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PEACE BLOSSOMS IN ARBOGA Arboga is strategically located as a central point between Gothenburg in the west and Stockholm in the east.

Arboga ligger strategiskt placerad som en central punkt mellan Göteborg i väst och Stockholm i öst.

The strategic position, the fascinating history and the exciting future that Arboga undeniable has, is also discovered by an increasing number of people.

Det strategiska läget, den intressanta historien och den spännande framtiden, som Arboga onekligen har, upptäcks också av allt fler.

The prospects that Arboga will continue to grow and develop are exellent.

Förutsättningarna för att Arboga ska fortsätta att utvecklas och expandera är således minst sagt goda.

The Peace Monuments have every opportunity to contribute to that development by putting Arboga on the map, not the least culturally.

Fredsskulpturerna har alla möjligheter att bidra till den utvecklingen genom att ännu tydligare sätta Arboga på kartan, inte minst kulturellt.

The ultimate goal of the Peace Monuments are to transform and refine war materials to art and culture. That in itself is a unique project. But the most important task for the project and the Peace monuments, is to keep the important dialogue on peace alive!

Den yttersta ambitionen med Fredskulpturerna är att omvandla och förädla krigsmaterial till konst och kultur. Det är i sig ett unikt projekt. Men den viktigaste uppgiften, som projektet och Fredsskulpturerna har, är att hålla den så viktiga dialogen om fred levande!

The art, as Peace Monuments are intents to inspire and develop, is simply the art of living in peace in all dimensions - both in large and small; peace on earth and the peace of the city center.

Den konst, som Fredsskulpturerna har till syfte att inspirera och utveckla, är helt enkelt konsten att leva i fred i alla dimensioner - i såväl smått som stort; freden och friden i centrum.

One of the sculptures is called Flower in Arboga and it conveys a clear message:

En av skulpturerna heter Flower in Arboga och den förmedlar ett tydligt budskap:

”Peace blossoms in Arboga” This is both an invitation and a challenge.

“I Arboga blommar freden” I det finns både en uppmaning och utmaning.

RICHARD BRIXEL Richard Brixel is the initiator of the Peace Monuments of War materials symposium which in turn resulted in the Peace Monuments that are now shown in Arboga. He is also the art director for the project, and responsible for the development of the project. The idea to realize a peace sculpture symposium with internationally working artists was raised the first time in 2009 when China’s former ambassador to Sweden Chen Ming Ming visited Richard Brixel at Brixelgården outside Arboga. Shortly afterwards Richard Brixel was invited to the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm.

Richard Brixel has been represented in over 400 solo and group exhibitions in Swedish, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Rumania, The Netherlands, USA and other countries. His sculptures and artwork are also represented in private collections and museums and galleries in many countries. Richard Brixel’s larger sculptures in bronze - three meters and above - are installed in several public places in both large and small cities around the world. His sculpture The Lucky Arboga- Philosopher was installed in Arboga 2005 and spread ever since a happy smile over the city’s residents and visitors.

Then and there, he suggested that the Peace Monuments should be made out of war materials. The meeting at the Embassy of China, and the Chinese ambassador’s positive attitude towards the Peace Sculpture Project, led Richard Brixel to contact his colleagues and friends at the Tsinghua University in Beijing who became involved in the project. The rest is cultural history.

From his artist garden - Brixelgården – in Måla, Richard Brixel has worked for many years as an internationally recognized, well-known and respected artist.

Photo: Per Johansson

Richard Brixel is educated at the College of Arts and Sculpture at the Academy in Stockholm.

THE ARTISTS AND THE SYMPOSIUM Prior to the Sculpture Symposium 2012, 15 internationally working artists were chosen by Richard Brixel through his international contacts to create the Peace Monuments of War Materials during the symposium in Arboga. Of the sculptors who participated in project seven came from China, three from Sweden and one each from the US, Germany, Romania, England and The Netherlands. Michele Fan Meisi, who was the secretary of the sculpture department at the Tsinghua University in Beijing, worked as an interpreter and coordinator of especially the Chinese artists and their participation before and during the peace sculpture symposium in Arboga. Prior to the Sculpture Symposium all artists had made sketches of the sculptures they wanted to create and what war materiel they would like to work with. In Arboga, during three marvelous summer weeks - on the industrial property of Asoma - the international peace, culture and sculpture symposium, ”Peace Monument of War Materials” was carried out. The results of the fifteen sculptors’ shared time and artistic effort was transformed into the seventeen peace monuments that are now in Arboga. Every peace sculpture is in itself a peace monument and a monument to a completely unique and very concrete peace development: Refining war materials to art and culture

Photo: Håkan Sandberg

In the picture, from left to right: The scupturers, Wei Xiaoming, China. Devin Laurence Field, USA. Jenny Grönvall, Sweden. Florin Strejac, Romania. Le Jinze, China. Lasse Nilsson, Sweden. Linda Verkaaik, The Netherlands. Dong Shubing, China. Zhu Ying, China. Insa Winkler, Germany. Anthony Heywood, England. Xhu Zenglong, China. Wen Chao, China. Yang Junglan, China. Mats Lodén, Sweden.

Artist: Devin Laurence Field, USA Assistant: Jesse Swichard

ARBOGA ARCH – ARBOGA GATE A fifth generation artist, Devin Laurence Field grew up in New Zealand and lived in many countries through out his youth.

Devin specializes in large-scale public art commissions fabricated in metal. Devin has been honored by the National Academy of Design in New York, included in International Biennales, and chosen to build monumental sculptures for the Olympics. Devin’s sculptures grace the permanent collections of museums, cities and sculpture parks around the world. Devin fabricates all of his work personally, both at home and abroad, with the help of a few loyal assistants.

After New Zealand he studied art in England, France, Japan and the United States, graduating Summa cum Laude with a Master’s degree in Sculpture.

Wings and tail from a Russian Mig 21 Fishbed and steel. Size: H 310 cm, L 560 cm, W 310 cm


Professor Dong Shubing, China

LET ALL THE WEAPONS BE SEALED UP WIND & DUST Dong Shubing was born in Xinjiang, October 1968.

Dong Shubing is an associate professor and vice dean of the Sculpture Department at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University. He received his master’s degree from the Department of Sculpture, Central Academy of Fine Arts in June 2007 and bachelor’s degree from the Decorative Arts Department of the Central Academy of Arts and Design in July 1993.

Dong is a member of the Chinese Sculpture Society, member of the Professional Committee of Sculpture at China Arts and Crafts Society and certified sculptor of the National Urban Sculpture Construction Steering Committee. Books He’s published a number of books and essays, including Curdy Time and Space, 2000, Decorative Sculpture Design, 1996, Basic Elements of Modern City Sculpture, 2003, The Role of Colors in Sculpture, 2003, Study of Maijishan Sculpture in the Period of Beichao Dynasty, etc.

Howitzer with wooden spoke, partially embedded in concrete. Size: H 155 cm, L 530 cm, W 185 cm

He attended The annual sculpture exhibition organized by Sculpture magazine May 2010; the 11th National Art Exhibition, August 2009; the 100-Chinese-Sculptors’ Works Exhibition, May 2009; China Power – China International Sculpture Annual Exhibition, April 2009; the First Chinese Sculpture Art Exhibition, August 2008, etc.

Howitzer with wooden spoke, partially covered by a ”spider web” of rebars. Size: H 155 cm, L 520 cm, W 193 cm


Jenny Grönvall and her daughter Linnea Grönvall, Sweden

MAKE FOOD - NOT WAR Born 1973 in Finland.

Working within fields of performance, video art and traditional formats of painting and sculpture, Grönvall’s practice aims to address and facilitate a discussion on artistic discretion, targeting the middle grounds and dysfunctionalities within social contracts and posing a keen inquiry into the unspoken laws of aesthetic hierarchies.

Studies 2003 Gender Studies, Lund University, Lund SE. Feminist Philosophy and Representation, Lund University, Lund SE. 2002 MFA, Malmö Art Academy, Malmö SE . Cultural Studies and Contemporary Culture Theory, Lund University, Lund SE. Gender Studies, Lund University, Lund SE. 1998 BFA, Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Stockholm SE.

Industrial Refrigerators, dashboard from J-35 Draken, miscellaneous instruments from J-35, pie dish and various radio transmitters, etc.. painted in pink, as well as text and image on the outside. Size: H 234 cm, L 180 cm, W 129 cm

Exhibitions and performances 2012 Sørlandets Kunstmuseum i Kristiansand, Norway. 2011 Högkvarteret, New York Konsthall C, Stockholm Gallery Muu, Finland Studio 44 , Stockholm


Anthony Heywood, England

SEND THE WEAPONS TO THE MOON Born 1952 in Great Britain. “I wanted the work to express the vulnerability of life and to remind all levels of community that something so iconic and powerful can also evoke fragility, which is why I would like to suspend the work from its tail and for it to hang precariously above the ground.”

Anthony Heywood has been a catalyst both for the transformation of public attitudes to sculpture in public places in the UK and Europe, Australia and the Middle East where he has exhibited his works. It has become synonymous with groundbreaking artist projects, such as the celebrated, ’Earth elephant5’ Sculpture by the sea, bondi beach, Sydney 2004, 4 horses of the apocalypse in 1988 at the Portobello festival, ‘3 coqs’ in British art show ‘near’ Sharjah museum of arts, united Arab emirates in 1999. ‘tabula’ peace table a project made in collaboration with Uwe Derksen and exhibited during the Cultural Olympiad 2012 the work also featured in a BBC film shown on the big screen.

The body of Mig 21 Fishbed with one of the first three motors for J 35. Dragon prototypes. Dimensions: H 1200 cm, L 380 cm, W 145 cm


Li Jinze, China


Works 2004-2009; Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts (LAFA), Shenyang, China. 2010-2013; Master of Arts in Fine Art, Tsinghua University (THU), Beijing, China. 2014; Lecturer at Academic of Art and Design of Sanya University, Sanya, China. Email:

The creation of art is a pursuit; the continual art creation is a conviction; and the never-ending loyalty to art creation is a faith. In this process, you will be your true self, gaining free will. The will is pure.

Three guns, Chinese character for peace on steel disc between the guns, steel wheels with hard rubber. Size: H 180 cm, L 1000 cm, B 1000 cm


Mats LodĂŠn, Sweden


About P12 To clarify and to put the questions about war and peace and it`s universal all-encompassing matters is a challenge. We inspiring each other to find our own artistic expression in the working processIt became a worthwhile and peaceful experience.

As a sculptor I often work with the impression of being an outsider. Braking up the personal and public space, where the unspoken words of fellowship and alienation for me is wordless theater and a sculptural challenge.

Weapon carriers during MIG 21 Fishbeds wings, iron and parts of measuring instruments. Size: H 360 cm, L 130 cm, W 100 cm

Various aircraft wings and elevators, hydralrĂśr and energy light. Size: H 500 cm, L 290 cm, W 100 cm


Lasse Nilsson, Sweden

THE SAVIOR Born 1959, Sweden.

He works in stone, stainless steel, bronze or wood, and is represented in various public spaces. Is represented in commune of Solna, Stockholm, in Arboga and in private collections. Education Scandinavian College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine. Stockholm University, Faculty of History of Art. Idun Lovén Art School

Lasse Nilsson is a sculptor with a passionate fascination for the human body. His background as a physiotherapist explains his extraordinary knowledge and sensibility in portraying bodies in action.

Public Commissions Municipality of Solna; “Landscape in Red” Wasa High School, Arboga; “Wings of Knowledge” County Council of Västerås; “The old Woman” Church of Sweden, Essinge church; “Our Future” Municipality of Arboga; “Pass on the Iron!” The Royal park of Djurgården, Stockholm: “Skade”

Aluminum and parts of airplanes, Railway barriers, truck chassis etc. Size: H 630 cm, L 343 cm, W 250 cm


Florin Strejac, Romania


Blows”, “Catch Me if You Can”, and the newest: “The Realm of the Ancient Mariner” and “Light Side of Life”, can describe, in a metaphorical way, my state of mind when I am creating. The idea of transforming life’s routine in a moment of creative bewilderment, is my life credo. Studies 1983-Bucharest, Art Academy Sculpture, graduated in 1987 1998- Master in stone conservation, graduated in 2000 (MFA) 2011-Expert stone & ceramics restorer

Artist statement In my vision, art represents salvation from life’s troubles and afflictions, as well as my own personal way of establishing myself and evolving as a human being. The main thing I approach, noticeable from some of the titles of my works: “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”, “When the Wind

Selection of sculpture symposia Ulm Sculpture Symposium, Stone -Germany. New Hampshire Sculpture Symposium, Stone - USA. Vermont Sculpture Symposium, Stone - USA. Cyprus Sculpture Symposium, Stone - Cyprus. Mumbay Sculpture Symposium, Stone - India. Belize City Central America Sculpture

Larvae Feet, parts of an SK-61 wing with nationality mark, fuel tank in aluminum and hydralrör. Size: H 300 cm, L 290 cm, W 60 cm

Symposium, Stone - Belize. “Piece of war” Sculpture Symposium, Metal - Sweden. Tsinghua University Sculpture Exhibition, Stone – China. Tongling International Copper sculpture Exhibition, Bronze - China. Vadodara, Gujarat region Sculpture Symposium, Bronze – India. Ordos city friendship park Mongolia autonomous region, Marble – China. Urumqi Uigur autonomous region sculpture park, Marble – China. Cairo Madinaty sculpture symposium, Marble - Egypt. Alanya sculpture symposium, Granite – Turkey. Antalya sculpture symposium, Marble – Turkey. Aachen sculpture gathering, Wood, Germany. Wyoming sculpture residence, Metal, USA. Fuente Palmera Cordoba sculpture symposium II, Limestone – Spain.


Professor Wei Xiaoming, China

A LETTER OF PEACE Born 1957, China.

1988 Master, Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria; get the“Outstanding Contribution Awards in FineArts” from the minister of the National Cultural Research Departments; Work experience 1982–1986 Teacher, Central Academy of Arts & Design. 1986–1992 Solo Exhibitions around Europe; considerable Environmental Art

Professor, Sculpture Department, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. Vice-Chairman, Artist Association ,Beijing.

Design 1992–2003 Came back to settle, Associate Professor, China Central Academy of Fine Arts; 2003 – present Professor, Sculpture Department, Academy of Arts & Design,Tsinghua University;

1977 Graduate, Central Academy of Arts & Design; 1986 Study abroad on state scholarship,Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria;

Cannon with a bird, chicks and nest partially cut out of the gun shield and partly made in rebar. Size: H 340 cm, L 800 cm, W 210 cm

Social functions 2008 Planning Committee,the International Biennial Exhibition of Architecture in Beijing, 2008. 2009 Art Director, Sculpture symposium of“the 11th Asian Art Festival ”, The International Sculpture symposium, Urumqi, Xinjiang; Committee member, the International Biennial Exhibition of FineArts in Beijing,2010; 2010 Committee Expert ,the China Scholarship Council;


Wen Chao, China

WAR IS OVER - IF YOU WANT IT Born 1972, Tongchuan, China

1973 Born in Tongchuan 1993 Admitted to sculpture major at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts 1998 Works at Sculpture Institution of Shaanxi Province until 2011 1999 The work “Group Photo” for Shaanxi exhibition of Chinas 50th Anniversary 2001 The work “Yue Ru Gue” in “West West” ArtExhibition 2002 The work “Farewell My Concubine” won first prize at the National Art Exhibition

The work “Century Relay” was selected in The Fifth National Sport Art Exhibition at Beidaihe Olympic Park 2003 The work “Baqiao’s Willow” participated at the Changchun National Sculpture Exhibition 2004 The work “Mine” won third prize at the 55:th Shaanxi Art Works Exhibition 2005 The work “Song of a Pipa” was selected for the Shanghai Century Sculpture Exhibition 2006 The large scale work “Golden Age of Chang’an” 2011 Admitted to the sculpture major at Fine Art School of Tsinghua University

Cannon with rubber tires, wheelchair made of rifle barrels, rebar and gun barrels, on the cannon pages of text with signatures. Size: H 380 cm, L 800 cm, W 250 cm


Linda Verkaaik, The Netherlands

THE FLYING DUTCHMAN Born 1956, The Netherlands.

Nature and weather elements give your work something extra, something you cannot think of beforehand. The exhaustion to realize it, going to the extreme, is almost a sacred act.

I prefer to make total events... where all arts are connected, to experience it: sculptural image, sound, projection, motion ... Landart projects I realized on the Terschellings Oerolfestival and the walk on the bridge for the HEM (Utrecht) are dearest to me.

My work consists of autonomous sculptures and transparent panels, architectural applications and landscape projects; for commissions but also in free projects. Sometimes with light, soundscape, performances or film projection. My work has many details within a stylistic organic form. Color and texts are there to express and discover the stories and layers behind the first image.

Wings and tail fins from 5 different types of aircraft. J 39 Gripen, Saab Safir, SK 16 and J 37 Viggen. Size: H 410 cm, L 890 cm, W 250 cm


Insa Winkler, Germany


The creation of value comes into being with the growth that gives life. Self-reliant moments, that bring memories, a link to the origin, including changes, warmness, wetness, patina, observation, smell, noise and more. Environmental Artist. Diploma in Fine Art, M.Sc. for Architecture and Environment, Member of the International Foundation of Landscape Architecture, since 2010 Ph.D. Research on Art and Sustainability at Leuphana University Lueneburg, Curator and Creator of Social Landart, works international site specific and multi medial.

My focus lies in the context of art and landscape, society and the conversion of the environment. I am interested in philosophy of flora, communication of future viability. “The waggishness engenders the relation of human and nature within an analogy.�

The rear Mig 21 Fishbed, pool of military satellite, moss, irrigation system with pump powered by a solar panel. Size: H 510 cm, L 410 cm, W 390 cm


Xu Zenglong, China

HARMONY AND UNITY - FROM MISSILE TO PEN Under the emergence of Chinese and western culture, I study the sculpture morphology combining modern western language and the essence of Chinese tradition. Sticking to innovation and originality , I create works that emphasize on the concepts of Chinese, contemporary personality and wisdom.

These work tell ”stories of China”, enriching the culture of sculpture, and fostering new form of humanity. 2000 Graduated from the Academy of Art &Design, Tsinghua University with Doctor’s Degree. Professor and Doctoral Tutor of Academy of Art &Design, Tsinghua University and Executive Editor of Academy Sculpture The works are collected permanently by Italy CASORIA museum, Beijing National Olympic Park, Shanghai Sculpture Space, Changchun World Sculpture Park, Jiangxi Celebrity Sculpture Park, Wuhu Sculpture Park and the like

Anti Naval Force Robot, cylindertop, lots of engine parts, rust free. Size: H 410 cm, L 890 cm, W 250 cm

Published Monographs Sculpture Overview, Sculpture Structure, Sculpture, etc., among which, Sculpture Structure won the Award of Beijing High Education Quality Teaching Material


Yang Junlan, China

WE ARE FAMILY Born 1988, China.

2 I created a portrait of my mother I love all the humor, love all the good body, more like wonderful wisdom. I hope my art can take you around the spiritual universe, enjoy the endless pleasure 2014 Graduated from the Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Sculpture Department

I think one of the most important artistic achievement is: 1 My mind always uninterrupted smoke a lot of new ideas, and I will happy to dance with joy to those ideas.

Chain drives, propellers, landing gear from a Piper Cherokee, cylinder head, aeroengine, trestles from the Air Force, gears, seat from HAYRAKE, bearing caps, tapered roller bearings. Size: H 270 cm, L 265 cm, W 120 cm


Zhu Ying, China

FLOWER IN ARBOGA Born 1990, China.

The most important achievement is that when people think an artist’s artwork “struck a responsive chord in the heart of its watchers.” The whole point of being an artist is to notice the tiniest things that appear in life and put those elements into artwork, trying to portray all the joyfulness and grievance in this world.

My name is Ying Zhu, I graduated from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, majoring in sculpture. I’m passionate and attentive: I focus on the tiniest fractions in life and involve them into my artworks. I cherish every single opportunity, and I hope more people can get to know me.

Propellers, parts of the fuselage, tubular steel and concrete. Size: H 700 cm, L 200 cm, W 200 cm

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Asoma Bowlingrestaurangen Coop Europeiska Landsbygdsfonden FMV Gado Verkstäder ICA Jädersbruks Ekologiska Herrgård Kjell Liljehult Landstinget Västmanland Lightning Larsson LT Last & Grävmaskiner Länsstyrelsen Västmanland Promedia Arboga Tidning Richardssons Saab Samuelssons Måleri Stadshotellet TBO Haglinds Thomas Björn, PR-konsult Tobias Gillberg, marknadsförare Arboga kommun Tsinghua Universitetet Peking Vandrarhemmet

Thanks to

Thanks to The project team that strongly contributed so that the Sculpture Symposium could be implemented in Arboga 2012 consisted of Birgit Johansson, (then President of Mekens Vänner), Inger Berg, Karin Bäckman Berg, Marianne Åhlander, Gösta Berg, Göran Dahlen, Pär Säterlid, Richard Brixel, Hasse Björkman, Kerstin Hörnlund and Håkan Sterner, project manager. A group of volunteers also helped the Peace Monuments. The group consisted of Barbro Björkman, Jan Welin, Tommy Karlsson, Bengt Staaf, Tomas Persson, Inger Blixt, Ole Borgholst, Dan Mårtensson, Marie-Louise Forsell, Birgitta Hedlund, Ingrid Johansson, Birgitta Borgholst, Kerstin Holm Säterlid, Håkan Sandberg and Anja Broxvall.

Facts about Arboga and Västra Mälardalen Arboga is an ancient cultural city with strong traditions in the military industry, art and commercial fields. It is also a well-known meeting place since the middle ages with the first Swedish parlament in 1435. Today there is both the central warehouse of the army, the army logistic headquarters, airfields and a growing advanced technology industry as well as many artisans and artists.

Fakta om Arboga och Västra Mälardalen Arboga är en gammal fin kulturstad med anor från 1100-talet. Redan 1435 arrangerades Sveriges första riksdag i Arboga. Staden ligger vackert vid Arbogaån och har ett centralt läge i Stockholm Mälardalsregionen. Tillsammans med städerna Köping och Kungsör bildar Arboga Västra Mälardalen med en gemensam vision om hållbar tillväxt. Här skapas förutsättningar för att leva ett gott liv med närhet till en stor arbetsmarknad. Ett utvecklande näringsliv med god vård, skola och omsorg.


The ultimate goal of Peace Monuments are to transform and refine war materials to art and culture. That in itself is a unique project. But the most important task for the project and the Peace monuments, is to keep the important dialogue on peace alive! Den yttersta ambitionen med Fredskulpturerna är att omvandla och förädla krigsmaterial till konst och kultur. Det är i sig ett unikt projekt. Men den viktigaste uppgiften, som projektet och Fredsskulpturerna har, är att hålla den så viktiga dialogen om fred levande!

Mekens Vänner Tommy Karlsson Ekeby Myre Gård 616 732 96 Arboga +46 589 66 00 11

Photographer (artworks): Per Johansson Art director: Tobias Gillberg Print: Strands Grafiska Copyright © 2014 Mekens vänner

Peace Monuments Of War Material  

Peace Monuments of War Material is an international initiative on the topic: how art can contribute to sustainable peace and development, an...

Peace Monuments Of War Material  

Peace Monuments of War Material is an international initiative on the topic: how art can contribute to sustainable peace and development, an...