOD’S HAIR 5


Mod’s walks the talk

Mod’s Hair Director Julianne Liebeck visiting Mongolia.

The Conscious Dollar As consumers, we are looking more carefully at the social impact of our spending habits.


erms such as ‘sustainability’, ‘responsibility’ and ‘ethical consumerism’ are often used as badges of honour in the marketing of beauty products. We are bombarded with images of botanical discoveries handpicked by indigenous cultures from plentiful rainforests, and spellbound by ethnic soundtracks. Marketing campaigns would have us believe that nature exists solely to help us reverse the effects of ageing. As consumers, we have often had trouble seeing the wood for the trees, regardless of how quickly they are disappearing to make our furniture. However, in this new hyper-technological age, we are also becoming hyper-aware. With the current global financial climate influencing our decision-making everywhere from the supermarket to the high street, we are looking more

26 MOD’S HAIR • April 2011

carefully at the value of our dollar, as well as the impact that our spending has on the world we live in. At Mod’s Hair, we don’t just want to point a hypocritical finger. We are playing a clear role in helping to create a hopeful future for us and our children. With Mod’s, you too can be a part of the solution of social responsibility.

In 2006, Julianne Liebeck, the Director of Mod’s Hair Australia and New Zealand, signed up to World Vision’s microfinance project, Vision Fund, which enabled Mod’s to provide a hand to small business entrepreneurs in Mongolia and invest in their struggling communities. In 2009, Julianne travelled to Mongolia with World Vision to see for herself the need for ongoing support and the impact of this partnership. What seemed like a small sacrifice five years ago has become a very sizeable contribution.

Help break the cycle of poverty With every Mod’s product purchased, a contribution is made to help Third World entrepreneurs and their communities through the World Vision partnership, Vision Fund. Join Mod’s Hair in making a difference – we have seen it with our own eyes.

Save and reduce with refillable packaging Innovative reusable packaging allows Mod’s Hair to refill certain products and reduce the price. Being able to refill your original bottle multiple times is a true representation of sustainability.

Low synthetic content The use of quality botanical and marine extracts in our products means harsh traditional synthetics are not required to assist in the delivery of essential ingredients. The result is fewer petrochemicals released into the environment via your bathroom.

October 2010 • MODS HAIR 26



When Cinema Meets Fashion


he event of the season was the fashion parade organised by Gala magazine at the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris, to celebrate young designers making an impact in the world of film. Nobody was more fitting to showcase their creations on the runway than the stars of French screen and stage, with Mod’s Hair & Make-up Agency delivering the glamour.

Junya Watanabe T

his winter, Junya Watanabe turns his attention to a military canvas, complete with bomber jackets and camouflage prints. It’s enough to make you want to stand up and salute. He also includes ultra-feminine details, such as tailored jackets, and other ‘girly’ touches, to inspire us to join the ranks. It’s impossible to miss the contribution of the hairdressing and make-up team. Kamo, our talented Mod’s Hair Agency stylist, has again sculpted the hair for a superb, dramatic result. Each head of hair is like a cloud, soaring away and bringing a touch of lightness to the shapes. The dried-hair effect brilliantly offsets the overall impact of the collection.

28 MOD’S HAIR • April 2011

October 2010 • MODS HAIR 28

April 2011 • MOD’S HAIR 29



Above, from left: Sarah Buchanan, Robbie Hunt, Daniel Green and Mod’s Hair Director Julianne Liebeck at Partie Noir at the Christchurch Temperance Society. Left: Theano Iliadi-Liebeck at Partie Noir. Below: Josh Larson and Keryn Bridgeman celebrate the release of the spring/ summer collection at Partie Noir.


The Chinese Hairdressing Awards.

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Snapshots Chinese Hairdressing Awards, Shanghai Julianne Liebeck plus salon owners Mark Thomas (Auckland) and Zhanna Sattsaeva (Gold Coast) were guests of Schwarzkopf Professional at the 2010 Chinese Hairdressing Awards in Shanghai.

Partie Noir, Christchurch The Christchurch Temperance Society was the perfect venue for Mod’s Hair to celebrate the release of the spring/summer collection, Inspirations, with Partie Noir, an event with a film noir theme.

30 MOD’S HAIR • April 2011

From left: Arne Compagne, Julianne Liebeck and salon directors Mark Thomas and Zhanna Sattsaeva at the Chinese Hairdressing Awards in Shanghai.

October 2010 • MODS HAIR 30



Global Roaming From Shanghai to Byron Bay, our globetrotting stylists pick some gems for you to enjoy.

This charming tea house, on Shanghai’s French Concession Lane, specialises in the finestquality Chinese and French teas for sale and to savour. Once you start to inhale the delicious aromas, you’ll be transported to 18th-century China and leave the tea house with your arms full.


TOKYO – UNIQLO.COM It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, Uniqlo makes clothes that transcend all categories and social groups. Simple and essential yet universal, these garments showcase a refinement and attention to detail that is uniquely Japanese.

32 MOD’S HAIR • April 2011

CARRY-ON – MOD’S HAIR LA LAQUE This non-aerosol, non-perfumed hairspray gives strong hold and adds brilliant shine to the hair. La Laque doesn’t contain propellants and comes in convenient 50ml and 200ml sizes, so you can carry it on board with you and it won’t take up too much room in your luggage. You can even refill it at a Mod’s Hair salon when you return home. coverV2.indd Sec1:1

9/2/11 9:58:41 AM

The best of Paris,

available here.

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Mods Magazine Issue 49