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2013 NYU-POLY/ ncsssmst Summer Institute for STEM EDUCATORS Make Science and Mathematics Exciting! Tuesday, July 16th–Saturday, July 20th Apply now

Bring invention, innovation & entrepreneurship to your classroom i2e = invention, innovation and entrepreneurship i2e is NYU-Poly’s fundamental new way of approaching academics and research by arming students with the tools, resources, and inspiration to begin research and turn their discoveries into applications, products, and services that take flight as student-owned companies. The Summer Institute for STEM Educators is an introduction to the i2e classroom model that includes integrating creativity, inventiveness and technology into your STEM curriculum. Workshops will provide an informed understanding of what technical and research professionals do. You will be exposed to experimental techniques, design skills, teamwork and the tools of the trade in an effort to establish and enhance your lesson plans. A new free technology application you can use in the classroom will be presented.

CLASSROOM TOPICS n Collaborative Partnerships between

n Making Physics Fun

High Schools and Universities

n NYU-Poly’s Approach to Science

n Creativity and Inventiveness in High

and Engineering—i2e

School STEM Curriculum

n Reviews of Research Projects for

n Introduction to Business Incubators

High School Students

and Patents

n Robotics for High School Students

n Introduction to Engineering

n Uses of Technology in the Classroom

Laboratories (Interactive Lab Experience)

It starts in the classroom... In this program our objective is to bring creativity and innovation into the high school STEM curriculum…to think like an inventor, you have to put down the textbook and get your hands dirty. Project-based coursework confronts students with problems that don’t have easy solutions.

NYU-Poly will provide n Housing for 5 days/4 nights in the Sheraton Hotel,

n 10 Meals: Tuesday-dinner; Wednesday-breakfast, lunch and dinner; Thursday-breakfast, lunch and dinner; Friday-breakfast, lunch and dinner

By figuring out the best solution, students learn

n Classroom and laboratory space,

to push their thinking, refine their designs, and

and materials

develop a taste for invention and innovation.

n Transportation to all off-site locations

Grows in the laboratory...

via subway

Some have called what’s going on in the halls of

Cost for partic1pants

NYU-Poly a “research renaissance,” a return to

n Round-trip travel to NYU-Poly

the spirited, rigorous scientific exploration that

n Registration fee of $50 per person

contributed to such life-altering advancements as the mass production of penicillin, the laser and cell phone technology. Learn about NYU-Poly’s Annual Undergraduate Summer Research Program,

made payable to NCSSSMST

n Meals on Saturday and Sunday (if applicable)

which gives undergraduates invaluable, hands-on

n Entrance fees/cost to local

research experience.

tourist attractions

today! responds to a real-world, apply 21st century needs... Application Deadline Necessity is the mother of invention, and the

needs of the 21st century are massive: cleaner ways to fuel our cars; more efficient drugs to treat our sick; and safer ways to protect our online information. i2e encourages faculty and students to apply their research to problems that may seem too big to solve but can no longer be ignored.

and comes to life in the marketplace. Our faculty and students invent products and applications that form the foundations of start-up companies. Institute support and our business incubators give faculty and students a launching pad to successful entrepreneurship.

Monday, April 29, 2013 You will be notified of our decision by Friday, May 3, 2013.

For additional information contact Jacob Raykhelson

NYU-Poly Associate Director, Admissions (718) 637-5980

Summer institute Program Schedule Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

n 1 PM–5 PM: Arrive on Campus/

n 8 AM–8:45 AM: Breakfast

Check in

n 9 AM–12 PM: Classroom and

n 6 PM–8 PM: Reception/Dinner/

Laboratory Workshop

Keynote Speaker

n 1 PM–2 PM: Lunch

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

n 2:30 PM–6:30 PM: Team Presentations n 6:30 PM–8 PM: Closing Dinner

n 8 AM–8:45 AM: Breakfast n 9 AM–12 PM: Classroom and Laboratory Workshop

n 1 PM–2 PM: Lunch n 2:30 PM–4:30 PM: Classroom and

Saturday, July 20, 2013 n 11 AM: Check Out* *If you would like to spend an extra day in New York City we will extend NYU-Poly’s

Laboratory Workshop

reduced room rates. Please note, however,

n 5 PM–6 PM: Dinner

this additional night will not be covered by

n 6:30 PM: Teamwork Session


THURSDAY, July 18, 2013 n 8 AM–8:45 AM: Breakfast n 9 AM–12 PM: Classroom and Laboratory Workshop

n 1 PM–2 PM: Lunch n 2:30 PM–4:30 PM: Classroom and Laboratory Workshop

n 7 PM: Science-related Off-site Event

2013 NYU-Poly/NCSSSMST Summer Institute for STEM Educators  
2013 NYU-Poly/NCSSSMST Summer Institute for STEM Educators  

A summer institute for STEM educators to make math and science exciting.