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How Chinese reporter describe escort service!

Website: How Chinese reporter describeescort service! Which kind of people call work for escort service?we have to make a definition for it.only on special place and provide the sexual service and make a living on it.we call them work on sex.some people judge this about escort service corrupt the social atmosphere,actually don’t have any grounds,because escort service usually avoid the public place,how can it corrupt the social atmosphere!?So we have make a point on it,in china,we call them red light place,but in new york,we call it New York Escort and New York Escort always support

outcall service. Making this as basic,absolutely some girl work on KTV, mistress,affairare not escort girls.include some female work in the office,contact customer after work,only call them as part-time sexual worker.mistress,affairwill disturb other side’s family little or a lot,but escort girls support the service for customer,they don’ t even know their name sometimes.after service,their relationship is done on that won’t bother customer’s life,can’t even disturb their family. The speech from User about escort service become legal‘s advantage. I’m a men,i agree with your point,it’s not the reason that i can find the escort service easier,I took a serious thinking when Anti-vice,I still don’t know what’s the real meaning for Anti-vice,but i saw the something good about escort service existence. First,Average wealth,The females work on escort service always don’t have good family conditions,they don’t have other skill,so can’t find the job they want,they have no choice,to be a escort girl,and customers always are rich men,they can pay for the escort service in new york at least(they usually not gonna rob someone for escort service once),rich pay for the poor,Average wealth. Second,Increase employment,i don’t know how much people work on escort service full-time,it may over 1 million,but how much people work on hotel,spa,sauna,massage places,the taxi driver in night,some people work on restaurant at night an d so on,i think this number gonna be huge,if there’s no more escort service,those people will lose their jobs,they can be over millions. Third,Reduce crime,it’s hard to see the rapist in News,it’s all rely on those escort girls,people’s sexual desire need to vent,if no more females work on escort service,someone who can find the way to vent their sexual desire will decide to rape someone instead,someone who lose their job because of no more escort girls may walk on the way to rob or commit a crime. Forth,family become more harmonious,escort service can’t affect family,because they don’t put any emotion on them,it’s just a business,only mistress can affect family,men are curious,like to do something exciting,escort service can satisfy them or they will find mistress.

Fifth,increasing more taxes to the state,some place provide escort girls to work like hotel,spa,sauna,massage places is the big resources for taxes,if escort service become legal,state can have another reason for taxes. Sixth,Stimulating consumption,i don’t talk too much on it,take a look on some factory produce items for sex,like sex toys,sexy lingerie,condom and so on,how crowded for night hotel,how busy is taxi driver at night,you will know. Seventh,reducing disease,sexual disease’s spreading is not escort girl’s fault,it’s all because escort service is illegal,if it were legal,escort girls can take periodic medical examinations and refuse some bad customer.

How chinese reporter describe escort service