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General Interest

CONFORMITY The Power of Social Influences CASS R. SUNSTEIN Bestselling author Cass R. Sunstein reveals the appeal and the danger of conformity We live in an era of tribalism, polarization, and intense social division—separating people along lines of religion, political conviction, race, ethnicity, and sometimes gender. How did this happen? In Conformity, Cass R. Sunstein argues that the key to making sense of living in this fractured world lies in understanding the idea of conformity—what it is and how it works—as well as the countervailing force of dissent. An understanding of conformity sheds new light on many issues confronting us today: the role of social media, the rise of fake news, the growth of authoritarianism, the success of Donald Trump, the functions of free speech, debates over immigration and the Supreme Court, and much more. Cass R. Sunstein is the Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard. From 2009 to 2012, he served as the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. He is the bestselling coauthor of Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness and The World According to Star Wars.

Lacking information of our own and seeking the good opinion of others, we often follow the crowd, but Sunstein shows that when individuals suppress their own instincts about what is true and what is right, it can lead to significant social harm. Sunstein concludes that while much of the time it is in the individual’s interest to follow the crowd, it is in the social interest for individuals to say and do what they think is best. A well-functioning democracy depends on it.

May 2019 176 pages • 5 x 8 Cloth • 978-1-4798-6783-7 • $19.95T(£14.99) Current Affairs WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


General Interest

POCAHONTAS AND THE ENGLISH BOYS Caught Between Cultures in Early Virginia KAREN ORDAHL KUPPERMAN The captivating story of four young people— English and Powhatan—who lived their lives between cultures In Pocahontas and the English Boys, the esteemed historian Karen Ordahl Kupperman shifts the lens on the well-known narrative of Virginia’s founding to reveal the previously untold and utterly compelling story of the youths who, often unwillingly, entered into crosscultural relationships—and became essential for the colony’s survival. Their story gives us unprecedented access to both sides of early Virginia.

Karen Ordahl Kupperman is Silver Professor of History Emerita at New York University. Her books include The Atlantic in World History, The Jamestown Project, and Indians and English, Winner of the AHA Prize in Atlantic History.

Here for the first time outside scholarly texts is an accurate portrayal of Pocahontas, who, from the age of ten, acted as emissary for her father, who ruled over the local tribes, alongside the neverbefore-told intertwined stories of Thomas Savage, Henry Spelman, and Robert Poole, young English boys who were forced to live with powerful Indian leaders to act as intermediaries. Pocahontas and the English Boys is a riveting seventeenth-century story of intrigue and danger, knowledge and power, and four youths who lived out their lives between cultures. Written by an expert in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Atlantic history, Pocahontas and the English Boys unearths gems from the archives—Henry Spelman’s memoir, travel accounts, letters, and official reports and records of meetings of the governor and council in Virginia—and draws on recent archaeology to share the stories of the young people who were key influencers of their day and who are now set to transform our understanding of early Virginia.

March 2019 240 pages • 6 x 9 21 black & white illustrations Cloth • 978-1-4798-2582-0 • $24.95T(£18.99) History 2


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General Interest


A Boy's Memoir of Life with the Powhatans and the Patawomecks HENRY SPELMAN Transcribed from the original manuscript, edited, and with an introduction by KAREN ORDAHL KUPPERMAN A memoir of one of America’s first adventurers, a young boy who acted as a link between the Jamestown colonists and the Patawomecks and Powhatans “Being in displeasure of my friends, and desirous to see other countries, after three months sail we come with prosperous winds in sight of Virginia.” So begins the fascinating tale of Henry Spelman, a 14 year-old boy whose mother sent him to Virginia in 1609. One of Jamestown’s early arrivals, Spelman soon became an integral player, and sometimes a pawn, in the power struggle between the Chesapeake Algonquians and the English settlers. Henry Spelman was a new arrival in England’s Jamestown colony who, at age fourteen, was Shortly after he arrived in the Chesapeake, Henry sent to live with the Powhatans, Pocahontas’s accompanied another English boy, Thomas people. As he matured, he was caught Savage, to Powhatan’s capital and after a few between loyalties. Colonial authorities put him months accompanied the Patawomeck chief on trial for informing Opechancanough, the Iopassus to the Potomac. Spelman learned Powhatan chief, about changes in Jamestown, Chesapeake Algonquian languages and customs, and he died at the age of twenty-eight in acted as an interpreter, and knew a host of fighting between Natives and English. colonial America’s most well-known figures, from Karen Ordahl Kupperman is Silver Pocahontas to Powhatan to Captain John Smith. Professor of History Emerita at New York University. Her books include The Atlantic in World History, The Jamestown Project, and Indians and English, Winner of the AHA Prize in Atlantic History.

A valuable and unique primary document, this book illuminates the beginnings of English America and tells us much about how the Chesapeake Algonquians viewed the English invaders. It provides the first transcription from the original manuscript since 1872.

March 2019 96 pages • 4.25 x 7 16 black & white illustrations Cloth • 978-1-4798-3519-5 • $14.95A(£10.99) History | Memoir WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


General Interest

CELEBRITY A History of Fame

SUSAN J. DOUGLAS and ANDREA MCDONNELL The historical and cultural context of fame in the twenty-first century Today, celebrity culture is an inescapable part of our media landscape and our everyday lives. This was not always the case. Over the past century, media technologies have increasingly expanded the production and proliferation of fame. Celebrity explores this revolution and its often under-estimated impact on American culture. Using numerous precedent-setting examples spanning more than one hundred years of media history, Douglas and McDonnell trace the dynamic relationship between celebrity and the technologies of mass communication that have shaped the nature of fame in the United States. Susan J. Douglas is the Catherine Neafie Kellogg Professor of Communication Studies at The University of Michigan. She is the author of five books, including The Rise of Enlightened Sexism, Listening In: Radio and the American Imagination and Where The Girls Are: Growing Up Female with the Mass Media. Andrea McDonnell is Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Emmanuel College. She is the author of Reading Celebrity Gossip Magazines.

Revealing how televised music fanned a worldwide phenomenon called “Beatlemania” and how Kim Kardashian broke the internet, Douglas and McDonnell also show how the media has shaped both the lives of the famous and the nature of the spotlight itself. Celebrity examines the production, circulation, and effects of celebrity culture to consider the impact of stars from Shirley Temple to Muhammad Ali to the homegrown star made possible by your Instagram feed. It maps ever-evolving media technologies as they adeptly interweave the lives of the rich and famous into ours. Today, mass media relies upon an ever-changing cast of celebrities to grab our attention and money. In the era of YouTube, Snapchat, and reality television, fame may be fleeting, but its impact on society is profound and lasting.

March 2019 336 pages • 6 x 9 29 black & white illustrations Paper • 978-1-4798-6203-0 • $25.00A(£18.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-5243-7 • $89.00X(£71.00) In the Critical Cultural Communication series Media Studies 4


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General Interest


Media and Spectacle in American Culture MICHAEL SERAZIO A provocative, must-read investigation that both appreciates the importance of— and punctures the hype around—big-time contemporary American athletics In an increasingly secular, fragmented, and distracted culture, nothing brings Americans together quite like sports. On Sundays in September, more families worship at the altar of the NFL than at any church. This appeal makes sports perhaps the last unifying mass ritual of our era. That timeless, live quality—impervious to DVR, evoking ancient religious rites—makes sports very powerful and very lucrative.

Michael Serazio is an award-winning author and former journalist. He is a faculty member in the Department of Communication at Boston College. His most recent book is Your Ad Here: The Cool Sell of Guerilla Marketing. He has written for The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Sports Illustrated, Salon, The New Republic, and others.

More importantly, sports are sold as an oasis of community to a nation deeply divided: they are escapist and apolitical. In fact, precisely because they appear allegedly “above politics,” sports are able to smuggle potent messages about inequality, patriotism, labor, and race to massive audiences, perfectly encapsulating the roiling tensions of modern American life. Michael Serazio maps and critiques the cultural production of today’s lucrative, ubiquitous sports landscape. Through dozens of in-depth interviews with leaders in sports media and journalism, as well as in the business and marketing of sports, The Power of Sports goes behind the scenes and tells a story of technological disruption, commercial greed, economic disparity, military hawkishness, and ideals of manhood.

April 2019 400 pages • 6 x 9 Cloth • 978-1-4798-8731-6 • $35.00A(£26.99) In the Postmillennial Pop series Media Studies | Sports WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


General Interest


Inside the Lives of America’s Death Penalty Lawyers JON B. GOULD and MAYA PAGNI BARAK The unsung heroes who defend the accused from the ultimate punishment What motivates someone to make a career out of defending some of the worst suspected killers of our time? In Capital Defense, Jon B. Gould and Maya Pagni Barak give us a glimpse into the lives of lawyers who choose to work in the darkest corner of our criminal justice system: death penalty cases. Based on in-depth personal interviews with a cross-section of the nation’s top capital defense teams, the book explores the unusual few who voluntarily represent society’s “worst of the worst.”

Jon B. Gould is Professor of Public Affairs and Law at American University in Washington, D.C. He is the author of The Innocence Commission: Preventing Wrongful Convictions and Restoring the Criminal Justice System. Maya Pagni Barak is Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and an affiliate of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

With a compassionate and careful eye, Gould and Barak chronicle the experiences of American lawyers, who—like soldiers or surgeons—operate under the highest of stakes, where verdicts have the power to either “take death off the table” or put clients on “the conveyor belt towards death.” These lawyers are a rare breed in a field that is otherwise seen as dirty work and in a system that is overburdened, under-resourced, and overshadowed by social, cultural, and political pressures. Examining the ugliest side of our criminal justice system, Capital Defense offers an up-close perspective on the capital litigation process and its impact on the people who participate in it.

June 2019 304 pages • 6 x 9 Cloth • 978-1-4798-7375-3 • $35.00A(£26.99) Current Affairs 6


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General Interest

ANTIRACISM An Introduction

ALEX ZAMALIN An introduction to antiracism, a powerful tradition crucial for energizing American democracy

Alex Zamalin is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of African American Studies at the University of Detroit, Mercy. He is the co-editor of American Political Thought: An Alternative View.

On August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, a rally of white nationalists and white supremacists culminated in the death of a woman murdered in the street. Those events made clear that racism is alive and well in the United States of America. However, they also brought into sharp relief another American tradition: antiracism. While racists marched and chanted in the streets, they were met and matched by even larger numbers of protesters. Racism is America’s original and most enduring sin, with well-known historic and contemporary markers: slavery, lynching, Jim Crow, redlining, mass incarceration, police brutality. But racism has always been challenged. Alex Zamalin’s Antiracism tells the story of that opposition. While other forms of racial oppression have been and continue to be present in American life, antiblack racism has always been the primary focus of American antiracist movements. From antislavery abolition to the contemporary Movement for Black Lives, Antiracism examines the way the black antiracist tradition has thought about domination, exclusion, and power, as well as freedom, equality, justice, struggle, and political hope in dark times. Antiracism is an accessible introduction to the political theory of black American antiracism, through a study of the major figures, texts, and political movements across US history. Zamalin argues that antiracism is a powerful tradition that is crucial for energizing American democracy.

March 2019 224 pages • 5 x 8 Paper • 978-1-4798-2263-8 • $19.95A(£14.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-4928-4 • $89.00X(£71.00) Current Affairs WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


General Interest


The Rescue of Jewish Culture after the Holocaust ELISABETH GALLAS Translated by ALEX SKINNER The astonishing story of the efforts of scholars and activists to rescue Jewish cultural treasures after the Holocaust

Elisabeth Gallas is chief research associate at the Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture—Simon Dubnow in Leipzig, Germany. Alex Skinner has translated more than twenty books from German to English in the humanities and social sciences.

In March 1946, the American Military Government for Germany established the Offenbach Archival Depot near Frankfurt to store, identify, and restore the Nazi-looted books, archival material, and ritual objects that Army members had found hidden in German caches. These items bore testimony to the cultural genocide that accompanied the Nazis’ systematic acts of mass murder. The depot built a short-lived lieu de memoire—a “mortuary of books,” as the later renowned historian Lucy Dawidowicz called it—with over three million books of Jewish origin. A Mortuary of Books tells the miraculous story of the many Jewish organizations and individuals who, after the war, sought to recover this looted cultural property and return the millions of treasured objects to their rightful owners. Some of the most outstanding Jewish intellectuals of the twentieth century, including Dawidowicz, Hannah Arendt, Salo W. Baron, and Gershom Scholem, were involved in this herculean effort. The commitment of these individuals to the restitution of cultural property revealed the importance of cultural objects as symbols of the enduring legacy of those who could not be saved.

April 2019 416 pages • 6 x 9 24 black & white illustrations Cloth • 978-1-4798-3395-5 • $35.00S(£26.99) In the Goldstein-Goren Series in American Jewish History History | Jewish Studies 8


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General Interest

THE DARK FANTASTIC Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games EBONY ELIZABETH THOMAS Reveals the diversity crisis in children’s and young adult media as not only a lack of representation, but a lack of imagination Stories provide portals into other worlds, both real and imagined. The promise of escape draws people from all backgrounds to speculative fiction, but when people of color seek passageways into the fantastic, the doors are often barred.

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas is Associate Professor in the Literacy, Culture, and International Educational Division at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. A former Detroit Public Schools teacher and National Academy of Education/ Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, she is an expert on diversity in children’s literature, youth media, and fan studies. Twitter: @Ebonyteach

The Dark Fantastic is an engaging and provocative exploration of race in popular youth and young adult speculative fiction. Grounded in her experiences as YA novelist, fanfiction writer, and scholar of education, Thomas considers four black girl protagonists from some of the most popular stories of the early 21st century: Bonnie Bennett from the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, Rue from Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games, Gwen from the BBC’s Merlin, and Angelina Johnson from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Analyzing their narratives and audience reactions to them reveals how these characters mirror the violence against black and brown people in our own world. Thomas uncovers and builds upon a tradition of fantasy and radical imagination to reveal new possibilities. Through fanfiction and other modes of counter-storytelling, young people of color have reinvisioned fantastic worlds that reflect their own experiences, their own lives. As Thomas powerfully asserts, “we dark girls deserve more, because we are more.”

May 2019 240 pages • 6 x 9 1 black & white illustration Cloth • 978-1-4798-0065-0 • $28.00A(£20.99) In the Postmillennial Pop series Current Affairs WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


General Interest

SIGNATURE WOUNDS The Untold Story of the Military’s Mental Health Crisis DAVID KIERAN The surprising story of the Army’s efforts to combat PTSD and traumatic brain injury

David Kieran is Assistant Professor of History and Director of the American Studies concentration at Washington & Jefferson College. He is the author of Forever Vietnam: How a Divisive War Changed American Public Memory, and editor of The War of My Generation: Youth Culture and the War on Terror.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a tremendous toll on the mental health of our troops. In 2005, then-Senator Barack Obama took to the Senate floor to tell his colleagues that “many of our injured soldiers are returning from Iraq with traumatic brain injury,” which doctors were calling the “signature wound” of the Iraq War. Alarming stories of veterans taking their own lives raised a host of vital questions: Why hadn’t the military been better prepared to treat posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI)? Why were troops being denied care and sent back to Iraq? Why weren’t the Army and the VA doing more to address these issues? Drawing on previously unreleased documents and oral histories, David Kieran tells the nuanced story of the Army’s efforts to understand and address these issues, challenging the popular media view that the Iraq War was mismanaged by a callous military unwilling to address the human toll of the wars. This book shows how PTSD, TBI, and suicide became the signature wounds of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, how they prompted change within the Army itself, and how mental health became a factor in the debates about the impact of these conflicts on US culture.

April 2019 404 page • 6 x 9 Cloth • 978-1-4798-9236-5 • $35.00S(£26.99) Current Affairs | Military History 10


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

Stonewall at 50

THE STONEWALL RIOTS A Documentary History MARC STEIN On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the most important moment in LGBTQ history— depicted by the people who influenced, recorded, and reacted to it

Marc Stein is the Jamie and Phyllis Pasker Professor of History at San Francisco State University. He is the author of Rethinking the Gay and Lesbian Movement, Sexual Injustice: Supreme Court Decisions from Griswold to Roe, and City of Sisterly and Brotherly Loves: Lesbian and Gay Philadelphia, and the editor of the Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in America.

June 28, 1969, Greenwich Village: The New York City Police Department, fueled by bigoted liquor licensing practices and an omnipresent backdrop of homophobia and transphobia, raided the Stonewall Inn, a neighborhood gay bar, in the middle of the night. The raid was met with a series of responses that would go down in history as the most galvanizing period in this country’s fight for sexual and gender liberation: a riotous reaction from the bar’s patrons and surrounding community, followed by six days of protests. Across 200 documents, Marc Stein presents a unique record of the lessons and legacies of Stonewall. Drawing from sources that include mainstream, alternative, and LGBTQ media, gaybar guide listings, state court decisions, political fliers, first-person accounts, song lyrics, and photographs, Stein paints an indelible portrait of this pivotal moment in the LGBT movement. Published on the 50th anniversary of the moment the first brick was thrown, The Stonewall Riots allows readers to take stock of how LGBTQ life has changed in the US, and how it has stayed the same. It offers campy stories of queer resistance, courageous accounts of movements and protests, powerful narratives of police repression, and lesser-known stories otherwise buried in the historical record, from an account of ball culture in the mid-sixties to a letter by Black Panther Huey P. Newton addressed to the resistance. For anyone committed to political activism and social justice, The Stonewall Riots provides a much-needed resource for renewal and empowerment.

May 2019 352 page • 7 x 10 9 black & white illustrations Paper • 978-1-4798-1685-9 • $35.00A(£26.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-5828-6 • $99.00X(£79.00) History | LGBT Studies WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Stonewall at 50


A serious intellectual engagement with Afrofuturism and the philosophical questions of space and time Queer Times, Black Futures considers the promises and pitfalls of imagination, technology, futurity, and liberation as they have persisted in and through racial capitalism. Kara Keeling explores how the speculative fictions of cinema, music, and literature that center black existence provide scenarios wherein we might imagine alternative worlds, queer and otherwise. Keeling offers a sustained meditation on contemporary investments in futurity, speculation, and technology, specifically their significance to queer and black freedom.

Kara Keeling is Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago. Keeling is the author of The Witch’s Flight: The Cinematic, the Black Femme, and the Image of Common Sense.

In connecting a queer, cinematic reordering of time with the new possibilities technology offers, Keeling thinks with and through a vibrant conception of the imagination as a gateway to queer times and black futures, and the previously unimagined spaces that they can conjure. “Just when the world seems to be collapsing, Queer Times, Black Futures guides us towards an anti-fragile future that exists here and now. The key? Embracing and holding in tension: Afrofuturist freedom dreams, the queer temporalities that animate Black Swans, and the radical refusal and opacity of Herman Melville’s 'Bartleby' and Eduoard Glissant’s philosophy. If we haven’t realized the possibilities that lie waiting in the present, it’s because the frame of black experience has not yet registered...Keeling helps us imagine the (im)possible. Stop reading this blurb and start reading this book. Now.” — Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, author of Updating to Remain the Same

April 2019 288 page • 6 x 9 Paper • 978-0-8147-4833-6 • $30.00S(£22.99) Cloth • 978-0-8147-4832-9 • $89.00X(£71.00) In the Sexual Cultures series Media Studies | African American Studies 12


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

Sexual Cultures Highlights Marking its 20th anniversary, the Sexual Cultures series has transformed the field of trans and queer theories by placing race, ethnicity, gender, religion, transnationalism, and aesthetics at the center of inquiry.







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213 pages • Paper • $26.00S 978-0-8147-3585-5 | 2005

IN A QUEER TIME AND PLACE Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives J. JACK HALBERSTAM

240 pages • Paper • $24.00S 978-0-8147-6492-3 | 2014


208 pages • Paper • $26.00S 978-0-8147-7503-5 | 2001


239 pages • Paper • $24.00S 978-0-8147-7255-3 | 2012

SINGLE: Arguments for the Uncoupled MICHAEL COBB

208 pages • Paper • $15.00S 978-1-4798-5316-8 | 2016


240 pages • Paper • $25.00S 978-1-4798-2517-2 | 2015

NOT GAY: Sex between Straight White Men JANE WARD


S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Stonewall at 50

CRUISING UTOPIA 10th Anniversary Edition

The Then and There of Queer Futurity JOSÉ ESTEBAN MUÑOZ With a new foreword by JOSHUA CHAMBERS-LETSON, TAVIA NYONG’O, AND ANN PELLEGRINI with two additional essays by the author A 10th anniversary edition of this field defining work—an intellectual inspiration for a generation of LGBTQ scholars

José Esteban Muñoz (1967–2013) was Professor and Chair of Performance Studies at New York University. His works include Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics, Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity, as well as the forthcoming The Sense of Brown. He was co-editor of Pop Out: Queer Warhol and Everynight Life: Culture and Dance in Latin/o America and founding co-editor of the Sexual Cultures series at NYU Press. Joshua Chambers-Letson is Associate Professor of Performance Studies at Northwestern University.

Cruising Utopia arrived in 2009 to insist that queerness must be reimagined as a futuritybound phenomenon, an insistence on the potentiality of another world that would crack open the pragmatic present. Part manifesto, part love-letter to the past and the future, José Esteban Muñoz argued that the here and now were not enough and issued an urgent call for the revivification of the queer political imagination. On the anniversary of its original publication, this edition includes two essays by Muñoz that extend and expand the project of Cruising Utopia, as well as a new foreword by the current editors of Sexual Cultures, the book series he co-founded with Ann Pellegrini 20 years ago. This 10th anniversary edition celebrates the lasting impact that Cruising Utopia has had on the decade of queer of color critique that followed and introduces a new generation of readers to a future not yet here.

Tavia Nyong’o is Professor of African American Studies, American Studies, and Theater & Performance Studies at Yale University. Ann Pellegrini is Professor of Performance Studies and Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University.

April 2019 280 page • 6 x 9 23 black & white illustrations 8 color illustrations Paper • 978-1-4798-7456-9 • $25.00S(£18.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-1378-0 • $89.00X(£71.00) Previous Edition: 978-0-8147-5228-4 In the Sexual Cultures series LGBT Studies 14


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

Stonewall at 50


SAMUEL R. DELANY With a new foreword by ROBERT F. REID-PHARR 20th anniversary edition of a landmark book that cataloged a vibrant but disappearing neighborhood in New York City

Samuel R. Delany is a renowned novelist and critic, whose award-winning fiction includes Dhalgren, Babel-17, The Mad Man, Dark Reflections, and Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders. In addition to receiving the William Whitehead Memorial Award and the Kessler Award for his lifetime contribution to lesbian and gay writing, Delany was chosen by the Lambda Book Report in 1988 as one of the fifty most influential people of the past hundred years to change our conception of queerness. Robert F. Reid-Pharr is Professor of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Harvard University. His books include: Archives of Flesh: African America, Spain, and PostHumanist Critique and Once You Go Black: Choice, Desire, and the Black American Intellectual.

In the two decades that preceded the original publication of Time Square Red, Time Square Blue, 42nd Street, then the most infamous street in America, was being remade into a sanitized tourist haven. In the forced disappearance of porn theaters, peep shows, and street hustlers to make room for a Disney store, a children’s theater, and large, neon-lit cafes, Samuel R. Delany saw a disappearance, not only of the old Times Square, but of the complex social relationships that developed there. Samuel R. Delany bore witness to the dismantling of the institutions that promoted points of contact between people of different classes and races in a public space, and in this hybrid text, argues for the necessity of public restrooms and tree-filled parks to a city’s physical and psychological landscape. This twentieth anniversary edition includes a new foreword by Robert Reid-Pharr that traces the importance and continued resonances of Samuel R. Delany’s groundbreaking Times Square Red, Times Square Blue.

June 2019 240 page • 5.8 x 5.3 Paper • 978-1-4798-2777-0 • $25.00S(£18.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-8736-1 • $89.00X(£71.00) Previous Edition: 978-0-8147-1920-6 In the Sexual Cultures series History | LGBT Studies WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


American Studies

QUEER FAITH Reading Promiscuity and Race in the Secular Love Tradition MELISSA E. SANCHEZ Uncovers the queer logics of premodern religious and secular texts

August 2019 344 pages • 6 x 9 2 black & white illustrations Paper • $35.00S(£26.99) 978-1-4798-4086-1 Cloth • $99.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-7187-2 In the Sexual Cultures series American Studies

Putting premodern theology and poetry in dialogue with contemporary theory and politics, Queer Faith reassess the commonplace view that a modern veneration of sexual monogamy and fidelity finds its roots in Protestant thought. Queer Faith examines key works of the prehistory of monogamy—from Paul to Luther, Petrarch to Shakespeare—to show that writing assumed to promote fidelity in fact articulates the affordances of promiscuity, both in its sexual sense and in its larger designation of all that is impure and disorderly. Deliberately unfaithful to disciplinary norms, this book assembles new conceptual frameworks at the juncture of secular and religious thought, political, and aesthetic form. Melissa E. Sanchez is Associate Professor of English, Comparative Literature, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

RICANNESS Staging Time in Anticolonial Performance SANDRA RUIZ Argues that Ricanness operates as a continual performance of bodily endurance against US colonialism Ruiz argues that Ricanness—a continual performance of bodily endurance against US colonialism through different measures of time—uncovers what’s at stake politically for the enduring body. Moving among theatre, experimental video, revolutionary protest, photography, poetry, and durational performance art, Ricanness stages scenes in which the philosophical, social, and psychic come together at the site of aesthetics, against the colonization of time. Ricanness imagines a Rican future through the time travel extended in their aesthetic interventions, illustrating how they have reformulated time itself through nonlinear aesthetic practices. July 2019 256 pages • 6 x 9 20 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-2568-4 Cloth •$89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-8874-0 American Studies 16

Sandra Ruiz is Assistant Professor of Latina/Latino Studies and English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

American Studies

RACIAL IMMANENCE Chicanx Bodies Beyond Representation MARISSA K. LÓPEZ Explores the how, why, and what of contemporary Chicanx culture, including punk rock, literary fiction, photography, mass graves, and digital and experimental installation art Racial Immanence seeks to loosen the constraints that the politics of racial representation put on interpretive methods and on our understanding of race itself. Reading Chicanx texts primarily for the ways they represent Chicanxness only reinscribes the very racial logic that such texts ostensibly set out to undo.

August 2019 208 pages • 6 x 9 19 black & white illustrations Paper • $28.00S(£20.99) 978-1-4798-1390-2 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-0772-7 American Studies

Racial Immanence proposes to read differently; instead of focusing on representation, it asks what Chicanx texts do, what they produce in the world, and specifically how they produce access to the experience of race. López challenges theoretical conversations around affect and the post-human and asks what it means to truly consider people of color as writers and artists. Marissa K. López is Associate Professor of English and Chicana/o Studies at UCLA.

FASHION AND BEAUTY IN THE TIME OF ASIA Edited by S. HEIJIN LEE, CHRISTINA H. MOON, and THUY LINH NGUYEN TU How transnational modernity is taking shape in and in relation to Asia

June 2019 320 pages • 6 x 9 15 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-9284-6 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-9215-0 In the NYU Series in Social and Cultural Analysis Asian American Studies WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Considering the role of bodily aesthetics in the shaping of Asian modernities and the formation of the so-called “Asian Century,” this book trains our eyes on sites as far-flung, varied, and intimate as Saigon and Seoul, New York and Toronto. Contributors consider topics from American influence on plastic surgery in Korea to Nepalese nail technicians in New York who are mandated to dress “fashionably.” This interdisciplinary anthology moves beyond common characterizations of Asians and the Asian diaspora, analyzing who the modern Asian subject is now: what they wear and how they work, move, eat, and shop. S. Heijin Lee is Assistant Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University. Christina H. Moon is Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies in the School of Art and Design History at the Parsons School of Design. Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu is Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University. S PRIN G 2019 • NYU PRE S S


Media Studies

LOCKED OUT Regional Restrictions in Digital Entertainment Culture EVAN ELKINS A rare insight into how industry practices like regional restrictions have shaped global media culture in the digital era “This content is not available in your country.” At some point, most media consumers around the world have run into a message like this. Whether trying to watch a DVD purchased abroad or listen to a Spotify library while traveling, we are constantly reminded of geography’s imprint on digital culture. We are locked out.

August 2019 240 pages • 6 x 9 9 black & white illustrations Paper • $29.00S(£21.99) 978-1-4798-7387-6 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-3057-2 In the Critical Cultural Communication series Media Studies

Locked Out explores regional lockout’s consequences for media around the globe. Locked Out argues that the practice of regional lockout has shaped and reinforced global hierarchies of geography and culture. Evan Elkins is Assistant Professor of Media and Visual Culture in the Department of Communication Studies at Colorado State University.

DON’T USE YOUR WORDS! Children’s Emotions in a Networked World JANE JUFFER How children are taught to control their feelings and how they resist this emotional management through cultural production Over the past two decades, children’s television programming has provided a therapeutic site for processing emotions, but in doing so has enforced normative structures of feeling that weaken the intensity and range of children’s affective experiences.

May 2019 304 pages • 6 x 9 32 black & white illustrations 16 color illustrations Paper • $35.00S(£26.99) 978-1-4798-3305-4 Cloth • $99.00X(£79.00) 978-1-4798-3174-6 Psychology | Media Studies 18

Don’t Use Your Words! seeks to challenge those norms, highlighting the ways that kids express their feelings through cultural productions including drawings, memes, YouTube videos, and conversations while gaming online. Taking issue with the mainstream tendency to speak on behalf of children, Juffer argues that kids have the agency to answer for themselves: what does it feel like to be a kid? Jane Juffer is Professor in the Department of English and the Program of Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Cornell University.


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Media Studies

FAKE GEEK GIRLS Fandom, Gender, and the Convergence Culture Industry SUZANNE SCOTT Reveals the systematic marginalization of women within pop culture fan communities When Ghostbusters returned to the screen in 2016, some male fans of the original film boycotted the all-female adaptation of the cult classic, turning to Twitter to express their disapproval and making it clear that they considered the film’s “real” fans to be white, straight men. While extreme, these responses are far from unusual.

Suzanne Scott is Assistant Professor of Media Studies in the Radio-Television-Film Department at The University of Texas at Austin. She is the co-editor of The Routledge Companion to Media Fandom.

Suzanne Scott points to the ways in which the “men’s rights” movement and antifeminist pushback against “social justice warriors” connect to new mainstream fandom, where female casting in geek-nostalgia reboots is vilified and historically feminized forms of fan engagement—like cosplay and fan fiction—are treated as less worthy than male-dominant expressions of fandom like collection, possession, and cataloguing. While this gender bias harkens back to the origins of fandom itself, Fake Geek Girls contends that the current view of women in fandom as either inauthentic masqueraders or unwelcome interlopers has been tacitly endorsed by Hollywood franchises and the viewer demographics they selectively champion. It offers a view into the inner workings of how digital fan culture converges with old media and its biases in new and novel ways.

April 2019 304 pages • 6 x 9 18 black & white illustrations Paper • 978-1-4798-7957-1 • $30.00S(£22.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-3860-8 • $89.00X(£71.00) In the Critical Cultural Communication series Media Studies WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Media Studies

HOW TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES Edited by MATTHEW THOMAS PAYNE and NINA B. HUNTEMANN Forty original contributions on games and gaming culture What does Pokémon Go tell us about globalization? What does Tetris teach us about rules? Video games demand engagement like no other, which begs the question—what is the role that video games play in our lives, from our homes, to our phones, and on global culture writ large?

March 2019 400 pages • 7 x 10 49 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-2798-5 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-0214-2 Media Studies

How to Play Video Games brings together 40 original essays from today’s leading scholars on video game culture. Read about avatars in Grand Theft Auto V and music in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or see how Age of Empires taught a generation about postcolonialism. These essays suggest that understanding video games in a critical context provides a new way to engage in contemporary culture. Matthew Thomas Payne is Associate Professor in the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre at the University of Notre Dame. Nina B. Huntemann is Director of Academics and Research at edX, a nonprofit online education provider founded by Harvard and MIT.

VIDEO GAMES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN QUEER BONNIE RUBERG Argues for the queer potential of video games Bonnie Ruberg pushes the concept of queerness in games beyond a matter of representation, exploring how video games can be played, interpreted, and designed queerly, whether or not they include overtly LGBTQ content. Video Games Have Always Been Queer argues that the medium of video games itself can—and should—be read queerly.

March 2019 288 pages • 6 x 9 30 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-4374-9 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-3103-6 In the Postmillennial Pop series Media Studies 20

In the first book dedicated to bridging game studies and queer theory, Ruberg asserts that, even within a dominant gaming culture that has proved to be openly hostile to those perceived as different, queer people have always belonged in video games—because video games have, in fact, always been queer. Bonnie Ruberg is Assistant Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine, and is the co-editor (with Adrienne Shaw) of Queer Games Studies.


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Women Studies


The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia SABRINA STRINGS How the female body has been racialized for over two hundred years There is an obesity epidemic in this country and poor black women are particularly stigmatized as “diseased” and a burden on the public health care system. This is only the most recent incarnation of the fear of fat black women, which Sabrina Strings shows took root more than two hundred years ago.

Sabrina Strings is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Irvine, and a Berkeley Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Sociology and the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley.

Strings weaves together an eye-opening historical narrative ranging from the Renaissance to the current moment, analyzing important works of art, newspaper and magazine articles, and scientific literature and medical journals—where fat bodies were once praised—showing that fat phobia, as it relates to black women, did not originate with medical findings, but with the Enlightenment era belief that fatness was evidence of “savagery” and racial inferiority. Fearing the Black Body argues that the contemporary ideal of slenderness is, at its very core, racialized and racist. An important and original work, Fearing the Black Body argues convincingly that fat phobia isn’t about health at all, but rather a means of using the body to validate race, class, and gender prejudice.

May 2019 304 pages • 6 x 9 41 black & white illustrations Paper • 978-1-4798-8675-3 • $28.00S(£20.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-1980-5 • $89.00X(£71.00) Women’s Studies | Sociology WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Women Studies


A Short History of Reproductive Politics in the United States RICKIE SOLINGER A sweeping chronicle of women’s battles for reproductive freedom Reproductive politics in the United States has always been about who has the power to decide— lawmakers, the courts, clergy, physicians, or the woman herself. Authorities have rarely put women’s needs and interests at the center of these debates. Instead, they have created reproductive laws and policies to solve a variety of social and political problems, with outcomes that affect the lives of different groups of women differently.

Rickie Solinger is a historian, the editor of a book series on reproductive justice, and a curator who organizes exhibitions associated with the themes of her books. Her books include Wake Up Little Susie: Single Pregnancy and Race Before Roe v. Wade and The Abortionist: A Woman Against the Law.

July 2019 336 pages • 6 x 9 1 black & white illustration Paper • 978-1-4798-6650-2 • $27.00S(£20.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-4745-7 • $89.00X(£71.00) Previous edition: 978-0-8147-9828-7 Women’s Studies 22

Reproductive politics were at play when slaveholders devised “breeding” schemes, when the US government took indigenous children from their families in the nineteenth century, and when doctors pressured Latina women to be sterilized in the 1970s. Tracing the main plot lines of women’s reproductive lives, the leading historian Rickie Solinger redefines the idea of reproductive freedom, putting race and class at the center of the effort to control sex and pregnancy in America over time. Revisiting these issues after more than a decade, this revised edition of Pregnancy and Power reveals how far the reproductive justice movement has come, and the renewed struggles it faces in the present moment. Even after nearly a halfcentury of “reproductive rights,” a cascade of new laws and policies limits access and prescribes punishments for many people trying to make their own reproductive decisions. In this revised edition, Solinger traces the contemporary rise of reproductive consumerism and the politics of “free market” health care as economic inequality continues to expand in the US, revealing the profound limits of “choice” and the continued need for the reproductive justice framework.


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Women Studies


Racism, Pregnancy, and Premature Birth DÁNA-AIN DAVIS A troubling study of the role that medical racism plays in the lives of black women who have given birth to premature and low birth weight infants Black women have higher rates of premature birth than other women in America. Dána-Ain Davis examines this phenomenon, placing racial differences in birth outcomes in a historical context, revealing that ideas about reproduction and race have been influenced by the legacy of ideas which developed during the era of slavery.

Dána-Ain Davis is Director of the Center

for the Study of Women and Society at the Graduate Center, CUNY. She is the author of Battered Black Women and Welfare Reform: Between a Rock and Hard Place.

While poor and low-income black women are often the “mascots” of premature birth outcomes, Reproductive Injustice focuses on professional black women, who are just as likely to give birth prematurely. Drawing on an impressive array of interviews with nearly 50 mothers, fathers, neonatologists, nurses, midwives, and reproductive justice advocates, Dána-Ain Davis argues that events leading up to an infant’s arrival in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and the parents’ experiences while they are in the NICU, reveal subtle but pernicious forms of racism that confound the perceived class dynamics that are frequently understood to be a central factor of premature birth.

June 2019 272 pages • 6 x 9 12 black & white illustrations Paper • 978-1-4798-5357-1 • $30.00S(£22.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-1227-1 • $89.00X(£71.00) In the Anthropologies of American Medicine series Women’s Studies | Medicine WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Social Science

IMAGINING QUEER METHODS Edited by AMIN GHAZIANI and MATT BRIM Reimagines the field of queer studies by asking “How do we do queer theory?” Imagining Queer Methods showcases emerging and esteemed researchers who are defining new directions for the methodological renaissance unfolding in queer scholarship. This impressive interdisciplinary collection covers topics such as humanistic approaches to reading, theorizing, and interpreting, as well as scientific appeals to measurement, modeling, sampling, and statistics. By bringing together diverse voices, Ghaziani and Brim inspire us with new ways of thinking about methods and methodologies in queer studies. August 2019 336 pages • 6 x 9 10 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-2948-4 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-2102-0 Social Science | LGBT Studies

Amin Ghaziani is Associate Professor of Sociology and Canada Research Chair in Sexuality and Urban Studies at the University of British Columbia. Matt Brim is Associate Professor of Queer Studies and Academic Director of the Faculty Fellowship Publication Program at the College of Staten Island, City University of New York.

THE NEW AMERICAN SERVITUDE Political Belonging among African Immigrant Home Care Workers CATI COE Examines why African health care workers feel politically excluded from the US Care for America’s elderly population is increasingly provided by migrants. Because of this health care crunch, new African immigrants have adopted elder care as a niche employment sector. However, elder care puts care workers into racialized, gendered, and age hierarchies, making it difficult for them to achieve social and economic mobility.

April 2019 304 pages • 6 x 9 2 black & white illustrations Paper • $32.00S(£24.99) 978-1-4798-0883-0 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-3101-2 In the Anthropologies of American Medicine series Anthropology 24

The New American Servitude demonstrates how these workers often struggle to find a sense of political and social belonging. While jobs are a means of acculturating new immigrants, African care workers plan to leave the US rather than putting down roots. Coe examines these serious implications for the future of labor and justice in the care work industry. Cati Coe is Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University.


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Social Science


Why the Protests in Ferguson and Baltimore Matter, and How They Changed America JENNIFER E. COBBINA Understanding the explosive protests over police killings and the legacy of racism

Jennifer E. Cobbina is Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice of Michigan State University.

Following the high-profile deaths of eighteenyear-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and twenty-five-year-old Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland, both cities erupted in protest over the unjustified homicides of unarmed black males at the hands of police officers. These local tragedies—and the protests surrounding them—assumed national significance, igniting fierce debate about the fairness and efficacy of the American criminal justice system. Yet, outside the gaze of mainstream attention, how do local residents and protestors in Ferguson and Baltimore understand their own experiences with race, place, and policing? In Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, Jennifer Cobbina draws on in-depth interviews with nearly two hundred residents of Ferguson and Baltimore, conducted within two months of the deaths of Brown and Gray. She examines how protestors in both cities understood their experiences with the police, how those experiences influenced their perceptions of policing, what galvanized Black Lives Matter as a social movement, and how policing tactics during demonstrations influenced subsequent mobilization decisions among protesters. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot is a remarkably current, on-the-ground assessment of the powerful, protestor-driven movement around race, justice, and policing in America.

July 2019 288 pages • 6 x 9 9 black & white illustrations Paper • 978-1-4798-7441-5 • $25.00S(£20.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-1856-3 • $89.00X(£71.00) Current Affairs | Criminology WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Social Science

THE LIMITS OF COMMUNITY POLICING Civilian Power and Police Accountability in Black and Brown Los Angeles LUIS DANIEL GASCÓN and AARON ROUSSELL A critical look at the realities of community policing in South Los Angeles

July 2019 320 pages • 6 x 9 15 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-4225-4 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-7120-9 Criminology

The Limits of Community Policing addresses conflicts between police and communities and argues that community policing is not the solution it seems to be. Drawing on over sixty interviews with officers, residents, and stakeholders in South LA’s “Lakeside” precinct, this book shows how police tactics amplified racial tensions, complicating partnership efforts, crime response and prevention, and accountability. This book shines a new light on the residents of this neighborhood to address the enduring conflicts between police and communities. Luis Daniel Gascón is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of San Francisco. Aaron Roussell is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Portland State University.

THE LITTLE OLD LADY KILLER The Sensationalized Crimes of Mexico’s First Female Serial Killer SUSANA VARGAS CERVANTES The surprising true story of Mexico’s hunt, arrest, and conviction of its first female serial killer For three years, police in Mexico City struggled to uncover the identity of the killer responsible for the ghastly deaths of forty elderly women. When Juana Barraza Samperio, a female professional wrestler was arrested and sentenced for her crimes. Her case disrupted traditional narratives about gender, criminality, and victimhood in the popular and criminological imagination.

August 2019 304 pages • 6 x 9 24 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-4225-4 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-7648-8 Criminology 26

Marshaling ten years of research, and one of the only interviews that Juana Barraza Samperio has given while in prison, this book presents a fascinating analysis of what serial killing—often considered “killing for the pleasure of killing”—represents to us. Susana Vargas Cervantes is Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Research on North America at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She is the author of the book Mujercitos.


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Social Science

CRIMINAL TRAJECTORIES A Developmental Perspective DAVID M. DAY and MARGIT WIESNER An exploration of criminal trajectories, placing them in a developmental context

July 2019 368 pages • 6 x 9 14 black & white illustrations Paper • $40.00S(£32.00) 978-1-4798-6460-7 Cloth • $99.00X(£79.00) 978-1-4798-8005-8 In the Psychology and Crime series Psychology

This accessible volume presents the first full-length overview of criminal trajectories as a concept and methodology, showing how a developmental perspective is important from a practical standpoint, helping to inform the design of prevention and early intervention programs to forestall the onset of antisocial and criminal activity, particularly when it begins in childhood. Criminal Trajectories offers comprehensive findings from numerous studies, addressing the policy and practice implications of these findings for the criminal justice system and presents twelve recommendations informed by developmental frameworks for future work. David M. Day is a registered psychologist Professor in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Margit Wiesner is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological, Health, and Learning Sciences at the University of Houston.

OUTLAW WOMEN Prison, Rural Violence, and Poverty on the New American Frontier SUSAN DEWEY, BONNIE ZARE, CATHERINE CONNOLLY, RHETT EPLER, and ROSEMARY BRATTON A journey into the experiences of incarcerated women in rural areas, revealing how location can reinforce gendered violence Drawing on dozens of interviews with women in Wyoming who were incarcerated, this book examines women’s perceptions of their lives before, during, and after imprisonment in the remote, predominantly white communities. This book identifies the forces that trap women in cycles of crime and violence, and ultimately concludes with new, evidence-based recommendations for addressing the challenges these women face. Susan Dewey is Associate Professor of Gender and Social Justice at University of Wyoming.

August 2019 272 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-8743-9 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-0117-6 Anthropology WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Bonnie Zare is Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Virginia Tech. Catherine Connolly is Professor and Director of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wyoming. Rhett Epler is a fifth generation native of Wyoming, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. Rosemary Bratton is Executive Director at Wyoming Women’s Business Center. S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Social Science



Race, Politics, and the Criminalizing of Juvenile Justice BARRY C. FELD A major statement on the juvenile justice system by one of America’s leading experts

June 2019 392 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $25.00S(£18.99) 978-1-4798-7129-2 Cloth • 978-1-4798-9569-4 In the Youth, Crime, and Justice series Criminology

This sweeping overview of the American juvenile justice system’s development and change over the past century, places special emphasis on changes over the last 25 years—the ascendance of get tough crime policies and the more recent Supreme Court recognition that “children are different.”Feld envisions a new justice system for children, where structural changes can reduce social and economic inequality. Historical and analytical, this book concludes that separate, but reformed, juvenile courts are necessary to protect children and their success into adulthood. Barry C. Feld is Centennial Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Minnesota.



The Use and Abuse of a Controversial Policing Tactic MICHAEL D. WHITE and HENRY F. FRADELLA The first in-depth history and analysis of a much-abused policing policy No policing tactic has been more controversial than “stop and frisk,” whereby police officers stop, question and frisk ordinary citizens, who they may view as potential suspects, on the streets. Stop and Frisk is the first authoritative history and analysis of this tactic, and shows that there is a disconnect between our everyday understanding and the historical and legal foundations for this policing strategy. A hard-hitting yet nuanced analysis, Stop and Frisk shows how the tactic can be a just act of policing and, in turn, shows how to police in the best interest of citizens.

August 2019 256 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $23.00S(£17.99) 978-1-4798-5781-4 Cloth • 978-1-4798-3588-1 Criminology 28

Michael D. White is Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University and the Associate Director of ASU’s Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety. Henry F. Fradella is Professor and Associate Director in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University.


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Social Science



The Christian Right’s War on Reality ANTONY ALUMKAL Explores the Christian Right’s fierce opposition to science, explaining how and why its leaders came to see scientific truths as their enemy Antony Alumkal provides a comprehensive background on the war on science—how it developed and why it will continue to endure. Drawing upon Richard Hofstadter’s influential 1965 essay “The Paranoid Style in American Politics,” Antony Alumkal argues that the Christian Right adopts a similar paranoid style in their approach to science. A compelling glimpse into the heart of the Christian Right’s anti-science agenda, Paranoid Science is a must-read for those who hope to understand the Christian Right’s battle against science, and for the scientists and educators who wish to stop it. April 2019 256 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $28.00S(£20.99) 978-1-4798-5662-6 Cloth • 978-1-4798-2713-8 Social Science | Religion

Antony Alumkal is Associate Professor of Sociology of Religion at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado.



The Changing Landscape of Gay and Lesbian Lives STEPHEN M. ENGEL A sweeping historical and political account of present-day policy debates around citizenship and equality Despite the landmark Supreme Court marriage ruling in 2015, Engel argues that LGBT Americans still do not have full legal protections against workplace, housing, family, and other kinds of discrimination. Engel argues that understanding the development of the idea of gay and lesbian individuals as fragmented citizens can help us make sense of the government’s continued resistance to full equality despite massive changes in public opinion. Fragmented Citizens is a sweeping historical and political account of how our present-day policy debates around citizenship and equality came to be.

June 2019 432 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $25.00S(£18.99) 978-1-4798-5347-2 Cloth • 978-1-4798-0912-7 Political Science WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Stephen M. Engel is Associate Professor and Chair of Politics at Bates College in Maine.

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Social Science

PROMOTING DEMOCRACY The Force of Political Settlements in Uncertain Times MANAL A. JAMAL How Western donor assistance can both help and undermine democracy in different parts of the world Manal A. Jamal examines why democracy promotion efforts succeed in some countries, but fail in others. Jamal offers an up-close perspective of the ways in which Western donor funding has undermined political participation in cases such as the Palestinian territories, and succeeded in bolstering political engagement in cases such as El Salvador. Based on five fieldwork trips and over 150 interviews. Promoting Democracy makes an timely argument about how political settlements shape these efforts, and what political choices Western state sponsored donors can make to maximize successful outcomes. August 2019 320 pages • 6 x 9 7 black & white illustrations Paper • $35.00S(£26.99) 978-1-4798-7845-1 Cloth • $99.00S (£79.00) Political Science

Manal A. Jamal is Associate Professor of Political Science at James Madison University.

POLITICAL LEGITIMACY NOMOS LXI Edited by JACK KNIGHT and MELISSA SCHWARTZBERG Essays on the political, legal, and philosophical dimensions of political legitimacy

August 2019 400 pages • 5.5 x 8.25 13 black & white illustrations Cloth • $65.00X(£53.00) 978-1-4798-8869-6 In the NOMOS series Political Science 30

Scholars, journalists, and politicians today worry that the world’s democracies are facing a crisis of legitimacy. Although there are key challenges facing democracy, it is not clear that these difficulties threaten political legitimacy. Such ambiguity derives in part from the contested nature of the concept of legitimacy, and from disagreements over how to measure it. This volume responds to these perennial questions, drawing, in the distinctive NOMOS fashion, from political science, philosophy, and law. Twelve contributors address fundamental philosophical questions such as the nature of public reasons of authority, as well as urgent concerns about contemporary democracy, and the effect of fundamental transitions within the moral economy, such as the decline of labor unions. Jack Knight is the Frederic Cleaveland Professor of Law and Political Science at Duke University. Melissa Schwartzberg is Silver Professor of Politics at New York University.


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ESSENTIAL LEGAL ENGLISH IN CONTEXT Understanding the Vocabulary of US Law and Government KAREN M. ROSS An essential handbook for international lawyers and students Focusing on vocabulary, Essential Legal English in Context introduces the US legal system and its terminology. Karen Ross uses a unique approach by selecting legal terms that arise solely within the context of the levels and branches of US government, including terminology related to current political issues such as partisanship. Featuring illustrations and hands-on exercises, Essential Legal English in Context is a valuable self-study resource for those who want to improve their legal English terminology. Instructors can use the handbook in an introductory US legal English course. June 2019 224 pages • 8 x 10 90 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-3167-8 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-5480-6 Law

Karen M. Ross is the Director of the Legal English Program and a member of the Graduate Lawyering Faculty at New York University School of Law.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF FAMILY LAW EVE M. BRANK with a preface by LINDA J. DEMAINE Bridges family law and current psychological research to shape understanding of legal doctrine and policy Family law often fails to take into account our empirical knowledge of psychology, falling back instead on faulty assumptions about human behavior.

April 2019 240 pages • 6 x 9 Paper• $35.00S(£26.99) 978-1-4798-2475-5 Cloth • $99.00X(£79.00) 978-1-4798-6541-3 In the Psychology and the Law series Psychology | Law WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

This book encourages our use of psychological research and methods to inform understandings of family law. It considers issues including child custody, intimate partner violence, marriage and divorce, and child and elder maltreatment. Eve Brank presents a case, statute, or legal principle that highlights the psychological issues involved, illuminating how psychological research either supports or opposes the legal principles in question, and placing emphasis on the areas that are still in need of further research. Eve M. Brank, JD, PhD is Professor of Psychology, Courtesy Professor of Law, and Director of the Center on Children, Families, and the Law at University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Linda J. Demaine is Professor of Law and Willard H. Pedrick Distinguished Research Scholar at Arizona State University.

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S



LOVING JUSTICE Legal Emotions in William Blackstone’s England KATHRYN D. TEMPLE A history of legal emotions in William Blackstone’s England and their relationship to justice William Blackstone’s masterpiece, Commentaries on the Laws of England, famously took English law and transformed it into an elegant and easily transportable four-volume summary. Soon after publication, the work became an international monument to universal English concepts of justice and what Blackstone called “the immutable laws of good and evil.” Loving Justice contends that Blackstone’s work extends beyond making sense of English law to invoke emotions such as desire, disgust, sadness, embarrassment, terror, tenderness, and happiness and illuminates both individual and communal understandings of our search for justice. June 2019 280 pages • 6 x 9 Cloth • $45.00S(£36.00) 978-1-4798-9527-4 Legal History

Kathryn D. Temple is Associate Professor and former Chair of the English Department at Georgetown University.



American Law and the Risks to Children’s Health LINDA C. FENTIMAN A gripping explanation of the biases that lead to the blaming of pregnant women and mothers. Blaming Mothers explores how mothers became legal targets. Fentiman explains the psychological processes we use to confront tragic events and the unconscious race, class, and gender biases that affect our perceptions and influence the decisions of prosecutors, judges, and jurors. Fentiman examines legal actions taken against pregnant women in the name of “fetal protection” where we blame mothers. Blaming Mothers offers an important framework for evaluating childhood risk that, rather than scapegoating mothers, provides concrete solutions that promote the health of all of America’s children. Linda C. Fentiman is a Professor at Pace University Law School.

May 2019 416 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-6718-9 Cloth • 978-0-8147-2482-8 Law 32


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REORGANIZING GOVERNMENT A Functional and Dimensional Framework ALEJANDRO E. CAMACHO and ROBERT L. GLICKSMAN A pioneering model for constructing and assessing government authority and achieving policy goals more effectively Reorganizing Government illustrates the dimensional and functional aspects of inter-jurisdictional relations through indepth explorations of diverse case studies involving securities and banking regulation, food safety, pollution control, resource conservation, and terrorism prevention. This book advances an analytical framework of governmental authority structured along three dimensions—centralization, overlap, and coordination, illustrating the practical value of this framework for our future and propose an “adaptive governance” infrastructure. August 2019 356 pages • 6 x 9 11 black & white illustrations Cloth • $60.00X(£50.00) 978-1-4798-2967-5 Law | Politics

Alejandro E. Camacho is Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources at the University of California, Irvine School of Law. Robert L. Glicksman is J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Environmental Law at The George Washington University Law School.



The Future of LGBT Rights Edited by CARLOS A. BALL What does marriage equality mean for the future of LGBT rights? This book brings together 12 original essays by leading scholars to address: What does marriage equality mean for the future of LGBT rights? After Marriage Equality explores crucial and wide-ranging social, political, and legal issues confronting the LGBT movement, including the impact of marriage equality on political activism and mobilization, antidiscrimination laws, transgender rights, LGBT elders, parenting laws and policies, religious liberty, sexual autonomy, and gender and race differences. “After Marriage Equality [is] sensitive to the ways that marriage campaigns created not only new possibilities but also new constraints.” —The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review

May 2019 368 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-0037-7 Cloth • 978-1-4798-8308-0 Law | LGBT Studies WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Carlos A. Ball is Distinguished Professor of Law and Judge Frederick Lacey Scholar at the Rutgers University School of Law.

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S



SOCIAL POVERTY Low-Income Parents and the Struggle for Family and Community Ties SARAH HALPERN-MEEKIN How low-income people cope with the emotional dimensions of poverty Drawing on in-depth interviews with 31 couples, Sarah HalpernMeekin brings unprecedented attention to the relational and emotional dimensions of socioeconomic disadvantage.

June 2019 320 pages • 6 x 9 2 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-1689-7 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-9121-4 Sociology

Halpern-Meekin introduces the new concept of “social poverty,” identifying it not just as a derivative of economic poverty, but as its own condition, which also perpetuates poverty and shines a light on the fundamental place of core socioemotional needs in our lives. Social Poverty highlights a new direction for policy and poverty research that can enrich our understanding of disadvantaged families around the country. Sarah Halpern-Meekin is Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies in the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

BOUNDARIES OF LOVE Interracial Marriage and the Meaning of Race CHINYERE K. OSUJI How interracial couples in Brazil and the US navigate racial boundaries How do people understand and navigate being married to a person of a different race? Based on individual interviews with 47 black-white couples in Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro, Boundaries of Love explores how partners in these relationships ultimately reproduce, negotiate, and challenge the “us” versus “them” mentality of ethno-racial boundaries.

May 2019 320 pages • 6 x 9 16 black & white illustrations Paper • $32.00S(£24.99) 978-1-4798-3145-6 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-7861-1 Sociology 34

By centering marriage, Osuji reveals the family as a primary site for understanding the social construction of race. She challenges the naive but widespread belief that interracial couples and their children provide an antidote to racism in the twenty-first century, instead highlighting the complexities and contradictions of these relationships. Chinyere K. Osuji is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University–Camden.


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP


FIGHT LIKE A GIRL How to Be a Fearless Feminist Second Edition MEGAN SEELY A blueprint for the next generation of feminist activists Fight Like a Girl offers a vision of the past, present, and future of feminism. With an eye toward what it takes to create actual change and a deep understanding of women’s history and the key issues facing girls and young women today, Megan Seely offers a pragmatic introduction to feminism. Written in an upbeat and personal style, Fight Like a Girl offers an overview of feminism, including historical roots, myths and meanings, triumphs and shortcomings. Sharing personal stories from her own experience as a young activist, as a mother, and as a teacher, Seely offers a practical guide to getting involved, taking action, and waging successful events and campaigns. The second edition addresses more themes and topics than before, including gender and sexuality, self-esteem, reproductive health, sexual violence, body image and acceptance, motherhood and family, and intersections of identities, such as race, gender, class, and sexualities.

Megan Seely is Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology at Sierra College in Rocklin, California. She is a prominent feminist activist and was California NOW’s youngest-ever president, serving from 2001–2005.

Fight Like a Girl is an invaluable introduction to both feminism and activism. “A primer on the women’s movement that brims with reading and film lists, web resources, and worthy reminders. . . . Several appendices give practical advice. . . . It’s the perfect gift for the burgeoning activist in your life.” —Bitch

August 2019 384 pages • 6 x 9 4 black & white illustrations Paper • 978-1-4798-1010-9 • $28.00S(£20.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-7731-7 • $89.00X(£71.00) Previous edition: 978-0-8147-4002-6 Sociology | Women’s Studies WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S



KIDS AT WORK Latinx Families Selling Food on the Streets of Los Angeles EMIR ESTRADA How Latinx kids and their undocumented parents struggle in the informal street food economy Street food markets have become wildly popular in Los Angeles—and behind the scenes, Latinx children have been instrumental in making these small informal businesses grow. Kids at Work shines a light on the surprising labor of these young workers, providing the first ethnography on the participation of Latinx children in street vending. July 2019 224 pages • 6 x 9 16 black & white illustrations Paper • $28.00S(£20.99) 978-1-4798-7370-8 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-1151-9 In the Latina/o Sociology series Sociology

Drawing on dozens of interviews with children and their undocumented parents, Kids at Work provides a compassionate, up-close portrait of Latinx children who help generate income for the household as they peddle the streets of LA alongside their immigrant parents. Emir Estrada is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Arizona State University.

MANAGING DIABETES The Cultural Politics of Disease JEFFREY A. BENNETT A critical study of diabetes in the popular imagination Over twenty-nine million people in the United States, more than nine percent of the population, have some form of diabetes. Managing Diabetes focuses on how the disease is imagined in public culture. Bennett argues that popular anecdotes, media representation, and communal myths are as meaningful as medical and scientific understandings of the disease.

June 2019 272 pages • 6 x 9 9 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-3528-7 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-3043-5 In the Biopolitics series Sociology | Medicine 36

Managing Diabetes offers a fresh take on how disease is understood in contemporary society and the ways that stigma, fatalism, and health can intersect to shape diabetes’s public character. Bennett argues that until diabetes is better understood it cannot be better treated. Jeffrey A. Bennett is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Vanderbilt University.


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP


TROUBLEMAKERS Students’ Rights and Racial Justice in the Long 1960s KATHRYN SCHUMAKER A powerful history of student protests and student rights during the desegregation era A series of students’ rights lawsuits in the desegregation era challenged everything. But in casting students as “troublemakers” or as “culturally deficient,” school authorities and other experts persuaded the courts to set limits on rights protections that made students of color disproportionately vulnerable to suspension and expulsion. Troublemakers traces the history of black and Chicano student protests, showcasing the stories of individual protesters and demonstrating how their actions contributed to the eventual recognition of the constitutional rights of all students. July 2019 288 pages • 6 x 9 5 black & white illustrations Cloth • $45.00S(£36.00) 978-1-4798-7513-9 History

Kathryn Schumaker is Edith Kinney Gaylord Presidential Professor and Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics and Letters at the University of Oklahoma.

THE STRANGE CAREERS OF THE JIM CROW NORTH Segregation and Struggle Outside of the South Edited by BRIAN PURNELL and JEANNE THEOHARIS with KOMOZI WOODARD An inquiry into the system of institutionalized racism created by Northern Jim Crow

April 2019 352 pages • 6 x 9 11 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-2033-7 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-0131-2 History WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Jim Crow was not a regional sickness, it was a national cancer. Even at the high point of 20th century liberalism in the North, racism hid in plain sight. Perpetuated by colorblind arguments about “cultures of poverty,” policies focused more on black criminality than black equality. These essays show how the Jim Crow North worked as a system to maintain social, economic, and political inequality, and how activists worked to undo the legal, economic, and social inequities born of Northern Jim Crow. This book dispels the myth that the South was the birthplace of American racism, and argues that perhaps it was the North. Brian Purnell is Geoffrey Canada Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History at Bowdoin College. Jeanne Theoharis is distinguished Professor of Political Science at Brooklyn College of CUNY. Komozi Woodard is Professor of American History, Public Policy, and Africana Studies at Sarah Lawrence College. S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


PROPERTIES OF EMPIRE Indians, Colonists, and Land Speculators on the New England Frontier IAN SAXINE A fascinating history of a contested frontier, where struggles over landownership brought Native Americans and English colonists together in surprising ways This book shows the dynamic relationship between Native and English systems of property on the turbulent edge of Britain’s empire and how so many colonists came to believe their prosperity depended on acknowledging Indigenous land rights. It challenges assumptions and shows the ongoing struggle to construct a commonly agreed-upon culture of landownership shaped diplomacy, imperial administration, and matters of colonial law in powerful ways, and its legacy remains with us today. April 2019 320 pages • 6 x 9 10 black & white illustrations Cloth • $35.00S(£26.99) 978-1-4798-3212-5 In the Early American Places series History

Ian Saxine is Assistant Professor of History at Bridgewater State University. His writing has previously appeared in the New England Quarterly, winning the 2013 Whitehill Prize in Early American History.

INN CIVILITY Urban Taverns and Early American Civil Society VAUGHN SCRIBNER Examines the critical role of urban taverns in the social and political life of colonial and revolutionary America From exclusive “city taverns” to seedy “disorderly houses,” urban taverns were wholly engrained in the diverse web of British American life. By the mid-18th century, urban taverns emerged as the most popular, numerous, and accessible public spaces in British America. Inn Civility exhibits how colonists’ struggles to emulate their British homeland ultimately impelled the creation of an American republic. The elitist colonists’ futile efforts at realizing a civil society are crucial for understanding America’s controversial beginnings and the fitful development of American republicanism. April 2019 304 pages • 6 x 9 8 black & white illustrations Cloth • $35.00S(£26.99) 978-1-4798-6492-8 In the Early American Places series History 38

Vaughn Scribner is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Central Arkansas.


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP


EVERYDAY CRIMES Social Violence and Civil Rights in Early America KELLY A. RYAN The narratives of slaves, wives, and servants who resisted social and domestic violence in the nineteenth century Everyday Crimes tells the story of legally and socially dependent people free and enslaved African Americans, married white women, and servants—who resisted violence in despite lacking formal protection through the legal system. These “dependents” found ways to fight back against their abusers through various resistance strategies. In bearing their scars and telling their stories, these victims of abuse put a human face on the cruel rights issues related to legal and social dependency, and claimed the rights of individuals to live without fear of violence. Kelly A. Ryan is Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Associate Professor of History at Indiana University Southeast.

August 2019 400 pages • 6 x 9 Cloth • $39.00S(£31.00) 978-1-4798-6961-9 History



The Origins of the Women’s Self-Defense Movement WENDY L. ROUSE The surprising roots of the self-defense movement and the history of women’s empowerment Women’s training in self defense was both a reflection of and a response to the broader cultural issues during the Progressive Era, including the women’s rights movement and the campaign for the vote. Through self-defense training, women debunked patriarchal myths about inherent feminine weakness, creating a new image of women as powerful and self-reliant. Her Own Hero is a fascinating and comprehensive introduction to one of the most important women’s issues of all time, provoking good debate and offering distinct responses and solutions. Wendy L. Rouse teaches United States History and social science teacher preparation at San Jose State University.

March 2019 288 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $22.00S(£16.99) 978-1-4798-0729-1 Cloth • 978-1-4798-2853-1 History WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S





The New York Socialites Who Fought for Women’s Right to Vote JOHANNA NEUMAN “Setting the record straight . . . Neuman counters the popular opinion…explain[ing] how these gilded women have been airbrushed out of history, resented by those who felt exploited, but thankfully, they succeeded, and women vote today because of them.” —Kirkus Reviews

New York City’s elite women who turned a feminist cause into a fashionable revolution

March 2019 240 pages • 6 x 9 30 black & white illustrations Paper • $16.95T(£11.99) 978-1-4798-0662-1 Cloth • 978-1-4798-3706-9 History

In the early twentieth century over two hundred of New York’s most glamorous socialites joined the suffrage movement and leveraged their social celebrity for political power, turning it into a fashionable cause. Although they were dismissed by critics as bored socialites, these gilded suffragists were at the epicenter of the great reforms of the era. In the end, when change was in the air, these women helped push women’s suffrage over the finish line. Johanna Neuman is a writer, historian and scholar in residence at American University in Washington, D.C. She is an award-winning journalist and former Nieman Fellow at Harvard.



Abundance, Scarcity, and Security in the Age of Humanity JEREMY J. SCHMIDT An intellectual history of America’s water management philosophy Humans take more than their geological share of water, but they do not benefit from it equally. This imbalance has created an era of intense water scarcity that affects the security of individuals, states and the global economy. This book shows how water was made a “resource” that linked geology, politics, and culture to American institutions. Water shows how this philosophy shaped early twentieth-century conservation in the United States, influenced American international development programs, and ultimately shaped programs of global governance that today connect water resources to the Earth system.

April 2019 320 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $22.00S(£16.99) 978-1-4798-5382-3 Cloth • 978-1-4798-4642-9 Anthropology 40

Jeremy J. Schmidt is Assistant Professor of Geography at Durham University. He is the co-editor of Water Ethics: Foundational Readings for Students and Professionals.


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP


PRESUMED CRIMINAL Black Youth and the Justice System in Postwar New York CARL SUDDLER A startling examination of the deliberate criminalization of black youths from the 1930s to today A stark disparity exists between black and white youth experiences in the justice system today. When it comes to incarceration, race trumps class, and even as black youths articulate their own experiences with carceral authorities, many Americans remain surprised by the inequalities they continue to endure. Even before the War on Crime, the stakes were clear: race would continue to be the crucial determinant in American notions of crime and delinquency. In this revealing book, Carl Suddler brings to light a much longer history of the policies and strategies that tethered the lives of black youths to the justice system indefinitely. July 2019 256 pages • 6 x 9 15 black & white illustrations Cloth • $45.00S(£36.00) 978-1-4798-4762-4 New York City | History

Carl Suddler is an Assistant Professor of History at Florida Atlantic University.



American Religion and the Bard of Harlem WALLACE D. BEST Winner of the 2018 Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion in Textual Studies, presented by the American Academy of Religion

A new perspective on the role of religion in the work of Langston Hughes Langston’s Salvation offers a fascinating exploration into the religious thought of Langston Hughes. Known for his poetry, plays, and social activism, the importance of religion in Hughes’ work has historically been ignored or dismissed. Best brings to life the religious orientation of Hughes work, illuminating how this powerful figure helped to expand the definition of African American religion during this time. February 2019 320 pages • 6 x 9 7 black & white illustrations Paper • $22.00S(£16.99) 978-1-4798-4739-6 Cloth • 978-1-4798-3489-1 New York City | Religion WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Wallace D. Best is Professor of Religion and African American Studies at Princeton University. He is the author of Passionately Human, No Less Divine: Religion and Culture in Black Chicago, 1915-1952.

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S



THE VARIETIES OF NONRELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE Atheism in American Culture JEROME P. BAGGETT A fascinating exploration of the breadth of social, emotional, and spiritual experiences of atheists in America Self-identified atheists make up roughly 5% of the American religious landscape. In spite of their relatively significant presence in society, atheists are one of the most stigmatized groups in the US, frequently portrayed as immoral, unhappy, or even outright angry.

July 2019 304 pages • 6 x 9 4 black & white illustrations Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-8452-0 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-7420-0 In the Secular Studies series Religion

Drawing on questionnaires and interviews with more than 500 American atheists, this book uncovers what atheists think about morality, what gives meaning to their lives, how they feel about religious people, and how knowledgeable they are about religion. Jerome P. Baggett is Professor of Religion and Society at Santa Clara University, a member of the Core Doctoral Faculty at the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley), and Visiting Professor of Sociology at UC Berkeley.

CATHOLIC SOCIAL ACTIVISM Progressive Movements in the United States SHARON ERICKSON NEPSTAD A history of Catholic social thought Many Americans assume that the Catholic Church is inherently conservative. Yet there is a longstanding tradition of progressive Catholic movements in the US that have addressed a variety of issues from labor, war, and environmental protection, to human rights, women’s rights, and bellicose foreign policies. Providing a concise history of progressively oriented Catholic Social Thought, Catholic Social Activism introduces key papal encyclicals and other church documents, vividly depicting how these progressive movements helped shape the religious landscape of the US, and how they have provoked controversy and debate among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. August 2019 224 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $30.00S(£22.99) 978-1-4798-7922-9 Cloth • $89.00X(£71.00) 978-1-4798-8548-0 Religion 42

Sharon Erickson Nepstad is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of New Mexico, where she has also served as Director of Religious Studies.


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP


GOD ON THE BIG SCREEN A History of Hollywood Prayer from the Silent Era to Today TERRY LINDVALL Film history meets church history through the ritual of prayers

August 2019 384 pages • 6 x 9 25 black & white illustrations Paper • $35.00S(£26.99) 978-1-4798-9261-7 Cloth • $99.00X(£79.00) 978-1-4798-8674-6 Religion

Moments of prayer have been represented in Hollywood movies since the silent era. Terry Lindvall examines how films have reflected, and sometimes sought to prescribe, ideas about how one ought to pray. He surveys the landscape of those films that employ prayer in their narratives, beginning with the silent era and moving through the uplifting and inspirational movies of the Great Depression and WWII, the cynical, anti-establishment films of the ’60s and ’70s, and the sci-fi and fantasy blockbusters of today. Lindvall considers how the presentation of cinematic prayer varies across race, age, and gender, and places the use of prayer in film in historical context, shedding light on the religious currents at play during those time periods. Terry Lindvall is C. S. Lewis Chair of Communication and Christian Thought at Virginia Wesleyan College.

RELIGION, LAW, USA Edited by JOSHUA DUBLER and ISAAC WEINER Offers insight into the complex relationship between religion and law in contemporary America Religion, Law, USA maps the contemporary interplay of religion and law within the study of American religions. Each chapter considers a specific keyword in the study of religion and law, such as “conscience,” “establishment,” “secularity,” and “personhood” and expanding analysis to discuss broader implications for the practice and study of American religion. Incorporating pieces from leading voices in the field, this book is an indispensable addition to the scholarship on religion and law in America. July 2019 336 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $35.00S(£26.99) 978-1-4798-9139-9 Cloth • $99.00X(£79.00) 978-1-4798-9336-2 In the North American Religions series Religion | Law WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Joshua Dubler is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Rochester. Isaac Weiner is Associate Professor of Comparative Studies at Ohio State University and author of Religion Out Loud: Religious Sound, Public Space, and American Pluralism.

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Library of Arabic Literature



Volume One YŪSUF AL-SHIRBĪNĪ Translated by Humphrey Davies Foreword by YOUSSEF RAKHA

Volume Two YŪSUF AL-SHIRBĪNĪ with RISIBLE RHYMES by MUḤAMMAD IBN MAḤFŪẒ AL-SANHŪRĪ Translated by HUMPHREY DAVIES Satires of rural society in Ottoman Egypt

Yusuf al-Shirbini was a well-educated Egyptian from the 11th/17th century.

Muḥammad ibn Maḥfūẓ al-Sanhūrī is an 11th/17th-century author who likely hailed from Egypt’s Fayyūm region, although nothing else is known about him. Humphrey Davies is an award-winning translator of some twenty works of modern Arabic literature. He is affiliated with the American University in Cairo, where he lives.

Youssef Rakha is an award-winning novelist, poet, and essayist who writes in both Arabic and English. He edits The Sultan’s Seal (yrakha.com), a literary web site named for his first novel.

Volume One April 2019 380 page • 5.5 x 8.25 Paper • 978-1-4798-4021-2 • $16.00T(£11.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-8234-2 Arabic Literature 44

Witty, bawdy, and vicious, Yūsuf al-Shirbīnī’s Brains Confounded pits the “coarse” rural masses against the “refined” urban population. In Volume One, al-Shirbīnī describes the three rural “types”— peasant cultivator, village man-of-religion, and rural dervish—offering anecdotes testifying to the ignorance, dirtiness, and criminality of each. In Volume Two, he presents a hilarious parody of the verse-andcommentary genre so beloved by scholars of his day, with a poem supposedly written by a peasant named Abū Shādūf. Wielding the scholarly tools of elite literature, al-Shirbīnī responds to the poem with derision and ridicule, dotting his satire with digressions into love, food, and flatulence.

Volume Two of Brains Confounded is followed by Risible Rhymes, a concise text that includes a comic disquisition on “rural” verse, mocking the pretensions of uneducated poets from Egypt’s countryside. Risible Rhymes also examines various kinds of puzzle poems, which were another popular genre of the day, and presents a debate between scholars over a line of verse by the tenth-century poet al-Mutanabbī. Together, Brains Confounded and Risible Rhymes offer intriguing insight into the intellectual concerns of Ottoman Egypt, showcasing the intense preoccupation with wordplay, grammar, and stylistics. Volume Two April 2019 320 page • 5.5 x 8.25 Paper • 978-1-4798-2966-8 • $16.00T(£11.99) Cloth • 978-1-4798-3890-5 Arabic Literature


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

Library of Arabic Literature

STORIES OF PIETY AND PRAYER Deliverance Follows Adversity AL-MUHASSIN IBN ‘ALI AL-TANUKHI Edited and Translated by JULIA BRAY

Uplifting tales from one of the most influential Arabic books of the Middle Ages

Deliverance Follows Adversity is an anthology of stories and anecdotes designed to console and encourage the afflicted. This edition and translation include the first three chapters of the work, which deal with Qurʾanic stories and prayers that bring about deliverance, as well as general instances of the workings of providence. The volume incorporates material from manuscripts not used in the standard Arabic edition, and is the first translation into English. The complete translation, spanning four volumes, will be the first integral translation into any European language.

May 2019 320 pages • 6 x 9 Cloth • $35.00S(£26.99) 978-1-4798-5596-4 Arabic Literature

al-Muhassin ibn ‘Ali al-Tanukhi (327–84/939–94) lived in Basra and Baghdad. As a judge and man of letters, he was well placed to record the literary trends of his day. Julia Bray is Abdulaziz Saud AlBabtain Laudian Professor of Arabic at the University of Oxford.



Bureaucratic Rivalry in Medieval Egypt ‘UTHMAN IBN IBRAHIM AL-NABULUSI Translated by LUKE YARBROUGH Foreword by SHERMAN ‘ABD AL-HAKIM JACKSON

Patronage, power, and competition in the Sultan’s court

The Sword of Ambition opens a window onto interreligious rivalry among elites in medieval Egypt. It contains a wealth of little-known historical anecdotes, unusual religious opinions, obscure and witty poetry, and humorous cultural satire. Leaving no rhetorical stone unturned, ʿUthmān ibn Ibrāhīm al-Nābulusī pours his deep knowledge of history, law, and literature into the work—addressed to the Ayyubid sultan—as he argues against the employment of Coptic and Jewish officials. The Sword of Ambition reminds us that “religious” conflict must always be considered in its broader historical perspective. ‘Uthman ibn Ibrahim al-Nabulusi (d. 660 H/1262 AD), of Palestinian origin, was a leading Egyptian bureaucrat in the Ayyubid sultans’ court.

March 2019 224 pages • 5.5 x 8.25 Paper • $16.00T(£11.99) 978-1-4798-2478-6 Cloth • 978-1-4798-8945-7 Arabic Literature WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Luke Yarbrough is Assistant Professor in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at UCLA.

Sherman ʿAbd al-Ḥakīm Jackson is King Faisal Chair in Islamic Thought and Culture and Professor of Religion and American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California.

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S



Racism and the Political Economy of the Music GERALD HORNE A galvanizing history of how jazz and jazz musicians flourished despite rampant cultural exploitation

Gerald Horne is John J. and Rebecca Moores Professor of African American History at the University of Houston. He has published more than three dozen books, including Confronting Black Jacobins and The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism, both by Monthly Review Press.

The music we call “jazz” arose in late nineteenth century North America—most likely in New Orleans—based on the musical traditions of Africans, newly freed from slavery. Grounded in the music known as the “blues,” which expressed the pain, sufferings, and hopes of Black folk then pulverized by Jim Crow, this new music entered the world via the instruments that had been abandoned by departing military bands after the Civil War. Jazz and Justice examines the economic, social, and political forces that shaped this music into a phenomenal US—and Black American—contribution to global arts and culture. Horne assembles a galvanic story depicting what may have been the era’s most virulent economic—and racist—exploitation, as jazz musicians battled organized crime, the Ku Klux Klan, and other variously malignant forces dominating the nightclub scene where jazz became known. Horne pays particular attention to women artists, such as pianist Mary Lou Williams and trombonist Melba Liston, and limns the contributions of musicians with Native American roots. This is the story of a beautiful lotus, growing from the filth of the crassest form of human immiseration. “[A]n exhaustive examination of archives, oral history interviews, autobiographies, and secondary literature that presents a devastating picture of what has been termed ‘cockroach capitalism’—the jazz business that ruthlessly exploits and degrades [not just] African American musicians.” —Douglas Daniels, author of Lester Leaps In: The Life and Times of Lester “Pres” Young

April 2019 512 pages • 5.5 x 8.25 Paper • 978-1-5836-7785-8 • $27.00S Cloth • 978-1-5836-7786-5 • $89.00X History | Music Monthly Review Press 46


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

ABOLITIONIST SOCIALIST FEMINISM Radicalizing the Next Revolution ZILLAH EISENSTEIN A personal and political manifesto vying for an antiracist socialist feminist movement of movements

Zillah Eisenstein, author of 12 books, is a groundbreaking political thinker and activist, always looking to find new anti-racist feminist pathways. She is Professor Emerita, Ithaca College, NY.

The world is burning, flooding, and politically exploding, to the point where it’s become clear that neoliberal feminism—the kind that aims to elect The First Woman President—will never be enough. In this book, Zillah Eisenstein asks us to consider what it would mean to thread “socialism” to feminism; then, what it would mean to thread “abolitionism” to socialist feminism. She asks all of us, especially white women, to consider what it would mean to risk everything to abolish white supremacy, to uproot the structural knot of sex, race, gender, and class growing from that imperial whiteness. If we are to create a revolution that is totally liberatory, we need to pool together in a new working class, building a radical movement made of movements. Eisenstein’s manifesto is built on almost half a century of her antiracist socialist feminist work. But now, she writes with a new urgency and imaginativeness. Eisenstein asks us not to be limited by reforms, but to radicalize each other on differing fronts. Our task is to build bridges, to connect disparate and passionate people across aisles, state lines, picket lines, and more. The genius force demanding that we abolish white supremacy can also create a new “we” for all of us—a humanity universally accepting of our complexities and differences. We are in uncharted waters, but that is exactly where we need to be. “This book is stunning in its questions and tone, open and learning, personal and theoretical. It is a gift to us all, one that helps so much in these critical, difficult times.” —Susan Buck-Morss, CUNY Graduate Center

May 2019 144 pages • 4.25 x 6.5 Cloth • 978-1-5836-7762-9 • $20.00A Women's Studies | Political Science Monthly Review Press WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


THE LIE OF GLOBAL PROSPERITY How Neoliberals Distort Data to Mask Poverty and Exploitation SETH DONNELLY A deconstruction of the neoliberal placations about global capitalism, exposing the inequalities of global poverty “We’re making headway on global poverty,” trills Bill Gates. “Decline of Global Extreme Poverty Continues,” reports the World Bank. “How did the global poverty rate halve in 20 years?” inquires The Economist.

Seth Donnelly is a public high school teacher in the Bay Area of California, where he has taught social studies for nearly two decades. This is his first book

June 2019 160 pages • 5.5 x 8.25 Paper • 978-1-5836-7765-0 • $21.00S Cloth • 978-1-5836-7766-7 • $89.00X Political Science

Seth Donnelly answers: “It didn’t!” In fact, according to Donnelly, virtually nothing about these glad tidings proclaiming plummeting global poverty rates is true. It’s just that trendsetting neoliberal experts and institutions need us to believe that global capitalism, now unfettered in the wake of the Cold War and bolstered by Information Technology, has ushered in a new phase of international human prosperity. This short book deconstructs the assumption that global poverty has fallen dramatically, and lays bare the spurious methods of poverty measurement and data on which the dominant prosperity narrative depends. Here is carefully researched documentation that global poverty— and the inequalities and misery that flourish within it—remains massive, afflicting the majority of the world’s population. Donnelly goes further to analyze just how global poverty, rather than being reduced, is actually reproduced by the imperatives of capital accumulation on a global scale. Just as the global, environmental catastrophe cannot be resolved within capitalism, rooted as it is in contemporary mechanisms of exploitation and plunder, neither can human poverty be effectively eliminated by neoliberal “advances.” “[An] accessible critique that will be of use to revolutionary social movements and activists the world over.” —Christopher Feise, Professor Emeritus, Washington State University

Monthly Review Press 48


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

VALUE CHAINS The New Economic Imperialism INTAN SUWANDI Award-winning book showcases studies uncovering the exploitation of labor and class in the Global South Winner of the 2018 Paul M. Sweezy–Paul A. Baran Memorial Award for original work regarding the political economy of imperialism, Value Chains examines the exploitation of labor in the Global South. Focusing on the issue of labor within global value chains, this book offers a deft empirical analysis of unit labor costs that is closely related to Marx’s own theory of exploitation.

August 2019 224 pages • 5.5 x 8.25 Paper • $23.00S 978-1-5836-7781-0 Cloth • $89.00X 978-1-5836-7782-7 Political Science

Suwandi’s book depicts in concrete detail the relations of unequal exchange that structure today’s world economy. This study, upto-date and richly documented, puts labor and class back at the center of our understanding of the world capitalist system. Intan Suwandi is a frequent contributor to Monthly Review magazine and has written on imperialism for various publications. She has recently received her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Oregon. This is her first book.

Monthly Review Press

VOICES OF LATIN AMERICA Social Movements and the New Activism Edited by TOM GATEHOUSE “This is a wonderful X-ray of modern Latin America, a vision of the continent’s struggles and potential futures through the eyes of its social movement leaders and intellectuals." —Duncan Green, coauthor, Faces of Latin America

March 2019 320 pages • 6 x 9.25 Paper • $32.00S 978-1-5836-7797-1 Cloth • $89.00X 978-1-58367-798-8 Political Science

Monthly Review Press WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Capturing the voices of today’s Latin America, this book features indigenous activists, fighting oil drilling in their homelands; mothers from favelas seeking justice for their children killed by police; opponents of large-scale mining projects; independent journalists working, at great personal risk, to expose corruption and human rights violations; women and LGBT people confronting violence and discrimination; and students demanding their right to a free, universal and highquality education system. Though their locations and causes are disparate, these people and their movements share learning and activism, and their cooperation helps to link the movements across national borders. Voices of Latin America is essential reading for students, travelers, journalists—anyone with an interest in social justice movements in Latin America. Tom Gatehouse has a Master of Philosophy degree in Latin American Studies from Cambridge University. S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S



Toward a New Anti-Imperialist International SAMIR AMIN The final writings of Samir Amin—a mix of personal experiences and theoretical analysis of global challenges and movements In this second volume of his memoirs, Amin takes us on a journey to a dizzying array of countries, recounting the stages of his ongoing dialogue over several decades with popular movements struggling for a better future. As in his many works over the years, The Long Revolution of the Global South combines Amin’s astute theoretical analyses of the challenges confronting the world’s oppressed peoples with militant action.

April 2019 408 pages • 6 x 9.25 Paper • $30.00S 978-1-5836-7773-5 Cloth • $89.00X 978-1-5836-7774-2 Political Science

In these final writings based on his life, Amin presents us with theoretical interventions, analyses of political conjunctures, and narration of personal experiences. Amin’s reminiscences of travels to places too often overlooked by the world at large are a joy to read. We even catch a glimpse of some of his memorable—and sometimes not so memorable—culinary adventures.

Monthly Review Press

ONLY PEOPLE MAKE THEIR OWN HISTORY Writings on Capitalism, Imperialism, and Revolution SAMIR AMIN, with an Introduction by AIJAZ AHMAD

A collection of Samir Amin’s ten most influential essays of the 21st century

March 2019 212 pages • 5.5 x 8.25 Paper • $21.00S 978-1-5836-7769-8 Cloth • $89.00X 978-1-5836-7770-4 Political Science

Monthly Review Press

Radical political economist Samir Amin left behind a cherished oeuvre of Marxist writings. Amin’s intellectual range—from economics to culture—was admirable, and his lessons remain essential. Monthly Review Press is honored to publish this volume, culled from the Monthly Review magazine, of ten of Samir Amin’s most significant essays written in the twentyfirst century. The collection is introduced by Amin’s friend and comrade, the Marxist philosopher Aijaz Ahmad, who provides a comprehensive survey of Amin’s life and path-breaking work. Ahmad also offers a contextual focus by which to read such stunningly astute pieces as “Revolution or Decadence?” and “Contemporary Imperialism.” Only People Make Their Own History is a loving and enlightening look at what the work of Samir Amin has meant—and will mean— to millions of people the world over.

Samir Amin was director of the Third World Forum and president of the World Forum for Alternatives. He died in Paris in August 2018. Among his many books are Modern Imperialism and The Liberal Virus. 50


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP




The Council on Foreign Relations and the Empire of Neoliberal Geopolitics, 1976-2018 LAURENCE H. SHOUP

“Lucidly written and deeply informed, this book reveals how the super-rich class organizes itself into a consciously directed, ruling plutocracy.”—Michael Parenti, author of Profit Pathology and Other Indecencies

The essential guide to understanding the Council on Foreign Relations—past, present, and future

March 2019 369 pages • 6 x 9.25 Paper • $26.00S 978-1-5836-7754-4 Cloth • 978-1-5836-7551-9 Political Science Monthly Review Press

Laurence H. Shoup argues that the Council on Foreign Relations now operates in an era of “Neoliberal Geopolitics,” a worldwide paradigm that its members helped to establish and that reflects the interests of the US ruling capitalist class. Shoup’s new Afterword brings the workings of the CFR up-to-date in three ways: It notes changes in the CFR’s leadership over the last three years; it examines the connections between the Trump Administration and the CFR; and it looks at recent US policy toward North Korea to see whether the CFR’s hegemony over US foreign policy has weakened or remained constant. Laurence H. Shoup is the author of five books and has been active in the anti-war and social justice movements since the 1960s.

PLANNING FROM BELOW A Decentralized Participatory Planning Proposal MARTA HARNECKER and JOSÉ BARTOLOMÉ A simple and revolutionary toolbox to help any group create an actual and functioning democracy In this book, Marta Harnecker, with Spanish economist José Bartolomé, shares some of her wisdom on how communities everywhere can gain empowerment. For, when impoverished people became involved in the planning process, they no longer feel like beggars demanding solutions from the state; they become the creators of their own destiny.

June 2019 264 pages • 8.5 x 11 Paper • $30.00S 978-1-5836-7755-1 Cloth • $89.00X 978-1-5836-7756-8 Political Science

Monthly Review Press WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Set out in two parts; this book first demonstrates the importance of community participants working outside a hierarchy, to allow as much decentralization as possible. The second part of the book centers on the methodology of this process: the various tasks taken on by participants and how, in planning processes over years, they are carried out. Marta Harnecker is the author of over 80 books, including A World to Build: New Paths toward Twenty-First Century Socialism, which won the Libertador al Pensamiento CrÍtico award. José Bartolomé, born in Spain, is an economist, sociologist, and documentary filmmaker. S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


SUCH A PRETTY GIRL A Story of Struggle, Empowerment, and Disability Pride NADINA LASPINA A memoir by a disability rights activist. Such a Pretty Girl is Nadina La Spina's story—from her early years in her native Sicily, where still a baby she contracts polio, a fact that makes her the object of well-meaning pity and the target of messages of hopelessness; to her adolescence and youth in America, spent almost entirely in hospitals, where she is tortured in the quest for a cure and made to feel that her body no longer belongs to her; to her rebellion and her activism in the disability rights movement.

Nadina LaSpina is an activist for disability rights and social justice, an organizer for ADAPT and the Disability Caucus, and the creator of the Disability Cultures curriculum at The New School. She is a regular speaker at demonstrations and has been arrested countless times for civil disobedience. She lives in New York City.

July 2019 352 pages • 5.5 x 8.5 14 black & white photographs Paper • 978-1-61332-099-0 • $19.95S Cloth • 978-1-6133-2103-4 • $89.00X Memoir | Disability Studies

LaSpina’s personal growth parallels the movement’s political development—from coming together, organizing, and fighting against exclusion from public and social life, to the forging of a common identity, the blossoming of disability arts and culture, and the embracing of disability pride. While unique, the author's journey is also one with which many disabled people can identify. It is the journey to find one's place in an ableist world—a world not made for disabled people, where disability is only seen in negative terms. La Spina refutes all stereotypical narratives of disability. Through the telling of her life’s story, without editorializing, she shows the harm that the overwhelming focus on pity and on a cure that remains elusive has done to disabled people. Her story exposes the disability prejudice ingrained in our sociopolitical system and denounces the oppressive standards of normalcy in a society that devalues those who are different and denies them basic rights. Written as continuous narrative and in a subtle and intimate voice, Such a Pretty Girl is a memoir as captivating as a novel. It is one of the few disability memoirs to focus on activism, and one of the first by an immigrant. "A feminist, personal perspective on disability. One of the main themes is the author’s developing ability to claim and enjoy her own beauty and sexuality."

New Village Press 52


—Gillian Kendall, coauthor, How I Became a Human Being 1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

IN THE COMPANY OF REBELS A Generational Memoir of Bohemians, Deep Heads, and History Makers CHELLIS GLENDINNING Meetings with remarkable activists since the 1960s American social change movements dominated the 1960s and 1970s, an era brought about and influenced not by a handful of celebrity activists but by people who cared. These history makers together transformed the political and spiritual landscape of America and laid the foundation for many of the social movements that exist today.

Chellis Glendinning is a writer and activist for social change. She is a noted contributor to the field of eco-psychology and has a strong interest in bioregionalism, feminism, and indigenous rights. Her eight books include Off the Map: An Expedition Deep into Empire and the Global Economy and Chiva: A Village Takes on the Global Heroin Trade, both winners of National Federation of Press Women book awards.

May 2019 288 pages • 6 x 9 129 black & white photographs Paper • 978-1-6133-2095-2 • $19.95A Cloth • 978-1-61332-096-9 • $89.00X Memoir | History

Through a series of 43 vignettes—tight biographical sketches of the characters and intimate memories of her personal encounters with them—the author creates a collective portrait of the rebels, artists, radicals, and thinkers who through word and action raised many of the issues of justice, the environment, feminism, and colonialism that we are now familiar with. From Berkeley to Bolivia, from New York to New Mexico, a complex, multi-layered radical history unfolds through the stories and lives of the characters. From Marty Schiffenhauer, who fought through the first rent-control law in the United States, to Ponderosa Pine, who started the All-Species Parade and never wore shoes, to Dan and Patricia Ellsberg, who released the Pentagon Papers and became life-long anti-war and antinuclear activists, the portraits bring out some of the vibrant, irreverent energy, the unswerving commitment, and the passion for life of these generations of activists. In our present moment, as many people find themselves in the streets protesting for the first time in their lives, In the Company of Rebels makes the connection to this relatively recent rebellious era.

New Village Press


S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER It is a wonderful vote of confidence to be asked by New York University Press to partner with them in the United States. Located north of North Dakota, University of Regina Press is considered by some to be a thousand miles from nowhere, but with this new partnership, it turns out we’re in the center of things. We’ve published seven national bestsellers in Canada since launching in 2013 and have sold Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and UK rights. Four of our books have been reviewed in The New York Times, and Clearing the Plains—the bestselling academic book published in Canada this century—has rewritten Canadian history. Publishers Weekly has called the press “more than a little house on the prairie,” while The Chronicle of Higher Education Review said we are “the little house that could.” “A voice for many peoples” is our motto. We publish trans kids, settler folk, 90-year olds, Kurds, poets, Mennonites, and more. Our First Nations Language Readers include Cree, Woods Cree, Blackfoot, Saulteaux, Gros Ventre, and Lillooet, and we’re working with First Nations University of Canada to establish a publishing program starting in 2019. As we blow out the candles on our fifth anniversary, horizons promise to expand with our friends in New York.

Bruce Walsh, Publisher



1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

AMERICAN REFUGEES Turning to Canada for Freedom RITA SHELTON DEVERELL American Refugees flee to Canada in times of political and social crisis When it became clear that Donald Trump would become the new US president on election night in 2016, the website for Citizenship and Immigration Canada crashed. It was overwhelmed by Americans afraid that the United States would once again enter a period of intolerance and military aggression. In American Refugees, Rita Shelton Deverell shows that from the Revolutionary War to the Underground Railroad through to McCarthyism and Vietnam, Americans have fled to Canada in times of crisis. Many still flee. All have sought better lives, while helping to shape Canada into the country it is today. Rita Shelton Deverell is a television broadcaster, social activist, and a founder of Vision TV. Deverell moved to Canada in 1967 from Houston, Texas, and has been named to the Maclean’s Honour Roll of Outstanding Canadians, the Canadian Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame, and the Order of Canada.

April 2019 208 pages • 4.25 x 6.5 Cloth • 978-0-8897-7625-8 • $17.95T History | Biography University of Regina Press WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S



A Sinner’s Guide to Eternal Torment MARQ DE VILLIERS A historical and literary journey through the many Hells In Hell and Damnation, bestselling author Marq de Villiers takes readers on a journey into the strange richness of the human imaginings of hell, deep into time and across many faiths, back into early Egypt and the 5,000-year-old Mesopotamian epic of Gilgamesh. This urbane, funny, and deeply researched guide ventures well beyond the Nine Circles of Dante’s Hell and the many medieval Christian visions into the hellish descriptions in Islam, Buddhism, Jewish legend, Japanese traditions, and more.

Marq de Villiers is an award-winning writer and journalist of South African descent and is the author of the Governor General’s Award winner Water, along with Sable Island, White Tribe Dreaming: Apartheid’s Bitter Roots, and more. Marq lives in Port Medway, NS.

“I find Marq de Villiers’ collection of facts and argument on eternal punishment to be persuasive. I feel more informed and intellectually stimulated for having read it.” —Bill Doskoch, journalist “Hell and Damnation: A Sinner’s Guide to Eternal Torment is a tongue-in-cheek travel guide through Hell, taking readers across history, geography, cultures, mythology, literature, religions and scripture. The book is also a discussion of God, the universe, and ultimately, as the author puts it, ‘finding a place between a First Cause Creator and meaninglessness, a new narrative of true understanding of the physical sciences that nevertheless touches the human spirit.’ In the end, though, de Villiers encourages us to stop worrying because he’s convinced the chances of spending eternity burning in the underworld are very, very slight.” —Kathy Fitzpatrick, journalist

March 2019 312 pages • 5 x 8 Paper • 978-0-8897-7584-8 • $18.95T Cloth • 978-0-8897-7635-7 • $89.00X Religion | Literary Studies University of Regina Press 56


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP


Adam Pottle on Writing with Deafness ADAM POTTLE A guide and memoir of writing, identity, and deafness In Voice, Adam Pottle explores the crucial role deafness has played in the growth of his imagination, and in doing so presents a unique perspective on a writer’s development. Born deaf in both ears, Pottle recounts what it was like growing up in a world of muted sound, and how his deafness has influenced virtually everything about his writing, from his use of language to character and plot choices. Salty, bold, and relentlessly honest, Voice makes us think about writing in entirely new ways and expands our understanding of deafness and the gifts that it can offer.

Adam Pottle’s writing explores the dynamic and philosophical aspects of Deafness and disability. Adam has a PhD in English literature and is the author of a play, Ultrasound, a volume of poetry, Beautiful Mutants, a novel, Mantis Dreams: The Journal of Dr. Dexter Ripley, and a novella, The Bus. He lives in Saskatoon.

“Pottle’s book [is] an important contribution to the growing roster of writing supplied by deaf academics, artists, writers, actors and theatre directors and professionals....I felt a ‘coming home’ experience in reading this book....As a deaf writer, I enthusiastically sa[y] ‘yes’ to his linkages between deafness and writing.” —Joanne Weber, author of The Deaf House ALSO OF INTEREST

The Writers on Writing book series offers readers witty, conversational reflections on a wide range of craft-related topics, as well as practical advice for writers and the writing life at any level. The books are accessible and handy, yet they don’t shy away from the challenges of writing. They’ll become your friends. Think sitting down in a coffee shop in conversation with a smart, friendly, veteran author. Part inspiration, part advice, part anecdote—total oxygen after all those stuffy writing textbooks.

SLEUTH Gail Bowen on Writing with Mysteries GAIL BOWEN March 2019 144 pages • 5 x 8.5 Paper • 978-0-8897-7593-0 • $14.95T Cloth • 978-0-8897-7636-4 • $89.00X Biography | Literary Studies University of Regina Press WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

A smart, practical, and often funny guide for those who aspire to write mysteries, Sleuth reveals the secrets of the genre by a bestselling and award-winning author. March 2018 • Paper • 978-0-8897-7524-4 • $14.95T S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


THE ORGANIST Fugues, Fatherhood, and a Fragile Mind MARK ABLEY A son’s story of living in his father’s shadow of genius tainted by depression Harry Abley was a nightmare of a father: depressive, self-absorbed, unpredictable, emotionally unstable. He was also a dream of a father: gentle, courageous, artistically gifted. Mark Abley, his only child, grew up in the shadow of music and mental illness. How he came to terms with this divided legacy, and how he learned to be a man in the absence of a traditional masculine role model, are central to this beautifully written memoir. This extraordinary story will speak to all those who love music, who struggle with depression, or who wrestle with the difficult bonds of love between a parent and a child. January 2019 312 page • 6.5 x 4.25 Cloth • $19.95T 978-0-8897-7581-7 Memoir

University of Regina Press

“A wise and haunting book.” —Martha Baillie, author of The Search for Heinrich Schlögel Mark Abley is a Rhodes Scholar, a Guggenheim Fellow, a winner of Canada’s National Newspaper Award, and the first Canadian recipient of the LiberPress Prize for international writers. He has written six books of non-fiction, four collections of poetry, and two children’s books.

THE UNEXPECTED COP Indian Ernie on a Life of Leadership ERNIE LOUTTIT One of the first Indigenous police officers in Canada shares his insight The cop who blew the whistle on Saskatoon’s notorious “Starlight Tours,” Ernie Louttit is the bestselling author of two previous “Indian Ernie” books. He demonstrates in this latest title that being a leader means sticking to your convictions and sometimes standing up to the powers that be. One of the first Indigenous officers hired by the Saskatoon Police, he was an outsider who became an insider, with a difference. A former military man with a passion for the law, he was tough on the beat, but was also a role model for kids on the streets. “I read it in one sitting and it left me wanting more.”

January 2019 192 page • 6 x 9 Paper • $16.95T 978-0-8897-7599-2 Cloth • $89.00X 978-0-8897-7637-1 Memoir | Indigenous Studies

—John Lagimodiere, editor and publisher of Eagle Feather News Ernie Louttit is a retired soldier and police officer, and has written two books, Indian Ernie: Perspectives on Leadership and Policing and More Indian Ernie: Insights from the Streets.

University of Regina Press 58


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP


A collection of narratives on writing, resilience, discrimination, and joy An anthology of African-Canadian writing, Black Writers Matter offers a cross-section of established writers and newcomers to the literary world who tackle contemporary and pressing issues with beautiful, sometimes raw, prose. As Whitney French says in her introduction, Black Writers Matters “injects new meaning into the word diversity [and] harbours a sacredness and an everydayness that offers Black people dignity.” An “invitation to read, share, and tell stories of Black narratives that are close to the bone,” this collection feels particular to the Black Canadian experience. The founder and co-editor of From the Root Zine, Whitney French has been published in Descant Magazine, anthologized in The Great Black North: Contemporary African Canadian Poetry, and is the host and facilitator of the Writing While Black creative writing studio. Whitney lives in Toronto.

February 2019 208 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • 978-0-8897-7616-6 • $21.95S Cloth • 978-0-8897-7638-8 • $89.00X Literary Collection University of Regina Press WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


ORGANIZED VIOLENCE Capitalist Warfare in Latin America Edited by DAWN PALEY and SIMON GRANOVSKY-LARSEN Uncovering corporate and state greed in Latin America

May 2019 288 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $29.95S 978-0-8897-7610-4 Cloth • $89.00X 978-0-8897-7620-3 Political Science | Latin American Studies

University of Regina Press

Official stories from media centers in New York and Mexico City say that most violence in Latin America is a product of the drug trade. Organized Violence exposes how that narrative serves corporate and state interests and de-politicizes situations that have more to do with coal, oil, or rare wood extraction than with cocaine. Global capital and violence reinforce conditions that fortify the current economic order, and whether it be the military, police, or death squads that pull the trigger, economic expansion benefits from the violent elimination of the opposition, who are most often dispossessed Indigenous people. “It is at once a rigorous indictment of ruthless accumulation and a testimony to the bravery of those who stand, against the odds, in righteous opposition.” —Jeffery R. Webber, author of The Last Day of Oppression Dawn Paley is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Arizona State University. Simon Granovsky-Larsen is an associate professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Regina.

WHERE ONCE THEY STOOD Newfoundland’s Rocky Road towards Confederation RAYMOND B. BLAKE and MELVIN BAKER Despite the controversy Newfoundland made a clear-eyed choice for a brighter future when it joined Canada Coming on the 70th anniversary of Newfoundland joining Confederation, as well as the 150th anniversary of its first rejection of Canada, Where Once They Stood challenges popular notions that those who voted against Confederation in 1869 and for union with Canada in 1948 were uninformed, incompetent, ignorant, and gullible. Raymond Blake and Melvin Baker demonstrate that, in fact, voters fully understood the issues at stake in both cases, and in 1948 women may have been instrumental in determining the final outcome, voting for Canada, believing it provided the best opportunities for their children. March 2019 384 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $27.95S 978-0-8897-7607-4 Cloth • $89.00X 978-0-8897-7619-7 History

University of Regina Press 60

“A masterful examination of Newfoundland-Canada relations from 1869–1949.” —Corey Slumkowski, author of Inventing Atlantic Canada Raymond B. Blake is professor of history at the University of Regina and has published nearly 20 books. Melvin Baker received a PhD in history from the University of Western Ontario and has published extensively in 19th- and 20th-century Newfoundland history. S PRIN G 2019 • NYU PRE S S

1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

FORTY-ONE PAGES On Poetry, Language, and Wilderness JOHN STEFFLER Reflections on our salvation in a world of environmental decline In this series of elegant and wide-ranging meditations on language, wilderness, poetry, and technocracy, John Steffler takes us on a guided tour of one poet’s mental workshop. His focus is vividly personal, shaped by his interests and experience, and at the same time universal. What is it to be human? Steffler is not afraid to be provocative, but he is also compassionately alert to moral, political, and cultural complexity. This is a book that will convince you that poetry can indeed make a great deal happen. Praise for previous work: “One of our finest lyric poets.” —Ken Babstock

March 2019 112 pages • 5.5 x 8.5 Paper • $17.95T 978-0-8897-7587-9 Cloth • $89.00X 978-0-8897-7639-5 Poetry

University of Regina Press

“Steffler’s persona is a diviner, seeking out the ancient energies of the natural world, the atavistic source.” —Mary Dalton John Steffler is the author of six books of poetry, including Lookout, which was shortlisted for the Griffin Prize. His novel The Afterlife of George Cartwright won the Smithbooks/Books in Canada First Novel Award and the Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award.

FINDING FATHER Stories from Mennonite Daughters MARY ANN LOEWEN Mennonite daughters reflect on their dads Finding Father is a collection of stories about Mennonite fathers by their daughters. Written by well-known and first-time writers, these stories illuminate the often close and sometimes troubling relationships found within this most precious bond. From battles over relationships and sexuality, to debates over chores and church, these stories also hold the shared intimacies of driving with dad, side by side, laughing and going down the road together. Mary Ann Loewen is the editor of Sons and Mothers: Stories from Mennonite Men, teaches academic writing at University of Winnipeg.

May 2019 160 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • $16.95S 978-0-8897-7590-9 Cloth • $89.00X 978-0-8897-7640-1 Biography | Religion

University of Regina Press WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


NO SURRENDER The Land Remains Indigenous

SHELDON KRASOWSKI Foreword by WINONA WHEELER A provocative claim that Indigenous people did not “surrender” their land in Canada’s numbered Treaty negotiations Between 1869 and 1877 the government of Canada negotiated Treaties One through Seven with the Indigenous peoples of the Great Plains. Many historians argue that the negotiations suffered from cultural misunderstandings between the treaty commissioners and Indigenous chiefs, but newly uncovered eyewitness accounts show that the Canadian government had a strategic plan to deceive over the “surrender clause” and land sharing.

Sheldon Krasowski was born in Treaty Six Territory (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) and received a PhD in History from the University of Regina. Sheldon currently lives in Treaty Seven Territory and works for Athabasca University. An associate professor in the Department of Indigenous Studies at University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Winona Wheeler is a member of the Fisher River Cree Nation in Treaty Five Territory, though her family hails from George Gordon’s First Nation in Treaty Four Territory.

According to Sheldon Krasowski’s research, Canada understood that the Cree, Anishnabeg, Saulteaux, Assiniboine, Siksika, Piikani, Kainaa, Stoney and Tsuu T’ina nations wanted to share the land with newcomers—with conditions—but were misled over governance, reserved lands, and resource sharing. Exposing the government chicanery at the heart of the negotiations, No Surrender demonstrates that the land remains Indigenous. [A] very important, fresh, and valuable work.” —Sarah Carter, author of Imperial Plots

February 2019 368 pages • 6 x 9 Paper • 978-0-8897-7596-1 • $22.95S Cloth • 978-0-8897-7606-7 • $89.00X Indigenous Studies | History University of Regina Press 62


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP


Disease, Politics of Starvation, and the Loss of Indigenous Life JAMES DASCHUK Foreword by ELIZABETH A. FENN The award-winning book about how Canada’s first prime minister starved Indigenous peoples in the pursuit of nationhood

James Daschuk is an associate professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina and a researcher with the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit.

In arresting, but harrowing, prose, James Daschuk examines the roles that Old World diseases, climate, and, most disturbingly, Canadian politics—the politics of ethnocide—played in the deaths and subjugation of thousands of Indigenous people in the realization of Sir John A. Macdonald’s “National Dream” during the latter half of the 19th century. This new edition of the book that revealed that Canada’s first prime minister used a famine against Indigenous peoples has a forward by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth A. Fenn and explanations by leading historians of the book’s profound influence. Called “one of the most important books of the twenty-first century” by the Literary Review of Canada, it was named “Book of the Year” by The Globe and Mail, Quill & Quire, The Writers’ Trust of Canada, and won the Sir John A. Macdonald Prize, among many others. “[A] great work of history...James Daschuk’s Clearing the Plains is colossal. This is excavation of an authentically Canadian past from under layers of colonial myth, performed with a scalpel, and illuminated by searing prose. —The Globe and Mail “[C]learly written, deeply researched, and properly contextualized history...Essential reading for everyone interested in the history of Indigenous North America.” —J.R. McNeil, author of Mosquito Empires

February 2019 384pages • 6 x 9 Paper • 978-0-8897-7622-7 • $22.95S Cloth • 978-0-8897-7621-0 • $89.00X Indigenous Studies | History University of Regina Press WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


DANCE OF THE DUNG BEETLES Their Role in Our Changing World

MARCUS BYRNE and HELEN LUNN The sweeping scientific and social history of the humble dung beetle In this extensive history of more than 3,000 years, beginning with Ancient Egypt, scientist Marcus Byrne and writer, Helen Lunn capture the diversity of dung beetles and their unique behavior patterns. Dung beetles’ fortunes have followed the shifts from a world dominated by a religion that symbolically incorporated them into some of its key concepts of rebirth, to a world in which science has largely separated itself from religion and alchemy.

Marcus Byrne is Professor in the School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Science at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He has studied dung beetles for more than 30 years. He is a TED presenter and a recipient of an IgNobel prize and has received numerous awards for his work on popularizing the biological sciences. Helen Lunn has a PhD in Musicology and has a wide research base. She edited three compilations of DRUM magazine and more recently worked for Oprah as South African coordinator and producer on a variety of educational projects.

With over 6,000 species found throughout the world, these unassuming but remarkable creatures are fundamental to some of humanity’s most cherished beliefs and have been ever present in religion, art, literature, science and the environment. They are at the center of current gene research, play an important role in keeping our planet healthy, and some nocturnal dung beetles have been found to navigate by the starry skies. Outlining the development of science from the point of view of the humble dung beetle is what makes this charming story of immense interest to general readers and entomologists alike.

April 2019 256 pages • 6 x 9 30 color and black & white illustrations Paper • 978-1-7761-4234-7 • $30.00A Cloth • 978-1-77614-465-5 • $89.00X Natural Studies | Cultural Studies WITS University Press 64


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

VISIONARY ANIMAL Rock Art from Southern Africa

RENAUD EGO Translated by DEKE DUSINBERRE An illustrated collection that takes stock of current knowledge and proposes a new way of reading indigenous art For thousands of years, nomadic hunter-gatherers assigned a fundamental role to the visualization of the animals who shared their lives. Some, such as the Cape eland, the largest of antelopes, were the object of a fascinated gaze, as though the graceful markings and shapes of their bodies were the key to secret knowledge safeguarded by the animals’ unsettling silence.

Poet, novelist and essayist Renaud Ego is a French specialist in southern African rock art, which he has studied for the past twenty years. His previous books include poetry, a volume of collected essays, and a study of palaeolithic art.

Renaud Ego posits that the artists sought to steal the animals’ secret through an act of rendering visible a vitality that remained hidden beneath appearances. In this process, the San themselves became the visionary animal who, possessing the gift of making pictures, would acquire far-seeing powers. Thanks to the singular effectiveness of their visual art, they could make intellectual contact with the world in order better to think and, ultimately, to act. They gained access to the full dimension of their human condition through painting scenes that functioned like visual contracts with spiritual and ancestral powers. Their art is an act that seeks to preserve the wholeness of existence through a respect for the relationships linking all beings, both real and imaginary, who partake of it. The fundamentally ecological dimension of this message confers on San art its universality and contemporary relevance. Visionary Animal is a translation of L’Animal voyant, published in France in 2015. This rich collection of essays is beautifully illustrated with the author’s photographs of rock art from across southern Africa.

January 2019 336 pages • 7.7 x 10 114 color illustrations Cloth • 978-1-77614-462-4 • $80.00S Art WITS University Press WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

“This is a magnificent book, at once both a poetic and a scholarly reclamation of the authority and integrity of the art in San painting… [Ego] reanimates the paintings for us, reminding us that the pervasive forms of academic iconographical analysis have ‘decomposed’ them... It is a deeply moving publication.” — Pippa Skotnes, author of Miscast: Negotiating the Presence of Bushmen S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


LIE ON YOUR WOUNDS The Prison Correspondence of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe ROBERT SOBUKWE, Edited by DEREK HOOK Selection of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe’s letters from prison in opposition to South African apartheid This book collates nearly 300 prison letters to and from Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, inspirational political leader and first President of the Pan-Africanist Congress. These letters are testimony to the desolate conditions of his imprisonment and to his unbending commitment to the cause of African liberation.

January 2019 592 page • 6.1 x 9.2 Paper • $35.00S 978-1-7761-4240-8 Cloth • $99.00X 978-1-77614-461-7 Biography | Politics

WITS University Press

The memory of Sobukwe has been sadly neglected in postapartheid South Africa. With the changing political climate, the decline of the African National Congress’s power, the reemergence of Black Consciousness, and the growth of student protests, Sobukwe is being looked to once again. Robert Sobukwe founded the Pan Africanist Congress in 1959. He was imprisoned from 1960-1969. After his release in 1969, he lived with family under house arrest. He died in 1978 from lung cancer. Derek Hook is an associate professor of Psychology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, USA, and a research affiliate in Psychology at the Universities of Pretoria and the Witwatersrand in South Africa.


Domestic Workers in South African History and Literature (1658 – Present) ENA JANSEN An analytic and historical perspective of literary texts to understand the position of domestic workers in South Africa

April 2019 416 page • 6.1 x 9.2 15 black & white illustrations 15 color illustrations Paper • $35.00S 978-1-7761-4351-1 Cloth • $99.00X 978-1-77614-459-4 Literary Studies WITS University Press 66

More than a million black South African women are domestic workers. Precariously situated between urban and rural areas, rich and poor, white and black, these women are at once intimately connected and at a distant remove from the families they serve. Ena Jansen shows that domestic worker relations in South Africa were shaped by the institution of slavery, establishing social hierarchies and patterns of behavior that persist today. Like Family is an updated version of the award-winning Soos familie (2015) and the highly-acclaimed 2016 Dutch translation, Bijna familie. “Like Family deepens our understanding of how the institution both reflects and reproduces the savage inequalities on which our society continues to be based.” —Jacklyn Cock, author of Maids and Madams: A Study in the Politics of Exploitation Ena Jansen was professor of South African literature at the University of Amsterdam until 2016. S PRIN G 2019 • NYU PRE S S

1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

POWER IN ACTION Democracy, Citizenship and Social Justice STEVEN FRIEDMAN Argues that South Africans, like everyone else, need democracy for a more equal society What are democracies meant to do? And how does one know when one is a democratic state? These incisive questions and more by leading political scientist, Steven Friedman, underlie this robust enquiry into what democracy means for South Africa post 1994. Democracy is often viewed through a lens reflecting Western understanding. New democracies are compared to idealized notions by which the system is said to operate in the global North. The democracies of Western Europe and North America are understood to be the finished product and all others are assessed by how far they have progressed towards approximating this model. Steven Friedman is Research Professor attached to the Department of Politics in the Humanities Faculty, University of Johannesburg. He is a public commentator and newspaper columnist.

Power in Action persuasively argues against this stereotype. Friedman asserts that democracies can only work when every adult has an equal say in the public decisions that affect them. Democracy is achieved not by adopting idealized models derived from other societies–rather, it is the product of collective action by citizens who claim the right to be heard not only through public protest action, but also through the conscious exercise of influence on public and private power holders. Viewing democracy in this way challenges us to develop a deeper understanding of democracy’s challenges and in so doing to ensure that more citizens can claim a say over more decisions in society.

January 2019 304 page • 6.1 x 9.2 129 black & white photographs Paper • 978-1-7761-4302-3 • $30.00S Cloth • 978-1-77614-458-7 • $89.00X Politics

“This is Steven Friedman at his best, combining an implicit passion for democratic change with considered analysis and judgement… Friedman’s book makes a critical and timely contribution to an urgent debate–timely because there may not be much time left.” —Stephen Chan, Professor of World Politics, School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London

WITS University Press WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Awards Winning Backlist


Winner, 2018 Victoria Schuck Award; American Political Science Association NO SHORTCUT TO CHANGE An Unlikely Path to a More Equitable World KARA ELLERBY $30.00S • Paper 978-1-4798-1716-0

Winner, 2018 Morris Rosenberg Award; DC Sociological Society FAST-FOOD KIDS French Fries, Lunch Lines, and Social Ties AMY L. BEST $28.00S • Paper 978-1-4798-0232-6

Winner, 2018 Outstanding Contribution to Scholarship Book Award; American Sociological Association’s section on Race, Gender, and Class LATINA TEACHERS Creating Careers and Guarding Culture GLENDA M. FLORES $28.00S • Paper 978-1-4798-1353-7

Winner, 2018 Section on Asia and Asian America Book Award; American Sociological Association ETHNIC CHURCH MEETS MEGACHURCH Indian American Christianity in Motion PREMA A. KURIEN $35.00S • Paper 978-1-4798-2637-7

Winner, 2018 Peter C. Rollins Book Prize; Northeast Popular/American Culture Association DIVERSIÓN Play and Popular Culture in Cuban America ALBERT SERGIO LAGUNA $30.00S • Paper 978-1-4798-4614-6

Honorable Mention, Distinguished Book Award; American Sociological Association’s Sociology of Sexualities Section THE GANG’S ALL QUEER The Lives of Gay Gang Members VANESSA PANFIL $28.00S • Paper 978-1-4798-7002-8

Winner, 2018 Donald W. Light Award for Applied Medical Sociology; American Sociological Association Medical Sociology Section CALLING THE SHOTS Why Parents Reject Vaccines JENNIFER A. REICH $20.00S • Paper 978-1-4798-7483-5

Winner, 2018 Erving Goffman Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Social Interaction; Media Ecology Association DEATH MAKES THE NEWS How the Media Censor and Display the Dead JESSICA M. FISHMAN $30.00S • Paper 978-0-8147-6045-1


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Index Abley, Mark..............................58 Abolitionist Socialist Feminism.................................47 After Marriage Equality.........33 Alumkal, Antony....................29 American Refugees ................55 Amin, Samir............................50 Antiracism.................................7 Baggett,Jerome P.....................42 Baker, Melvin ..........................60 Ball, Carlos A...........................33 Barak, Maya Pagni....................6 Bartolomé, José......................51 Bennett, Jeffrey A....................36 Best, Wallace D........................41 Black Writers Matters ............59 Blake, Raymond B. .................60 Blaming Mothers....................32 Boundaries of Love.................34 Bowen, Gail..............................57 Brains Confounded by the Ode of Abu Shaduf Expounded....44 Brank, Eve M...........................31 Bratton, Rosemary..................27 Bray, Julia.................................45 Brim, Matt ...............................24 Byrne, Marcus.........................64 Camacho, Alejandro ..............33 Capital Defense ........................6 Catholic Social Activism........42 Celebrity.....................................4 Cervantes, Susana Vargas......26 Chambers-Letson, Joshua......14 Clearing the Plains .................63 Cobbina,Jennifer E..................25 Coe, Cati..................................24 Conformity................................1 Connolly, Catherine...............27 Criminal Trajectories.............27 Cruising Utopia, 10th Anniversary Edition ..............14 Dance of the Dung Beetles....64 Dark Fantastic, The ..................9 Daschuk, James.......................63 Davies, Humphrey..................44 Davis, Dána-Ain.....................23 Day, David M............................27 Delany, Samuel R.....................15 Demaine, Linda J....................31 Deverell, Rita Shelton ............55 de Villiers, Marq .....................56 Dewey, Susan ..........................27 Don't Use Your Words!..........18 Donnelly, Seth.........................48 Douglas, Susan J. ......................4 Dubler, Joshua.........................43 Dusinberre, Deke....................65 Ego, Renaud ............................65 Eisenstein, Zillah ....................47 Elkins,Evan..............................18 Engel, Stephen M....................29 Epler, Rhett..............................27 Essential Legal English in Context ....................................31 Estrada, Emir ..........................36 Everyday Crimes ....................39 WW W.NY U P R ESS.ORG

Evolution of the Juvenile Court, The ...............................28 Fake Geek Girls ......................19 Fashion and Beauty in the Time of Asia............................17 Fearing the Black Body..........21 Feld, Barry C. ..........................28 Fenn, Elizabeth A. ..................63 Fentiman, Linda C. ................32 Fight Like a Girl, Second Edition......................................35 Finding Father.........................61 Forty-One Pages ....................61 Fradella, Henry F. ...................28 Fragmented Citizens .............29 French, Whitney ....................59 Friedman, Steven ...................67 Gallas, Elisabeth .......................8 Gascón, Luis Daniel ...............26 Gatehouse, Tom......................49 Ghaziani, Amin ......................24 Gilded Suffragists ...................40 Glendinning, Chellis .............53 Glicksman, Robert .................33 God on the Big Screen...........43 Gould, Jon B..............................6 Granovsky-Larsen, Simon ....60 Halpern-Meekin, Sarah .........34 Hands Up, Don’t Shoot..........25 Harnecker, Marta ...................51 Hell and Damnation...............56 Her Own Hero........................39 Hook, Derek............................66 Horne, Gerald...........................46 How to Play Video Games ....20 Huntemann, Nina...................20 Imagining Queer Methods....24 Inn Civility ..............................38 In the Company of Rebels.....53 Jamal, Manal A. ......................30 Jansen, Ena ..............................66 Jazz and Justice .......................46 Juffer, Jane................................18 Keeling, Kara ..........................12 Kids at Work ...........................36 Kieran, David..........................10 Knight, Jack.............................30 Krasowski, Sheldon................62 Kupperman, Karen Ordahl ..2,3 Langston's Salvation...............41 LaSpina, Nadina......................52 Lee, Heijin S. ...........................17 Lie of Global Prosperity, The 48 Lie on your Wounds ..............66 Like Family..............................66 Limits of Community Policing, The............................................26 Lindvall, Terry.........................43 Little Old Lady Killer, The.....26 Locked Out..............................18 Loewen, Mary Ann ................61 Long Revolution of the Global South, The ...............................50

López, Marissa K.....................17 Louttit, Ernie...........................58 Loving Justice..........................32 Lunn, Helen ............................64 Managing Diabetes.................36 McDonnell, Andrea..................4 Moon, Christina H.................17 Mortuary of Books, A ..............8 Muñoz, José Esteban..............14 Nepstad, Sharon Erickson.....42 Neuman, Johanna ..................40 New American Servitude.......24 No Surrender...........................62 Nyong'o, Tavia.........................14 Only People Make Their Own History......................................50 Organist, The...........................58 Organized Violence................60 Osuji, Chinyere.......................34 K. Outlaw Women.......................27 Paley, Dawn ............................60 Paranoid Science ....................29 Payne, Matthew Thomas .......20 Pellegrini, Ann........................14 Planning from Below .............51 Pocahontas and the English Boys ............................................2 Political Legitimacy................30 Pottle, Adam ...........................57 Power in Action......................67 Power of Sports, The.................5 Pregnancy and Power, Revised Edition......................................22 Presumed Criminal................41 Promoting Democracy ..........30 Properties of Empire..............38 Psychology of Family Law......31 Purnell, Brian..........................37 Queer Faith..............................16 Queer Times, Black Futures..12 Racial Immanence..................17 Rakha, Youssef........................44 Reid-Pharr, Robert F..............15 Relation of Virginia..................3 Religion, Law, USA ................43 Reorganizing Government....33 Reproductive Injustice...........23 Ricanness.................................16 Ross, Karen M. .......................31 Rouse, Wendy L......................39 Roussell, Aaron.......................26 Ruberg, Bonnie.......................20 Ruiz, Sandra ............................16 Ryan, Kelly A............................39

Shoup, Laurence H..................51 Signature Wounds ..................10 Skinner, Alex.............................8 Sleuth .......................................57 Sobukwe, Robert ....................66 Social Poverty .........................34 Solinger, Rickie .......................22 Spelman, Henry.........................3 Steffler, John ............................61 Stein, Marc ..............................11 Stonewall Riots, The................11 Stop and Frisk .........................28 Stories of Piety and Prayer ....45 Strange Careers of the Jim Crow North, The.....................37 Strings, Sabrina.......................21 Such a Pretty Girl ...................52 Suddler, Carl ...........................41 Sunstein, Cass R........................1 Suwandi, Intan........................49 Sword of Ambition.................45 Temple, Kathryn D.................32 Theoharis, Jeanne ...................37 Thomas, Ebony Elizabeth........9 Times Square Red, Times Square Blue 20th Anniversary Edition .....................................15 Troublemakers ........................37 Tu, Thuy Lihn Nguyen ..........17 Unexpected Cop, The ............58 Value Chains ...........................49 Varieties of Nonreligious Experience...............................42 Video Games Have Always Been Queer..............................20 Visionary Animal ...................65 Voice ........................................57 Voices of Latin America ........49 Wall Street's Think Tank........51 Water........................................40 Weiner, Isaac ...........................43 Wheeler, Winona....................62 Where Once They Stood........60 White, Michael D....................28 Wiesner, Margit ......................27 Woodard, Komozi ..................37 Yarbrough, Luke .....................45 Zamalin, Alex............................7 Zare, Bonnie............................27

Sanchez, Melissa E..................16 Saxine, Ian ...............................38 Schmidt, Jeremy J. ..................40 Schumaker, Kathryn ..............37 Schwartzberg, Melissa............30 Scott, Suzanne.........................19 Scribner, Vaughn ....................38 Seely, Megan............................35 Serazio, Michael........................5

S PRIN G 2019 • NY U PRE S S


Spring 2019 Publication Schedule JANUARY



University of Regina Press The Organist Mark Abley | 58

New in Paperback Langston’s Salvation Wallace D. Best | 41

Relation of Virginia Henry Spelman & Karen Ordahl Kupperman | 3

University of Regina Press The Unexpected Cop Ernie Louttit | 58

University of Regina Press Black Writing Matters Whitney French | 59

WITS University Press Visionary Animal Renaud Ego & Deke Dusinberre | 65

University of Regina Press No Surrender Sheldon Krasowski & Winona Wheeler | 62

Pocahontas and the English Boys Karen Ordahl Kupperman |2

WITS University Press Lie on your Wounds Robert Sobukwe & Derek Hook | 66

University of Regina Press Clearing the Plains James Daschuk & Elizabeth A. Fenn | 63

WITS University Press Power in Action Steven Friedman | 67

Celebrity Susan J. Douglas & Andrea McDonnell | 4 Antiracism Alex Zamalin | 7 How to Play Video Games Matthew Thomas Payne & Nina Huntemann | 20 Video Games Have Always Been Queer Bonnie Ruberg | 20 New in Paperback Her Own Hero Wendy L. Rouse | 39 New in Paperback Gilded Suffragists Johanna Neuman | 40

MAY Conformity Cass R. Sunstein | 1 The Dark Fantastic Ebony Elizabeth Thomas | 9 The Stonewall Riots Marc Stein | 11 Don’t Use Your Words! Jane Juffer | 18 Fearing the Black Body Sabrina Strings | 21 New in Paperback Blaming Mothers Linda C. Fentiman | 32 New in Paperback After Marriage Equality Carlos A. Ball | 33 Boundaries of Love Chinyere K. Osuji | 34 Library of Arabic Literature Stories of Piety and Prayer al-Muhassin ibn ‘Ali alTanukhi & Julia Bray | 45 Monthly Review Press Abolitionist Socialist Feminism Zillah Eisenstein | 47


Library of Arabic Literature Sword of Ambition 'Uthman ibn Ibrahim al-Nabulusi, Luke Yarbrough, & Sherman 'Abd al-Hakim Jackson | 45 Monthly Review Press Voices of Latin America Tom Gatehouse | 49 Monthly Review Press Only People Make Their Own History Samir Amin | 50 Monthly Review Press Wall Street’s Think Tank Laurence H. Shoup | 51 University of Regina Press Hell and Damnation Marq de Villiers | 56 University of Regina Press Voice Adam Pottle | 57 University of Regina Press Where Once They Stood Raymond B. Blake & Melvin Baker | 60

JUNE New Village Press History Makers Chellis Glendinning | 53

Capital Defense Jon B. Gould & Maya Pagni Barak | 6

University of Regina Press Organized Violence Dawn Paley & Simon Granovsky-Larsen | 60

Times Square Red, Times Square Blue 20th Anniversary Edition Samuel R. Delany & Robert F. Reid-Pharr | 15

University of Regina Press Finding Father Mary Ann Loewen | 61

Fashion and Beauty in the Time of Asia Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu, S. Heijin Lee & Christina H. Moon | 17

Social Poverty Sarah Halpern-Meekin | 34 Managing Diabetes Jeffrey A. Bennett | 36 Monthly Review Press The Lie of Global Prosperity Seth Donnelly | 48 Monthly Review Press Planning from Below Marta Harnecker & José Bartolomé | 51

Reproductive Injustice Dána-Ain Davis | 23 New in Paperback The Evolution of the Juvenile Court Barry C. Feld | 28 New in Paperback Fragmented Citizens Stephen M. Engel | 29 Essential Legal English in Context Karen M. Ross | 31 Loving Justice Kathryn D. Temple | 32


1. 8 0 0 . 9 9 6 . NYUP

Spring 2019 Publication Schedule APRIL University of Regina Press Forty-One Pages John Steffler | 61

The Power of Sports Michael Serazio | 5 A Mortuary of Books Elisabeth Gallas & Alex Skinner | 8 Signature Wounds David Kieran | 10 Queer Times, Black Futures Kara Keeling | 12 Cruising Utopia, 10th Anniversary Edition José Esteban Muñoz, Joshua Chambers-Letson, Tavia Nyong'o, & Ann Pellegrini | 14 Fake Geek Girls Suzanne Scott | 19 New American Servitude Cati Coe | 24 New in Paperback Paranoid Science Antony Alumkal | 24 Psychology of Family Law Eve M. Brank & Linda J. Demaine | 31

JULY Ricanness Sandra Ruiz | 16 Pregnancy and Power, Revised Edition Rickie Solinger | 22 Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Jennifer E. Cobbina | 25 The Limits of Community Policing Luis Daniel Gascón & Aaron Roussell | 26 Criminal Trajectories David M. Day & Margit Wiesner | 27 Kids at Work Emir Estrada | 36 Troublemakers Kathryn Schumaker | 37 Presumed Criminal Carl Suddler | 41 Varieties of Nonreligious Experience Jerome P. Baggett | 42 Religion, Law, USA Joshua Dubler & Isaac Weiner | 43


The Strange Careers of the Jim Crow North Jeanne Theoharis & Brian Purnell with Komozi Woodard | 37 Properties of Empire Ian Saxine | 38 Inn Civility Vaughn Scribner | 38 New in Paperback Water Jeremy J. Schmidt | 40 Library of Arabic Literature Brains Confounded by the Ode of Abu Shaduf Expounded Yusuf al-Shirbini, Humphrey Davies & Youssef Rakha | 44

Monthly Review Press Jazz and Justice Gerald Horne | 46 Monthly Review Press The Long Revolution of the Global South Samir Amin | 50 University of Regina Press American Refugees Rita Shelton Deverell | 55 WITS University Press Dance of the Dung Beetles Marcus Byrne & Helen Lunn | 64 WITS University Press Like Family Ena Jansen | 66

Library of Arabic Literature Brains Confounded by the Ode of Abu Shaduf Expounded and Risible Rhymes Yusuf al-Shirbini, Muhammad ibn Mahfuz al-Sanhuri & Humphrey Davies | 44

AUGUST New Village Press Such a Pretty Girl Nadina LaSpina | 52

Queer Faith Melissa E. Sanchez | 16 Racial Immanence Marissa K. López | 17 Locked Out Evan Elkins | 18 Imagining Queer Methods Amin Ghaziani & Matt Brim | 24 The Little Old Lady Killer Susana Vargas Cervantes | 26 Outlaw Women Susan Dewey, Bonnie Zare, Catherine Connolly, Rhett Epler, & Rosemary Bratton | 27

Reorganizing Government Alejandro E. Camacho & Robert L. Glicksman | 33 Fight Like a Girl, Second Edition Megan Seely | 35 Everyday Crimes Kelly A. Ryan | 39 Catholic Social Activism Sharon Erickson Nepstad | 42 God on the Big Screen Terry Lindvall | 43 Monthly Review Press Value Chains Intan Suwandi | 49

New in Paperback Stop and Frisk Michael D. White & Henry F. Fradella | 28 Promoting Democracy Manal A. Jamal | 30 Political Legitimacy Jack Knight & Melissa Schwartzberg | 30

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Spring 2019  

Check out our Spring 2019 titles including new titles from our distribution clients!

Spring 2019  

Check out our Spring 2019 titles including new titles from our distribution clients!

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