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I’m able to apply [that learning] to courses like Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics and Measurement Systems. I’d never have imagined my frustrations then would make life so much easier now.” “Studying abroad promotes the academic mobility of our students and encourages them to build a global network,” says Watson. “In an increasingly global society, being culturally fluent is exceedingly important.” Milani agrees. “The whole reason I decided to study abroad was to be inspired by

new experiences and different cultures,” he says, adding that it was frequently the pedestrian nuances of life in another culture that found a home in his memory, like the vision of fashion-conscious Italians wearing jackets, scarves, and long pants on a sweltering, 95-degree day. “Noticing the small things, whether abroad or at home, allows me to appreciate the situation that I’m in,” he says. I hope to continue appreciating the small distinctions of my experiences.” Ultimately, the truest souvenirs of the

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traveler are these sorts of intangibles: new appreciations, new connections, and the sense that the world is at once larger and smaller than we had previously perceived. As the French novelist Marcel Proust famously said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Or as Pham, packing up for her studies in Paris, puts it: “I hope that studying abroad will enlighten me in ways I have yet to even understand.”

Peter Milani, B.S. Civil Engineering 2015


Cable Fall 2013 Issue