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an alumni group outing to see the traveling Broadway series show Rent,” he recalls “Another alumnus, who was the technical director at NASA, arranged for a private tour of the NASA Space Shuttle and International Space Station facilities…. These activities were not held too frequently but were special occasions to me.” They were especially important because of the camaraderie they fostered. “We all met as strangers but were bonded by our experiences at our alma mater,” Franco, who is helping spearhead a revitalization of the Houston chapter, says. He hopes that the group will foster the same camaraderie as in its previous incarnation, with one important difference: “The demographics of the last alumni chapter group was semi- or fully retired, and male. That reflected the absence of women and minorities from the engineering disciplines at that time,” he explains. “Today, I'm hoping to attract a younger, more diverse, group to our events, one that reflects the school as it is now.” Alumnus Charlie Hinkaty (’70, ’72), who sits on the boards of both NYU and the School of Engineering, served as president of the alumni association and chairman of what was then its newly created International

Board of Directors from 1996 to 1998. “Perhaps the most important initiative I pursued during my tenure was the creation of Alumni Chapters in key locations domestically and internationally, as part of our effort to rekindle a relationship between our distinguished Alumni and our Alma Mater,” he recalls. “We were successful in establishing vibrant chapters in New York, Long Island, Washington, Houston, California, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Israel, among other locales. In view of the exciting renaissance currently underway as we merge with NYU, this is the ideal time to re-establish regional chapters that may have lost their momentum, as well as other, new chapters.” “Leading a chapter can be a fun and rewarding experience for alumni,” Valerie Cabral, the Director of Alumni Relations, says. “We love sponsoring events, and it’s very gratifying to know that we’re helping alumni connect. When our regional chapters take the reins to plan and host gatherings, it’s a way of nurturing those connections and keeping the momentum going throughout the entire year.”


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Delightful Delegate

If you’re interested in starting or reinvigorating a local chapter, contact Alumni Relations Officer Rena Rutkovsky at rena. or 718-260-3844.


olytechnic alumnus Frank J. Novak ’69 was delighted to accept NYU President John

Sexton’s invitation to serve as his delegate at the inauguration of Steven R. DiSalvo,president of Saint Anselm College, in Manchester, NH. Mr. Novak was selected in honor of his 31 years of consistent and generous contributions to his alma mater. 5

Cable Fall 2013 Issue  
Cable Fall 2013 Issue