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highlights F O RTHC O M ING J AN U AR Y 2 0 1 8

CRIP TIMES Disability, Globalization, and Resistance Robert McRuer Contends that disability is a central but misunderstood element of global austerity politics

BLACK PERFORMANCE ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF THE LEFT A History of the Impossible Malik Gaines “Alive with what is essential to Gaines’s way of seeing and thinking: politics, race, sexuality, and the theater of being. A wonderful achievement.” —Hilton Als, the New Yorker

$30.00 • Paper 320 Pages • 978-1-4798-7415-6 Part of the Crip Series

$28.00 • Paper • 248 Pages • 978-1-4798-0430-6 Part of the Sexual Cultures Series

THE FILIPINO PRIMITIVE Accumulation and Resistance in the American Museum Sarita Echavez See How museums’ visual culture contributes to knowledge accumulation

THE ART OF CONFESSION The Performance of Self from Robert Lowell to Reality TV Christopher Grobe “Grobe traces the history and evolution of modern American confessional art in this impressive and wideranging debut. An engrossing . . . work of literary scholarship for the 21st century.” —Publishers Weekly

$30.00 • Paper 272 Pages • 978-1-4798-2505-9

$30.00 • Paper • 320 Pages • 978-1-4798-8208-3 Part of the Performance and American Cultures Series

THE PRACTICES OF HOPE Literary Criticism in Disenchanted Times Christopher Castiglia Offers a positive approach to literary criticism

COSMOPOLITANISMS Edited by Bruce Robbins and Paulo Lemos Horta With an afterword by Kwame Anthony Appiah An indispensable collection that re-examines what it means to belong in the world

$28.00 • Paper 240 Pages • 978-1-4798-0355-2

$29.00 • Paper 272 Pages • 978-1-4798-6323-5

n e w i n pa p e r b a c k n e w i n pa p e r b a c k

A BODY, UNDONE Living On After Great Pain Christina Crosby “Part grueling diary of living with chronic pain and part celebration of survival, this is a complicated understanding of what it means to change your definition of living while living through it.” —Elle

$14.95 • Paper • 208 Pages • 978-1-4798-5316-8 Part of the Sexual Cultures Series Instructor’s Guide Available

NYUPRESS • American Studies

Finalist, 2016 Ralph Waldo Emerson Award

DISSENT The History of an American Idea Ralph Young “A must-read for anyone interested in how dissent, protest, and other acts of civil disobedience have shaped the United States.” — $25.00 • Paper 640 Pages • 978-1-4798 -1983-6

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in the postmillenial pop series OPEN TV Innovation Beyond Hollywood and the Rise of Web Television Aymar Jean Christian How the internet transformed television $30.00 • Paper 320 Pages • 978-1-4798-1597-5

DIVERSIÓN Play and Popular Culture in Cuban America Albert Sergio Laguna A re-examination of the Cuban diaspora through the lens of popular culture $30.00 • Paper 296 Pages • 978-1-4798-4614-6

F O RTHC O M ING J AN U AR Y 2 0 1 8

THE SONIC COLOR LINE Race and the Cultural Politics of Listening Jennifer Lynn Stoever The unheard history of how race and racism are constructed from sound and maintained through the listening ear $28.00 • Paper 352 Pages • 978-1-4798-8934-1

ANTISOCIAL MEDIA Anxious Labor in the Digital Economy Greg Goldberg The debate surrounding the transformation of work at the hands of digital technology and the anxieties brought forth by automation, the sharing economy, and the exploitation of leisure

$27.00 • Paper • 224 Pages • 978-1-4798-2190-7

RESTRICTED ACCESS Media, Disability, and the Politics of Participation Elizabeth Ellcessor A call for innovation in digital media to ensure accessibility for all.

Winner of the 2012 CLAGS Fellowship Award for Best First Book Project in LGBT Studies

MODERNITY’S EAR Listening to Race and Gender in World Music Roshanak Kheshti Inside the global music industry and the racialized and gendered assumptions we make about what we hear

$28.00 • Paper • 368 Pages • 978-1-4798-2308-6 Instructor’s Guide Available

$28.00 • Paper 272 Pages • 978-1-4798-5343-4

$26.00 • Paper 208 Pages • 978-1-4798-1786-3

THE NEW MUTANTS Superheroes and the Radical Imagination of American Comics Ramzi Fawaz “A well-documented study of the political and cultural evolution of American comic books, from the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics in 1938 to the present day. A strong piece of interdisciplinary research...well-argued, clearly written.” —Library Journal

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african american studies BROKERING SERVITUDE Migration and the Politics of Domestic Labor during the Long Nineteenth Century Andrew Urban The history of domestic labor markets in 19th century America $39.00 • Cloth 352 Pages • 978-0-8147-8584-3 Part of the Culture, Labor, History Series

CRITICAL RACE THEORY THIRD EDITION An Introduction Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic Foreword by Angela Harris Updated to include the Black Lives Matter movement, the presidency of Barack Obama, the rise of hate speech on the Internet, and more.

$19.00 • Paper • 224 Pages • 978-1-4798-0276-0 Part of the Critical America series

F O RTHC O M ING J AN U AR Y 2 0 1 8

FACING THE RISING SUN African Americans, Japan, and the Rise of Afro-Asian Solidarity Gerald Horne The surprising alliance between Japan and proTokyo African Americans during World War II

LANGSTON’S SALVATION American Religion and the Bard of Harlem Wallace D. Best Offers a fascinating exploration into the religious thought of Langston Hughes. $35.00 • Cloth 320 Pages • 978-1-4798-3489-1

$30.00 • Cloth 240 Pages • 978-1-4798-4859-1

THE BLACK RADICAL TRAGIC Performance, Aesthetics, and the Unfinished Haitian Revolution Jeremy Matthew Glick “A book we were all waiting for without knowing it.... Glick combines here a sober and ruthless insight into the necessary tragic twists of the revolutionary process with the unconditional fidelity to this process.” —Slavoj Žižek, Los Angeles Review of Books

UNDISCIPLINED Science, Ethnography, and Personhood in the Americas, 1830-1940 Nihad Farooq Encourages an alternative consideration of personhood, one that emerges from evolutionary and ethnographic discourse

$30.00 • Paper 280 Pages • 978-1-4798-0699-7 Part of the America and the Long 19th Century series

$27.00 • Paper • 296 Pages • 978-1-4798-1319-3 Part of the America and the Long 19th Century series

FUGITIVE SCIENCE Empiricism and Freedom in Early African American Culture Britt Rusert Exposes the influential work of a group of black artists to confront and refute scientific racism

$32.00 • Paper 320 Pages • 978-1-4798-4766-2 Part of the America and the Long 19th Century series

NYUPRESS • American Studies

HOW TO READ AFRICAN AMERICAN LITERATURE Post-Civil Rights Fiction and the Task of Interpretation Aida Levy-Hussen Offers a series of provocations to unsettle the predominant assumptions readers make when encountering post-Civil Rights black fiction $26.00 • Paper • 224 Pages • 978-1-4798-8471-1

www . nyupress . org

latino / a studies THE LATINO NINETEENTH CENTURY Edited by Rodrigo Lazo and Jesse Alemán A retelling of U.S., Latin American, and Latino/a literary history through writing by Latinos/as who lived in the United States during the long nineteenth century

$30.00 • Paper 384 Pages • 978-1-4798-5587-2 Part of the America and the Long 19th Century series

SUSPECT FREEDOMS The Racial and Sexual Politics of Cubanidad in New York, 1823-1957 Nancy Raquel Mirabal The largely unexamined and often forgotten history of more than a hundred years of Cuban exile, migration, diaspora, and community formation

$30.00 • Paper • 320 Pages • 978-0-8147-6112-0 Part of the Culture, Labor, History series

media and popular culture CITIZEN SPIES The Long Rise of America's Surveillance Society Joshua Reeves “Carefully examines historical accounts and court cases up to present day, and the withering effects of police crowdsourcing on America’s dream of security, comfort, and liberty.” —Starred Library Journal

NEOCITIZENSHIP Political Culture after Democracy Eva Cherniavsky How political realities are formed when the government ceases to be a guarantor of rights and democracy

$30.00 • Paper 232 Pages • 978-1-4798-9357-7

$30.00 • Cloth • 256 Pages • 978-1-4798-0392-7


WE ARE DATA Algorithms and The Making of Our Digital Selves John Cheney-Lippold “If knowledge is indeed the means by which we can begin to challenge the digital status quo, then CheneyLippold has done much to forearm us by so capably elucidating the problem.” —LSE Review of Books

THE PROCRASTINATION ECONOMY The Big Business of Downtime Ethan Tussey How mobile devices make our in-between moments valuable to media companies while also providing a sense of control and connection $27.00 • Cloth 256 Pages • 978-1-4798-4423-4

$27.95 • Cloth • 320 Pages • 978-1-4798-5759-3


CULTURE JAMMING Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance Edited by Marilyn DeLaure and Moritz Fink Foreword by Mark Dery A collaboration of political activism and participatory culture seeking to upend consumer capitalism, including interviews with The Yes Men, The Guerrilla Girls, among others

ALGORITHMS OF OPPRESSION How Search Engines Reinforce Racism Safiya Umoja Noble A revealing look at how negative biases against women of color are embedded in search engine results and algorithms

$28.00 • Paper 256 Pages • 978-1-4798-3724-3

$30.00 • Cloth • 464 Pages • 978-1-4798-0620-1

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art and visual culture

history n e w i n pa p e r b a c k

CHICANA/O REMIX Art and Errata Since the Sixties Karen Mary Davalos Rewrites our understanding of the last 50 years of Chicana/o cultural production

CLEAN AND WHITE A History of Environmental Racism in the United States Carl A. Zimring This book tells the history of the corrosive idea that whites are clean and those who are not white are dirty

$30.00 • Paper 336 Pages • 978-1-4798-2112-9

$24.00 • Paper 288 Pages • 978-1-4798-7437-8

ABSTRACTIONIST AESTHETICS Artistic Form and Social Critique in African American Culture Phillip Brian Harper An artistic discussion on the critical potential of African American expressive culture

DARK WORK The Business of Slavery in Rhode Island Christy Clark-Pujara Tells the story of the slave economy and its vital role in early American economic life

$27.00 • Paper 256 Pages • 978-1-4798-1836-5 Part of the NYU Series in Social and Cultural Analysis series

Winner, 2016 William Sanders Scarborough Prize, presented by the Modern Language Association Winner of the 2016 Errol Hill Award given by American Society for Theatre Research Winner of the 2016 Barnard Hewitt Award given by American Society for Theatre Research

EMBODIED AVATARS Genealogies of Black Feminist Art and Performance Uri McMillan “Embodied Avatars is a model of interdisciplinary scholarship grounded in archival work and impressive textual analysis...certain to forge new paths of inquiry and debate in performance, gender and sexuality studies, and black cultural studies.” —Nicole R. Fleetwood, author of Troubling Vision

$40.00 • Cloth 224 Pages • 978-1-4798-7042-4 Part of the Early American Places series

n e w i n pa p e r b a c k

FIGHTING OVER THE FOUNDERS How We Remember the American Revolution Andrew M. Schocket Explores how politicians, screenwriters, activists, biographers, jurists, museum professionals, and reenactors portray the American Revolution

$19.95 • Paper • 256 Pages • 978-1-4798-8410-0 Instructor’s Guide Available

$30.00 • Paper • 320 Pages • 978-1-4798-2746-6


THE COLOR OF KINK Black Women, BDSM, and Pornography Ariane Cruz How BDSM can be used as a metaphor for black female sexuality $30.00 • Paper 320 Pages • 978-1-4798-2746-6 Part of the Sexual Cultures Series

MANIFEST DESTINIES, SECOND EDITION The Making of the Mexican American Race Laura E. Gómez An essential resource for understanding the complex history of Mexican Americans and racial classification in the United States $26.00 • Paper 320 Pages • 978-1-4798-9428-4

NYUPRESS • American Studies

www . nyupress . org

gender and sexuality n e w i n pa p e r b a c k

WEDLOCKED The Perils of Marriage Equality Katherine Franke “A persuasive and provocative addition to scholarship on the history and the influence of marriage.” —Women’s Review of Books

TRUE SEX The Lives of Trans Men at the Turn of the Twentieth Century Emily Skidmore “Dynamic, compelling, and wholly original, True Sex is an invaluable addition to LGBTQ studies.” —Foreword Reviews

BEYOND TRANS Does Gender Matter? Heath Fogg Davis “Reading Beyond Trans is like having one’s window shades thrown open after arising from a long night of sleep: the sunlight burns the eyes, but it awakens them. Anyone with an interest in trans rights and the public application of gender theory would benefit from Davis’ book. Beyond Trans is as much a call to remediate the harm done to trans, intersex, and gender non-conforming individuals as it is a plea for good reasoning.” —

ARCHIVES OF FLESH African America, Spain, and Post-Humanist Critique Robert F. Reid-Pharr Enlists the principles of posthumanist critique in order to investigate decades of intimate dialogues between African American and Spanish intellectuals

$26.00 • Paper 288 Pages • 978-1-4798-1400-8 Part of the Sexual Cultures Series

$25.00 • Cloth • 208 Pages • 978-1-4798-5540-7

NOT GAY Sex between Straight White Men Jane Ward “Not Gay opens up a discussion of male sexual fluidity that is real and needed.” —Bitch Magazine $25.00 • Paper 240 Pages • 978-1-4798-2517-2 Part of the Sexual Cultures Series Instructor Guide Available

STRIPPED More Stories from Exotic Dancers, Completely Revised and Updated Edition Bernadette Barton Barton explores why women begin stripping, the initial excitement and financial rewards of the work, and the dangers of the life

$26.00 • Paper 256 Pages • 978-1-4798-1569-2 Part of the Early American Places series

$27.00 • Cloth 272 Pages • 978-1-4798-7063-9

$28.00 • Paper 264 Pages • 978-1-4798-4362-6 Part of the Sexual Cultures Series Winner, LGBT Studies Lammy Award presented by Lambda Literary

A TASTE FOR BROWN BODIES Gay Modernity and Cosmopolitan Desire Hiram Pérez Traces the development of gay modernity and its continued romanticization of the brown body. Focusing in particular on three figures—the sailor, the soldier, and the cowboy

$26.00 • Paper • 192 Pages • 978-1-4798-4586-6 Part of the Sexual Cultures Series

THE GANG’S ALL QUEER The Lives of Gay Gang Members Vanessa R. Panfil “A gem of contemporary sociology: a potent reminder of the discipline’s power to work past a culture’s assumptions and, in the process, to articulate the reach and influence of those assumptions.” —Pacific Standard

$28.00 • Paper • 312 Pages • 978-1-4798-7002-8 Part of the Alternative Criminology series

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immigration WHITENESS ON THE BORDER Mapping the US Racial Imagination in Brown and White Lee Bebout The many lenses of racism through which the white imagination sees Mexicans and Chicanos

$26.00 • Paper 304 Pages • 978-1-4798-5853-8 Part of the Nation of Nations series

THE CULTURAL POLITICS OF US IMMIGRATION Gender, Race, and Media Leah Perry How the immigration policies and popular culture of the 1980s fused to shape modern views on democracy $30.00 • Paper 288 Pages • 978-1-4798-2386-4 Part of the Nation of Nations series


CITIZENS BUT NOT AMERICANS Race and Belonging among Latino Millennials Nilda Flores-González An exploration of how race shapes Latino millennials’ notions of national belonging

$27.00 • Paper 208 Pages • 978-1-4798-4077-9 Part of the Latina/o Sociology series

THE NEW IMMIGRANT WHITENESS Race, Neoliberalism, Post-Soviet Migration to the United States Claudia Sadowski-Smith An analysis of migration from the former Soviet Union through reality TV, fiction, and interviews compared to other US migrant groups $28.00 • Paper • 208 Pages • 978-1-4798-0671-3 Part of the Nation of Nations series

muslim american studies MUSLIM COOL Race, Religion, and Hip Hop in the United States Su’ad Abdul Khabeer “Muslim Cool celebrates the spiritual grounding of hip hop and tries to tease apart its complex relationships with race and religion.” —The Atlantic $30.00 • Paper 288 Pages • 978-1-4798-9450-5

Winner of the 2016 Evelyn Shakir Non-Fiction Arab American Book Award

THIS MUSLIM AMERICAN LIFE Dispatches from the War on Terror Moustafa Bayoumi “Muslim Americans form a unique group of recent immigrants in the U.S. because of the special scrutiny and treatment they have received. Moustafa Bayoumi gives them a voice.” —The Progressive

ISLAMOPHOBIA AND RACISM IN AMERICA Erik Love “Invaluable for its detailed chronicle of Muslim-American activism and its careful attention to the fascinating complexities, dilemmas, and paradoxes of racial identity.” —Pacific Standard $28.00 • Paper 272 Pages • 978-1-4798-3807-3

ISLAM IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY American Muslims and the Global Crisis of Authority Zareena Grewal “A genuinely fascinating and thought-provoking book.” —Times Literary Supplement $25.00 • Paper 409 Pages • 978-1-4798-0056-8

304 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-3564-5 • $19.95 Instructor’s Guide Available

NYUPRESS • American Studies

www . nyupress . org

asian american studies STRANGE FRUIT OF THE BLACK PACIFIC Imperialism’s Racial Justice and Its Fugitives Vince Schleitwiler Set between the rise of the U.S. and Japan as Pacific imperial powers in the 1890s and the aftermath of the latter’s defeat in World War II

$28.00 • Paper 288 Pages • 978-1-4798-5708-1 Part of the Nation of Nations series

CONTEMPORARY ASIAN AMERICA (THIRD EDITION) A Multidisciplinary Reader Edited by Min Zhou and Anthony C. Ocampo Exposes its readers to the formation and development of Asian American studies, from its inception as part of the ethnic consciousness to the systematic inquiry into more contemporary theoretical and practical issues facing Asian America at the century’s end. $35.00 • Paper • 688 Pages • 978-1-4798-2622-3

THE 9/11 GENERATION Youth, Rights, and Solidarity in the War on Terror Sunaina Marr Maira Explores how young people from communities targeted in the War on Terror engage with the “political,” even while they are under constant scrutiny and surveillance $28.00 • Paper 320 Pages • 978-1-4798-8051-5

GLOBAL ASIAN AMERICAN POPULAR CULTURES Edited by Shilpa Davé, LeiLani Nishime and Tasha Oren A toolkit for understanding how Asian Americans influence, consume, and are reflected by mainstream media $30.00 • Paper 400 Pages • 978-1-4798-1573-9

F O RTHC O M ING J U NE 2 0 1 8

UNNAMABLE The Ends of Asian American Art Susette Min Redraws the contours of Asian American art, attempting to free it from a categorization that stifles more than it reveals $30.00 • Paper 272 Pages • 978-0-8147-6430-5

FILIPINO STUDIES Palimpsests of Nation and Diaspora Edited by Martin F. Manalansan IV and Augusto Espiritu A field-defining collection of vibrant voices, critical perspectives, and provocative ideas about the cultural, political, and economic state of the Philippines and its diaspora $30.00 • Paper • 464 Pages • 978-1-4798-8435-3

disability studies n e w i n pa p e r b a c k

THE SECRET LIFE OF STORIES From Don Quixote to Harry Potter, How Understanding Intellectual Disability Transforms the Way We Read Michael Bérubé “An enjoyable and thoughtprovoking work that will encourage continued engagement with intellectual disability.” —Disability Studies Quarterly

$17.00 • Paper • 240 Pages • 978-1-4798-3273-6

DISABILITY MEDIA STUDIES Edited by Elizabeth Ellcessor and Bill Kirkpatrick Introduces key ideas and offers a sense of the new frontiers and questions in the emerging field of disability media studies $35.00 • Paper 416 Pages • 978-1-4798-4938-3

Instructor’s Guide Available

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award winning backlist Winner of the Alan Bray Memorial Book Prize presented by the GL/Q Caucus of the Modern Language Association

SEXUAL FUTURES, QUEER GESTURES, AND OTHER LATINA LONGINGS Juana María Rodríguez “The book’s intriguing methodological protocols, its vibrant archives, and its foregrounding of a Latina femme perspective make it a commanding contribution to performance studies, porn studies, women of color feminisms, Latina studies, and queer of color critique.” —­GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies $24.00 • Paper • 240 Pages • 978-0-8147-6492-3

Winner of the 2015 LGBT Studies Award presented by the Lambda Literary Foundation

THE DELECTABLE NEGRO Human Consumption and Homoeroticism within US Slave Culture Vincent Woodard, Edited by Justin A. Joyce and Dwight McBride, Foreword by E. Patrick Johnson “Exposes and examines the pervasive cultural fantasies that have rendered the enslaved black body into a consumable object from the eighteenth century to the present...Its powerful insights will continue to generate new lines of important inquiry for years to come.” —­American Historical Review $27.00 • Paper • 320 Pages • 978-0-8147-9462-3

Winner, The Early American Literature Book Prize

ETHNOLOGY AND EMPIRE Languages, Literature, and the Making of the North American Borderlands Robert Lawrence Gunn “Through masterful engagement with nineteenth century literary production and ethnology, Robert Gunn underscores how the cultural work of linguistic contact is vital to our understanding of the ideologies of empire that slowly gained force in the evolving U.S. nation-state.” —Robert David Aguirre, author of Informal Empire: Mexico and Central America in Victorian Culture $28.00 • Paper • 304 Pages • 978-1-4798-4905-5

Book of the Year Presented by the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education

SOUNDS OF BELONGING U.S. Spanish-language Radio and Public Advocacy Dolores Inés Casillas “Casillas describes how radio became a critical medium that gave Latino/as and Chicano/as access to a public forum…a much-needed contribution to conversations about the complex dynamics at the intersections of mass media, language, race, and social justice issues.” —­Choice $25.00 • Paper • 224 Pages • 978-0-8147-7024-5

2016 Association for Asian American Studies Award for Best Book in Cultural Studies

THE EXQUISITE CORPSE OF ASIAN AMERICA Biopolitics, Biosociality, and Posthuman Ecologies Rachel C. Lee “[T]he study is provocative and evocative, raising such issues and questions as why Asian American artists (in fiction, theater, poetry, and comedy) are so preoccupied with fragments of ‘self.’” —­Choice

$26.00 • Paper • 336 Pages • 978-1-4798-0978-3

n e w i n pa p e r b a c k

Anna Julia Cooper/CLR James Award for Outstanding Book in Africana Studies presented by the National Council for Black Studies

WHOSE HARLEM IS THIS, ANYWAY? Community Politics and Grassroots Activism during the New Negro Era Shannon King “Blacks in Harlem vigorously fought for their community rights against tremendous odds of white discrimination….A must read for those interested in urban civil rights and race in the 20th-century US.” —­Choice $28.00 • Paper • 272 Pages • 978-1-4798-8908-2

NYUPRESS • American Studies

www . nyupress . org


Collaborative in design and execution, the books in the Keywords series bring together scholars across a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Providing accessible A-to-Z surveys of prevailing scholarly concepts, the books serve as flexible tools for carving out new areas of inquiry. Visit for more information and resources.

KEYWORDS FOR AMERICAN CULTURAL STUDIES Second Edition Edited by Bruce Burgett and Glenn Hendler Offers indispensable meditations on new and developing concepts used in American studies, cultural studies, and beyond $25.00 • Paper • 320 Pages • 978-0-8147-0801-9

KEYWORDS FOR LATINA/O STUDIES Edited by Deborah R. Vargas, Nancy Raquel Mirabal and Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes Reveals the broad range and contestations of the field $27.00 • Paper • 288 Pages • 978-1-4798-8330-1

KEYWORDS FOR ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES Edited by Cathy J. SchlundVials, Linda Trinh Võ, and K. Scott Wong Reconsiders and recalibrates the ever-shifting borders of Asian American studies as a distinctly interdisciplinary field $25.00 • Paper • 336 Pages • 978-1-4798-0328-6

KEYWORDS FOR DISABILITY STUDIES Edited by Rachel Adams, Benjamin Reiss and David Serlin Broadens and defines the conceptual framework of disability studies for readers and practitioners in

KEYWORDS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Edited by Joni Adamson, William A. Gleason, and David N. Pellow Analyzes the central terms and debates currently structuring the most exciting research in and across environmental studies, including the environmental humanities, environmental social sciences, sustainability sciences, and the sciences of nature $25.00 • Paper • 240 Pages • 978-0-8147-6083-3

KEYWORDS FOR MEDIA STUDIES Edited by Laurie Ouellette and Jonathan Gray Introduces key terms, research traditions, debates, and their histories, and offers a sense of the new frontiers and questions emerging in the field of media studies $27.00 • Paper • 240 Pages • 978-1-4798-5961-0

the field and beyond

$25.00 • Paper • 288 Pages • 978-1-4798-3952-0

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